: Acting out based on maturity at the time is no excuse. What you should have done is to identify what you did wrong and accept it from the first ban. I know you had stated that you were 13, I get it you were a kid, but punishment is all about you learning from your mistakes. Consider it a life lesson, now that you are sharing your story, I have reason to believe you have done so. If you cannot get play a game of league without flaming your teammates /mute all, It'll save you from being tilted.
It's not an excuse and it was a life lesson, I'm not toxic anymore. But if I were to sum everything up I'd say that no matter what I do, I always get bitter nostalgia about my old account and it hurts. I'm in a much better place IRL and everything is going right but I still get depressed while playing this game all the time because of that bitter nostalgia.
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 1/10 - 1/16
So glad that server rack was removed. I had so many games on that server it's crazy. Should be statistically impossible to have that many games on a single flawed server, but apparently not. Not on this account obviously because this account is permabanned. But on my current main account. This is the account I use in the forums.
: Thanks for sharing your story. At the time that I'm responding, it's currently day 5 of 14 (for the punishment) and day 5 of 90 for my personally-enforced break from League of Legends. It's not been easy. Right now, I am feeling the physical effects of "withdrawal" from not playing; No joke, I feel like complete shit inside. I know it gets better the longer it goes on, but believe me when I say it's rough for me. [On a completely different note, I have been keeping up with friends (most notably some small-time streamers who I met through League of Legends) and it's been helping.]
The worst thing is when you have a banned account and you get those feelings of withdraw even when you play. I'll be playing the game on my current account, which is not new by any standards, but still lacks some champions, and out of nowhere I'll be thinking of this account and how I had all the champions unlocked and many skins for them. IMO 14 day bans are not enough of a warning, being only 14 days I personally never took them seriously, and to go from 14 days to permanent is a shock. Stay strong. I know you can do it. It took me more than 2 years. Hopefully it doesn't take you that long. But if you can stick to that 90 day personally enforced break I think you can do it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ı Sona ı,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=t3fVwTbJ,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-14T02:06:55.994+0000) > > Sure, and some other players have said that to. "Ok, i'ma chill, I don't need to flame, i'ma chill" > > But then they don't and their accounts are permabanned and they come back to board begging to be unbanned. > > Don't be that guy. > > {{sticker:sona-playing}} I don't want to be. I am not in a good positive headspace to be playing League right now. I don't want to be part of the problem. So I'm going to work on it.
I have two banned accounts from 2.5+ years ago. My suggestion would be to play on a throwaway account until you know that you can trust yourself. That'll also give your main acc some time to get under the radar so to speak. Permabans are permanent, as every support ticket I open keeps reminding me. I may just quit the game here soon. I'm reformed, but every few weeks I keep thinking back to my first account and how much money I spent and how I had just unlocked every champion in the game when it got banned. Every time I think about it I just get all sad and moody. :/ I hope you don't get banned bro. Nobody deserves that shit.
dnsup (NA)
: IMO, this game isn't a healthy thing for many people in your situation. It encourages a lot of people to return again and again to experiences that are, by their own admission, negative. It does this by a variety of means, many of them based on *withholding satisfaction* in a special way. It's probably not what you want to hear, but that *would be* part of the problem if you were one of those people.
Yes, well. It was negative until it wasn't.
: >People who are new to the game do need to be told that these behaviors aren't acceptable I think this is directed more towards low-level toxicity. Things like insulting your teammates. Chat restrictions are a slap on the wrist, and I feel like they do a pretty good job of saying "this isn't acceptable."
What about the new player who isn't toxic? They see a lot of toxicity in their games and it becomes the norm, so they start talking the same way. In my experience of creating smurf accounts before I was reformed, accounts generally aren't punished until they reach level 30. By that time habits are formed and chat restrictions don't do enough to actually change the behavior.
: pbe sucking fuck now. developers just dont care. Riot just dont care. this game dead soon
Been going downhill ever since they removed dominion. Maybe even before.
: The TOS stops you from suing them xd
: Acting out based on maturity at the time is no excuse. What you should have done is to identify what you did wrong and accept it from the first ban. I know you had stated that you were 13, I get it you were a kid, but punishment is all about you learning from your mistakes. Consider it a life lesson, now that you are sharing your story, I have reason to believe you have done so. If you cannot get play a game of league without flaming your teammates /mute all, It'll save you from being tilted.
I seem to be a magnet for expensive life lessons. This ban was a $500+ life lesson. Around a year ago I had a $1,000 life lesson in the stock market. I had a stock that went up around 300% in one day, my account was up by almost $10,000, but then it crashed and I lost $1,000 overall (It had apparently split, but everyone was working on misinformation). The life lesson there? If something like that happens again, sell around half of it so that if it does crash, you'll still come out on top.
Aladoron (EUW)
: > They aren't the same, as one involves or references suicide, which isn't ok. The whole game involves references to horrible things. Even one of the announcers said: "Deserters will be shot!" when somebody left the game. > So if you aren't intended it on some level, why say kys? It's because whoever decided to say it intended it to be more offensive than "I hate you" or "go fuck yourself." And actually "kys" is easier to type than "fck yourself", since both mean the same (at least for me), and both are the same "harsh" for me. If I ever want to write one, I would write the shorter, the "kys". So for me "kys" is not more offensive than "go fuck yourself". The reference to suicide would be a totally valid point in a game, where you have to pet sheeps. Where the lore is a zoo, where all the animals are vegan, and not caged, and play with people. But I can respect your opinion, I honestly do not understand it, since in my culture, my usage of words, these are totally the same. Maybe just i'm a horrible person, who knows :D But for me it is trivial that "kys" does NOT encourage self harm. OFC, if you give specific tips, how to do it, that is another case. But you have to be totally incredibly straight forward to convince me, that you want my death, and you are not only bantering me.
I agree with this guy. You are right, both are equally toxic. If anything "Go fuck yourself" is more toxic because if I took the time to type that out, it meant I was actually pissed. This is coming from me, the guy posting with a perm banned account.
: i would riot to crack down on actualy punishing inting please....
So say we all. Unfortunately it's harder to punish inting as it would require someone sitting down and actually watching the game from RIOT, while chat logs can be read in a minute or less. In this way whatever is easiest to punish becomes punished the most. I understand it but I don't have to be happy about it.
Kei143 (NA)
: I agree that education on the behavioral system is important, but I don't think an ingame tutorial would work. Most the the behavioral education does not require one to be controlling a champion to understand. An ingame tutorial wouldn't teach anything specific about ingame behavior, and it would be super boring to play that tutorial. An in-client education system would be better, as it can show things like formulas, reporting screen, reform card and anything else related to behavior.
Yeah, that's what I meant by in-game. I was imagining it as in-client when I said that. That phrasing works better, though, so I'll edit my post. Thanks.
: And the circlejerk continues
Wanna join? We're playing soggy biscuit.
: Griefing is the Powder Keg Exploding, but Flaming is the Spark that ignites it.
: No, I disagree even with this. If you want to dick around, go to blinds, customs or ARAM Do not go into a draft game "just cuz". Draft is the only place you can somewhat emulate rank practice. If we as a community don't hold up a certain standard of "pls try hard here and here" this game will just keep bleeding out players
Just because you are trying doesn't mean you can't enjoy the game.
SyraKen (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jojobees,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=APcXLmjW,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-01-10T22:31:04.550+0000) > > You're pretty active in the player behavior forum, but this is the first comment you've posted that I actually agree with. @OP Trolls/afks are usually the target of toxicity, not the other way around. Also, can we get a 1 year ban on OP for openly admitting to griefing? ? Not sure what you're saying to OP, they said that players who troll/afk are the ones getting flamed/being toxic'd at... Also here does OP say they have griefed? Are you thread trolling?
OP is saying that players who troll/afk are doing so because they were getting flamed. I am saying that they are getting flamed because they are trolling/afking. > How many times were you the one who got flamed and so you started griefing or afking? OP is implying that it is common practice and acceptable to grief or afk when you are the target of toxicity. When you grief/afk you're effecting 9 other players. This is not ok, whether or not you were being flamed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jojobees,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=APcXLmjW,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-01-10T22:31:04.550+0000) > > @OP Trolls/afks are usually the target of toxicity, not the other way around. Also, can we get a 1 year ban on OP for openly admitting to griefing? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Did you even read?
> How many times were you the one who got flamed and so you started griefing or afking? OP is implying that it's common practice and acceptable to grief or afk when you are the target of toxicity. I'm stating that typically, when someone is afking/griefing it's not the effect of toxicity, but rather either the cause. Though in some cases both players go into the match with the intent of causing harm.
: > [{quoted}](name=ı Sona ı,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=APcXLmjW,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-10T21:21:32.235+0000) > > How many times have you seen one player flame another and then they afk or start griefing? Like 5% of the time? > How many times have you been the player who flamed someone else for an unfortunate gank or they got caught out, and then they afked or started running it down lane? Like 2% of the time? > How many times were you the one who got flamed and so you started griefing or afking? 0% of the time lmao. > We can't control others but we can control ourselves. If you want less griefers and trolls then stop setting them off. Their mentality is what "sets them off". And that is their problem. > I know that isn't fair to you and you shouldn't have to put more effort into being mature than them, but you have no real other option. Being more mature than them is not going to do anything. If they want to troll or grief, they will do it. > You win by adjusting your strategy to win. Why is that relevant to your argument?
You're pretty active in the player behavior forum, but this is the first comment you've posted that I actually agree with. @OP Trolls/afks are usually the target of toxicity, not the other way around. Also, can we get a 1 year ban on OP for openly admitting to griefing?
: Did you have any symptoms of {{champion:157}} bacterias growing on your body?
: LOL Yeah, that type of dialogue happens from not just Rioters as if the long post about this or that is about making an exuse. For years after I first began the game, the problem with toxicity was barely affecting or even witnessed by me. I'unno when but toxicity became the norm and now on new, low level accounts I'm seeing the most spite I've ever seen before.
Agreed. I really hope that my post isn't taken the wrong way if a Rioter sees it. And I also notice this, if I make a new account to play with my low-level friends on, anytime I am in a smurf game I will see to many other smurfs raging at the newer players because they don't understand something like not turret diving at level 1. I think that my idea of a player behavior tutorial might help these newer players from getting turned off of the game after just the first few games.
: I honestly think Riot isn't doing enough in banning toxic people. If perma ban taught you a lesson and made u reformed, I can see this could've happen on others as well. Therefore, if riot putting more effort into defining the guidelines of toxicity and its tolerance, I'm sure the community would have a lot less toxic players. However, it is also Riot's doing and strategy to allow these behavior, therefore players are becoming more emotional attached and eventually grow into addiction. In conclusion, riot will never put work into the banning system, and good individuals like you are the only few that miraculously exist, most toxic players will get away without any repercussions.
I agree with some of what you said, but let me just say this. I'm not a "good individual" and what I went through is not unique. The simple fact is that players need time to change their ways. As I said in my story, I have two banned accounts. It took me more than two years to actually make the changes that I needed to make. I believe that I am in the majority of banned players, and if RIOT replaced permanent bans for toxicity with 1 year bans they would see a benefit in the community from doing so. I also think the reason why the level 20 project failed, and why the newest unban test in August 2018 is doomed to fail, is because many players who are permanently banned just need more time to reform. No matter how heartfelt your apology is in your support ticket, nobody changes overnight.
: LOL you said "One ban means as many as 9" instead of "one report"
Oops lol. Didn't even notice that, thank you.
: rofl yeah, it's not an excuse but the system is insanely broken. It punishes ignorance--and I'm not talking generic "Oh I didn't know" but actual "But your rules don't say it" ignorance. Not only that, but the system itself seems...archaic? Current crime and punishment systems, the ones that actually work and benefit society, involve not just criminal punishment but crime deterrance. That means, they look at why crimes happen and instead of simply trying to get criminals they just get rid of reasons that crime occurs in the first place, which Riot has not done yet. Toxicity in this game doesn't just happen because of bad people; it happens because of various logical reasons that almost every player has experienced and still does. If Riot would openly discuss with players and address the reasons why toxicity occurs, they'd greatly improve the community's health.
100% agree. I think you might also like the player behavior tutorial idea that I also posted above. Different games have different codes of conduct, League itself has a different punishment ladder than it did in 2011 when I started playing. I didn't even see the summoners code until years after creating my account, and even then it's so vague I think it could do with an upgrade. (Again, not an excuse. IDK why but I feel like if I don't keep saying this a rioter will come along and say "Stop making excuses, you were toxic, you got banned." And that's not my point at all.)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jojobees,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BU2nPpJA,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2019-01-10T19:47:30.287+0000) > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Love the song. It's the Final Fantasy 10 "Listen to my story. This may be our last chance." song lmao so I kinda found it fitting.
Aladoron (EUW)
: Okay, so you think "kys" means "kill yourself!" as a command, right? What does "fuck yourself" mean, in your dictionary? When "fck yourself" is told to someone, does that mean the flamer wants the "victim" to have sexual interaction with himself? The point is, these words lose their meaning and get new ones. Just like "fkc yourself" is not a command, to have coitus with yourself. The same way "kys" does not mean "kill yourself". And literally everyone knows this. That's why informing people that "kys" is a ZT word should be important, because "kys" does not encourage self harm anymore. It lost that meaning long ago, and people do not know that Rito does not know this.
I agree. Words lose their meaning online, and to many people kys becomes more of a meme or a joke than a genuine command. Different games have different standards of conduct, and they should be more readily available to new players than the summoners code.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: A question about some duo bot premades in blind pick.
I'm a support main, and in normal game modes I lean towards ADC, so I can relate. IMO it's good sportsmanship to give the lane away to the duo, as they likely queued up with the specific intent of working on their synergy. It makes me really happy when someone else gives up a role so I can play the lane I want, so when I don't care as much, I try to oblige the duo.
: Whenever people bring up that fact I'm a woman in game I 100% of the time see that my report resulted in a ban. People should become better and stop being toxically masculine if they want the game to improve.
What changes would you make to the system in order to bring about this change in behavior?
: I don't think anyone needs to be told that those behaviors aren't acceptable. If you know what those words mean, chances are good you already know they aren't acceptable.
And, more than that. People who are new to the game *do* need to be told that these behaviors aren't acceptable, as many *other* games have more lax policies towards toxicity than League does, while some might be stricter. Something that would not be punished in one game, could be punished in another. So while in a perfect world everyone would be nice to each other, this simply isn't the case. People do need to be taught how to respond to players who are being rude.
: I don't think anyone needs to be told that those behaviors aren't acceptable. If you know what those words mean, chances are good you already know they aren't acceptable.
It's not "This is what's acceptable, and this is what isn't." It's more like, "this is the specific steps that will happen for each behavior". Not only that, but the tutorial I have in mind would teach healthy ways to deal with other players who are being toxic, like using the mute button, instead of responding in kind with more toxicity.
Aladoron (EUW)
: A tutorial showing how to mute people would be really helpful! That way a lot of people would not suffer the unfathomable pain of getting flamed by a total stranger on the internet. We see too many post complaining about flamers, when we have all the solution, pressing the mute button! I think looking at the PB Boards, this is the most important function of the game!
Yeah, a lot of new players are scared off or intimidated by smurf players yelling at them anytime they make a mistake. This should be part of the tutorial!
Rioter Comments
Karfuss (EUW)
: Honestly, I find it bizarre that people get so worked up to the point they'll start flaming others hard. I have my bouts of passive aggressiveness but even that isn't blatant. If I miss one "SS" ping and someone get upset, I'll just ping their warding totem. That one REALLY sets them off, you're calling them out for not warding with all the beauty of not saying it or engaging with them. My secret is to just stop caring. You know you did your best, and that's all you can do, so why should you care? I don't.
Not trying to make excuses here, but I think I can explain where it was coming from. As I mentioned I had dropped out a few months before my permaban. My only option (from my point of view at the time) was to go pro in League, so this put a lot of stress on my ranked games. When I got someone who was inting in my games I would get so furious... This was during a time when that was more common than it is now, too. So I would sometimes have 2 or 3 games in a row where I would lose due to someone losing on purpose. Something I would hear often then would be "You don't deserve to win, because you're toxic". And the fact that it was true made me even more furious. While not everyone is toxic for the same reason, I hope that helps you understand a bit about where these people are coming from.
: Man that song made all the difference lmao See, this is one of the major issues with the system--it fails to address the problems that already exist in the game which lead to toxicity in the first place. You look at professional players and streamers, they're always shouting and cursing and flaming. You look at in-game chat, people are always cursing and arguing and flaming. And this is what you see as someone getting into the game. Then you're punished. _What am I being punished for? This is what everyone is doing!_ So you don't change, because you didn't begin the game thinking that what you did was wrong; it's as normal to you as conversation. _Everybody else is doing it just fine, right?_ "But you shouldn't vent in-game. Do it out loud." -Riot "Talking with the people involved with your stress is many times more effective and mentally stabalizing than those that aren't." -Psychology Basically, it's the same problem with people report-signalling and asking the enemy team to report others too. They don't know any better, because everyone else is doing it. When I started the game, nobody anywhere said that multiple reports don't actually increase the likelihood of there being punishment. Nobody anywhere said that you shouldn't point out mistakes, no matter how respectful you are. Aside from those issues that aren't addressed anywhere via in-game tooltips or the Summoner's Code, there are many un-mentioned rules of the game that people get punished for, yet I feel that if those issues were directly mentioned then they probably wouldn't be issues. (Say, for example, if there was a report option for "Asking others to report someone" then people would stop doing it.) All in all, I can really relate with your message. If there was someone around when I first begin to tell me why certain actions would lead to punishment and certain other actions would lead to success, I probably wouldn't have a 6-year old account banned and a second banned half a year later.
Yeah. That was pretty much my experience as well. I'm not trying to excuse the toxic behavior, but when I first joined the game in 2011, there was way more toxicity, and way less bans. Punishment escalation would pretty much be an infinite series of longer and longer chat restrictions. Not sure exactly when that changed, but coming from a community of toxicity it becomes the norm very easily, and that's what makes it such a shock when you actually get permabanned. Report signalling, too. I saw that for the first time like 3 days ago on a post in this section. Before then I was convinced that 9x reports meant more than 1x report. Part of what I was punished for was calling for reports on other toxic players, or players who were inting. Now that I know 1x report is just as effective there would be no point for report calling. I feel like there should be a tutorial for new players coming in about the punishment system. Not just "read the summoners code" because that requires going to the website and finding it. I didn't even log in on the website until I had already been playing the game for several years. Make it the same format as the combat tutorials, and outline the code of conduct and what is/isn't okay, as well as how the report system works. Edit: Actually I think I could make a whole separate thread on how they could implement this kind of tutorial. I'm gonna do that, right now. Edit: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/X2KpcxHg-player-behavior-tutorial
: Wait gotta get the song playing before I read this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2QkKHmAJNs
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Love the song.
: i fully agree with you, banning system is beyond flawed in league, i will be leaving the game for good, i have noticed they like to ban accounts for fuck all and there is no reimbursement for the money you have spent with them for a product which you cannot use after the ban, its beyond a joke, but i for one will not be robbed by Riot see you in court riot
Lmao if you actually try that court session would last about 2 seconds. RIOT's lawyers would be like "And here's the part of our TOS they agreed to" and the judge would be like "Yep, nothing we can do for you buddy, time to go home." If you did actually get banned for nothing then feel free to post your chat logs though. My ban at the time was more than deserved, and I'd be too embarrassed to post the chat logs, because I really was toxic. The banning system is a bit flawed, but only because their resources are limited to catching toxicity more than any other behavior. If you were banned for toxicity, you probably deserved it.
: Well, I got a lot of mix emotions about this topic in general, and I am never one in for favor for giving a second chance. So I am not going to go by emotions on this one. When Riot started doing this experiment, a lot of them failed. They just went back into the habit. Most players don't look to redeem themselves, because they honestly believe they're never in the wrong. They normally say they're in the wrong and tries to apologize just to get another chance. They're not here to improve their attitude, to them their attitude is irrelevant and they honestly believe they should be allowed to say whatever they please. That's why I personally always vote against it. However, as for you, you share your own personal story while acknowledging your wrongs. That alone is a good step. A very small small SMALL few handfuls of players actually try to redeem themselves from the past 10 years I've been playing. But not a lot of them have succeeded in doing so. So hope you do improve. Keep an eye out for the experiment. Also, keep submitting a ticket instead of posting on the board for another chance. The board doesn't really have the power to change anything on your ban. But I know you're just sharing your story. Good luck. I hope you are one of those few players who can redeem themselves and create a better gaming experience not just for yourself, but for everyone else you play with.
I'm very impressed with all the positive feedback I've been getting on this thread. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I do enjoy reading other opinions on the matter. As for people going back to their old habits, or saying whatever they think they should to get a second chance, I've been down that road. I just needed more time. Like I said in the story, this was my first of two accounts to get a permanent suspension. I submitted a ticket a few days after the ban doing just that... Saying what I thought I should to get the account back. It took me almost three years to actually make a change. I appreciate your optimism on support tickets, but I've submitted around 8, and found that most, if not all, support agents have a copy-pasted message that they just post to anyone with a ban appeal ticket. Anytime I get the same support agent in more than one ticket I find that to be the case. The support system is a bit broken. And on the last point, I already am! I have an account between level 60-70 that I currently play on, and it hasn't had a single warning. Although I don't have as much time to play anymore with my IRL responsibilities, I still make time to play this game. I just enjoy the game. Unfortunately, I didn't have a Reddit account in August of last year, so I didn't see the newest unban trial, but I will keep my eyes out. So I'm hoping against hope that this time it's successful and they allow some other players to participate. Again, thank you for the feedback!
KnifeCat (OCE)
: Sylas might be the biggest balance nightmare in the history of League
Riot development team been smoking that good shit again. They just made a champion with 143 possible ultimate abilities. GOOD LUCK BALANCING THAT SHIT. I know that this is said with every champion release, but Sylas will never be balanced. There's just no possible way to balance a champion with 143 ultimate abilities. Not to mention, with every new champion released, they'll have to ask themselves how Sylas players will abuse their ultimate. Not to mention, when he uses Shyvana ultimate he gets her ultimate form abilities, same with all the other shape shifters... I don't even want to do the math there, but I think it'd be safe to say that Sylas has a few more abilities than any other champion.
Stratixx (NA)
: Petition to bring all Rotating Game Modes to custom!
It's not going to happen. Just like Dominion is never coming back. RIOT doesn't give a shit what players think, it's their game and they'll always do what they want with it.
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/7GAyQVIA-riot-it-was-banter?comment=0008 That is the only example I have that is related to being punished while talking with only friends. Does this clear things up?
That's what I thought you meant. Though, without the context I would have never guessed it. I don't know if I'm just tired rn or what but I just couldn't get any meaning out of what you had said.
: There may be exceptions to what's punishable if you're just chatting with *only* friends. If you were in a 5-man premade, that would make a difference. Although, you could still receive punishment if your friends still report you.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: lol your post reads like a Tarantino script.
: I'm referring to if you are playing with other groups, not playing in a group of friends. It may be different if you are in a pre-made, but your punishable chat should only be with friends, and only spoken with those friends.
Sorry, I'm a little lost here. Did you just say that the only chat you should be punished with is between you and your friends? Because that's what I'm reading and it doesn't seem right.
: It's true. I always surprise my toxic teammates with positivity, even if the game is unwinnable. They just aren't as hostile when you're nice to them. If someone is 0/4 to a Riven, I just say, "Hmm... tough matchup. Keep trying tho! Don't give up!"
Yes! This! I have also found that there are certain things you can say to someone who is toxic to just shut them down. Things like "You're right, sorry!" are just so unexpected I guess that it shocks them into silence xD
: Premades and groups of reports do not increase the likelihood of you being punished. 1 report has the same effect as 9 reports; both trigger a review of your chat. You were banned for what you had said. If you feel it was inappropriate to have banned you, I'd recommend opening a support ticket or sharing your logs in your own discussion.
This is actually a good idea if it was with a premade. I think I remember seeing an option like "I was with a premade and this is how we talk to each other" on the tickets I opened. Unfortunately most support agents just have a copy-pasted message that they send to every banned player who submits a ticket. I know this because I have submitted 8-10 tickets in the last three years appealing for an unban and anytime I get the same support agent they say the exact same thing.
: Why did you type your title like you were writing an article for huffpost LOL
Interesting thing to notice. I used to run a blog for a local business, I guess some habits die hard.
: That's badass man! Congrats! I've never had a big issue with toxicity but it's cool to see people turning things around. The "losing skill due to inactivity" resonates hard with me, I feel like I can never get better at this game due to frequent breaks due to work - glad you're enjoying what's keeping you away though!
Thanks :) I do enjoy it. Flying is super cool, and it's one of those things I never thought about doing because I never thought of it as a job, you know? And yeah, anytime I have to leave the game for even a month I'll come back to a whole slew of new things, it's a bit much to keep up with. But I do feel that there are some things you get better at when you have the time to take a break and get a new perspective on the game.
ZeroBlink (EUW)
: In my anecdotal experience , I only get someone hard raging every 10 or so games , resolved in 1 click,mute. I do however get people trolling and I mean HARD trolling ,where you tell your teammate what to do in chat , they read it and ingnore your "kind" advise , because they don't care , they just play ranked "for fun". For example They roam enemy jungle where they literally have no business at that point in time , no vision and no support. They get mad that you who care about the game and warned them, were in fact right. So they troll harder... god forbid you're a support telling someone what to do If you're playing with players of relatively similiar skill and you get a person like that in your team, the game FEELS like it's out of your hands... I'm not saying it is lost, I have the never surrender mentality carried over from starcraft2 , but it feels bad. I bet that 99% of your rage was from 1 fact alone, things being out of your hands. Personally if someone reacts to my actions negatively and I agree with him or her partially I actually perform better. I know that about myself. I'm glad that at least you understand that not all is black and white. TL;DR ; Anecdotally criticism does me better than positive affirmation.
Yeah, I agree about the trolls. And that particularly annoys me, because it's so much easier for RIOT to punish toxicity than it is for them to punish trolls, but when I'm in a ranked match and I see someone who is toxic, all I have to do is mute them. If I see someone inting, it ruins the game nine times out of ten.
ZeroBlink (EUW)
: Let's get something straight. You're playing a highly competitive split second decision team game , with intense focus for 10-30minutes a game and a ranked system. and your(the community's) problem is "toxicity??". Can anyone see the paradox here no? Plz stop propagating the idea that this game can Exist without someone going off at one point or other. DO , use the mute function , it's 1 click , much easier than making the "toxicity" an issue , it is not.There's more negativity generated talking about toxicity than when you get flamed in game.THIS GAME is by design nerve racking. Ultimately YOU fight to KILL other players , do you understand love? Having said that if you're going to be toxic be toxic to yourself foremost. Also I disagree with the notion that "having fun mentality" is better it's just an anecdotal experience that works for you, it ruins 90% of my games , because people just don't want to try. I play aram if I want to have "fun".
I used to have the same opinion. But the reality is, if it's not fun, the only reason to play would be for money. And I definitely wasn't getting paid. This is why I quit playing for months at a time, until finally coming back with my current mindset. I will say that while my attitude towards the game is to have fun, that certainly doesn't mean I don't try. The game is more fun when you're winning, after all. I still play ranked, and I am hoping to get back up to plat this season and get that shiny border. So, it's certainly possible to have fun while still having a tense game and trying your hardest to win. While I agree that at one point or another I likely will get frustrated with the game again and "Go off", my account was not banned for going off once or twice. My account was banned because I was consistently negative across most of my games. Thank you for reading my post and for your feedback.
: So are you a pilot now??
Yes! I have my private and instrument pilot's license. I recently passed the Commercial Written with a 90%, and I'm about 2/3rds of the way through to my commercial license. I'm excited for my future for the first time in a long time. I don't want to blame my toxicity on my IRL events, but they definitely didn't help at the time. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it!
Raistlin (EUNE)
: OMFG This :D This made me laugh so hard im wiping tears right now {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I knew what you were about to show as soon as i saw AHK on the comment xD Very funny, but even though in some cases this can work, most of the time communication is essential for that game-winning element, grouping, lane rotation, jungling, ganking etc :) Very nice and funny idea tho, kudos.
Most of this can be communicated with in-game pings. Though, not all of it (grouping and lane rotation). My opinion in the matter is it's better to not talk at all than to communicate and be toxic. If you can communicate these things without being toxic, than this obviously isn't for you. I personally don't use it anymore as I haven't felt the "urge" in a very long time. But if it helps someone avoid a perm ban while they are working on reforming I say do it.
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