: Patch 7.3 notes
I would like to see nerfs to all mid laners going support they are not that strong but they are annoying to play both with and against. I am a big fan of off meta roles but honestly I think they are more fun when they are weak because it makes them more satisfying and risky. Additionally with the addition of auto fill more people are playing mid laners as supports because they do not want to play actual supports.
: Patch 7.3 notes
Can we no longer give people invite privileges or kick people?
: If you are playing LB into a team of squishy who on top of that do not have CC, then obviously you will defeat them. An assassin's nightmare is point and click CC and tanks.... It is not the champ but who is on the other team that will decide how well you do ( to good amount of extent) You complain about burst ? what is your excuse for Lux, Annie, Diana ? and more ? BTW how come LB burst window is 2 years but kat, talon and rengar will insta kill you still?
LB is called the deceiver because she is meant to deceive her enemies there is no deception in one-shotting someone. Her old ult was just boring and her old passive rewarded the player for messing up. New LB requires people to juke out their enemies instead of giving broken jukes to someone who can one shot anyway and doesn't need jukes. I am not defending Lux, Annie, or Diana but none of them have any escape except for Diana who still has significantly less escape than LB. Rito is trying to make the burst windows on all assassins a little longer: Rengar q takes longer Kats daggers have a delay before they hit the ground and Talons w has to return before doing full damage. The reason why LB has a longer delay on her burst is because she has a longer range and more jukes than the other assassins. LB has a higher skill-cap as Rito has said repeatedly, meaning if you think the new LB is bad you are probably just playing her wrong.
: Champion Insights: Kled, the Noxian Meme
While I appreciate the meme I feel that the fact that riot is trying to make this a meme detracts from the meminess. Part of what makes memes great is how random they are and these kled memes feel forced, like saying "who is there" to your own knock knock joke. You can't bait memes, memes should come on there own.
: Did someone say Meme Kled?! (http://i.imgur.com/deVS87C.jpg)
I understand, and I'm going in
[How is this fair](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ykjih04oEsRxlqdYMl8BvgM-MSYTMGXXJEmQLsgkSs3kPyXwcmEAS6VoFe5gOvuRPzAK5FzN=w1280-h800-no)
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Amenhoteph (EUNE)
: Ekko ult - no dmg on knockups? [GAMEPLAY]
I have this same problem i think it has something to do with the geometry of the river
LankPants (OCE)
: >So we are not just flat nerfing his q overall, we are buffing it in other places to compensate. This feels a lot like favouritism to me and a lot of the community though. When you nerf other champions you don't give them the same considerations, for example Sej. You nerfed her W % HP damage from 12% to 6% and nerfed her slow when missing an ult from 90% to 30%, no compensation buffs. This isn't just something that you've stopped doing since then either, because you did the exact same to Azir in the last patch. So why the favouritism towards Zed? Why is he the only champion who gets such careful consideration? Why doesn't he get some ["time out of the spotlight"](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/vWEoZ6X0-balance-team-qa-ask-us-anything?comment=00440000)?
I think its because zed has a 46% win rate which isn't cause for a nerf while sej had "close to a 60% win rate. Yet zed still has a 68% ban rate. I feel that Riot mainly nerfs zed so he isn't banned so often, not for balancing.
: Save The Poros! Throw {{champion:17}}'s Instead!
But thats cruel to the person hit
: Patch 6.11 notes
Am I the only one who died on the inside when they saw the crit chance removed from Trinity Force?
: Ping, Winrate, and Vayne Probs
I play my best at about 100 ping my graph is more of just a parabola
: Find Your Lunch Table: Which Champs Are Friends?
When Taric connects to Yorick, Galio, and Urgot and you realize why people play him.
: https://www.facebook.com/LeagueOfLegendsSpain/videos/vb.324077981024817/949720878460521/?type=2&theater -Gasp- A link that isnt some clickbait RP thing.
Thats exactly what someone who put a link that was clickbait RP thing would say.
: {{item:3110}} Frozen Heart, {{item:3022}} Frozen Mallet, {{item:3025}} Fro--Iceborn Gauntlet...
Are gauntlets born, do they come in pairs to reproduce.
: Patch 6.8 notes
As an assassin main it pains me to see assassins build tanky and still do tons of damage. I hate not doing as much as I could because I build assassins like Fiora and Akali how they are supposed to be built. I like the nerfs to tank Ekko but he is not the only tank assassin that needs one.


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