: Greed Much Riot?
How much did you pay to play LoL?
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: Teamfight Tactics 50 Minute Queues
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AdanYEva (NA)
: C9 Sneaky is the WORST AD in the HISTORY of eSPORTS
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: Updated Client Switchover: Out with the Old, In with the New
I tried out the client on the latest patch,i guess i won't be able to play after the 24,how very unfortunate
: Who does party Warwick vote for?
: Blood Moon Skins [Splash + Models]
This TF skin makes him look like Reapers gay cousin
: @Riot, for the sake of throwing ideas out in the blue for Hextech Crafting
The rarity and exclusivity of those skins seems fair to me
Joes (NA)
: When is warring kingdoms azir coming? I want a date please.
January 28 is the Chinese new year so probably around then
Cloud273 (NA)
: Support Sion is OP?
Infinatly Stacking Hp
: Your friend as in you.
: They need to submit a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Have them refer to the following articles; https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751694-Recovering-Your-Account https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751664-Protecting-Your-Account
Thank you Nami thats what i told them to do i just wanted to know if they had any hope if the got permabaned from this of getting their stuff back because they are very upset
It is balanced because you do not know what the point of an execute is
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Verdade (EUNE)
: Current state of support items
{{item:3107}} how is this a tank item? because it gives health?
: How can i get a skin for my poros?
Certain player icons will cause the poros to be decorated like the star guardian poro icon or the battlecast poro icon
: I just want a good /dance XD
Hey! i like the Beauty and the Beast dance although with that skin it would be cool to have like a spectral woman dance with him
LadyCat (NA)
: So Graves can't have his cigar, but Bard can have this?
You sir or madam have obviously never seen a penis
: Support players are so fucking stupid asf
: Uhh yea, because for Overwatch, I'm GUARANTEED to grab free stuff for each passing level, as in skins/icons/coins.
So you pick your games based on the amount of free stuff you get?
: Because there WILL be games where you sacrificed your 45 minutes of free time in helping your teammates to win, and to not get anything from that such as a simple key fragment, it just puts you down. > btw doesn't it drop keys in coop too Err I don't think so, or else, I could have just ditched Normals for this.
to be fair i get to many of the damn things i have no boxes
: When you won 3 games in a row with each lasting more than 45 minutes....
wait. ,so your getting mad that a system designed to give you free stuff is not giving you free stuff at the rate you would like AND because of this you are saying you will stick to overwatch because of this?
Jessemyn (NA)
: Skin Trading System
I would rather not have trading in LoL i still have flashbacks to what that shit did to TF2
: Yorick. Discuss
Its fine that he has a low pick rate he is and i believe will always be a niche champion and this update modernized it.
: Do you actually play this game?
that is not relevant i asked if you can you cite the 90% statistic with hard data.
: Being unable to mute pings is no longer acceptable for 1 simple reason:
> [{quoted}](name=DunkinNoobs,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=amVBjtAy,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-25T20:16:20.134+0000) > > The mia ping has become nothing more than a tool people use to shame and harass their teammates. Easily 90% of the time the ? ping is now used, it is to call out a teammate for a perceived mistake or draw negative attention to that player. Do you have a citation on this 90%?
Driveskull (EUNE)
: Nidalee and pussycats
That is cute as fuck
: Meddler is there a mention about the 4-5 man bot lane ganks that should be stopped.
I think this is more of a personal problem than a game play problem
: Play a song to describe how you act late game...
{{champion:54}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tJYN-eG1zk
: Why is League getting less fun every day?
Rozair (NA)
: stop forcing people to support who suck at it
Only if people will stop queuing for mid who suck at it
Forfang v2 (EUNE)
: Redemption Needs To Be Addressed
Leo1024 (NA)
: People Are Just Looking For Things To Complain About At This Point
But now you are complaining about people complaining
: 'Member when League players weren't entirely toxic?
idk where you have been but the game has always had a toxic playerbase
: > [{quoted}](name=Jon1174,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=E6i27wJ6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-12-18T20:10:33.201+0000) > > neither does the word Legend That isnt the point. Its the fact that they literally copy pasted everything from league and changed the color
Skeleton pirate..not in lol elf with a rocket hammer,nope cowboy with dual revolvers,not there and lets be honest LoL is not innocent of copying either
: Ty for putting in normals
: Can i ask you guys at riot a question?
Question,what does Riot have to do with the players
: MOBAS dont have copyrights
neither does the word Legend
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: How is this even legal?
Whats wrong with it?
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ahah yes (EUNE)
: Well I actually play a lot of yasuo and I really think he's kinda too strong and unfair to play against, I was just super hyped about the fact that Riot stated about something with Yasuo getting reworked so I just used my imagination, I don;t think I fit in neither of those cateogries but lmao I didn't think this would be a shi tty af post so I'm considering to remove it {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}}
What you may want to do is a more general post,something like "post your ideas for a yasuo rework" and get a discussion flowing
ahah yes (EUNE)
: Yasuo's rework maybe?
heres the issue when a single person is coming up with a kit or rework for a champ their are usually on one of two sides 1.The guy getting his ass kicked and wants to make the champion mediocre or 2. the mains of that champion who will just buff him more both are biased as for this i think your overloading an already overloaded kit to the point he would unplayable (which seems to be the target)
: Offtopic x9000
pin cushion
: i mean... ritos excuse for not keeping them in a good spot are because they're toxic to face and create a very unfun experience to the person on the receiving end similar to priest
: wat i actually feel the situations are very similar do you play hearthstone by chance D: ?
i do,in fact i have a max level Warrior (with Magni) and played in the beta but i still find your statements flawed 1.Balancing a card game with 9 classes is a WHOLE lot different than a MOBA with 134 champions 2.Its not the champions that are bad,Vlad can still absolutely rekt your day up but in the fact remains that sustain champs just cannot hard carry games,they were never meant to,so your forced to rely on teamates more than say a Malzahar or an Azir would
: @rito blizzard is allowing priest to be good in hearthstone
: Best Support for Ezreal?
{{champion:12}} when i have an ezreal i like to go with the alistar pick why you ask well here are my big 3 reason 1. Tanky: a good offset to the squishy ezreal,hard to kill and gives you options to great shield items like {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} 2. Heals and Peels: with his rework you have access to a pretty strong (albeit conditional) heal that can grant sustain for the more aggressive style a lot of ezreal players like to go with and your ability to send foes flying with your headbutt and your ult to help body block nasty skill shots is really helpfull and lastly 3. CC out the ass: Throwback,stun,knock-up with these you can not only keep the ezreal safe but you can also set up his abilities since there all skillshots, this allows him to do more damage efficently
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