: https://gph.is/1ykY06i
: Not a Rioter, barely an artist tbh (It's a hobby more than anything), but how do I do it? Concerta, mostly. Well, it's that and basically having to be obsessed with the idea of the art I'm doing. Whenever you're in a mood to draw, *draw*. If you leave that mood in the middle, that's fine. Just finish up the bit you were doing, then set it aside. Come back to it later. Most art can be broken up into stages - Rough sketch, detailed sketch, lines, coloring, shading...And you can break it up by body part, too. For learning to draw...It's mostly just practice. Find something you love, and just trace it for a while, until you learn the basics. You can also adapt learning techniques from school to art, as well.
Every time I've gotten in the mood to draw something, I've always hesitated to start, because I felt scared that once I started, I'd just get frustrated halfway through due to losing interest, being distracted, wanting to suddenly do something else, not being satisfied with my own skills, etc I suppose I can give it another shot though. I havent drawn in quite a while because of that hesitation, but maybe I can do as you said and just _draw_ until the mood leaves me, then try and pick it back up later.
: Hi I can comment on my experience! I was diagnosed with both ADD and ADHD as a teenager, but never was medicated or received treatment. I struggled incredibly with getting through high school and my first few years of college. It wasnt until I decided on my career path (Sound Designer) that I made any type of progress. What really made a difference for me was self evaluation, to determine what I am passionate about, why am I passionate about it, and how can I apply that to other areas in my life? For example, I had no problem playing video games or guitar for 4 hours straight, but why couldn't I muster up the same type of motivation for my art and career? Once I identified the things that motivate me, I was able to reprioritize what I was doing in my life and how I was performing. Bringing your most productive self from an area that your passionate about to other areas requires tons of self-discipline and realistic goal setting. I had to abandon many things in my life in order to reach my goals and eliminate distractions. Ultimately I didnt get a job in games until after I went to trade school where I was able to practice and hone my skills. That was a couple years after college. I still suffer from ADHD to this day, but I can turn the switch on and off now so that I can deliver the best gaming experience I can to all of you! TLDR: look inward and evaluate what you want in life. Change your behaviors by using your strengths to move towards your goals. I hope that helps, good luck!
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and share your story. Something I've definitely been struggling with over the years is evaluating and pinning down just what it is exactly that I'm most passionate about, let alone how I can tap into that to, as you said, move further towards my goals. I guess that's just one more thing I really need to make the time to do. Self-discipline is also something ive struggled with heavily. It's very difficult for me to really learn anything on my own from the comfort of my home, as there's just way too many distractions (not only from my own stuff, but I also live in a house with 5 other people, 2 cats, and a dog), but at the same time school isn't exactly a simple option for me (i've been burned pretty badly before by for-profit trade schools), so I've felt almost hard stuck in that regard. I guess I just need to find it in me somewhere deep down and just somehow push through and teach myself.
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: Discord Update Causing Client Crash
The problem is with Discord, specifically their Overlay feature. Go into your User Settings and disable it, and see if League works after that.
: Fix to League Game Crash w/ Discord Update
Can confirm, this has worked for me.
: Crashing in log in screen
Do you have Discord open? If so, the problem is most likely with the Overlay feature. Try going into your User Settings in Discord and disable the Overlay feature, see if it works after that.
dovahbear (OCE)
: Crashes continuously
Do you have Discord open? If so, the problem is most likely with the Overlay feature. Try going into your User Settings in Discord and disable the Overlay feature, see if it works after that.
: League client log in crash
If you have Discord open, try turning off the Overlay feature in your User Settings, and see if that fixes the problem. I was having the exact same issues and that happened to fix it for me.
: It discord and league having problems when u have both of them running
It's specifically Discord's Overlay feature. Try disabling that in the User Settings and see if it works after that.
Deeks (EUW)
: Turning off discord's OVERLAY worked for me!!!
LoceDie (NA)
: Discord Crashing Lol Client With out Login
If you have Discord open, try turning off the Overlay feature in your User Settings, and see if that fixes the problem. I was having the exact same issues and that happened to fix it for me.
d0riyah (NA)
: My league is broken
I believe I found a fix. If you have Discord open, try turning off the Overlay feature in your User Settings, and see if that fixes the problem. I was having the exact same issues and that happened to fix it for me.
: League is broken for me
If you have Discord open, try turning off the Overlay feature in your User Settings, and see if that fixes the problem. I was having the exact same issues and that happened to fix it for me.
: League Crashing, Then Reopening Just to Crash Again.
I believe I found a fix. The problem seems to be with Discord, specifically with the Overlay feature. If you have Discord open, try disabling the Overlay feature in your User Settings, and it should stop the crashing. The Discord Twitter themselves have acknowledged this and the number of problems that come with the Overlay feature: https://twitter.com/discordapp/status/911382989283758086
: Do you happen to be running Discord? I'm pretty sure it has to do with Discord. As soon as I updated my Discord (while waiting in a match lobby) my league suddenly started crashing constantly. I haven't tried shutting off my Discord yet though.
What the heck Yeah I close Discord and League works, then when I open Discord while the client is up it goes back to crashing again. Alright not sure who to blame here, Discord or Riot.
d0riyah (NA)
: My league is broken
Rioter Comments
: League client log in crash
Having the same issue. Stuck in a constant cycle of bugsplats and the client restarting.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: Honestly, Even LCS is boring to watch
This past week for the NA LCS was pretty amazing honestly, in terms of all the quality and close games.
: Twisted Treelines players should be worried.
I feel like TT is a bit more safer than Dominion, only because it plays very similarly to basic SR (minions pushing towers down multiple lanes towards enemy nexus), and thus does not need a whole lot of extra balancing and maintenance. Riot should be aware that the bots will try and indeed go towards TT, so hopefully they're also upping their bot-eradication game.
: Less than 0.5% of players played Dominion
I think people are overestimating the ratio of players that frequent these boards to the total amount of players who play this game around the world. While this place may be very passionate about it, not many other people are honestly, speaking from someone who also talks frequently about league-related things outside of these boards(like in large facebook and skype groups) and even with IRL friends, and hardly any of them care much at all. In fact most of them just replied with "finally" or "it took them long enough".
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: It's not so much the programming side, as it is making the destroyed terrain look good (rubble of broken walls, destoyed trees, appropriate ragged edges for still standing terrain etc).
What if, to make it easier (and perhaps more interesting), the broken terrain was sliced cleanly in the shape of a sphere, Terminator-style? http://www.blu-raystats.com/img_scr/Terminator2JudgmentDaySkynetEdition_12236103646_4.png That would allow you to basically use a sort of spherical "erase"-tool on the environment, and maybe add a sort of red-hot burn effect, but not much more would have to be done. As for the permanence or lack thereof of the environmental destruction, maybe it can revert back to its original state after a minute or so, like maybe it can "go back in time" or something.
: @Riot please give up on Morde bot lane...
I think Riot REALLY wants to give him a complete overhaul (about or near Sion/Poppy-level), because honestly, I have to agree he needs it (and HAS needed it, even before his current rework). But, because I'm guessing there isnt enough time in their schedule to fit him in anytime soon (pretty sure Taric is next in line, and after him probably Warwick or Urgot), they wanted to sort of experiment with different rework methods. Even though this was a huge rework for Mordekaiser, it didnt require the addition of any crazy new mechanics or rig changes that would otherwise warrant a whole new model and animations. It's efficient, but it limits what they could do, and I feel Riot wanted to sort of test those limits. I think the rework had some good ideas, like the Dragon ghost pet thing. I understand they wanted him to have that and sticking him bot lane would be best for that because, well, he's right there, but now they have the Rift Herald, so why not rework him again (or maybe just his W) to be more similar to the other juggernauts and stick him top lane, but allow him to capture the RH's ghost too? Obviously it wouldn't work post 20-minutes, but by that time the laning phase should already be over and Dragon fights would be a higher priority.
: I hope im wrong but I thought I really somewhere that "traditional" skins aren't gonna be released for overhauls anymore which I think kinda blows. Very much hope im misinformed
They did indeed say that. Can't remember where but I'm certain there won't be any more Traditional skins. I personally wouldn't miss Poppy's current design. I mean it's not _bad_, its just.. a pig-tailed yordle wearing plate armor with a hammer and shield. I doubt her new design is going to stray far from that anyway, so a Traditional Poppy would just be redundant.
: Your killing us riot atleast show us poppy new visual model or concept art
I'm really feeling a reveal (or legitimate teaser) shortly after Illaoi goes live, which I predict will be within the next 2 or so weeks. Poppy's relaunch, being treated in the same vein as Sion's, is being treated as entirely new champion launch. I don't think Riot want's Poppy to overshadow Illaoi's launch.
Pyro (EUNE)
: How do we solve the CDR disparity between ADCs and mages?
I think bringing back Lost Chapter and probably Netherstride Grimoire would be a good idea. There isn't a shortage of good CDR items for mages, it's just very few of them come with offensive stats to match those in the AD Caster options. With Netherstride Grimoire, mages would have a high-AP high-CDR high-mana regen item with a unique passive to allow them to reposition themselves very often, away or around the currently-powerful Marksmen.
mvmlego (NA)
: I realize that my post wasn't perfectly relevant to the podcast. However, they did spend some time talking about reworks in general, and they did specifically mention Taric and the rework poll. The reason that I'm bringing up the Taric rework preemptively is that, usually, by the time Riot releases an article specifically on a project like a full-scale rework, they've already completed 95% of the work involved, and no power on earth or Runeterra is going to convince them to scrap it, or even modify it significantly. I don't recall seeing a Q&A for Sion (or Poppy, for that matter, and her rework seems nearly finalized), so I didn't think that there would be any opportunity like that for Taric, either. P.S. The original comment came off as a bit more cynical than I intended it to be. Particularly in light of that, thank you for the courteous response.
I understand wanting to get your point of view and message across to the ChampUp team before they make any "permanent" changes to one of your favorite champions. However, in the cases of full relaunches like Sion and Poppy, which should be differentiated by sheer scope from other champion updates, player feedback isn't all that essential. Maybe that's not the best way to put it, but forgive me I can't think of the right words to use. Basically, a full relaunch of this magnitude is treated more or less as designing and releasing a brand new champion with very little in common with the previous version. The Taric update, assuming it is on the same level as Sion and Poppy, will essentially have very little in common with the Taric we have now. I can understand how one would be sad about that, but I believe Riot (and most other players honestly) sees the good far outweighing the bad in this case. Taric is an old enough champion with a large and loud enough fanbase for Riot to properly gauge what it is people love about him and see as part of his identity, both lore-wise and gameplay-wise. I dont know if you've noticed, but over the course of the year (past couple of years?), Riot has been talking about and asking in various threads what people like and love and hate about Taric. That information they gather is then passed on to the ChampUp team (im assuming) and they use that info to give themselves a general direction, a sort of general "mold" in which they can start forming their brand new version of Taric in, one that's more of what people love about him and less of what people hate.
Pyro (EUNE)
: You're glaring over the fact that CDR needs to be tied to mana, or else it becomes too powerful on manaless champions. We need to go into the direction of something like Lost Chapter, not give CDR anywhere.
That is true, I hadn't thought about that (and that does explain why so many CDR items also give mana regen). In that case, I think it might be prudent to add Lost Chapter back in, and perhaps one of the three books it builds into. Probably Netherstride Grimoire as it's the least niche of the three and I think all mages can benefit from the extra MS, though Rite of Ruin wouldn't be bad either, if not maybe a bit tweaked.
: mages have too few choices for reaching cooldown cap
I'll just quote what I said in the other thread: > I think Mages should get a third 20% CDR item with more offensive and less defensive or niche stats. Currently all they have is Athene's and Morellonomicon. Nashor's is an option as well but it's more of a niche item for auto-attack-based AP champions. >Maybe they can add 20% CDR to Abyssal Scepter? Throw Fiendish Codex into the build path, buff the AP it gives to +80, maybe lower the MR it gives if it becomes too efficient for AP tanks. This would put it about on the level of at least Black Cleaver, giving useful offensive stats and effects while also giving useful defensive stats. This would probably bump its price up to about 3150, but that'd still be cheaper than BC by 350 gold.
: Adcs have an easier time getting to 40% cdr than mages
I think Mages should get a third 20% CDR item with more offensive and less defensive or niche stats. Currently all they have is Athene's and Morellonomicon. Nashor's is an option as well but it's more of a niche item for auto-attack-based AP champions. Maybe they can add 20% CDR to Abyssal Scepter? Throw Fiendish Codex into the build path, buff the AP it gives to +80, maybe lower the MR it gives if it becomes too efficient for AP tanks. This would put it about on the level of at least Black Cleaver, giving useful offensive stats and effects while also giving useful defensive stats. This would probably bump its price up to about 3150, but that'd still be cheaper than BC by 350 gold.
: Yasuo's Sweeping Blade now COSTS flow rather than granting it
I think this would feel kind of clunky. Flow is generated via movement, and it should be a resource Yasuo takes advantage of. I think his Flow should be able to be decreased from taking auto attack or ability damage from Champions, and the shield should be a reward for him not taking damage for an amount of time, something he has to successfully build up so he doesn't just bring a shield out of nowhere during a fight, on top of all of his other fighting advantages. This would give him an inherent weakness to sustained damage. Hell maybe make his ult cost 100% (or at least 50%) Flow to activate (though that might be too much).
mvmlego (NA)
: As much as I would like to believe that Riot is responsive to players when the're polite and well-reasoned, it doesn't seem to be the case. On the Poppy update podcast page, I posted a comment asking about the Taric rework. I wasn't being confrontational or even passive-aggressive, and the comment was well-articulated and reasonably relevant. That was four days ago. The comment thread is the fourth most-liked of the article, and Riot has responded to comments both above and below mine in popularity and posting order (within a day of the comments being posted, to boot), but I've still gotten no response from them, and I suspect that I won't.
Looking at the thread you mentioned, they seem to only have replied to comments particularly about the podcast, which is the topic of the thread. Your comment was well-articulated and deserves a response, but it was just asked in the wrong place. I understand why they decided not to respond. I say save it for later when a good opportunity pops up dealing specifically with Taric, or with champion updates in general. Riot is really good when it comes to player communication, despite what others would have you believe, especially during dedicated Q&A's such as this one. I dont know if this particular Q&A will be a good place to talk about Taric tho, as he hasn't received any real substantial changes during the preseason. This would be the best possible time to ask about things such as the Marksmen changes, the Mastery changes, the new items and old item's changes, etc.
: Join us tomorrow for a preseason Q&A!
For real though, I hope they get enough substantial questions to actually answer as opposed to just getting nothing but shit like "Why did you guys think making everything so fucking broken was a good idea???" or "How come you want your playerbase to quit ur game???". Seriously folks, please, keep a leveled head, and your questions will (hopefully) be answered.
: Join us tomorrow for a preseason Q&A!
Oh man, I hope they're ready for a shitstorm.
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: I love everything in trists's new skin's splash art.. except her face.
I think it's just the Joker smile she has going on. If they toned it down a bit I think the splash would be fine. http://www.ewallpapers.eu/w_show/joker-smile-1920-1200-8050.jpg
calisker (NA)
: During October, we released a game mode (One for All), a new story with Shadow and Fortune: A Harrowing Story and we released new skins and Legacy skins this week. We made the decision to split these things up to avoid clumping too many things at once, especially with Worlds earning so much attention. Based on your feedback, this wasn’t the right decision. We’re looking at how we can fix this in the future and we're listening to better understand what you expect to see for future seasonal events. We'll be the first to admit, this isn't always easy for us, because our seasonal events don’t always feature the same things. But we realize what we did release for The Harrowing didn't meet expectations.
I think perhaps not having Worlds take up so much of October would be the best. Maybe it can end in September, or perhaps in mid-October, but not at the VERY end, taking away from the Harrowing event. Perhaps it can end in mid-October, and that would leave the second half of October to feature story content and announcements, and try and lead all of that up to a climax of Harrowing content by October 31st.
hudzell (NA)
: Why not unlock icons of a champion's portrait when you reach Mastery 5 with them?
I would be very surprised if they dont eventually. It would seem very simple to implement. The only thing I can think of as to why they haven't yet is because they're waiting to include it as a reward for a higher mastery level than level 5 (6 and 7 are already confirmed to be in the works). Mastery level 5 isn't all that hard to achieve honestly, and I would like for Champion portraits to represent the hard work of the truly dedicated of each Champion, not just someone who just happened to put in a moderate amount of time into them.
: I gave it a chance, it didn't work, and I quit playing HotS. Might go back since Blizzard apparently figured out pretty quickly how stupid it is.
I don't know how it was exactly implemented in HotS, but I doubt Riot hasn't taken notice of it and I doubt Riot will make the same mistakes Blizzard made.
Niaphim (EUW)
: So, in season 6 ranked queue solo players will be matched with&against 2-5-man premades
Riot had discussed a lot of these concerns over on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3rgb7x/hots_had_dynamic_queue_and_everyone_hated_it/cwnxtqw I'll quote Lyte's post here: > Sorry I haven't been able to hop on this thread until now--busy trying to bughunt with the team and it's been a long few days. >We knew that Dynamic Ranked would be a highly controversial topic, and it even was widely debated internally. It came down to a few key points: >1) The vast majority of players preferred to play League with friends, but there was currently no end-game progression in League other than Ranked (we're not going to count Ranked Teams because we agree there are many issues such as a high barrier of entry). Most players do want to try Ranked, so players were forced to enter a queue that artificially capped your party at 1 or 2 and made the game less social. This was bad. >2) We added a few matchmaking features to bias the system so that it would pair similar group combinations against each other. So, premade 5s would most likely play other premade 5s, and so on and so forth. In our testing, and when we modeled data from Normal Draft Queue to emulate what it would be like if we did Dynamic Ranked, over 95% of the time groups were paired with similar size groups. We'll have to monitor the behavior of Dynamic Ranked to see if the pattern is the same, but we're hopeful. >3) There's actually a pretty big perception issue with premades in League. When I talk to players, they always remember the premade that bullied them or made the game more toxic; however, when I point out behind the scenes and show them the data that almost every single Ranked game has a Duo Queue in it... they are shocked. The perception problem is that you only remember the games where a premade did have an issue, but you never remember the games where they were quiet and just didn't give away they were a premade. We've been measuring toxicity in premade combinations for awhile now and believe that most most combinations of premade 2s and 3s are fine, and premade 4s have a little bit more toxicity than we'd like. Premade 5s are obviously awesome experiences. So what are we doing about premade 4s? >4) As you may have noticed, we've beefed up the Report System, and added new features to the Instant Feedback System. More than ever before, Premade 4s won't be able to "affect" your account if they simply gang up and try to bully you with reports. In fact, if they do this often and they file false reports, they can be banned for this behavior. Secondly, in a Premade 4 situation, your reports are just as powerful as the group, so if they are showing toxic behaviors at all, your single report can have a meaningful impact and trigger a punishment. We believe measures like this will help balance out this specific scenario to be less negative. >5) With the new Champ Select experience, we're giving players more benefits than ever before to play with friends because we believe playing with friends is the right way to enjoy League--we don't want the game to become an anti-social experience. For example, there will be a promo bonus for playing in parties during the launch of the Ranked 2016 Season, and playing in parties is the best way to guarantee exactly what positions you want to play in the new Dynamic Ranked Queue. We understand that we're going to frustrate the purists that enjoy playing solo and seeing what they can do alone among a group of 4 strangers but, we want you to give this a try before slamming it. More players playing Ranked means more competition for you, and it means quicker queue times at low and high MMRs. We also have ideas to expand the Ranked system even more in the future to give multiple ways for you to challenge yourself and your friends. >6) Like any big change, we're going to have to monitor this one carefully. We ask you guys to be patient and give it a chance. We'll ultimately make the right decision, but a LOT of players have voiced their opinions that they do want a more social Ranked experience and want to play in a Dynamic Ranked queue. Give it a chance, and we're listening if it doesn't work.
: I've accepted they severed the Harrowing from Halloween. I don't like it, but they did it. Actually might like it, but I'll have to see how it goes. Where is the non-cannon Halloween skins then? After the holiday is done? That's just poor marketing.
I don't know why the skins haven't released yet. I'm assuming for now it's because they want to release them alongside the new login screen they have for them. Like I said, I think for all upcoming seasons they should try and space these events out better so they can provide what each audience wants at a time they're willing to accept it, rather than just try and squeeze it all in at the same time.
Neamean (NA)
: The Harrowing: Success and Failure
I think people are giving Riot a lot more flack than they deserve honestly. Yes I agree they should have at the very least opened the Halloween skin vault, and I also personally feel the halloween skins this year were VERY **meh**, but I don't think that's cause for the vast angry mob that just sprung up suddenly. The way I see it, Riot kind of wants to have The Harrowing be a PURELY lore event, and have Halloween be a separate time to release Halloween-themed skins. That's why they said they want the Harrowing to be able to be held any time of the year, because honestly, having Worlds, the Harrowing, AND Halloween all going on at the same time as three separate 'events' would be kind of a mess. I think what Riot needs to do is, change the LCS and Worlds schedule so that it DOESN'T interfere with other events. That way it doesn't take away from those who just don't care about it. Also, plan the Harrowing to maybe LEAD UP TO the Halloween-themed content, so that way there's still some correlation there. Maybe then we can all get our cake and eat it too.
Rioter Comments
: ***
Not necessarily. This is just something that would benefit very few people. * Japan gets no new skin dedicated to their history and culture, while LITERALLY EVERY OTHER SERVER does. * We (everyone else) get no new content in general. New skins are cool. Updated old skins are not as cool. They've always been there, it's just now they look a little different. * The people who were original owners of the skin (a very small fraction) will get their skin changed on them. Some may like the changes, some may not. Literally the only people who would benefit from this would be those who didnt like the skins before and now they do, which for any skin, is a very, very small fraction of the playerbase. So again, simply updating an already-existing skin and handing that out as a "server skin" would just be lazy and insulting.
: ***
It wouldn't give those skins more value though, not objectively, because they intentionally bought those skins for how they looked (barring mystery gifts), and suddenly "updating" (ie, changing) them would just be a slap in the face to the fans of the original design.
: I may be wrong, but I think your entire suggestion could be condensed down to one sentence: make only the third activation of Broken Wings grant a charge for her passive instead of all three activations. Which I like. Though instead of increasing her AD scalings, I would adjust her AS/level. Otherwise you could just mash Q and get roughly the same damage output, only now even the trick of remembering to AA between Qs has been stripped away, making Riven Even More idiotproof.
Hmm, I didn't intend for just Broken Wings to build the charges, but if that were the case then you might as well just add that as a passive on her Q and give her a whole new passive. As to what that new passive would be I have no idea.
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