: Hey JoeySoh, We're not planning on changing the behavior. I have been unable to reproduce a scenario where a single RightClick is both cancelling the selected spells and issuing a move order on 5.3 or 4.15. James
Thanks for the reply Rick, though I'm not sure in which version exactly the behavior changed, I can still recall cancelling the skill shot with only 1 right click. Picture this scenario: a player is lining up a skill shot, he right clicks to chase a champion and holds on to Q after that to check the range. While doing that enemy champions appear and he has to cancel and retreat. Previously, it only required 1 right click to cancel the skill shot and to move away, now it requires 2. That's a huge difference for players used to the old way of using the quick cast ranged indicator casting. Right now i have to make sure I click exactly twice to cancel a skill shot and run, and I end up spamming right click in tense situations. This has never been the case before the quick cast range indicator changes were introduced. It was always 1 x right click to cancel and to escape, there was never a need to spam right click or to click exactly two times to cancel the quick cast and to issue a retreat. Here's another scenario: support wants to ward over the wall, so she moves somewhere close, and holds onto the the trinket hot key while moving to get ready to ward at the half way point of the wall, and while doing that enemy champions appear and she decides to move back, it's the same problem again, she has to spam right click or right click exactly twice within a short time frame to cancel the trinket cast and get away. The previous behavior was to right click the new movement location (once) and the trinket quick cast and range indicator gets cancelled while the champion is moving. Pls note that the ability and range indicator does not cancel if the hot key is pressed after movement is issued (the range indicator will move with the champions), but the moment a new movement command is issued it should cancel the ability and range indicator and just move to the new location (all in 1 click). I've been using the Garena and NA client for a number of years (4000+ normal games and 400+ ranked games), so yea I'm pretty sure there is a change in the quick cast cancellation which has been overlooked. I'm not sure whether my input.ini file could have any effect on the quick cast, but this is my initial input.ini configuration after every patch (in Garena, the settings get reset after every patch): [GameEvents] evtPlayerAttackMove=[<Unbound>] evtPlayerAttackMoveClick=[Button 1] evtPlayerSelectClick = [Button 3] evtOnUIMouse4Pan=[<Unbound>] [MouseSettings] RollerButtonSpeed = 0 [HUDEvents] evtOnUIMouse1 = [Button 1], [Button 3] evtOnUIMouse2 = [Button 2] evntHudMoveableSelect = [Button 3] [taken from a left click attack move guide on reddit - Guide to Easy Kiting (Left Click Attack)] Thereafter I go into the client's setttings and choose (Quick cast All), and then check the "show range indicator" at the bottom of the hot keys menu. Thanks Rick, have a nice day.
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: Hey RearAdmSnuggies, We just checked the behavior in 5.3 and RightClick cancels the held down QuickCastWithIndicator spells, with the exception being Charge Spells (Xerath Q, Vi Q, etc.) which allow movement. Do you have any unusual keybinds? Reinstalling will have no effect on this. James
Hi Rick, Thanks for restoring the old quick cast behavior and adding more options to the hotkey configuration. I'll like to add that the previous behavior was indeed to move + cancel ability on 1 single right click (for years until the recent 5.xx versions). I play mostly on Garena, which just implemented 5.8 today (was waiting for the quick cast bugs to be solved). I'm not sure how this impacts other players, and how subtle the difference is, but it's very noticeable to players who have been using quick cast + range indicator by holding the ability key down and cancelling it by moving. Logged into NA just to post this. I hope u guys look into this, and restore the cancel + move in 1 click function. Thanks and have a nice day.
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