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: Impossible to launch new game after losing a TFT game
ive had this stupid bug since TFT was released. my friends dont even want to play with me anymore because if we lose early its 20-30mins of afk till we can que again. there are so many people with this issue and they havnt even acknowledged that this is going on. Ive made tickets about it and they have yet to resolve it. They say its something to do with the server not being told ive left. likely due to firewall / anti virus programs. my firewall has been off forever and i have 0 anti virus programs besides windows defender which is also disabled. plain and simple they dont give a shit
Helmath (EUW)
: I had this bug all 9.19 long, then it all worked fine during 9.20, but guess what, 9.21 => it bugs again. Tried everything, restore, reinstalled in a different folder, surrend, leave, watch and leave. Nothing work. But hey, I guess I can actualy play during .22 !
ive had this same issue since TFT was released. none of my friends even will play tft with me anymore because if we lose early its a matter of 20-30 mins of afk till we can reque. Ive made tickets about this and they are just stupid and say its firewall or anti virus related and i have neither firewall on or any type of anti virus besides window defender which i also have disabled. this is so annoying it makes me want to walk away from league period.


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