: Patch 8.16 Notes
I know you all don't care because I'm going to talk about{{champion:142}}, but I feel something should be said. She's weaker now than when she was post 8.4 patch when she was gutted much to everyone's delight. Riot's "Balance Team" (are they really a balance team?) even said that the 8.4 nerf was too heavy and so would buff her in some other ways in later patches. Patch 8.5 hit her q even more by removing her passive from it, but she saw a buff in her w and some attack range because they wanted Zoe to stick around longer where she was within range of counter attack. She was in a good spot after that. q not op, e still good, but required creativity and skill to land it (unless playing against people who cant dodge), and w actually viable as a means to jump rope around enemies as they die. Assasins would still wreck Zoe, but she had more capability of getting out of tough spots if she could get her w. Team fights were good for her as well, since her burst damage wasn't as high, she could use her abilities and then while they were on cd, she could run in for the summoners and make some plays. Patch 8.13 decided her w was too op and nerfed some ap ratio and the movement speed duration. Patch 8.14 nerfed her w again by bringing the base damage down to levels lower than they ever were. 60 damage less at lvl 5. ap ratio knocked down a bit as well. Now, patch 8.16 where her w and passive both took big hits. w ap ratio brought back down to the level it was before they buffed it to compensate for her lack of power in her kit. AND her passive is taken down to levels lower than when they were before they buffed it to also compensate for Zoe's lack of power in her kit. Before her passive buff to compensate, 18th level base damage was 135 and ap ratio .25. After this patch, 18th level base damage 124 and ap ratio .2. Everything about Zoe is weaker now. Her w does 60 less damage before the big nerf. Its movement speed bonus is less than it was as well. Her passive is weaker than it was before the big nerf. What I'm saying is that everything they did to buff her after 8.4 has just been reverted. But not just reverted, but also made weaker than they ever were before. What changed in the balance team's minds to where Zoe after 8.4 went from being "This isn't an even swap: we expect Zoe to land on the weak side when 8.4 hits" (direct quote from dev notes on Zoe in 8.4) to "Screw this champ. Lets nerf the hell outta her so people who don't know how to play will stop complaining"? Does everyone just hate champs that aren't dark, brooding and edgy? I feel bad for this Nunu rework then cause everyone's gunna scream "nerf this champ! Not edgy enough for us! too op and I don't wanna learn how to play league!" Although, maybe then people would stop focusing Zoe and focus Nunu more. Hope that's the case, then Zoe may actually get some love she deserves from this toxic community. :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I know I probs missed something, but ya'll cant disagree that Zoe is the weakest she has ever been at this point and the numbers are and will be even less promising than what the balance team predicted for her post 8.4. op.gg tells the tragic story of Zoe's life in league.


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