: getting yelled at by my team for rushing banshies veil first item.
nobody cares about your worthles crying post, get over yourself
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: C9 vs TSM? Votes anyone?
worthless match, who the f cares about these low tier teams, top 4 LPL can smash them, top 16 LCK can smash them
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: It's really shameful and disgusting how much pleasure some people get from seeing others punished... I am not even joking. It reminds me of how medieval peasants would get their kicks out of watching a hanging or Romans literally turned executions into an entertainment industry by forcing convicts to fight to the death in the coliseums... Sure, the degree of the punishment is less here, but it's the same mentality minus the blood-lust. If punishment is necessary, then so-be-it, but don't be perversely vengeful about it. I feel like Riot match-making should use frequent reporting and report-calling as criteria for match-making. Players who call for reports and/or frequently use report options other than those related to glitch-abuse, botting, and hacking should be queued up together and get strict Riot moderating. Players who don't mind "offensive" language and/or know how to use the mute option and want to be able to just play the game and say whatever they want without worrying about people writing them up to Riot, should be queued up together without the need for Riot to bother moderating them. The same goes for "trolling" (not a real thing as far as I am personally concerned). Riot should match up the people who think that meta should be law so they can enjoy their stale and bland games together. Riot should match up the smite singed/nunu supports (that guy was high elo by the way), open-minded and tolerant players, and other "trolls" together in the fun queue... They should also use starting surrender votes as match-making criteria. All of the "gg ff 20" players who call me a troll and threaten to report me because I won't vote yes should be queued together too. You can live the dream with all of your games ending in a surrender at 20 minutes and report eachother to your hearts' content for all I care.
try LAN it's a life saver, i dont play in NA server due to this exact reason.
: After reporting someone toxic a couple games ago
you really feel proud of your self huh, gettin someone banned for hurting your feelings, fga-t
Elstir (EUW)
: Wow ty Riot!!! :D
i got dj sona so.. go fusa3$%ck yourself
: The Fault in our Stars plot.
: Honestly this is exactly why Trump got elected and Hillary Clinton is wherever the hell she is not in the white house. People are tired of overly sensitive bullshit. Riot can obviously do whatever they want to since it's their game, but two weeks suspension is insane with no priors.
Switch to LAN, i get 80 ms there You dont need to suffer in NA to play league, try LAN you dont get banned for bm because people dont report you and im sure you wont either, i switched and havent been happier in a long time.
Phelas (EUW)
: In EUW you get a ban if you don't wish death upon a fellow team member at least every 2 games.
switch to russia or JP or something, NA and EU are really anti-toxic
: Or you could just not be toxic in the first place.
im nice in real life, i dont need to conform to manners while playing a video game, if it's too much for you i dont really care im in LAN now
: Hmmm... What kind of ping do you get? This game would honestly be a lot less stressful if I could just snap back at people when they go at me.
Bultz (NA)
: WarLords Bloodlust has become a joke
yup it's true, wb sucks dick, none of my ad's use it
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neatfeet (NA)
: Any stroller restrictions? My daughter is going to be joining us, but she's heavy....
: Hype? how can SUPER KT lose to just KT? Seems predictable to me
: Does EU have a different form of relegation than NA?
what does it matter? they are both shit regions, KOREA #1
: C9 vs TSM? Votes anyone?
who cares about those teams they are dog shit, they would get 6-0 by korean teams so...
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arcinex (NA)
: Azir auto attack bugs
i thought it got fixed tho?
: zed sits in the back and spams q.
bronzie gettin rekt by lux/zed? ha!
Ecodeath (NA)
: +1 tired of this bronze community downvoting proper threads
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: Champs at 50% winrate were more likely to be on the radar to be needing a nerf-bat or not, considering on how she still retains quite a good playrate such as 10%. An example would be Graves of W54.8%/P16.7%, where he's already prepped to have his Q nerfed, and a Zed with W51.4%/P17.6% (although I get that it's kinda useless, considering the fact that the Assassin item arrives too late). Secondly, although this is none of my business nor the topic of this thread, but uhhh, thank god you lost as Quinn top against a Panth. There goes all that "I GOT DIS RANGE HURR DURR DURR" all for nothing. You scared to go melee or something?
bronzies have interesting opinions, im p5 now :D
: Even despite your tips, she still remains her high winrate in multiple elos, plus combined with multiple spotlights in the LCS, it's a definite evidence that she needs a nerf-bat at some point. Let's look at her statistic since you oh so assume she's so easy to beat (all taken by the latest date, which is today of course): **Gold:** Winrate: 51.80% Playrate: 13.11% **Platinum:** Winrate: 50.80% Playrate: 14.56% **Diamond:** Winrate: 50.02% Playrate: 17.41% **Masters+** Winrate: 52.33% Playrate: 22.78% If Fiora was "soooooooooooooo easy" to beat, she would assumed to be "weak af" by everyone right now, but nope, her playrate still constantly stayed at 50% & playrate never going below 10%. And also, your tips were nothing in-depth at all, just nothing but a Content page of every book ever. Just your everyday average "if this happens, buy this" or "if you cant do it, just fk it & call out your teammates". Get some sense on how you're receiving 22 downvotes by now.
~50% win rate is that bad? isnt that healthy? meanwhile other champs have more than 50% win-rates, so what are you trying to say?
: > [{quoted}](name=Joanna JQueen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YW3cOpiv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-07T15:05:13.333+0000) > > you troll everwhere you go Classic toxic champion main.Your title -18.Nice joke.
you know what'a joke? your bronze elo, and im 1 win away from P5 LOL
: If you want,you play him.He is rewarding but he isn't op.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: _**Skill shots**_ where? O.o
i dunno, maybe Q and W? oh yea ur bronze tho lol
: Master,Soraka? Is this a joke?
not when you are in G1, but i guess ur in bronze? so u have different bans
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Ecodeath (NA)
: 57% win rate udyr is extrmeley broken and needs a nerf asap
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: Lol {{champion:114}} isn't that hard to play...and she wasn't gutted..they heightened the difficulty of her kit and reworked her completely because she WAS so easy to just faceroll an entire team although she still can but you can't seem to play her correctly obviously or you wouldn't be crying about it. It's no wonder you're resorting straight to {{champion:11}} no skill to play, which is why you think "She's difficult to play" lol get out of here with your whining.
Penns (EUW)
: Just that Fiora instakills you without hitting any vitals lel.
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: Comparing queue dodging to AFKing, and I think they have improved their game.
it takes around 7min to get through the champ select, but oh wait, someone fkn dodges or forgets to lock in in the first 5min, so now you have to re-join but you might lose your priority role T_T, it's so fkn annoying
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: Aatrox > You
no... you are a lesbian
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: Inside Hextech Crafting
just release it in 6.3, no point in testing this
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: Yea. I wish this weren't a thing. I think dynamic queue is good for everyone.
: Too hard to 1v5?
Rioter Comments
: Is PBE lacking to do it's job or Riot is ?
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