: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16B notes
Awe yeah an extra 50 damage on Aatrox's spell. Couldn't wait to use a full Ap build on him, and watch him NUT all over the enemy team(If only they don't cuck me with hextech :C)
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
**So basically 3 new RNG factors into TFT:** **1:** The addition of 4 new champions, further widening the champion pool, and could possibly make Rerolling for a certain champion much harder. **2:** The new Trait Hextech, is a 100% guaranteed hit on a champion with an item equipped disabling their items as well as the item's stats, but could be reworked around to 50% to 25% chance to miss a high priority champion if multiple champions are equipped with items to take the guaranteed disable. **3:** The probability of getting **FULL ITEMS** in Minion waves, is a scary thought, and could lead to a problem balancing. **My Opinion**: Personally I dislike these new changes, it would be better if you guys actually implemented this patch when TFT first released so we don't have to complain about it, like every single patch released in League of Legends. **In-game Experience**: **It is a nightmare:** That terrible feeling when you witness a random player obtained 2 full items, and 3 2-Star Champions before level 4 is a horrifying and amazing sight to behold. Which soon that feeling would turn into anguish when that same player oppresses the entire game with a 10 Win-Streak with a flawless 100hp and already won the game before or right after Dragon. Or to finally build your perfect dream item combo, Draven with RFC, and BT. Just to realize Draven is the only champion in your comp with items, and everyone builds hextech just to counter your draven. **Conclusion**: Nerf the hextech trait, either lower the disable, or keep the disable but let the disabled champion's items retain their stats rather than completely cucking them and making items in tft non-existent.
: TFT Update: Hextech Heroics
I personally think it's a little bit too overloaded about **"disabling an entire item from a single/multiple champions for 8 seconds"**. It would be great if the **Hex-Tech Trait** passive would instead **disable the targeted Champion item's Passive** Thus makes the item sort of relevant with the flat stats, rather than being completely useless. An example like **Warmogs with no heal**, or **Youmuu's Ghostblade with no jump**, **but they still kept the stats.**
: Hextech Too Strong. Will Be Broken for 4 Weeks.
I personally never liked the idea of a passive that disables ALL the item's mechanics, making a good champion into a useless champion for 8 seconds is a bit overwhelming , but I hope the balance team would someday change it to "Disable's the item's Passive" so the stat's of the item would still be relevant. Rather being completely useless for "8 seconds"
: What is the meanest (legal) thing you've done to an enemy team to get a win?
As a support main, Pyke is an issue and most Illegal thing I could ever see in my 2 years of playing this game, 1. like most hook based champions they could all in. 2. apart that he's an assassin hook champ. 3. is how he can ALL-IN at without no negative effects! 4. Tahm's passive but on steroids with invisability 5. can execute, and shares "killing gold" with ally/allies = champ that snowballs, can hard carry, few counterplay, invisible, and can heal by just walking in a bush! So here's a scenario, adc/support thinks getting hooked at level 2 is ok, and simply can flash out, but wait pyke's dash hitbox is a size of a big van. So after he stuns you and the enemy adc is wailing on ya, he ignites you and you basically lose the lane 101.
: Patch 8.12 notes
Welp my supporting career just hit a roadblock. I kinda hope there would still be a chance of ADC would still be a thing, Apart from seeing an assassin and mage combo replacing bot.
: I'm still playing Varus even after the nerfs, but I switched to playing him Mid because Bot Lane is an impossible lane to even farm in, due to heavy CC and engage that bruisers and AP Caries have early in the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Darkin Hybrid,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dgNgV3Ah,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-17T09:22:16.482+0000) > > I'm still playing Varus even after the nerfs, but I switched to playing him Mid because Bot Lane is an impossible lane to even farm in, due to heavy CC and engage that bruisers and AP Caries have early in the game. you're not wrong, when I just had a game fighting against Wukong and Xerath. And it's the definition of free poke and no counter-play.
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: Academy Adventures Series 2!
The causalities after this food fight: Annie, Helmet Bro, Katarina,Poppy, and Ezreal Injured: Zed, Ahri, Jhin, Shaco, and unknown Students contributed to the fight: Warwick, Taliya, Soraka, Teemo, Darius, Lulu, Jhin, Talon, Ashe, Gnar, Fiddlesticks, Twitch, red minion, blue minion, Ahri, Taric, ect
: Academy Adventures
They should a comic book and sell it because this series is gold!


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