: Tis quite the remarkable loophole! However, it doesn't explain the "why" of these particular 0.00000000000001% of players who resort to toxic retorts! Any information on this, esteemed Summoner?
Homie, I'm not sure what degree of irony you're operating on, but stick to that advice and you're good to go indefinitely. Getting banned or restricted in League is for chumps.
: Yeah, the main reason I see to play Blind Pick is to play a champion that is broken and always banned like Zoe on her release or what not.
Even then, I make a point of assembling my buddies for a 5-man team so that I don't need to worry about lane calls. Between lag and inconsistent entry into the pre-game lobby, calling lanes is an utter shitshow. Plus, lane calls are conventionally accepted but in no way enforced, so folks can blatantly ignore you. It's just not worth my time. I have yet to try out the new Swain in a real match, because I'm waiting for a night where all my friends are on at once.
: I am trying to better understand my fellow brothers and sisters of the Summoner's code.
This thread might help you: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/vxy3I4Xi-new-loophole-in-the-ifs-system-read-fast-before-delete
Chermorg (NA)
: I think you’re vastly underestimating players self realization. I have had shit games recently. I got flamed all game one of them (even when my jungle kept running in alone 1v3 as a Kayn who was behind). I definitely know I played bad that game. Most bad players do know they’re “bad” and don’t need you to tell them. Also, it’s certainly possible to get out of a bad elo. I’ve climbed from b5 to b1 within the past week. Hitting a little rut but I’ll get out eventually :p
Laprutus (EUW)
: The thing is that they don't know that they are bad. I take breaks, but why they don't take a break if they cant play anymore. This doesn't change the way I feel when I play for 15 mins and the midlaner or jungler or toplaner is afk to its role farming and not following, not pinging and feeding. Dude I'm playing that game way too long. Riot should make matchmaking taking as a factor the time you play that game. When you stack at an elo, you can't unstack. And that's where the flame starts.
If they're too ignorant to figure out that they're bad at the game, you're not going to spark any realization in their thick skulls anyway.
: Dodging Punishments
There's little reason to ever play Blind Pick once you own enough champs to draft. It's the wild west in there, these sorts of things will always be problems.
adjoth (NA)
: Anyone else sick of dous flaming because they got called out for being toxic?
Don't "call out" people. It's pointless, and will often serve to provoke or escalate a situation, as you've detailed. If you're gonna mute somebody, just mute them. The whole "muted" or "I'm muting you" thing that so many people do is petty and passive-aggressive, trying to just get the final word in. *Just mute*. It's clean and efficient, and stops any further problems from happening. You don't need to "win" the argument.
Laprutus (EUW)
: Got ya! Thought that you are somehow into the system and the people who modify it. So, if you are a volunteer moderator, I bet you are playing the game too. Since you play the game, I'm sure that you have been in a position in the team that there are 2-4 men trolling. When I say trolling I mean dying 1v1 and get back to lane and die 1v1 again like every 2 minute. Then somehow that player blames the jungler and the flame all over the team starts. Meanwhile you are at bot lane playing support and watch those players dying and dying and dying. And you come to that situtation every 2 - 3 games. How do you manage those situations? Because ok. I'm not playing 1-2 matches per day, I play 8, because I like this game so much. You can't be calm when you play 5-6 hours and you are in the same elo and even worse at a lower one without ruining the games you yourself.
Sounds like you need to take breaks, if you're pushing yourself to the point where you're getting severely upset over your teammates being bad. There's no good reason to flame shitty players. They know their bad. Even less a reason to flame trolls, since they *want* you to flame them.
: Drinking game
I'm 6'4", 205 pounds. I can handle my whisky. Dunno about the rest of you, though, this might get rough. But also, bookmarking this for future reference. I'd propose a few more triggers for shots: -OP is from OCE or EUNE, and multiple other OCE/EUNE folks "randomly" appear in support of the OP despite the logs being blatantly toxic. -OP is complaining about a perma, after making a thread a month previous comlpaining about a 14-day. Bonus shot if somebody in the 14-day ban thread said "see you for your perma" or similar. -OP gets in a fight with a moderator/herald. -Title is hilariously misrepresentative of the content of the post, ie. "Banned for telling somebody GG!?" or the equivalent. Double shots for major achievements in PB shitposting: -OP is perma'd less than 48 hours after a 14-day ban is resolved -OP's thread reaches -25 points -OP complains about being banned for boosting, is Diamond 5 60% win rate solo/duo but Silver 4 38% win rate in flex
: I would like to draw attention to the report system
Everything you've described is punishable through the report system. You aren't guaranteed to get a notification confirming that a punishment happened, even when it does happen.
: It was a normals game with all bronzies lol. The kid is trying out first time proxy singed give him a break. Its not like he did this in ranked
I'm not hating. Dude's match looks like intentional feeding, which is why his team was flaming him. Doesn't make the flaming justified, but he's gotta know not to expect different results without a drastic shift in strategy and execution.
: So you normally have a 47 percent win rate and a 42 percent win rate last season. You clearly main top lane and sport a sub 50 percent win rate with most of those champions then all of the sudden you switch to ADC and yasuo and have a 80 percent or better win rate with all of them? Nah man you were clearly either getting boosted or you were scripting
Super low sample size, though. Out of five Yasuo games, he won four. Decent KDA, nothing unusual. In the ADC games I see him winning in, he's getting carried. That's why I hate op.gg for stuff like this. We need to be able to look back months.
: i tried it to i think it is bc im still banned that nobody can see it even i cant
Banned folks still have visible match histories.
: Unfair ban playing lol 2 years(cheating)
As I said in your previous post, we get a 404 result when we click on your boards profile (as well as a 404 error from this link, since we can't access your support tickets). This makes it difficult to look through your match history, since third-party sites like op.gg only show a few games at a time. If you want to provide us with evidence to look through, please give us a link to your official Riot match history. I'm not 100% sure if it'll work, but currently I personally can't view it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KRNtEiWK,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-02-19T16:38:40.951+0000) > > Different strategies are realistic in different ELOs. That guide might be appropriate *in platinum*, but in Bronze, it's basically just intentional feeding. Manipulating gold values in order to effectively split push might work if your team is conscious of your strategy and is playing effectively around it, but if they're attempting to 4v5 team fight and have to deal with a fed top laner due to your voluntary deaths, you're going to lose and likely get flamed for it. > > You died *eighteen times* in a 31 minute game, and your strategy resulted in zero towers taken, low CS, and an extremely fed enemy Yasuo who clearly made the rest of your team's lives a living hell for that half hour. I wouldn't be surprised if you get action taken against your account for intentional feeding that game. im noit making it a 4v5 i was making it 4v2
Dude, when you're dead for 80% of a match, you're not making anything. And there's never a good reason to feed the hell out of a carry champ like Yasuo. There's no justification for flaming anybody, so I'm certainly not trying to say that you deserved getting flamed over this, but what you did was dangerously close to intentional feeding, and likely indistinguishable from the perspective of your teammates. I can see from your match history that you died several times under the enemy turret, not just behind the turret like you were proxying. This set up the enemy Yasuo to continually kill you under your own turret, and likely just ruin your team's day throughout the entire game.
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: 20 minute low priority que SUUCKS ASS
Shortify (NA)
: What level are you and how much do you play?
I'm in the mid-50's at the moment, playing in bursts with breaks ranging between one day and a week at a time. So, 5-20 games per week, I'd say. The current leveling/BE system works better for me than the old IP system. Between shards and base BE earned, I've been able to purchase the champs that I'm interested in without any trouble, and not needing to grind for tier 3 runes is a huge boost. That said, I'm probably below average in terms of number of champs used. My main issue with the new system, however, is that it closes the door on a potential way to cut down on bot accounts. One of the most logical ways (to me) for Riot to prevent botters from selling level 30 accounts was to disable XP gains from co-op vs. AI matches after a certain level, but now that summoner level is tied directly to BE gains, this would severely punish newer and lower-skilled players.
: PSA: It's Doable [Part 2]
Congrats, and keep it up! I personally went from Honor 2 3/3 to Honor 3 after about 91 games this season, for reference.
AhrimanZ (EUNE)
: spamming pings is somewhat okay but flaming is not?
Neither are good, and one asshole flaming is easier for the team to ignore than two. When you respond to a troll or flamer, you're escalating the situation considerably, and doing no good for anybody.
: [http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kill](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kill) > Champions with negative tiers have their tier increased by 1 for each Gold 1000 earned by killing minions / monsters or by earning an assist. It's part of a patch long ago to (I believe) specifically targeted the proxy singed strategy
Jeez, I read up and down that specific page multiple times and kept missing it. Thanks! Sorry for making you search around for me.
: ***
My google-fu continues to be too weak to find the truth, but I'll try =\
: Why aren't players punished more for being bad in ranked games?
Yelling at somebody for doing poorly sounds like a huge waste of your own time, and a poor choice for anybody interested in maintaining team morale and focus. As Glurch said above, bad players already get punished by getting demoted for causing their games to be lost, and having their MMR plummet. Double-dipping by additionally punishing these players with bans or other action against their account would just cause people to be less willing to play ranked in general.
: Did the guide not tell you that x number of minions reset your gold bounty after the patch more than a year ago? Also you're not suppose to die on purpose. The point is to draw attention, not to die multiple times. Dying is just an unfortunate consequence of proxy-ing, not the goal.
Hey, I see that bit of information posted every so often, but I can never find any official/documented source for cs resetting gold bounty. I don't suppose you know where I could read up on it? I've been googling around just now, but the best source I can find seems to be people echoing it on forums.
: Flamed all match because I went to try a platinum rank singed's guide
Different strategies are realistic in different ELOs. That guide might be appropriate *in platinum*, but in Bronze, it's basically just intentional feeding. Manipulating gold values in order to effectively split push might work if your team is conscious of your strategy and is playing effectively around it, but if they're attempting to 4v5 team fight and have to deal with a fed top laner due to your voluntary deaths, you're going to lose and likely get flamed for it. You died *eighteen times* in a 31 minute game, and your strategy resulted in zero towers taken, low CS, and an extremely fed enemy Yasuo who clearly made the rest of your team's lives a living hell for that half hour. I wouldn't be surprised if you get action taken against your account for intentional feeding that game.
: why do you want to know how old i am you pervert? is riot games really going to let perverts like this in their game??? help i need an adult
Because I'm wildly, passionately, inescapably attracted to your attitude and world view. I hope you feel the same way about me.
: >I'd much rather somebody respond with why they disagree than simply silently downvote. Thank you. I hate downvotes. It's such an easy and lame way of saying fuck you without providing a logical explanation.
... But at the same time, I've seen enough monumentally stupid posts on these boards that are desperately asking to be downvoted into oblivion, that I wouldn't be comfortable with the functionality being removed. Forcing people to click a thread before downvoting it is good, though.
CLG ear (NA)
: https://i.imgur.com/ZbdlmC5.jpg[]
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2J9wI3P0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-19T15:26:40.527+0000) > > https://i.imgur.com/ZbdlmC5.jpg[] A few of my friends watch that show. It's so cringe.
: "New" I never order the forums by "Hot". It's kinda like not muting the troll in game.
I tend to bounce around. Sometimes its easy to miss a good thread when you only view "new".
: It really is sad how easily posts get to the front page for the wrong reasons
That's why I tend to steer clear of discussions related to balance. With so many different skill levels, individual players' experiences are often insignificant to a larger discussion about the balance of the game, making threads a confused mess. You can't make an informational post about, say, Yasuo without 90% of your upvotes or downvotes stemming from players opinions on the champ, or opinions on threads about the champ, rather than the actual content of the thread you've made. And yeah, I'd much rather somebody respond with *why* they disagree than simply silently downvote.
: I cant play your game, so now i have to get all the armchair and keyboard warriors out hear so i can atleast entertain myself, am i being toxic? maybe, but im frustrated at how riot support is handling this situation, and i know i wont have access to my account for atleast another day. why? because NOBODY AT RIOT SUPPORT GIVES A SHIT ABOUT A SINGLE PLAYER
Literally their entire job is to give a shit about single players. Look, chill out with some single-player games or whatever in the meantime. The situation will get resolved quickly.
: calming explaining, he clearly jabbed at mesaying so you can whine and cry about your reasonable situation in hopes that someone sympathizes so you can have validation? how is that calmly explaining something to me? he is clearly trying to be a keyboard warrior and somehow feel superior
Sure, in response to you being a dick and saying that you don't give a damn what he thinks. You're spinning out, dude. You made a forum post, and people are giving you any insights that they may have into your situation. Insulting them accomplishes nothing, and insulting the support staff could be actively detrimental to your interests. Take a break.
: ***
Well, I'm not the guy you need to prove it to, and I wouldn't know the best questions to ask. Your best bet is to prove yourself in the support ticket, once it's answered. Don't bump it. That said, if you could provide a link to your official match history (preferably not an op.gg page or similar, for ease of scrolling), that would at least let some of us check your history to see if there are any red flags. I can't seem to read your profile myself, for some reason.
: wow you are toxic, im reporting you, enjoy your ban
If this is how you react to people calmly explaining stuff to you, there's a good chance you're not gonna get your account back.
: I asked riot for help so they perm banned my account xD
Riot Support's job in this situation is to make sure that each account is being used by its original owner. I don't entirely follow what happened here, but it seems like they had a reason to be suspicious and are attempting to act in your best interest. Perhaps it's a mistake, and it sucks that you'll miss a couple days of League over it. For all you know, there WAS a real attempt at stealing your account, and they're fixing it for you. For all WE know, you DID purchase or otherwise illegally acquire your account, and outed yourself. That's not a personal jab, by the way. I've just seen several other people do it before. Try to be patient and respectful with the support staff. They're doing their best to serve and protect you, and they're ultimately human beings.
: Fix the Boards profile webpage on certain players' accounts
I was literally about to make this post myself. A significant portion of profiles that I attempt to access simply return 404 errors, it's getting very annoying.
tomlu (OCE)
: Why does some player do this?
Banning your champs isn't against the rules (clearly it was done in a trolling fashion in your example, but there are strategic reasons to do so in general), but intentional feeding certainly is, and should be met with a ban. I hope you reported them.
: its a security breach to let players know what they are being punished for? im sorry but that sounds like a load of crap. if you are going to punish some one they deserve to atleast know for what.
League has lots of people looking for more efficient ways to bot and script. If Riot were to tell people the specific reasons why they were caught each time an account is banned for cheating, it would give these groups a better sense of what needs to be changed to make their scripts less detectable. It's a shitty balancing act, but a necessary one. I seem to get a 404 error when looking at OP's profile, so I can't personally check if they, say, bought the account at level 30 or share with friends or anything like that, but there are all sorts of abuses that would result in a ban along these lines.
: Riot Just Unlocked My Honor Level
Not a great attitude to take in this situation, but hey, you do you.
Vizceral (NA)
: Riot needs a voting system to dodge
A valuable tool when used correctly, but how do you proof it against abuse? Such a tool would make it just about impossible to do anything not strictly on-meta, as well as allow the kicking of individuals with sub-50% win rates, recent losing streaks, etc.
: Have you reported someone that was toxic in 4 years?
Sure, normal amount. I play about half my games in premades, so I'm frequently one of five people reporting the same guy.
: Thats a lie I have had an entire team report someone and our entire team gets the notification at the same time.
*That's* a lie. Never heard of that happening in four years.
: Riot's Ban System is MORE THAN UNJUST
Given that this account had been inactive since 2015 and you suddenly jumped into ranked matches on different champs than were used before, it's reasonable that this wasn't originally your account.
AzzyAlex (EUNE)
: Bro u can't say that I'm yelling at them just because I'm using caps lock :\
It's generally accepted that all caps = yelling. Putting that aside, you continually escalate the argument throughout the game, rather than just muting people (which you even state that you do in the fifth screen shot, yet keep on talking), and you threaten to throw the game at least twice.
AzzyAlex (EUNE)
: Opinion about permanent banning system.
Yelling at your teammates and threatening to troll them will do it, yeah.
neozero8 (NA)
: iv been banned for something i didnt do and riot isnt even helping me.. i hope u guys can help
Sharing your account is probably what got you banned. It's very much against the rules. Nothing wrongful here.
: wtf do you want me to do if people keep trolling me fucking unban me
Unlikely, since you told somebody to kill themselves over a video game, plus whatever that non-English bit was. The proper solution, and the answer to "wtf do you want me to do if people keep trolling me", is to simply mute, report, and move on. Sure, it might not stop the actual trolling, but neither will flaming the troll. Flaming trolls simply feeds the troll, causing even more trolling, dist
: League is some garbage
Dibs on your account name!
: Why would anyone willing 4v5
I've won several games missing a player. I've also played several games to an even gamestate while down one player, and had the missing player return to the game after some time and tip the scales in our favor. Regardless of how bad the odds can get, especially if it's ranked, I'm still gonna *try* to win the 4v5.
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