: A very cool idea! Not sure how you feel about it but another option to think about would be Debonair Zac as that skinline also involves fancy suits! They could give Zac some funny voice-lines for it of him trying to say classy things or act refined but messing it up because of his not-serious and funny personality! "Why yes, mom did help me with my tie" "I finally got a suit!" or something would be really fitting for his attitude and the second one would be a perfect callback to the original voice-line that inspired the skin to begin with!
Vhozek (NA)
: Sounds like a great skin for Lux.
Nah, lux has amazing skins and a lot more than zac.
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: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.22 notes
When are we able to get the freljord skins for the maps because they havent come out yet? Sorry i just really want a freljord skin lol
Manxxom (NA)
: Volibear (or THE volibear for that matter as he is referred to as recently) is seemingly hidden himself away after his slugfest with Ornn, steeling up himself with power or just because he wants to, I am not sure. As far as we know, every weird wendigo-esque thing that appears with the Ursine is people who turned into those things through extreme measures and I am not sure Volibear is monitoring that... Also, Volibear is a glacial because yes, he is technically in freljord. However, we are yet to see Volibear show is real face in lore after we been seeing half-skinned animals that look like they are straight from the movie Annihilation.
thank you for answering my questions, ive looked at the lore and the ursine seem to be monstrous beasts and also bears or animal shapeshifters that are the best at fighting and conquering i hope that they bring him to runeterra more or really show what the ursine are.
: yeah he is of the Frejlord...I'm failing to see what you dont understand. he is a one of the big three demigods of it
I knew he was in freljord area i was just kinda upset that he isnt like put on the map and not given more of a place like ashes clan and sej's
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: Patch 9.17 notes
Why arent the skins released with the patch like right away?
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: Volibear needs at least a lore and visual update after Ornn. How he is described in Ornn's story is nothing like what he looks like in game and his lore doesn't fit at all with Ornn. > The world grew eerily still as the Thousand-Pierced Bear itself took to the battlefield. We could see its telltale shape: spears, swords, tusks, all were stuck in its hide. Lightning followed in its wake.
I agree with you completely, after ornn voli better get something done to him with ornn or look
bàn (NA)
: Dude fuck volibear man. good riddance honestly
Just be mad that volibear is the coolest champ lol
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