Tank Main (EUNE)
: HamJammer69
I like it bro Ima wait for some more replys tho def in the top
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: 14 day suspended how is this at all toxic
Welp time to make an we account or buy one gg riot thanks again My pyke went first game pyke in rank and fed his ass of in lane yet i didnt flame but i get punished i cant believe this sht i had just gotten off a 25 game chat restrict but that doesnt warrant this game are you serious. I never attacked anyone crazy. Enemy team was bming me all game yet i ignore them just to get punished team arguing with me when i was 100 percent right
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Saezio (EUNE)
: Imagine playing a game you don't find fun. xD
I edited I do find it fun its frustrating but theres something satisfactory that I dont get from any other game even tho Its not my favorite game idk how to explain it.
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: Whos's faster Soraka or Lulu?
RJay123 (NA)
: I Love This Game (Visible Sarcasm)
Hey lets play together man we will win ez
Barkley (NA)
: Looking to try my hand at coaching an iron jungler out of iron.
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iiGazeii (NA)
: With energy users, using an ability limits the abilities they can cast next. Their energy regenerates quickly, but their abilities cost a huge percentage of their resource compared to a mana user. A mana user can use all of their abilities in tandem and need to go through several rotations before their resource will limit what they will cast, but an energy can't go through their full rotation on-cooldown. If they spam even one of their abilities for poke, they won't have enough energy to all-in. They need nearly a full bar before they can commit. Yasuo landing a Q at melee range isn't poke, it's a trade. Poke is where neither champion can commit on the other, and you're whittling down each other's health. If Yasuo is hitting you with his Q and it isn't a tornado, he's basically in melee range of you, and you can fight back. The fact that you aren't doesn't make it poke, it's him winning the trade because you don't have a cooldown available to contest him. Name one melee champion that doesn't have an ability that could hit another champion at that range or let them close a gap that small. Champions that are resourceless, like Riven and Yasuo, are gated heavily by cooldowns. Their cooldowns are generally longer than other champions, making them heavily dependent on CDR items and/or a level lead to be effective. They suffer hard if you can stay ahead of them. Their cooldowns are valuable resources in themselves, so if you can bait one early, like Yasuo's Windwall or Riven's shield, you can easily win trades in that extended window.
Ahh yes because riven and yasuo have extremly long cool downs lmao
: Worst thing about this game?
How about the game itself?
: Is Lee Sin worth it?
No If your below plat dont bother playing lee play something that is still useful if behind but if all you care about is playing 4 fun then sure
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: Let's talk pentalization
0/17/1 on mf you deserve it on mf probably just didnt wanna play with a trsh yuumi considering you lost both games ina row on her previously. You or your friend should have just dodged no reason to run it down in a normal lol cant do that anymore better to just afk.
: I believe after you unlock honor progression after a punishment, you also unlock key rewards.
Ahh ok cause on past account after first punishment I never got any keys just seemed odd thank you
: Support ticket with these details. Guy will go bye bye the day you get a reply, id put money on it.
: A pretty strange situation with an extremely toxic player.
So you punish him for the doing the exact same sht you do when tilted. IMO you should all be punished disgusting for even continuing to flame them aswell if you're just gonna go in forums and snitch and bich lmao.
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: How do you lane/counter against Nasus
Lock tryndamere against him and all in him every single time hes in lane learn to control the wave aswell so you can bring up opportunities
: \#2 is huge and I think more people need to internalize that, myself included. That 0/10 Nasus who's been getting shat on all game? Yeah, you're objectively a million times stronger than him. He is still a threat. He can still kill you or someone else if you play sloppy. Low elo games are coinflippy for a reason - lack of consistency. Players will find ways to surprise you. This makes them still a threat. Don't play sloppy. Don't let your guard down for an instant until the nexus pops. # Don't under-estimate.
This I've lost countless games where the game was pretty much over and we re at their nexus in rank and I do some troll sht like dive the nexus expecting my team to end it but they decide to fight and end up getting aces and losing lul in rank when I was lower elo now its play2win every game
: How to 2 trick?
Just choose whichever you feel is best suited for the match your about to play
: This game needs voice coms with whole team
By the way people are less likely to be toxic if you've spoken with them on mic compared to just chat idk why but uve realized this through experience generally on competitive games like league where winning is important. Dont bring cod up as an example of toxicity either because that isnt even in the same ballpark as league even then people dont even talk on consoles anymore due to fear of being banned lmao everyone is becoming so pc
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo Van Plays2win,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7xyXUNAi,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-05T05:34:14.153+0000) > > Just mute bro...or are you slow? Ok... and then what did you accomplish? You muted the dude so you won't hear what he has to say so then someone mutes you and you would be talking to dead air. Also saying to mute them achieves fuck all since that is the same thing people have been saying to do to anyone who says "mean things" through chat... what makes you think they'll actually mute voice coms? Also not everyone has even average quality mics or live in a place where they can use mics in any decent capacity. There are people who live in a noisy household or just like listening to music while they play. People who have obnoxiously loud voices or people who just have no idea how to properly use a mic. You don't even need to be a troll or toxic douche to cause frustration with voice chat
And yet again you can fix the annoying people on mic problem by just muting I dont understand the problem because there is no problem. Is it because you will feel pressured by someone on the internet you will never meet in your life to talk to try and win a game oh boohoo the anxiety I bet it hurts lmaooooo. I just enjoy answering to your pathetic replies when you have no answer just complaining about sht that can be fixed with 1 click
: So is your iq below subhuman? What's the point of adding it if you'll have to mute the entire team each game.
So your allowed to insult me in my own thread calling me subhuman yet when I do it I get banned and my post gets deleted lol. Oh and by the way not everyone will be a toxic azhole or annoying degenerate some people genuinely just want to win and have the upphand or is your subhuman IQ to low to understand that?
: blue essence was a bad idea
This is true i have 10 permabans and I havent spent bought rp after my 3rd ban
: On one hand, toxicity would be a problem. "WeLl JuSt AdD mUtInG". On the other hand, it would make people be pressured to use vc who either can't or aren't comfortable with it, leading to frustration. Overall I'd say ehhhhhhh probably not.
Well Microsoft still deals with toxicity on vc rarely anyone talks anymore on xbox due to fear of being banned but most of the time the people who do talk are respectful Im sure riot could do the same. I don't see what would be so pressuring about it lmao if you dont want to talk just dont. They can make it where you have to join the little channel in client to talk to your team so your not completely forced to talk to anyone.
: What is some good 4800 BE Champions and why?
Graves he is all you need now go hit challenger
Jamaree (NA)
: Not happening fam.
ahh i see you posted something ignorant in my garen thread.
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: When will Garen finally be gutted
Do any of you people even look at match history lmao if you think im new. My singed fed the garen hard and he hard carried even though we were ahead and could do nothing about him his tankyness and dmg is just to much. Your all low gold trash dont leave a reply if youve never been above plat 4 I'm not saying he should just either sacrifice smh for tackiness or tackiness for DMg And if you say oh just kite him bro lmao tl getting away from a triforce garen running you down
: Why? Just because a very minor portion of the player base incapable of using chat properly means everyone else should have the privilege taken away? The vast majority of the player base are fully capable of using chat to communicate, banter, have fun, competitively bs-ing, socialize without spewing flames at all.
You really think that was flaming lmaooooooo. Boy do I have something to tell you your not gonna make it.
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: Finishers for the Winning House
Pretty sure the winner is whoever overall completes the most missions.
: Riot doesn't care
Wow a thread that isnt sucking riots dink that actually has positive upvotes. Are people actually standing up to riot now and not being content with their cheety game.
: losing lp when i win
Riot wont do anything about it
: I can’t control my games anymore
Learn to carry seeing as your abusing jax
: Skilled Aggressive Ruthless
I am a confirmed pissed off toxic tryhard seeing luxbunny made me salty I didnt even know who that no name was.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo Van Plays2win,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v2JAnRsH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-01T10:51:36.915+0000) > > ..Removed by Moderation.. ? But i won 27 out of 30 placements XD I'm just saying new player wouldn't have been able to. And did you actually check my account i'm posting on? XD Since I live in US. I'm pretty sure this account is not my main :^)
Obviously it is you have games from s3 no need to lie bro you dont have to be ashamed of g2 you will improve no worries i believe in you. Getting into high gold low plat is easy on reset lmao imagine thinking thats good did that in less than 10 losses I suggest playing yi and tryndamere learn the game a little more then you can move to more difficult champions
Abiddon (NA)
: Maintenence
League is back up Downtime was super short
: Yummi -tabbycat or ginger chroma?
Why would you want it to be a tabby cat lul one of the most common cat color ways. Have it be a siamese seal point since its different yet known.
: if he can say it why cant i? .... is idiot far more worse than N word????
Im sure he will get his aswell bro riot is an unfair terrigsadngknafkngble company. The sucky thing is it will take forever to get to honor 2 again im in the same boat honor 1 atm.
: Being forced to play against higher ranks in draft
Take it as a learning opportunity playing with higher rank players will help you improve so instead of whining take the time to learn from them you will die a lot but you will improve much faster than playing against other bronzies.
rujitra (NA)
: Because the opportunities for trolling/griefing would be greater the other way, and something *has* to take priority.
"Specialist" my angus most of the time its the kid banning teammates champs who is the troll. If i get my champ banned im gonna ruin the game for everyone no matter what. Vice versa if i wanted into a game planning to disco nunu and u banned my nunu im gonna troll either way.
: Minimum amount of Games played on new Champion before entering Ranked
I agree with this should be a minimum of at least 15 normal games so at least you somewhat understand the champion. If you were truly a smurf and already know the champ you could have played it will leveling. BTW YOU'RE NOT A SMURF UNLESS YOU'RE ABOVE DIAMOND 2
Abiddon (NA)
: Maintenence
Yep rip had just started a match with a friend oh well wonder how long it will last anyone know?
: Just bought Sylas...He is so trash
Little late but yes this is new acc i have 10 permabans and p3 player sylas is still trash
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