: @Riot: When are you planning to have John De Lancie voice a Champion?
: That which was broken, must be reforged. But is Riven who was broken? Or the ideals she thought she served?
i hate that riven cant be ionian atm, its like we dont have the technology to bring her back to noxus in the future after another retelling of her story going back to noxus. This also pisses me off, annie cannot have her noxus affiliation/faction despite living in noxus but not associated with the noxian agenda while the jungle pips has the shurima affiliation even though they are not associated with the shurima empire/capital. So how do you pick champs in a faction? if the champ resides or born there or if a champ has heavy ties there or both? Why not make the jungles a faction already ( i even need the name of the jungles because its my fave faction and now i know that kumungu is just a province, it will not be the name of the jungle) neeko was a great opportunity to release it. For you what makes a faction?
EdgeLady (NA)
: It could be intentional, since Valoran people trade in Shurima, but then it should be mortals of the world in general.
that seems better than generalizing it to valoran only.
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Zyranium (EUW)
: Something's off with the new Zyra bio
the only problem about zyra for me is her in-game/short bio from the client > Born in an ancient, sorcerous catastrophe, Zyra is the wrath of nature given form—an alluring hybrid of plant and human, kindling new life with every step. She views the many mortals of **Valoran** as little more than prey for her seeded progeny, and thinks nothing of slaying them with flurries of deadly spines. Though her true purpose has not been revealed, Zyra wanders the world, indulging her most primal urges to colonize, and strangle all other life from it. it should be shurima/kumungu jungles/jungles
: Should Kumungu Have Gotten Some More Art ???
this is also my sentiment and neeko's release was the perfect time to introduce kumungu as a faction. It also has the potential to withstand by itself based on the stories given to its surrounding and for me i don't care if it also has 4 people in it, I just want to know more about its like culture, natives, etc. same goes as icathia, i don't care if it doesn't have any pips but there many poeple who are affliated to icathia and it having a culture, etc. which makes it an interesting faction. Let's petition to make Kumungu a real faction or have its own faction page. Specially that I don't like the jungle champs be affiliated to shurima because that faction only talks about the shurima empire not the continent.
: Did we just learn what the "Kumungu Affair" was?
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: It'll probably be its own faction. Shurima's outline specifically excluding the eastern jungle on the Runeterra map heavily suggests it: https://puu.sh/CaK5R.png The champions from there are different enough from classic Shurimans that it would be weird to just call them Shuriman.
totally agree, the only thing that bothers me is that in the universe page, nida, zyra and rengo's factions are now shurima.
: They can do many things with the jungle. They can create its own culture ways of stuff and tribes living there magic etc. What I don't want to see is just "Nida is from there and the jungle is scary bye "
yah, so i hope its not like that. The jungles has a lot of potential. Its that other known factions has a head start already making the jungles a new comer and has a low population of champions.
: Pretty sure not the whole Shurima as a faction is a desert. A part of the eastern Shurima has some forest territories and the Southern coast of Shurima does too. Also the oasises and cities built around them, and recently the big asf river thanks to Azir which is also has terrain for agriculture and settlements. Shurima is not all desert or its population would be low asf (which it isnt because of the reasons already lised, as most of the population is in cities and settlements and the rest are either tribes, mercenaries or raiders, and the tribes have adapted to living in the desert).
> eastern Shurima has some forest territories But that's kumungu XD > Southern coast of Shurima No,the nature there was drained until maybe today by the void. Causing it to be dry and has a salt like competent + void carcass. and I was just kidding when i said shurima affiliated people lives in the sand hence they live/their territory is in the desert. All Shurima people are Shuriman continent people but not all shuriman continent people are shurima people because if i said shuriman continent people, Targonians and kumunguans are also also classified as one. I hope riot make a name/releases the name of the shuriman continent because it creates confusion like the north continent=valoran and ionia=ionia(like asutralia)
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: Got Lunar Eclipse Leona for FREE from a Reroll !
i think there is a bug, i also rerolled in my orig acc last 3 weeks ago and got the new Halloween ekko skin and last 2 weeks i rerolled again and got the pajama soraka skin. theres is also a video where someone rerolled all her skin shards got the whole k/da set, even prestige kaisa.
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: /dev diary: League Comics and Marvel - Nexus
the only thing that i hate is the 6 month interval time.
Tataro (NA)
: Profile Backgrounds for Nunu & Willump
i hope so! and why does nunu eyes in some thumbnail black?
: A little discussion on Mordekaiser's colour scheme
how about the second one but with teal auras/smokes like thw one in karthus' hands :) can you please try it. https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Karthus_0.jpg
Atgo (EUW)
: While I'm not sure when the Great Void War took place, or even if it still exist in the lore, I want to note that there was another war against the Void, which took place in the Howllyng Abbys, it wasnt really explained and most people seems to ignore it's existence: > The Bridge of the Lost. > > From a distance, it looked almost as though it had been overrun by some kind of voracious black weed, or thornbush. The notion was absurd, of course, for no life could flourish at this depth, such was the cold that almost seemed to radiate up from below. > > No, this growth was nothing as mundane as plant life. It was the very antithesis of life. A knot of unease had settled in Sigvar’s gut, and he swallowed, feeling his gorge rising. He had heard the legends and the fireside stories from lodge members who had made this descent, but even so, it was unnerving. > > ... > > Having dropped his excess load, Sigvar walked into the center of the bridge, gazing around him in horrified wonder. The wind was not as fierce here, hissing through the strange, stony formations that grew like a twisting lattice around the structure of the bridge. > > He found it hard to fathom what he saw, though just gazing upon it made him feel sick. > > Giant arcs of what looked like volcanic rock encased the bridge, as if bursts of lava had leapt along and around the length of the bridge before hardening suddenly, in mid-air. > > He knew the history of this bridge, of course. That which was trapped below had tried to escape its imprisonment long ago, long after the time of the Three. > > Here, Frostguard had fought that darkness, and here they had died. And with each death, the power of What-Dwells-Below grew. It consumed the bodies of the fallen, absorbing and repurposing them to fuel more explosive growth. Such was its nature. It might lie dormant for thousands of years, inert and seemingly lifeless, only for a single drop of blood to rouse it in sudden, shocking violence. > > What Sigvar was looking at, those strange, nausea-inducing looping arcs and conglomerations of misshapen detritus were the growth paths of What-Dwells-Below, as it had leapt from Frostguard to Frostguard, claiming them. > > And from the matter it consumed, things had been born. That's the bridge by the way https://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=https%3A%2F%2Funiverse-meeps.leagueoflegends.com%2Fv1%2Fassets%2Fimages%2Fbridge-abyss-new.jpg&resize=2000: From all the bridges in Howllyng Abbys, the Bridge of the Lost is the closest to the bottom, where the Watchers are sealed and the Ice around and below this brige alredy was turned into Dark ice. Edit: There is also the possibility that the Great Void War happened in another continent.
> There is also the possibility that the Great Void War happened in another continent. This^
: Day 150 of unreleased Karthus emote! Give it up for Day 150!
Please riot release it now. Does it hurt you releasing it? Would you go bankrupt because of releasing it? Even me at first just ignores this issue but this is becoming very triggering specially to the ones that would buy the emote or the mains. This emote brings badluck to china? well dont release it there then. Problem solved.
: Will Nidalee get updated lore now?
yes please! i dont want jungle pips to be on the same faction as shurima affiliated pips even though theyre in the shuriman continent.
: No we didn't, the "avatar of war" space was being crowded out by two other "gods of war" that weren't doing a good job fulfilling that outside of their lore either {{champion:80}} and {{champion:106}} Thankfully now that Aatrox is actually an interesting character and not just an interesting concept that isn't 100% executed on these two other chapions can fill that space that he always intended to fill. They are both on the High priority VGU list so it's forseeable in the next year one or both will egt updated to suit the avaatar of war role
my senses are tingling that pantheon is up next with morde next year :)
Zyranium (EUW)
: Hope {{champion:143}} gets a lore update and hope that her being listed as "shuriman" is only temporary, it would be a huge missed opportunity to ignore the jungles.
I very much agree to this.
Reav3 (NA)
: Out of those 3 Pantheon is the most likely
oh may ghad Pantheon!!!! the holy trinity will be updated once more {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:36}} lol. Yow reav3! nows that next year is fastly approaching, can we expect the road map to be very early next year like maybe early january? (fingers cross, I expect the next new champ to be revealed and be live in January considering the development of this champ is very much done now i believe, cause the development of this squad5 champ is like last year based on spideraxe's upcoming new champ/VGU list for 2018 last year). Lastly, with the 50/50 spilt, does this mean we will only get 5 new champs and 5 VGU's next year? or 50/50 as to ratio like we could get 4/4 or 6/6 new champs/vgus. PS: would you consider morg/kayle champs development as to one? because they were remade by only one team unlike xayah&rakan with 2 teams that created a drought in releases. Wish every month next year there will be a new content(champs/reworks) because new contents makes the game lively. Please no more drought months! PPSS: Does minor VGU's like ez or VGUs like aatrox affect the 50/50 split? or just only full VGUs? PLease make reveal pages and login themes for minor VGUs because that made ez rework incomplete for me huhu. Im collecting champ login themes and ez destroyed my hope for collecting all of it unless the animation department would make login themes for champions that doesn't have one like splash art updates. Sorry i cram all my questions here because i need answers from you(as always lol) reav3, my favorite rioter :) Advance thanks for the reply. Nevertheless, 2018 was one of your best years champ dept !! kudos to you!
: What Race is Neeko in the Real World
if you meants like accents in the real world, she seems like brazilian,mexican,spanish or other spanish/latin countries.
: A Calm Conversation on Other LGBT Champions (Please Hear Me Out Here)
the kayn one is a joke, reav3 confirmed it to me in one of my threads in the past and even him was unaware of that. DZK is now out of riot and he usually jokes like that and yeah he was the designer of kayn and taliyah too.
: I don't mind Neeko being lesbian
i have a lesbian friend that always says that im handsome but she is not into me, just a compliment so i think neeko is just complimenting ez.
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Meddler (NA)
: Loading Screen Update coming to PBE
yay! please make voice chat be available to all team mates your next project because its very helpful in solo queue. To lessen toxicity, dont enable all voice chat. Please reconsider this and there is still a mute button if someone is flaming you you know... Plus, will public chat see the light of the day again? and can the limit of having 3 clubs only be at least upgraded to 5? Lastly, wish there is random button in your wards,emotes,skins tab in the lobby (so that we can use diff set ups/themes/skins each play) :)
: Nidalee region changed to Shurima on Universe
actually they updated some too like gragas and gnar are now freljord which is appropriate rather than runetera and soraka is now being acknowledge as Mt.Targon in the universe page also. Same as Morg and Kayle, theyre now demacia in the universe page other than the map.
: When you hover over Shurima on the map though, It only highlights the desert.
shurima(the desert/desert region) =/= shuriman continent(which is also called shurima also) because the shurima/man continent also has Mt. Targon and the unnamed jungle region other than the shurima region/capital.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: No {{champion:36}} VGU in 2019.
yeah, aw men!! but its screaming 2020 mundo VGU for me lol like kayle and akali having a 1 year gap of its latest skin before VGU. Ex. Akali latest skin at that time(sashimi) 2016, VGU 2018 and kayle latest skin at that time(pentakayle) 2017, VGU 2019
: Not sure why they'd update him to a Vastaya now, rather than before when Xayah & Rakan were released. I would honestly rather him not be one. Keep him a unique thing like Skarner.
they can just say that they needed alot of time to know where they would put alistar in past so they excluded him in the vastaya update you know...
EdgeLady (NA)
: I think that makes sense, since Targon is loosely based on Ancient Greece, which is the origin of the myth of the Minotaur (of course there was only one Minotaur in the original myth, but the differences between that and Alistar's actual design certainly make them a plausible race). Just as long as they don't repeat the Darkin retcon and make them some kind of ascended...I'd rather have them be related to Vastaya of all things...but I think the best route to go would be to have them be their own race, like trolls, simply native to the wilds of Targon.
i agree but i wish the direction of alistar's race is vastaya. because the chimara/animal type hybrid has been uncovered already and making a Minotaur race diff than vastaya is like celery is not a vegetable.
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8G7l47dE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-16T02:42:56.549+0000) > > Neither does Poppy. It's written in the lore of the skins that not all of them have familiars, some of them are or hide within weapons. Lux has a familiar inside her staff as of the second Star Guardian event, named Mimi. She's only seen in game as a ward right now, and she can apparently emerge from the staff with "enough coaxing". I think that she should at least get an idle animation that coaxes out Mimi.
thats the only thing missing, maybe an idle animation or in her recall.
: What is "Great Void War" ??
I think its still a story not yet released. maybe in the future well see it. I think its a catastrophe that cause runetera people(even if they're not aware) join forces by eliminating the void with targon in the past. I also think that it has to do with the arrival of the watchers and lissandra's older times with her sisters. Maybe voids first arrival to runeterra and runterra's first apocalypse that they have overcame. I even have a theory that Cho'Gath was the primary commander of this void war and he once made a continent became his . He is currently living in his kingdom, a continent(Dark Continent which I named). He was gonna conquer other continents but because of another catastrophe(yeah to nerf him and to balance the story) he was nerf and is hibernating at the moment. Little did he know, he was sleeping in a long time and little did people know, that this beast will end the life of runeterra once again.
: My guess on the next Star Guardian Skins
sona is already blue and aswell karma to green. it defies the starguardian code of giving champ diff colors. Maybe Green for Sona(like soraka and lulu) and Blue for Karma
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: @Reav3 when is next roadmap?
Now that my Nunu has been reworked, its time for the Morde players to see their champ updated. I got u fam!! BTW, I think the roadmap will come out early january before the new champ because the info that we got from the chain champ in the last road map was very brief and my theory would be is that it will be like nunu, roadmap comes a week before reveal. PS: January needs a champ or else I'll riot ! we need new content already!!
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Zertryx (NA)
: Honestly i Hope its not an MMORPG i feel they just arnt as fun to get into if you dont start day one and spend your life on them. What i do hope, is its something closer to Warframe or Diablo, where it has a vast world and lore but its more mission / instance based allowing me to do short or long sessions and not spending tons of hours traveling from point a to point b doing fetch quest
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: Skinsie Skins????
i think ts fine for me, plus 30% discount if you have one from them lol
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Reav3 (NA)
: No, these don't effect that schedule at all
Thanks Reav3! appreciate the response :) Painfully waiting for the new mage cause the drought is killing me lol I hope that it will be in the next patch. Waiting for a teaser today. _**Fingerscross**_ PS: I hope that next year, every month should have at least 1 new champ/Vgu/VGU(Specially VGU) like 2016 because i'm really a fan of your work and the whole champions team as well. Kudos to you guys!
imgrabe (NA)
: “Since these are smaller updates geared toward sprucing up some of the oldest members of the roster, they aren't really in the same prioritization conversation as how we decide who gets a VGU (where we take model, gameplay, and thematic into account too!)”
so its just a band aid and doesn't affect the VGU list?
: Imagine how awesome Nocturne will be when he gets his VGU
i hope he doesn't have outer eyes/have decoy eyes but have inner eyes instead. Maybe like this. It adds scare factor https://66.media.tumblr.com/a99ff45772906b6d9be9041c0b7fcdff/tumblr_p2eviejJlc1rtecnto5_540.gif or has a vertical mouth like this http://t05.deviantart.net/rEQ5qA9X7kXgGyLkRXD2m6oysgg=/fit-in/300x900/filters:no_upscale():origin()/pre13/3100/th/pre/f/2008/337/8/a/gug_by_njoo.jpg https://pre00.deviantart.net/b0d1/th/pre/i/2013/037/0/9/night_stalker___dota_2_by_upsidedownbattleship-d5u0d4f.jpg or why not give the first one(inner eyes) to fiddle VGU and the second one(vertical mouth) to noc VGU?
: I still think Nocturne should 100% not have eyes. There's nothing less scary than a shadow creature with big, glowing, "here I am so you can easily track and run away from me" eyes. He'd be so much more terrifying with no eyes at all or hollow sockets.
i agree with this. it looks unique to lol
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: yes and look at how many people cared about moira compared to zoe and also it would give people who do not watch lcs a reason to care about it since if they know a new champion will be teased it gets more hype meaning more people watch or talk about it riot should tease a champion every year are worlds or just something new.
that was totally me, i dont watch lcs/esport related but the finals was an exception because i thought that they would reveal a new champ there. So for me that was a lesson not to watch lcs ever again and not to hope like that.
: "Spirit" Collection
the collection tab in the universe page should be renamed because its misleading. maybe like Species Tab
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