: Renekton is an early game lane bully champion
ummm yeah they know and hes meant to be that way. You are supposed to pressure him and hold him back without going balls to the wall all the time giving him an advantage...
: Riot intentionally gives lower gains/higher losses in diamond.
uhhhhh... really? the amount of assumption that happened in that conversation from the OP is ridiculous and funny. Your reactions to the game being "competitive" and "toxic" are also quite hysterical and go hand in hand. You are competing with not only your opponents in a game but also those in the Diamond brackets as well at that level. the level of adrenaline and testosterone chest puffing is over the top as it is and you expect people to keep cool heads when you clearly do not yourself... You are in the upper ranks and expect to climb to master and challenger like being in bronze? the system is neither rigged nor fixed, it is working as it is intended. Also if player support were to send every complaint to the appropriate teams in charge of said systems no work would ever get done. if you think you are the only one riding a wahmbulance to player support about how it is so unfair and that you are so much better then everyone else and blah blah blah you are not the first nor the last. focus on improving yourself and your ability to lead a team and maybe you will rise in ranks but if you think complaining cause you are being "trolled" by others acting as butt hurt as you then you might want to look to yourself before looking at them because you cant make them better but you can make yourself better.
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: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
@Fearless and those working on the new rune system I really do like the direction this could go. I am just not sure where the rune side of the equation is really coming in. So far everything I have seen looks like a reworking of masteries again and seems like it has nothing to do with runes other than calling the different choices you can pick runes. My confusion and concern come from the lack of basic versatility that runes currently provide. I am not talking about things like flat armor, MR, AS,AD, AP and so on. What is currently bothering me is that there doesn't appear to be access to things like a bunch of scaling cooldown reduction or front loading into some other very specific stat. That is where the rune system currently shines. If I wanted to have 30% scaling CDR because I feel a certain champion I play really needs to have maxed CDR but the items I prefer don't have CDR on them, I can do that. This new system looks to take that away which is really going to negatively impact how people choose to play. Now don't get me wrong, I completely understand why this is being done. It takes away the annoying grind for IP just to afford Runes so you can feel like you have a chance. It also creates a ton of new leverage points that can be tweaked far more freely than the current rune system. It eliminates a lot of the runes that you tend to feel forced to use because they make the most statistical sense in certain slots (armor, MR, AD, AP, etc.). The big but here though is that this will be a major hit on the odd ball champs that have very specific and unique rune sets and I really do hope that is being taken into account (multiple ways of getting CDR at least, hopefully up to 20% as I myself have champs i like to play that i rune for that).
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
As a veteran player - with every single rune in the game which is a ton of IP - what am I going to be getting in exchange for all of that IP spent that is now going to disappear when this change happens. I think this change is great for new players coming into the game and is a good direction but something really needs to be done to compensate for the runes and the investment that they represent. No matter how great the new system may be, having thousands upon thousands of games worth of IP (yes i did buy every single rune, even the obviously useless ones) suddenly disappear... not cool bro, not cool
: > Any consideration to providing mages an actual anti-AD focused item to reduce the feeling of unfairness would be cool. Not sure it's fair to say Zhonya's isn't "an actual anti-AD focused item" (seems like a very subjective call, which is fair in its own way). If it's more about Seeker's being weak or unappealing (no unique noticeable effect other than stats) or not having stackable options (Maw+Mercurial, for example), that seems like a reasonable point of view. I was operating under the assumption that the two groups would need only viable option to fight the opposing damage type, as long as it was clearly an effective one worth the purchase. For example, I thought that Banshee's being an AP focused anti-magic option would suffice, since it would clearly be useful in its effect, without needing to stack a bunch of additional MR on top of it. Similarly, a balanced version of this GA should be the only AD/Armor item needed, if it is clearly useful for its intended purposes. My thought was that players would prefer this over feeling like they should have to stack a bunch of similar items to get the output they wanted, but that could be a false assumption. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be thinking about it.
> Similarly, a balanced version of this GA should be the only AD/Armor item needed, if it is clearly useful for its intended purposes. My thought was that players would prefer this over feeling like they should have to stack a bunch of similar items to get the output they wanted, but that could be a false assumption. While I see your point, I feel like shifting this item to an AD focus is going to create a very high necessity for nearly all AD based fighter and ADC champs to fit it in their build, especially since it will revive them as well. I have a hard time seeing there ever being a truly balanced version with this new direction of Guardian Angel. Even if it were given marginal stats which it looks like it might be getting, what reason will there be for AD champions, especially ADCs, not to buy this item? Guardian Angel used to have the drawback that it was only going to give you resistances and a revive. This made it only really suitable for certain situations as it wouldn't be giving you additional power but still take up an item slot. With it now having AD on it there are going to be very few situations where there wont be a reason to buy it.
: I pray they do return to the old iteration just because I feel that a melee engager should be the character that is built around life steal in their kit. They just gotta find the right way how to do it . I spoke in an earlier reply to a comment on how I understand they are trying just a different take on aatrox but why in such a way that the players have to either stop playing this character till they do fix him or play him in one of the weird states of any character in league of legends and that's of the role of a kinda assassin kinda engage tank that just beats people with a wet noodle.
I think one of the biggest problems with old Aatrox is that his kit would punish him for building health/tanky. even if you got defensive items that didnt give health you wouldnt feel powerful enough to survive the onslaught of diving into the enemy team. This is the dilemma they faced. If you were able to snowball early and close out a game quick you really didnt have to worry about itemizing to much, you got a few damage items and it is all over by then. If the game dragged on though you would suddenly start hitting walls where what was once working just ends up getting you killed instantly. at those points however, while other champions like xin zhao, lee sin, rek sai and so on have items they can buy giving them crucial stats like heath and armor/mr, Aatrox was designed to hover in this critical danger zone and as such was meant to shy away from those more attractive build options because it ultimately worsened his play fantasy and play style. That is where I think this iteration has upset his fanbase. Aatrox players loved that danger zone dancer if you will that could survive where others would fail. This change unfortunately takes that fantasy away a bit in exchange for making him a more healthy and versatile fit in the current health and state of the game. This is the biggest dilemma that Riot faces whenever they make any sort of change to a champions state. While their intentions are to bring a champion into a healthier state so that it is more enjoyable to play to the general player base and newer players and see more play time and use. they are almost always going to end up stepping on the old fan bases toes and upset them because their fantasy and direction they want their champion to go, so it can be strong and OP and they can stomp faces is usually unhealthy for the game as a whole which they tend not to take into consideration fully. these changes no doubt take away some of the flare and fancy that Aatrox would strive for in exchange for a bit more mediocre, albeit healthy state. As a company trying to sell a product, in a manner of speaking, they need to make sure that almost every aspect and champion in the game is accessible to both new players and old veterans. Aatrox in his old state only appealed to the older veterans and frequently left newer players leaving games frustrated never to try the champ again. that is a point of failure in a game like this in a game such as this and was going to be addressed at some point. these changes might not be what everyone wants but ultimately it comes down to what the game needs in order to stay healthy for its players both past and future. I am sure that Riot wishes they could make everyone happy, but unfortunately if they did that the game would be very unhealthy and then none of us would be playing.
barbazu (NA)
: That's what I'm thinking why spend time making a temporary change for him when they are gonna change him again, I was also confused when they did a rework on Ryze to rework him again later. Maybe its because because I'm incompetent but I don't understand why they tend to make changes that will slightly change the champion to where they want him later instead of just putting it where they want his numbers to be.
They make these smaller loadout changes because the states they were in before them were untunable. if they made any substantial buffs in an attempt to bring the old state up to par he would likely become to strong and end up being a problem, or the changes would do absolutely nothing, or even make him worse off in the end. by making this new iteration they make it possible to tune him in new ways that wont overpower him. will he be played differently because of these changes, absolutely. Will the new playstyles end up being worse off in the end, only time will tell. this is a new jumping off point they can use to ultimately reach an end goal. It would be great if the turnaround on stuff like this was short but unfortunately it just doesn't work that way. on a positive note, they have finally accepted that reversion to an older state, as seen with Kog Maw, is an option they are willing to take. In the past they had never done that before. so if this iteration tanks in a hard way they might scrap it and return the old iteration but again that only happens after enough time.
: then why the * did you buy them if you do not use those champions? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Simple, at one point in time I liked that champ and the skin and played them somewhat regularly. My tastes changed and now I dont play them as often. Does that mean I should be able to refund the skin etc just because my tastes changed? nope.
: We get the point, it's just that honestly no body gives a shit. And, despite millions upon millions of accounts possibly doing this mechanic, it is still over the course of one year. Riot is already a multi-billion $ company, a few thousand would probably accumulate out of this, which is a small fraction of a few billion. Your argument could be valid if 4.2k people (amount of upvotes) didn't disagree with you.
so there are millions of people playing and millions of accounts... only 4.2 thousand are unhappy... according to your argument Ive got millions of satisfied players who are fine with the current system standing beside me whether they upvote me or not. (dont fix it if it aint broken mentality aka no point in saying anything if you dont have problem with it) this thread and those who want this change number only 4,200 So I guess you are right no one gives a shit about the sad 4.2k people that are unhappy they wasted their refunds and want more. sucks to be the minority i guess.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jingerbeardman,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YEa8tMs0,comment-id=00200001000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2015-07-19T23:49:24.952+0000) > > there is no case... that is the point. the fact you hit the I accept button when it tells you that you have only 3 refunds is a binding agreement. the instant you hit that button you take full responsibility for the refund you request. > > Riot never even had to give you a single refund to begin with. No one was tricked into using their refunds, they chose to use them of their own volition. It is for the player to decide whether or not they want to use them, not Riots. If said player regrets the use of that refund... well that is for them to reconcile not Riot. Riot did its part and warned every single time anyone used a refund that they only get three. It is not Riot's responsibility to try and predict a future where you are unsatisfied with your decision, that is for the player to figure out on their own. > > I defend Riot because without Riot there is no game, literally. So you are accepting the fact that you can waste money for all you care and you don't give a heck about it? I hope your parents educated you better.
See that's the difference, I have not wasted any money on the RP i have purchased and the content i have acquired using that RP. All of that money ended up going to Riot who continues to develop a groundbreaking game that is fun to play and I enjoy. you also dont seem to understand the difference between a purchase and an investment. Buying RP and the spending of that RP is a purchase. Just like you purchase a movie ticket. now before you go and say "well if i didnt like something about my experience at the theater i can complain and get my money back" which you are well withing your right to do, you have to think of this one simple fact. If you kept going to the same movie theater, bought a ticket, only to complain and demand a refund after every single time you go there the theater would eventually wise up to your scam and tell you to get the hell out and you are no longer welcome in their establishment. Riot has taken that exact same mentality and given it to each player in the form of 3 valuable refunds. You get to change your mind only 3 times. Riot is actually extremely generous to even give players 3 refunds. They didnt have to give us even one but they did. Is it their responsibility to monitor and mentor you on what you purchase and ask you 20 questions to make sure you really want that particular content... no. That is the players responsibility. It is not their fault your tastes changed over time so why should they give you another refund over something they never had control of in the first place. Sorry you feel you wasted money on something you once liked but no longer really enjoy. I have never once felt that way about the money I have spent on the game so I guess sucks to be you
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
: That's unrelated. Both Ascension and Dominion are separate, viable options for this queue. ^_^
so dominion will be returning in the rotation at some point. I am very glad to hear this.
: Making you choose between dedicating to a relationship or a playing a video game all the time means their a bitch? comments like this show how many virgins there are in this game.
No, forcing someone into an ultimatum situation is being a bitch. A good girlfriend would understand that you enjoy playing games and instead of being a selfish ass would talk to you and come up with a compromise.
darkdill (NA)
: Turns out Poppy (and thus other Yordles) live very long lives
My guess, the hammer and its magical properties keep her young. Probably another sign that she is the true wielder.
: > [{quoted}](name=bobsenbob,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rttGBrrT,comment-id=00100001,timestamp=2015-12-09T02:24:31.880+0000) > > Totally agree, this lowers the early damage of quite a few champs like diana, fizz, and ekko. It would be much better if they had both runeglaive and runic echo, runic echo for casters or poke ap junglers and runeglaive for spammy or assassin ap junglers This is likely better for Diana as she really likes the extra AP and the move speed, plus her sheen synergy is iffy anyway since you don't space out her abilities for more than one sheen proc.
: I approve, we need more unstoppable forces. I think right now {{champion:54}} is the only unstoppable ability that can go through walls. Edit: also {{champion:254}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:120}}
: 1 min later. why did vision on our jungle disappear oh wait {{champion:35}} thats why
oh wait you saw it happening and did nothing about it...
: Toxicity and where it starts.
muting someone doesnt mean they wont see what you say in chat
: Gnar's Snowdown Splash Is Really Vibrant, Syndra's on the other hand....
you do realize gnar has a heck of a lot more subject matter to give texture to in comparison to syndra...
: Against Swain mid, we had Cait, Yasuo, and Lee Sin, guess who got mortal reminder?
disagree. they should be left alone till idiots learn in my opinion
bddesu (NA)
: {{champion:34}} Bird food.
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Loving the new look and kit so far... severely missing her Q though. Yet extremely happy that the sound of Q was preserved in her new passive, thank you for that!
: This is my smurf btw, I can prove it if you ask.
ROFLMAO and you wonder why you were banned... your smurf accounts name says it all. good riddance.
lolptwo (NA)
: With all the MMR boosting Bans here is a funny story for you
ROFLMAO... not at Riot but at you. Are you seriously that dimwitted? Contacted paypal and got the guys paypal account banned and your money back... good for you I guess. Trying to call riot bad because of a scammer that is still using the account? Might of helped if a certain someone TOLD them what was going on, except a certain someone never did according to this half assed story. How can anyone do anything if they are never told anything? Or was it that you were afraid of getting banned and still are so you dont actually come forward with names or evidence since you know what you did was against TOS. nice story kid, oh and good job making yourself look like a stooge and an idiot. Only to do it a second time saying riot didnt follow through on an incident they were never informed of. Good job! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ###### normally i would never use a massive sticker like this... but the sarcasm of the situation made it to perfect to pass up
Laraso (NA)
: Everything is a meme.
Ironhold (EUNE)
: Are we sure the illustrator/s haven't worked on Darksiders?
: ***
it is funny seeing how wrong everyone is about ziggs... he is a native of bandle city and thats it. He has no allegiance to piltover, zaun, noxus, or any of the other citystates other than bandle city. He may have gone to piltover to demonstrate his inventions at the yordle academy but that is it.
: Did he trip at the end?
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Is it that hard to make Mastery Pages be able to be reordered?
believe it or not... in adobe AIR it is... which is why they are remaking the client in a new enviroment
Puynsi (NA)
: Riot has already showed everyone that they are not the kind who plans anything, they just overhaul the meta and players have to get used to it and trash previous meta every year for the sake of putting up with them.
you know what... just dont talk anymore. Saying they have no idea what they are doing is asinine and ignorant. If they didnt know what they are doing the game wouldnt work... period. Sona is never going to go back to her old state, so get over it already. I can tell just from reading these few responses you dont have the slightest idea what balancing actually is and until you do you shouldnt make any sort of comments about it.
: Kog'Maw isn't weak because he's undertuned
uhhhhhhh... AD koggles is a little undertuned maybe. AP koggles is downright scary.
Bay0n (NA)
: This is information i acquired form http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Stormtrooper ("By the time the Galactic Civil War began in earnest, Jango Fett's clones were heavily supplanted by clones based on a variety of templates around 9 BBY,[13] followed shortly after by enlisted Humans.") ("By 0 BBY, roughly one-third of the stormtroopers were clones based on the Fett template, while recruits steadily became the majority within the Stormtrooper Corps")
shrug, my knowledge of starwars isnt very great outside of the movies... guess i was off, there were still clones though.
Kuroi86 (NA)
: I thought the storm troopers were average Joes the empire recruited after the clones mostly died out?
nope they get constant resupply of clones, it is why in the first movie princess leia says to luke in a stormtrooper uniform "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper."
: It seems like creep blocking has gotten worse...
it has gotten worse. they said a long time ago they would slowly make minion collision more impactful. They just decided not to stop doing that for over 2 seasons and wont until it is impossible to move around a minion alltogether... seriously Riot, you removed a ton of impact ignoring effects aside from the few passives that incorporate it. Is it not about time to let melee champions be able to actually lane effectively without mazing through minions all the time...
: Thank god Fallout 4 just came out.
why the fuck is this in gameplay?
Gotted (NA)
: We heard you hated crit- so we added a lot of crit.
it does feel that way right now
: There is no reason to play AP champions anymore.
sure there is, you just play them AD. let AD {{champion:117}} rise again!
Rioter Comments
: Introducing "Potato"
If it aint Barn, the sentient barn... I dont want it
: What does it feel like when you miss the hook?
: > [{quoted}](name=Bronzoid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cvQ2qfTQ,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-11-09T03:31:56.630+0000) > > At least he's not ranged like Thresh Yep. Heck, even then Thresh only has 250 more range than him...
250 more on attack range is huge... dont try to underplay it like it is nothing. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: When someone compliments you when your playing support
nah this needed the "you love me, you really love me" gif over the thank you :P
: Vayne can condemn and stun enemy Azir against his own wall
When you get down to the programming semantics azirs ult is always considered a wall even if it is an allied wall. What would be worth more testing is to see if an ally on the azirs team could also be condemned to the wall. If they to can be pinned I would not consider it a bug. If they can not be pinned to it I would think it is a bug.
: Smurfs-Main tracking for permabannable offences.
it is likely possible to track mains in similar ways to the booster tracker. They will never admit to any of that though. The reason they can not is the moment they reveal even the smallest variable that is used for tracking, the system can become compromised and overcome. What you should be doing instead of trying to put Riot on the spot is promote others to use the Report system. The single best way to get an account flagged for inspection is through reports. Once an account has been flagged it can be dealt with but if everyone gets on the hate riot train they will be less likely to use the report system since their confidence in Riot hearing those reports is diminished. Weeding out the bad seeds in the community is a group effort. Unless we all work together using the tools we have available to us nothing will happen.
: Malz does though, plus CDR + mana on his crits, which is all he needs.
AD malz doesnt usually get in close enough to auto attack, he instead leaves his voidlings to do that. But who knows, things can change. The biggest challenge will always be making sure your voidlings stay on target.
: Neither does Ez, but everyone keeps saying he's getting the most buffs out of the marksmen.
Yes and no. A properly played adc ezreal will auto attack plenty and benefit from that crit. What is really helping him is the new options for CDR in marksman builds. Essence reaver with tri force gets you to 40% cdr without having to build lucidity boots which opens a ton of options for him. while he may not auto nearly as much as other Marksman with how skill heavy his playstyle happens to be. He will still get in more than enough attacks inbetween those skills.
: > [{quoted}](name=SpecterVonBaren,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=TJYNfuyR,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-08T17:48:06.140+0000) > > Jokes on you, Malz's voidlings deal attack damage. I've played AD malz\* and knew someone would point this out. ######\*WHICH JUST GOT SO MUCH BETTER WITH NEW REAVER. FULL AD WITH NO MANA ISSUES AND 40% CDR
except ~~minions~~ voidlings do not benefit from crit...
: level 6 and I am appalled with the attitudes that I have been exposed to in League Riot PLEASE READ
this is a problem that has existed for quite some time. The biggest issue is that there is almost no other way beside reporting to stop this kind of behavior and if the account is banned or whatever, there is no way to stop them from making a new account. As you said you likely encountered a smurf account which means, unless they slip up and say their main accounts name, their primary account goes unpunished for their awful behavior. I honestly wish there were real solutions to help prevent these things from happening but so long as the game remains free there is no way to truly stop someone from simply making a new account time and time again.
: I'm guessing that person got their account banned. That sucks dude. I'd be happier to see everyone get to stay rather then get screwed and most likely make a new account. Instead of tattling to RIOT you should just use your words and do something yourself. Stop the reports...
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