: Why do you feel auto attacks are the thing that needs go be addressed before the itemization and the fact that all of their abilities revolve around buying shield\heal enhancing items. The itemization and abilities of support champions legit revolve around shields and bland gameplay. Do you understand this? It serms like you are trying to over complicate something that is not that hard to fix . . . and you don't because you are lazy.
Because clunky AA animations make certain champs more bland than they have to be. Ex: {{champion:40}} Not only is her AA range lower than most, but the fact that it's clunky pretty much guarantees that if you're in aa range, you're playing her incorrectly because that can never be the ideal position. Versus if the animation is fixed, it will create windows where being closer to the enemy won't be the worst decision, especially with the new coin passive.
Healin (NA)
: Not looking to interact in lane, just making green health bars go up. There's at least 8 other people in the game whose sole purpose is to do damage and rack up kills. Maybe 9 depending on the enemy support. I don't see why I should be putting myself within range of the very people who want to kill me. I'm okay with my only decisions being when/where to go on ward/ward clearing duty. I just want one champion where there aren't all these grand expectations of me. You know what's amazing about Soraka's ult? No one gives a crap about it. Which means I don't feel any pressure on using it "correctly".
But it's not just about whether or not you enjoy doing nothing, because if that were it then people who don't like it would simply never pick the champ. What's really frustrating is that it creates a lack of gameplay for the enemy team too. If you're just going to sit way back and make people unkillable and take 0 risks, it's not fun for anyone else playing. By introducing a higher risk/reward system, it gives the enemy team a chance to actually interact with you, but gives you a higher reward if you play it correctly.
: What's the point of making the {{item:3301}} reward an Elixir? Why would people save its skill point gain for later? Also thank you for introducing what looks like a Sheen-style cooldown between {{item:3303}} procs, but why reduce the proc recharge cooldown by a third when the item is always in such a good state that almost every Support in competitive gets it? I have a serious problem with a few mages that abuse the item to turn poke damage into a mid laner's burst, so unless you also give Magic Penetration the Lethality treatment (by the way, if 40%-60% wasn't good enough and 60%-40% is too good, the right answer is 50%-50%) the problem they are won't be solved this patch. You guys _need_ to look at how absurd Magic Pen. AP {{champion:37}} Support is early on. Seriously, you just can't deal with her at all since she can also heal and shield. Finally, is there anything planned to address the issue of executing with {{item:3302}} , when at least one wave clear champion is present nearby which is all the time when teams regroup? Tank Supports are broke, and maybe a broken restriction on the {{item:3097}} upgrades (thing that you do on the {{item:3098}} upgrades) can solve the problem. Edit: by the way, will you get the same Sheen-style cooldown on Thunderlord? I never liked how handsomely it rewards facerolls.
Only thing I can think of with the elixir is if let's say you're level 4 when you get it, you can have your jungler/mid and even top with tp get ready to multi man the enemy bot lane, then when u hit 5 quickly pop the elixir to surprisingly hit 6 immediately and hit them with your ult when they thought they were safe.
Clôude (NA)
: Why is the {{item:3301}} reward so boring compared to the {{item:3303}} and {{item:3302}} passives? A single bonus skill level? Even if that has a large impact, it will be very subtle whereas the other two have some interesting gameplay effect that happens as a result.
Hitting level 6 first in bot lane as almost any support, I guarantee you is significantly more immediately impactful than the other 2. I can agree that after that the value drops off hard, but the race to 6 bot is a massive point in the laning phase, and can't be undervalued.
Meddler (NA)
: Our first step if poaching becomes a problem will likely be to increase the lockout time per CS taken, make it much more of a trade off to build while also trying to farm.
Personal concern though with the lockout timing is for champions like {{champion:26}} or even {{champion:25}} who use aoe spells to harass enemies, and especially with zilean more than others, taking minions by accident is not a rare occurence, but spellthiefs is supposed to be for supports like him, so is he just supposed to go coin now? Followup, when the ad backs or dies, but the support is still in lane, the 100% right decision to do is to last hit, but if the lockout now stacks, do we just expect supports to completely ignore the minion wave, even if they're the only ones in lane?
: new item idea: dorans collar
Rioter Comments
: Make one seemingly small change to the game that would create copious amounts of chaos in the game.
LP becomes K/D based, not win/loss. Support mains everywhere commit suicide.
: She plays exactly like nautilus, there is very little gameplay difference between them other than the sheer damage output that Leona has over naut ina duo lane. Sure, Leona can initiate directly into the backline bypassing the frontline all together and that itself is a pretty strong niche, but I don't think it is distinctive enough.
Most of the time you don't want that either as a support. More often than not, I'm using my e only to catch somebody out, or to root somebody diving my adc. It's VERY rare that these days I can afford to leave my AD for more than 2 seconds (sometimes not even that long) without them getting obliterated by somebody.
: It's because she really doesn't need changes right now. They didn't want to change to many people in this class update, just the 3 large scale updates and some small ones (and they made sure to note that it could even be very little to no small updates). Not saying she is perfect and doesn't need any changes or anything but there are way way more champions in that class that needs it way more then her right now.
that's fair, I'm probably just a salty one trick who got prematurely excited and now disappointed {{item:3070}}
Statikk (NA)
: Leona will probably be untouched. Maybe we can find some small QoL changes for her.
{{item:3070}} Statikk, bby, why u do this. She's a vanguard with no unique gameplay outside of engaging. Isn't that what you guys are looking for? Please. {{item:3070}}
: I don't know where you are getting your info from, they never said she ~~wouldn't~~ be touched, Statikk said, "Leona will _**probably**_ _**be**_ _**untouched**_. Maybe we can find some small_** QoL changes for her**_."
I mean, I know that's not a direct "no" but that signals to me there's probably going to be nothing outside some stat adjustments. If they were looking to give her a small update with some new mechanic or a change to one of her abilities, they probably would have to be exploring that much more than just a "probably not going to touch her"
: because she is already unique enough to not need big changes. Sorry but someone not being meta does not mean that they need changes since if that were the case we would be reworking 80% of the champion roster every few months. She is a heavy engage champion that is able to lock down targets better than most champions in the game. Her main weakness is that once she goes in she stays in so she has to make her choice of when to engage be her primary thing not "let's engage whenever i wish". She isn't someone who kites well since that is part of her design
I know, and I'm not looking for her to be one of the big three, but it does make me sad to hear she probably won't even be one of the small class updates. Like I completely agree that out of meta shouldn't be enough, but she's only unique in _how_ she goes in. She doesn't have anything else going for her. Almost all vanguards have a way of getting in, what they want to explore is unique gameplay _outside_ of going in, where she's extremely lackluster.
Rioter Comments
: Honestly, given this is the first time they're trying something like this, it makes sense to do it on a (relatively) limited scale. This gives them a chance to see how well the event works under "live fire" conditions, how it's recieved in general and whatever else that could happen they'd need to look at going forward. Yeah, it sucks when no city near you is doing it (none are near me either, for the record) but hopefully, if this goes well enough, they'll include more/different cities in the future.
Yeah, I feel. Just sucks cause I love that they're moving towards more traditional sports structure in terms of city teams, and I really want to be a part of it. But definitely better to do it small and wrong, then fix it and work their way up, then a giant flaming clusterfuck from the get go.
Rioter Comments
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: I really hope Vanguards will be the next class to receive an update.
I just fear a return to tank meta where 3 tanks minimum was a guaranteed win if the other team didnt and games would just be slow and boring. While I main leona and would love to see a vanguard class update, I do enjoy explosive and intense teamfights that come with more squishy high-damage champions, so I'd hope the class update would keep it optimal to only have 1 or 2 max.
: what's riot martlet's team? I'm not very familiar with rioters and i'm curious here :)
> Riot martlet here from the Clubs team I think he's from the team that developed and maintains Clubs
Goodwine (NA)
: CLG took vacations after MSI and things didn't go well.
G2 took a vacation before MSI and things went worse Kappa
Rioter Comments
: When you guys signed up to start testing for the client, you guys DID agree and were completely aware that some features would not be implemented for a while, and that if you didn't like the alpha client that you could go back to using the current one. If it tilts you, then just play with the old client until they re-add it (which knowing riot, will probably be soon since people are legitimately bothered by it). Now that you've made your voices heard about it, you're didn't sign a waiver or anything so you're not forced to keep using it and you aren't going to get your privileges revoked for it.
Dude, we also signed up specifically to bitch about stuff that we want or isn't working. That's the point of having _**testers**_. We found a feature that we consider to be highly valuable to our enjoyment and playing experience isn't there, so now we have to make enough of a noise to get noticed and get the feature added. If the solution was always "don't like the client, you could go back to using the current one" then there would be no testing. Only blind pick on SR? Most features not there? Why would I like this client more than the legacy atm? The answer is I don't yet, but by finding what I don't like and pushing for change to fix that I will come to like it.
: I agree with this, what I think should happen is that where that division is, you can choose what badges to put there. For example displaying your normal matches Wins/Takedowns/Creep score with the according badges above the number. Or your ARAM wins, etc. Just a thought though
Choosing actually sounds epic, customizing your profile to fit you best. Rito pls.
Rioter Comments
: Vulgar Language and the Alpha Client
There's no "disable curse filter" setting. If there is it's not in it's usual spot. I get that technically it's a "small" thing tech wise and not really a bug, but honestly i'm extremely vulgar with my friends and I'd like to be able to understand what we're saying to each other instead of seeing a bunch of stars.
Rioter Comments
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
Rioter Comments
  Rioter Comments
Retillin (NA)
: /s = means /end sarcasm.
Rip. Ignore me then.
: Its a lot rarer, unique, and special when it was only vayne.
Well that argument is weak imo, because you could have that argument about literally anything. "Post-death passives would be more unique and rare if it was only karthus!" "% health damage would be more unique and rare if only tahm had it!". Obviously 1/126 is more unique than 7/126, but if 7/126 is still fine then w/e.
Auryiel (NA)
: Garen - Makes it easier to be Garen Darius - Makes it easier to be Darius Skarner - Punishes you for not being around an objective all the fucking time Morde - Might as well not exist anymore Honestly if you think SKARNER of all people got the short end of the stick, you have never, ever played Morde. And that's coming from someone who saw the Skarner changes and just got his soul crushed.
Garen's change did not make it easier to be garen in any way at all imo. It only made it way worse.
Retillin (NA)
: Correct! More "skill" is involved now! So when you lose as Garen you can only blame yourself! /s
Meh. The point of Garen's kit is to run up and stick to them. Q is good for that, but nerfing silence duration means they can escape easier. Removing tenacity on w means you can be cc'd more effectively. Making e slow yourself if you actually do finally succeed to get near the target means now they can once again, escape easier. It's not really them adding "skill", it's them nerfing the everliving crap out of his only way to be useful.
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:67}} Edit: was not confirming nor denying the previous statement, just listing everyone I knew that had true damage in any form useable against champions.
That's 7 champions with it. There are 126 champions in the game. That's 5.5% of champions having the damage. If 5.5% isn't rare, i don't know how to feel about your definition of words anymore.
: Riot just literally proved they can't stop fucking lying with this one PBE patch.
I don't consider %true damage to not be rare. Maybe not unique sure, but depends on personal definition of the word i guess. Very few champs have it to my knowledge. They said they wouldn't _remove_ his silence, not that they wouldn't nerf it. Maybe I'm wrong, and if you can link me to a rioter quote of it, then I'll accept it, but until then you're making up bullshit for your own gains. They buffed MR items imo and sure armor items got nerfed, but armor items were too easy imo and the mr items were super niche and painful to build. Also if they want him to replace adc's, why wouldn't they gut solo mordekaiser? Are you implying you think they meant they wanted him to be in a 1v2 lane? What happens to the person who would have played support on his team??????? Gutting solo morde is exactly what would push for that change, not against it.
BullMood (NA)
: Denial just auto loss to Dig.EU due to DDOS and not being allowed to play 4v5
How is this even considered fair in any way is what bothers me. What if I just start ddos'ing every ranked 5's I play? I mean, **_clearly_** it's ok, because Riot doesnt even give enough of a fuck to do anything when it happens to pro teams.
: >The Skarner youre talking about would be the enemy Skarner, very different discussion. What are you talking about? If scarner ults a target, a allied kallista that uas soul-bound with him can't pull him in till the ult is finished, hence scarner+kallsta isn't allowed to pull of the same combo as tham+kallista, despite both needing their ultimate for it, while tham only needs a basic skill. So your argument that kallistas ult is allowed to work with tham while thresh or bard do not simply because it's her ult is flawed.
Because with skarner, when he ults, the enemy champion isn't considered "in him". So if kalista could ult, you'd just have the frozen enemy champion stay there while skarner is pulled away.
: just that kallista has to pull blitz in befor the pull connects, so chances are that they blow the ult for nothing, and they have a very specific timewindow to pull it off, similar to thresh+blitz. with tham, it's much easier to pull of, and kinda impossible to fail kallistas ult. Yes, he sometimes has trouble to get those 3 stacks on a target, but it is far easier for tham to get 3stack+W than it is to get the kallista+blitz combo done. Especially in extended trades, it'S pretty save to asume that tham will get 3 stacks on a target, which means if you are in the middle of the lane, you can't really comit to trades vs kallista+tham and thus get zoned out.
if it's an extended trade without the help of kalista (she's staying way back and not hitting you waiting for the "based combo"), then you have a 2v1 and can probably pop tahm very quickly with your adc. And even if not, tahm's devourer timer is still going during kalista ult. So unless kalista ults right away, almost mid animation like with blitzcrank, and tahm is spamming where he wants to go to fly as fast as possible, it's extremely likely you'll drop out before the full range. Yes it's easier than blitzcrank, but there's a ton of ways to punish it or for it to mess up, so counterplay does exist, unlike what OP thinks.
crowfox (EUNE)
: There is no reason why RIOT should not give us an option to switch back to the old HUD. Everyone I know is complaining about the new layout but even more so about the fact that you cannot choose. Some people might like it but others are used to the old one, and have trouble re adapting after years and years worth of muscle memory training. It is only fair everyone should have a choice in which HUD they wish to have. Having no option makes it imbalanced.
"Imbalanced" because... you can't adapt to a change in the game? What about the new summoner's rift? Are you still adapting to that and need an option to play on the old one because it's "imbalanced" that some people can adapt to a video game which has patches every 2 weeks faster than you?
Niaphim (EUW)
: The major flaw I see in the new HUD is that when I play I look everywhere on the screen. In the old\current ranked HUD there is some useful information everywhere, and while I scan the screen with my eyes I constantly update it piece by piece. Using the new HUD is much more difficult since there is nothing on the left side and upper side is also almost useless. So we are forced to look in one direction for a few seconds to understand what's going on.
Like Phoq there said, it's a new habit. If it takes you seconds, then it's a matter of skill compared to your opponent's who need less time for example and make their decisions quicker. Having your information concentrated like this does allow the potential of gathering all the information in a quicker manner. Ex: Your team just won a teamfight. You need to see who's dead on each side and how long until they're up. You look right above the minimap. Bam, everything. Tilt your eyes down just a miniscule amount and you also now see your minimap, which waves are pushing, where you are, if dragon or baron are up. This is way faster than "we won!" - look at left side of screen for allied info - press tab to look for enemy info - look at minimap for objectives. Plus by having more of the screen open, there's less obstructing your view of possible enemies or fighting.
: HUD suggestions for Improvement
Skill bars: Sure. Haven't had that issue myself but guess maybe that's just me. Trinkets: Honest to god if you forgot what trinket you have, i don't know what to say. I feel like this is super simple and not as massive as an issue as you're playing it out to be. Info: I actually don't mind the idea of hiding the champion portrait, it'd feel weird and there'd need to be some visual tweaks to move around it (like exp bar), but overall good idea. Next patch they're changing attack range with crit chance in terms of spots, which is a good switch imo. As for cdr, I like having it visible tbh. Maybe there's something in the "advanced" stats that could be swapped out for it, but I'm not sure which one. Leveling: Kind of see what you're saying, had that issue once or twice but also honestly just a minor nuisance that's a matter of getting used to. Pots: Kind of get what you're saying, but I feel like this is almost a trinket thing. It's a matter of being aware of what choices you've made. This can separate better players from worse imo.
: Tahm ate me... Kalista ulted him... He gets me under his tower... From 2 screens away...
literally blitzcrank and kalista can do this from further away, this isnt a new concept
: Wasn't expecting anything quite this detailed. Thanks! My friend mentioned the different types of supports, which is why I picked Nami for my next support. I have some experience with Sona, but Nami feels in some ways like a better Sona to me, and gives me more skill shot practice, so I chose her for my first healer. Similarly, Lux, Annie, and Vel'Koz make my list so I have kill lane options. I've also given some thought to synergy. Mainly in the form of learning some of the best combos, like Braum/Ashe, Kalista/Tahm. This'll become a bigger focus once I learn more supports, but you gave me a good bit to think about. As far as the items and warding is concerned, I've been doing that consistently in all of my support matches. Been focusing heavily upon vision. It's just depressing how few wards I find to destroy because people just don't ward at my level. Heh. Knowing how to pick my engages/disengages is something I admittedly need to work at, and you gave me a good bit to think about there too. I definitely have no issue dying to save someone, though. My KDA with Nautilus is the lowest of the 3 I kept stats for largely because I try to tank/CC opponents to secure escapes the most with him. Likewise, with Tahm, I play him mostly as my team's babysitter, meaning I put myself in harm's way a lot to try and snag a teammate and carry him to safety. Oh, and I already own Leona. It's just her and Sona are supports simple and face-roll enough that there's a much smaller gap between the level I can already play them at and the level I'd play them at with practice than with others like Nami. Thanks again!
From personal experience for solo queue, don't bother too hard with "perfect" matchups with your adc. Not saying to do something like play sona or nami with kalista, but it's not the most valuable concept in solo q. Reason: Your synergy with your adc will almost always be low-ish. One of you will have to _react_ to what the other is doing, with little warning in advance. Instead, focus on picking a support that can help win your lane and ideally if possible be ideal against the whole enemy team. For example, see a lot of ranged champions? Pick Braum. See a lot of damage/diving champions? Janna. Etc. Maybe they wont be the best matchup with your adc, but as long as they're good enough to at least hold even in lane, then you're good to go imo.
: I'm a support main and I generally pick my supports more based on synergy and match ups than anything else. There are 3 styles of fighting and they are Kill, Poke & Sustain. Everyone has a main style and a secondary style. The third style is usually omitted or has something limiting their ability to be played this way. The champs you listed work out as follows: {{champion:53}} Kill/sustain, {{champion:267}} Poke/sustain, {{champion:223}} Sustain/kill At least in champion select you want to pick your support based on who your ADC is. So if your ADC picks Kog'maw the worst possible support you want to be is Blitzcrank, because that doesn't work to Kog'maw's range advantage nor his Poke/kill style. Tahm Kench would be a wiser choice as he can protect Kog'maw the best. But if your ADC picks Draven, who is a Kill/poke ADC, then by all means pick Blitzcrank. Tahm Kench eating him would prevent him from catching axes, thus limiting his damage output. Nami would be the middle ground in both of these situations as both ADCs mesh with a poke support pretty well. I did notice that you didn't include Janna in your list. There's a lot of talk about Janna lately. She won't get you many kills but she will keep your carries alive and is great as a counter to most assassins and helps out siege comps/split pushers immensely. I would really look into getting her. Some more general advice: Usual starting items are one of these: {{item:3301}} {{item:3302}} {{item:3303}} , this {{item:3340}} , obviously this {{item:2044}} and either 2/1 of these {{item:2003}} and 1/0 of these{{item:2004}} Upon buying sight stone immediately swap out warding totem for Sweeper lens{{item:3341}} Buy this first back if you do not have enough for sight stone {{item:2043}} . Place it in either your tribush, the river bush if against a Shaco or Evelynn, or if your ADC doesn't mind you roaming for an extra 20 seconds behind the red buff bush (if starting blue side) or in the Dot brush in the center of the river. Can also be placed in the bush behind the blue buff. Not sure what to call it exactly. If your team invades and kills the enemy jungler take the time to place a ward by their red or blue buff if it wasn't recently taken or is still up. Chances are they or someone will be coming for that buff in the next 3 minutes. Your jungler can make another invade and secure what should be an easy kill. Aggressive pink warding the enemy jungle is also useful. The least checked bush for some reason is behind red buff. You can also pink ward one of the bending bushes between red buff and the enemy base wall if you're brazen enough. Just note that if done super early this area will not be frequently traveled. And pink warding the dragon pit itself while doing or preparing to take dragon is a smart decision too. If someone plops a ward over the wall and you aren't super quick to taking it down this will make sure it doesn't "vanish" on you. You can deny vision much easier this way. Sometimes its a better idea to focus the enemy support than the enemy ADC. Especially if that support is Soraka. In a team fight you shouldn't blow all of your CC on an engage. Leave something up in case a peel is needed. Generally speaking if a team fight breaks out your team should be arranged accordingly: Enemy team| <- Tanks/Bruisers/Fighters <- Supports/Assassins <- Marksmen/Mages If you do buy Leona don't rush to use your E and start tearing shit up. Rookie mistake. Initiate via your ultimate (it has a short cooldown), let your tanks/bruisers disrupt them further and you stand by your carries ready to peel anything that gets too close. Do not chase for a kill unless one of the enemy carries is dead, and even then you should never chase their bruisers/tanks. If the enemy team has an assassin you should never chase unless they are dead. Zone them away and take a tower or another objective. Don't be afraid to die for the betterment of the team. If anyone has to die you should willingly volunteer if there is a chance that the other guy can live if you step in. Especially true if said teammate is a carry. If they will surely die regardless of what you choose then back off and plan your next mode of attack on the enemy team. There's other stuff I can add but this post is long enough already so I will end it here.
Only comment I have is buying a ward to start is a bit of an outdated strategy. Most if not all supports (I also supp main) do not go this route anymore. Instead, you'll invest the gold in an extra 2 pots and play lane more agressively. Nothing wrong with getting the ward really because it protects you way better from ganks, but only works if you _know_ you're going to be going agressive or pushing in lane. Otherwise more pots will be better because you can stay in lane longer and use trinket wards to keep up brief periods of vision when you feel at risk. tl;dr: pots give more lane presence but ward gives safety from ganks if pushing agressively.
: New item ideas: Anti-Vayne shield & Anti-Riven helm
So you want to remove them from the game? And took the time to disguise it as "item ideas". lol. might as well have just typed the idea flat out instead of wasting your time
: So why is elo decay even a thing anymore?
I agree mostly with the lack of mmr decay. Not sure how I feel about elo decay, but mmr should definitely follow suit at least.
Vykril (NA)
: So many Problems since Bilgewater Event
Think that's a personal issue, sorry to say. Haven't heard of this issue on anyone else.
: Yes let us update the HUD and not the tribunal and keep using a broken system Let's change Gp,Fiora and Teemo who didn't need changes at all and ignore Yorick, Urgot,Poppy, and Talon Hup we buffed runeglaive let's nerf Ap xin zhao's Ap ration because"We think Ap xin is a little too good"(Yes it was nerfed due to devourer's but was nerfed alongside the runeglaive being buffed at the same time which is kinda convenient) Shyv jungle is too good... let's just make shyv top unviable. kappa.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesus Canaj,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2dmlqti8,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2015-07-23T21:54:29.243+0000) > > Plus, at level 18, breaking the passive gives you 100% attack speed boost, meaning even if you were only at 1.25, you max out. That's not how AS boosts work. %AS boosts only multiply BASE AS. They stack _additively_ with each other.
: When are they adding bans to aram
Why would aram have bans? The whole point of it is you're gambling.
: Um, how is the 5 minutes duration on his R a buff? The arm time has increased to 1.5 seconds from 1. The slow now decays over time... The 70 shroom placement range buff is meaningless since he didn't need it and the reduced cd buff between placing traps from 1 to 0.25 seconds is so useless. The only buff he received is the reduced stand still duration from 2 to 1.5 seconds to proc his passive, which isn't that remarkable since most Teemos don't use their passive that much unless they're baiting or at the start of the laning phase... Yeh this is just a huge nerf disguised as a buff, kinda like the Veigar/Mordekaiser "compensation buffs". I honestly think that Riot shouldn't touch him at all.... No buffs or nerfs are needed..
To be fair though, you can now move invisibly through a bush making juking way easier. Plus, at level 18, breaking the passive gives you 100% attack speed boost, meaning even if you were only at 1.25, you max out. Not saying its a buff, might still be a nerf, i'm just so honestly lost as to why they touched teemo...
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