: Please just remove ascension and poro king. they both got lame after the first weekends of them
I like poro king it's playing aram, but getting to choose your own character. Yes, that defeats the purpose of ARAM, but I hardly play full games anymore so it fills my niche
: They said last week they were working on new things so there was gonna be some repeats
but does it really have to be ascension??
: The reason only a small percentage of people use item sets is because they're a bitch to make.
I would love to just edit Riot's recommended items. That would be awesome! Remove a few items add a couple and boom! Done.
: lol "if they rise they will be second". excuse me but if RNG rise they will just crash everyone in the group.
For them to "crash everyone" TSM would need to play like absolute crap. RNG has been very inconsistent, and these Chinese mixed "super teams" seem to have A LOT of problems. If they play well they can beat Samsung, but they're not going to beat TSM.
: Kobe's Guide to Group D
TSM has this in the bag. All they need to do is just keep playing as they have in the spring split. That's it. Unless RNG plays completely out of their minds and TSM fumbles. TSM is going to come out 1st in the group. The question really is will RNG play like they did at the end of LPL or will they rise? If they rise they will be second if not third (to Samsung Galaxy). Sorry Splyce, but learn from this experience and try again next year.
: Jatt's Worlds 2016 Group A guide
This is pretty much the best possible prediction. I don't think anyone could really make a solid argument against it. Unless CLG plays out of their minds and makes it to second place. Your prediction is the most likely scenario. ROX will not underperform (my prediction), G2 may underperform but CLG has to OVERperform in conjunction, IWC just doesn't have a chance.
: because im not feeding, obviously not perfect, but they are so-so
I would call that feeding especially the 16/14 score
: It's strategy in that on that particular account you may not have played that champ but you could main it on another account. Enemy looks you up and thinks "GGEZ" and you stomp them. Blocking first time champs in ranked isn't viable for the reason of multiple accounts. I agree that you 100% should not play a champ for the first time in ranked, however stupid is as stupid does.
Multiple accounts is against the Summoner code XD
: I went 16/14 first time nocturne and 9/10 gangplank. So no I disagree sir
Those are not good scores... Why would you think that's reasonable?
TFBaam (NA)
: he means "countering"
If you've never played the champion I don't care if you're Bjergsen, you have to practice first. Pros play tons of games before they play new champs on-stage. Why would any other player be any different? Still, 10 games seems excessive. 5 is more reasonable. Though Riot would never implement this since it would hurt all future champion releases.
: Because it was stale and boring if you didn't pick the meta champs. If the enemy team picked Zed/Shaco/Wukong/Eve and you didn't, you would be spending 15 of the game's 20 minutes staring at a grey screen.
I don't know... I played a lot of Diana and Jhin in URF, and would wreck. Had no problems with those champs as Diana. Jhin was a little harder, but still good.
: Well, sitxay isn't bad, huhi is. And darshan's tilting.
I don't think Huhi is as bad as he seems... I think their strategies don't really set him up for success. How many crappy Azir games did he play before he got nerfed, and they finally stopped putting him on it? He is no Jensen or Bjerg, but I think he's a fine midlaner. Stixxay is too inconsistent, but that's pretty much all of CLG.
: No, restricts freedom and strategies. I DO however think that Champs should be disabled in ranked for first week of release.
If you've NEVER played the champion how is that a viable strategy? Lol wtf...
: CLG Deserves WORLDS
I really think we need to cut them some slack... TSM was on a whole other level this split... IMT and C9 were only slightly better than CLG. So adding all that up CLG can be easily placed in the 2-3 spot if they play either team gain. Though, I think that this should serve Riot as a lesson that they need something better than the point system to assure we get the best possible teams at worlds. Even if that means only guaranteeing the #1 spot, and having to play for the other two.
R7 Factor (EUW)
: Fnatic was really freaking good last year though, the SKT vs. Fnatic was one of the best series i've ever watched
Too bad we never got to see full force Fnatic vs SKT at worlds :\ Man they played so poorly against KT....
: I actually enjoy the opportunity to try out different champions on URF. It really just gets boring when people spam zed/ezreal/shaco etc.
Makes sense... but I think my point still stands. This game mode is fine, but the ambiguity of regular URF still irks me.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 6.17 notes
A Diana buff? Oh man I see this going very badly....
: I think this is the answer. With the changing of their match structure, they need to change their scheduling. The Thursday-Sunday format made sense when there were a total of 20 games in the week, but now there are anywhere from 40-50 games set among the same amount of days. I think they should make it Tuesday-Sunday. Spread it out, Rito.
Jelubi (NA)
: Best Of 3's For All Regions
This was trial based... They wanted to see which system was better, and applying it to all fo LCS. Clearly BO3's was the winner, and will be standard next season.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: With almost every LCS game having switched lanes
Probably because they soon end up in solo lanes, and have to 1v1 the other top laner.
: Eventually he will have his moment to shine, as of now just wait and believe in the guy - he's in the lcs for a reason you know (though it is true that his performance isn't the greatest on azir compared to the other mid laners he can play).
I am not speaking of his overall skills. I am just saying he really needs to stop playing Azir. He just can't play him at the pro level. Not everyone is Fenix or Bjerg, but less proficient Azir players like Jensen and Pobelter do fine.
Tract (NA)
: I'm an Azir main for the record. One of the most God damn annoying things about watching a CLG game on twitch is people constantly bashing Huhi for his Azir. "My Viktor is bad my AIr is poopy, who am I? I'm CLG Huhu". That kind of trash. He does fine most of the time, and playing Azir that well against such good opponents, farming well, harassing, must be extremely hard. When people bash pros for doing bad on on any champion annoys me, because those people would get absolutely face rolled by the pro they are insulting.
Dude... You miss the point the completely. I am critiquing the fact that he can't play a champion at the pro-level. It happens many players don't play meta champs because they simply can't. Huhi can't play Azir at the pro-level. I am sure he does fine in SoloQ, but missing crucial ults, and getting caught out all the time on Azir means he needs to stay off him.
: He has done good some games though, yes on azir.
I can't quote statistics, but it seems like every game I've seen him play Azir he plays way below pro-level.
Rioter Comments
: Follow the meta, play the broken champs each new patch and ignore the shame you feel when you still get your butt kicked 1v1 or 2v2 when your jungler isn't camping for you early... or {{champion:31}} "if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em."
What made League fun for me was TB. I could always get the champion and role I wanted. Sure maybe I had to wait 20 minutes to get into a game, but it was guaranteed. In those 20 minutes I could just do something else. Now I only playing ARAM or the fun rotating modes.
: Still a bad season. game has been getting better but for every good choice riot makes there are 2-3 bad ones
This. It also seems like Riot is trying to downplay these bad decisions and just saying "it's all going to be ok, it's going to get fixed." Meanwhile, everyone is having a shitty time playing.
EsoEs (NA)
: What happened to C9 Rush?
Is it me or is Rush over Meteos the better option over Balls/impact? Impact is basically playing tanks, which Balls is proficient at. I think they could have also found a US top laner that could replace Balls to keep Rush. Obviously, Jensen isn't going anywhere.
: UPDATE: Play games that matter with /remake
Hey Riot how about you loose LP after a certain amount of times that you disconnect (say 1-2 a week?). This way you avoid punishing anyone who doesn't deserve to be punished.
RengClaw (NA)
: who here thinks skt cheated
obvious troll is obvious
: which icon?
Korea's for winning, you have to pay if you are outside of the region (I guess the 3 ppl who downvoted me are incapable of reading)
: It cost 1 IP.
For Koreans XD the NA icon was 1 IP during MSI
: CLG Always in second place.
yeah, but internationally? Unheard of for NA!!!
: MSI In-Game Rewards
Would be nice if everyone just got the icon...
Pika Fox (NA)
: Others in the thread seem to be taking it as fact and not biased data.
because they themselves are unhappy with the state of the game
: Oops! For some reason, I thought the ult was actually called Schizophrenia. Darn. Perhaps Kindred would have been a better choice for Schizophrenia. Like you replied to Shroom Junkie, It doesn't always manifest as "voices in the head", but it is a more easily recognized version.
lol sorry if it is called schizophrenia then that means Riot is actually wrong
: Super proud of CLG.
It's too bad they forced so many mistakes in the finals, and didn't draft all that well.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Anecdotal Evidence is not Data.
It's an observation. The most basic thing in science even before a hypothesis.
Rioter Comments
: If LMS finishes first at MSI should they be granted a third team at worlds? [MSI Spoilers]
The best solution to this is to expand the tournament completely. Every region is getting more and more competitive. There are multiple teams at the top that may not actually win worlds, but can stand toe-toe with other top teams of other regions. For example C9, TSM, TL, IMT, CLG (that's 5 teams for NA), and G2, H2k, Origen, FNC (another 4-5 EU). Before the gap was much wider between the top teams and the rest of the region.
: All in favor of Phreak as the Minister/Priest?
If he does it. It has to be streamed on twitch! haha
: How does he not know what it is? Its essentially when you have two personalities. Shaco ults and he has two of him, schizophrenia, don't take it so seriously.
That's not what schizophrenia is... Schizophrenia is what most people call "crazy." They have delusions and hallucinations, among other things. Absolutely nothing to do with having "multiple personalities." The multiple personality thing that is shown in movies and TV is actually very very rare.
: SSW was fuking op.
100% the best team in LoL history.
: And now, the diseases of the League: {{champion:90}} I am AIDS {{champion:8}} I am Ebola. {{champion:29}} I am the Plague. {{champion:63}} I am that burning sensation. {{champion:79}} I am cirrhosis. {{champion:223}} I am obesity. {{champion:48}} I am leprosy. (old lore) {{champion:92}} I am cancer. {{champion:238}} Kill yourself noob, I'm cancer. {{champion:92}} 1 v 1 me IRL! {{champion:19}} I am rabies. {{champion:82}} I am tetanus. {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} We are schizophrenia. {{champion:96}} I am bulimia. {{champion:105}} I am cancer. {{champion:92}} {{champion:238}} STFU NOOB!! {{champion:17}} I am athlete's foot.
Upvote cuz Zed and Riven, but downvote because you don't know what schizophrenia is.
: It's simple. Going into this, NA looked like a sad husk of a region. I'm extremely impressed with how CLG played. They've proven a lot, and they deserve praise. But it's perfectly understandable that people thought they weren't going to do well.
I think EU got wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much praise, and NA was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy underrated. I watch both LCS consistently, and I knew CLG was going to come out ahead.
: Yeah, because both #1 teams of China didn't lose against the sloppiest team in EU, the #6 seed. As a region EU has been the strongest non korean region, and G2 is even better than the average Fnatic, I think Deficio has the right top, I even put FW > RNG
Well see that's sort of what I'm getting at. EU has proven that they are the second best region if we use Season 5 worlds as a standard. However, G2 is a new team that dominated a region that weakened overall in season 6. Also, I don't think G2 is better than Summer split Fnatic. This RNG team is also much much more improved. LMS seems to be very hit or miss, I'd put China above them. I guess we will have to see at MSI. There is a strong argument for anyone second place down.
: You could've made the same argument with OG last year heading into worlds as a new team, yet they showed up and got to the semis. China as a region is pretty weird, they have the players to do well, but since last year's MSI, they haven't performed well at international events. Also, just as a reminder, at IEM, EU's 6th team (at the time) FNC took down RNG and QG, the top 2 teams in china (at the time) so while EU may or may not be weaker than last year, I still feel like they're better than CN. I just hope CLG can somehow make it into the bracket.
Well tbh the fact that OG had three veterans, and a rookie but world-class botlane sort of mitigated the fact that they were a new team. I am not conviced G2 will show the same performance. I would argue that IEM is a poor predictor of international dominance. Teams don't take it as seriously as Riot-made tourneys. I do hope CLG can make it at least to the semi-finals. That would be amazing. If their rookies show up they're the fourth strongest team, and can easily be second. There is no way SKT doesn't make first, unless they play like complete crap.
: MSI 2016 Power Rankings
I'm curious to ask if any of you took into account that G2 is a new team. EU is also a bit weaker as a region, since season 5. I'd give China the edge, and place them second.
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