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: > [{quoted}](name=Guy Broman,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2ULt7uqX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-09T12:35:24.847+0000) > > So Gangplank is McCree (and the Wolf of Kindred), Galio is Roadhog, Mordekaiser is Soldier 76 and now Zenyatta is Lee Sin. I gotta say, I like it lol. Lissandra is also Ashe. ...Overwatch's Ashe.
Seba7290 (EUNE)
: New bio for Zilean and stories for Qiyana and Malphite
: Possible Directions for Cho’Gath in the Lore.
i will still bet on my head canon though haha that Cho will introduce us to another new region with a faction that has been corrupted already in the future. Imagine Icathia but in a new region and has been invaded by the void there in the past and now become like a replica of the real void. Cho'gath, the first void born there in the past consumed all and gave offspring to many making him the king there making his army and babies like a Chimera Ant Queen. It is because cho'gath is a threat thats why i want to exclude him first in the known 2 continents because he is too powerful and making him a king to this "Dark Continent" is a great story point. Now that the region has no life form for cho to eat, he must venture to new lands to conquer and eat with his army. I want to connect your great maw theory now to this because i want him and voli to fight. And imagine cho'gath conquering valoran is another threat in the runetera list lol.
OH MY GOD. SYLAS X LUX NEEDS TO SINK REALLY REALLY SOON. I'm more into Lux x Ezreal sooooo sorry lol PS: I like these comics because unlike the bio's and the color stories, it really brings color to the stories like what the comics are doing, their facial expressions, thoughts and even lore tidbits that we don't know before like Lux's marriage being engage to Jarvan IV and sylas and lux talking about galio. Its a nice touch.
: What I'm saying is more that their region would have to be relatively small compared to the rest of Runeterra to be considered "hidden" for all this time. It's believable. I wouldn't call it "some amazing new region everyone's been waiting for", but lore-wise, its size makes sense. Also probably a good idea to keep in mind that this new "Queen" is self-proclaimed. Lore-wise, that'd mean she's naturally also exaggerating the claim of what she considers her land.
But Ixtal is what the Eastern Jungles is called. I think you're confusing Ixtal and Ixaocan as one. Because the Ixtal city, Ixaocan is the hidden city that you're talking about and Qiyana is not even part of our discussion so why bring her? specially that she's just self-proclaiming her land and all the land. Specially that our topic is about the region. Lets just put this straight. **Ixtal** - name of the Eastern Jungles that is not HIDDEN but is still luscious and vibrant. Has many vilages and has a hidden city not yet known to outsiders. **Ixaocan** - the hidden city/society/civilization hidden in the depths of Ixtal. Part of the region's interesting offer to us lore readers. **Kumungu** - Jungle and part of Ixtal that is not HIDDEN. **Serpentine Delta** - another part of Ixtal that is not HIDDEN. Etc.
: To be blunt...it'd be hard to have a hidden society...if it was a large af society.
but that society is only the Ixaocan Society that is part of Ixtal Region(the whole Eastern Jungles) Ixtal is != Ixaocan
: Well Region and Faction are two different things. Reav3 said over on [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/by8meg/ixtal_universe/eqfak3x/) that the Kumungu jungles are part of Ixtal. As you can see, they're not in the highlighted territory. So Ixtal can mean both the region and the faction, but the faction is clearly smaller than the region. Remember the Empire of Shurima, on the continent Shurima, with the capital Shurima? That's Ixtal in Ixtal.
I think they only highlighted the Ixaocan City/Territory but not the whole Ixtal so why name it in the map Ixtal if they just highlight the Ixaocan Territory (w/in Ixtal)? Its like Highlithing The Immortal Bastion/Noxus prime only in Noxus in the Map.
: I don't know, it doesn't seem that small to me. Also, the forest/jungle has been increasingly exploited from Piltovans and others so it would make sense if it once was larger than it is now since Ixaocans want to stay hidden from the rest of the world.
yeah but that is Ixaocan/Ixaocan City not Ixtal itself whilst the whole eastern jungles... so im confused as well.
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: Saita Takeda is obviously a Japanese name, even sharing his surname with a famous Japanese daimyou, Shingen Takeda. Considering how much inspiration Ionia is drawing from Asian cultures, including Japanese like you can see represented in champions like Yasuo, Shen, Zed.... I think there is absolutely no doubt that Saita Takeda is referring to Ionian ancestors. The "warrior caste" is probably a reference to samurai.
In the future, i really hope that there are other future factions that incorporates east asian culture too and not only an ionia exclusive but with a LOL twist ofc.
Haziv (EUW)
: If Voliber will look like this after his rework ...
i like this one with many weapons stuck in his back like the other concept art.
: Idk, but still 0 mentions or hints that something of that size might exist hidden in the jungles...If it was a smaller group like a tiny city or a village it would be understandable but a whole nation with gigantic buildings...
If you read the Ixtal Page/Qiyana's bio, they said they want to be alone and would not like to be found. Plus, they are elemental users, they can command the jungles to make the outsiders lost and to never find the cities. Maybe except some some pips like ezreal or leb. But they can still make you lost in a forest like you circling around the same tree until you wana get out then wish granted you're out.
: So is Qiyana a villain?
I think her story and personality is ok and bratty pips like her can make the story interesting making her look like an anti-hero in the future/future stories. I think riot can redeemed her because she only has that attention/narcissistic issue this time although i think she could change for the better or worst. PS: I think her character if for lore progression.
: I think they are two different regions but I’m not sure
they are the same interms of the being a the jungle faction of the past and to now however kumungu was retcon to be just a portion of Ixtal like Ixaocan.
: D-Does that mean Pantheon is coming out this summer as well? {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: It's her splash
i also think this is the case? the splash is not powerful enough like todays standards
: They're actually beautiful glands, like the pinneal gland, which allow Neeko to sense and interact with people's Sho'Ma. I read a lot of esoteric magic ideas whenever I have to write champs that are inherently magical. The theory that organic, physical parts of the body are made to touch, sense, and manipulate the magic/spirit energies is intensely fascinating to me, from a fictional perspective. One idea I loved reading that is that unicorns symbolize magic because humans used to have a pineal gland that stuck out of our foreheads, but as we evolved over time, the glad retracted into our heads to become the "third eye". I doubt it's true at all, but ideas like this make me happy. It's fun to apply that sort of logic to entities like the vastaya who are on their own wild evolutionary timeline.
what happens if it gets removed or cut?
: Lots and lots of iteration + google image search (with filters disabled) + regional sensitivity checks.
another Q named champ please!!!!!!!!!!
: Please make Fiddlesticks legitimately scary with his update.
i really wish fiddle is one of the demon gang(Eve, Tk and Noc) canon wise and has the ability to use morde's old R mechanic, the soul enslaver mechanic. Every demon has a satisfaction so what if he likes to rip the souls of the champs he fear in, whilst upon a champion dying in fear they become fiddle's slaves. Maybe as his passive but to make it not cancerous, only 1 champ soul per death and has that kindred like mini icons for the enemy champs.
: Jup, and the reworks too. Pantheon has me really excited actually.
i wanna ask, is pantheon the last rework this year? i hope not huehue
Reav3 (NA)
: Champs like Fiddle, Mundo, Skarner and such are still high on our list for VGUs. I didn't say we were stopping VGUs, just doing a bit less going forward then we have been doing recently
So, my only worry is that, how slow is the pacing that you guys want? 1-3 VGUs a year? bro thats tooooooo heartbreaking and very slooow. It would take another 20 years to updated all champs or maybe more. Maybe its better if its 4 VGUs every year(excluding mini-VGUs/VUs) like the 2017 VGU roaster.
Reav3 (NA)
: Axes
Reav3 i hope that you guys would be fair, you told us that this year it would be a 50/50 split between new champs and vgus so i hope the start of the "more new champs" would be in 2020. If we do the math, there would be 4 new champs this year (sylas,enchater support, AD Assassin,Non-traditional Marksmen) and 3 VGU's (Kayle & Morgana(counted as one), mordekaiser and pantheon) as of now. So to make it fair, i hope there is still another VGU in development this year, unless there would be 5 new champs and VGUs in development for this year although it would not be applicable now due to the time span. Please answer me honestly if there is still one VGU in development this year to make it even to the new champs. Prediction patch: Enchanter Support - Patch 9.10 - may Morde - based on how finished he is in my perspective and how he s handled - 9.11 (a back-to-back patch like urgot/kayn) or 9.12 - may/june AD Assassin - 9.13/9.14 - june/july July/August 2019 Roadmap - talks about panth,marksman and Last VGU Panth - 9.16 - august Non-Traditional Marksman - 9.18-20 - sep/oct November 2019 Roadmap - talks about Last VGU, all 2020 champions stuff and the 2020 VGU Poll winner's development VGU - 9.22-23 - nov/dec
: You forgot the non-traditional marksman gif(?). This marksmen is being designed by August, btw.
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Reav3 (NA)
: Axes
yow, i miss you lol can't wait to read your juicy roadmap hehe
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Hey Reav3 if you are seeing this thread can I ask you if {{champion:80}} designer is Axes or Reinboom?
I believe so, this was also wrekz's project before until the project was continued by axes.
: That's Nightfall and it looks better than this silly ball with too many spikes on it ever did.
Yow, is it me or does the mace looks like it can be a lantern lol like thresh's lantern to be exact?
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: 9.7: Lore Update
I hope you guys would bring back the race tab cause the vastaya and the darkin tabs are hard to locate for new comers.Lastly, i know that there are the boards for discussions but what if you place a comment section at the bottom of each stories so that we could discuss there without going into the boards and so that it wont be buried unlike the boards. Thanks!
: The Noxian Eyebrow
Its because noxus is an empire and keeps on invading and claiming land, so that's why maybe some of them/the people don't have the same eyebrows because they don't have the noxian genes in the past.
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: Annual Reminder: There is STILL no old-ass grandma champion
Also, we don't have a mother champion. A real mother that has a biological child.
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The Iceborn (EUNE)
: New color story - Zyra
I love it! Zychid is like the shorcut for Zyra's kids/offsprings. Riot is pushing cosmic horror to zyra and i very much like it. Its like Junji Ito's Tamie but in plant form. However, its still not clear as to how zyra can put her consciousness in to the other plant body so fast. PS: This can be another calamity/plot/story arc in runetera.
Falrein (EUW)
: Hopes and expectations for Syndra lore
I hope you wont be angry at my point of view about syndra but i think riot can set her up as the Thanos of Ionia, at some point (maybe after the second noxus invasion). She can be a story arc to be honest, were she caused super destruction/treat in ionia by making the ground float and sucking the spirit energy. And with that, it caused famine and calamity in ionia, and many some parts of runetera. So, whats next? How about all of the ionian champs and some champions from the other continents(ionian champs informed a backup to their friends that doesnt live in ionia) made a truce and removed their hatred to each other in order to defeat the cause of famine, which is syndra. All the greatest champions in ionia went to Fae'lor to defeat her and because she is too powerful, she obliterated almost all of the champions except some champs specially the ones that are in the game.PS: This is were Zed and Syndra met, and maybe exchange words. After hours of battling, she was defeated but not dead. With that war, She learned something, to forgive and to remove grudges because its a different era now, her stupid family are now gone and its time to move on,etc. but she also learned to calm herself and doesn't let anyone control her anymore. With that, she became an anti-hero/anti-villian (depends on your point of view). She begins on her new journey, to find herself and to make ionia a better place by removing the stupid people like her mother. She met countless of people, ones were good, ones were bad, ones were champions in the game and ones were she killed them, again, because of misunderstandings or different ideals?(maybe). Now, Idk what to continue her character, can you suggest a continuation? She became an awesome anti-hero/villain character from a misunderstood tragic villainous character.
: Why 2020 would be the best year to VGU Vladimir
This is what I like from Vladimir's future VGU. However, I want his hair to be some what like the current one because its too unique and original to vlad(or to all vampire archetypes) and making his hair longer would make him look like swain or the other aristocrat pips currently living in noxus. I think its better if he retains his long sideburns and short back hair in his VGU or maybe like his live, make the back of his hair upward with hair spray lol. I want his hair look like his count skin hair except with white/blonde hair. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb748ef274b9971f998da5f74a0661515130037cd31f79d6bba7882a277c0060.jpg or his academy hair. https://lolskinshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/vladimir-academy.jpg
Moody P (NA)
: Can your next thread be why 2070 would be the best year to rework Volibear?
: Cho'Gath: Why is he important, and how can we make him matter?
As I think about cho'gath's new lore upon his initial VGU in the future, i view him as an eldritch monster that is intelligent yet monstrous like vel'koz. However, unlike vel'koz, whose primary focus is on intelligence, Cho'gath's focus should be on the power of survival (eat, eat, eat/ consumes all to live and to prosper) an un-ending cycle of hunger to thrive and to consume (not adapt/evolve because it might overlap to K6's territory). My take on him atm is that he entered runetera years ago, when the Great Void War happened ( We still dont know what happened in that time/era but we all know that it happened in the past/maybe many millennia's ago ) if you want a link its [here](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_PH/story/vastaya-field-journal/) although it has been rewrote into "The corrupting creatures of the Void." hmmm i smell something fishy rito haha what are you hiding. To make it fair, the whole short story got an upgrade/was edited unlike before. Maybe the Great Void War was the time when the watchers entered freljord/runetera and they brought other void creatures with them as well but in diff parts of runetera, its like the first invasion of the void to runetera. Many rifts were opened and other runeterian people fought against them like lissandra and also the targonians but not knowingly, they worked in unison making it a war. With the war, Orig Targonians with their puppets(like leona/pant) seal each rifts one by one with the help of ASol and liss freezing the watchers. Now where should we put cho in this? simple, he was one of the voidborn that survived the targonians, he entered from another continent not known from the 3 (valoran,shuriman and ionia). He consumed/devoured all of that continents resources and life forms because he was too powerful and no other powerful being that lives there can stop him and the void unlike the targonians/lissandra. When the Orig targonians heard about that continent, they immediately sent their puppets there but its too late, the whole continent has now been infested but they still went war with cho'gath and the other void creatures. All the puppets except one that escaped died however they still defeated cho by sealing him into a container but has a time limit like the watchers. Millennia's went on and the container is now breaking, specially that theres no person that keeps the container sealed like the watchers in freljord. Now, its a matter of time when cho can roam again in runetera after his hibernating session. With this, we can assume that cho'gath can compete with the watchers and maybe he is one of the void alphas/Original voidborn. Making him very powerful. Also, he got his name from his shuriman version myth. The escaped puppet told their story vs cho to his tribe in targon until it became into a myth, story got spread and popularized in shurima and through runetera scaring the people through his tale. PS: If this is going to be the route of cho, i hope we would get to see his land in the map. Yay new continent and faction! Can I hear your thoughts about this?
: Wow that'a a ton of CGI work he did. (Did he render all of that CGI work? Did he have a team working with him?)
> [{quoted}](name=OneAlmond,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uH23RXxI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-25T14:16:05.980+0000) > > Wow that'a a ton of CGI work he did. (Did he render all of that CGI work? Did he have a team working with him?) lol sarcasm. Nevertheless, he credited the owners though.
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: The new Shonen Anime Skins (leak, just click if you want to know!)
I think the teacher is taric or ryze( however, it might overlap to his academy skin unless its not) considering their last skin was from 2016 and they can be like a teacher figure to their students.
SSmotzer (NA)
: Any Chance for an Ezreal Style VU for Lulu?
hopefully! but not after blitz and the other deserving champs that needs VU/VgU more are finish.
: Why are they putting all these Mordekaiser icons on the PBE already? Is he going to get surprise released or what's the matter? I thought the new support champion comes before him, it makes no sense that they are flooding us with Mordekaiser hype stuff.
im really getting a back-to-back vibe from morde and new champ's release like kayn and urgot... considering that we have 2 patches drought until the next new champ(which i believe will come next patch) and them being released in the 1st half of the year (along with the new assassin?) so ts until may.
: Loving the new Xin Zhao lore
yup, i also love his new bio. Now, its Sona's turn to be updated and also Lucian (although he has a new color story, his bio has not yet been updated).
: What if Volibear's Aesthetic "Upgrades" Upon Each Time He Levels Up His Ult/Kills
: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
I think this is ok but please if you'll touch him, push it further(but in a positive way). Passive: Shield Strength: 50% of current mana -> 40% of Max Mana Q: Old Q; uses his right hand to grab enemies W: New; First cast is a movement speed boost; Blitzcrank puts himself into overdrive, gaining movement speed for 3 seconds. Second cast, Blitzcrank can grab allies to himself. Note: I removed the attack speed to make him more aligned to be a support. E: Old E R: the one you've suggested PS: I hope for a reply and I wish this would become like aatrox, from GU to a VGU/VgU.
: When is the next Champion/VU Road Map?
The last roadmap was the "Champions in season 2019/dev diaries" video last january. It was a video format not a blog format. It contained morde as the next VGU and 2 new champ teasers, one is a supp and one is an assassin. Hopefully, I bet the next roadmap (which im 100% sure is a blog format) would drop in April. I hope it will feature Pantheon or Volibear as the next VGU.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Piltover??! She's noxian. I find her look fine myself. Same with Ashe.
i didn't say she's from piltover. Its because the devs stated awhile back (no i wont waste my time finding the source) that she goes from family to family and steal things from traders that she destroys after the cinematic, explaining that her clothing is a mix of the other cultures specially from piltover, noxus, freljord or even zaun (close traders). Plus, there would be no modern clothing in the land of noxus. Specially cat ears and even the backpack. Piltover has a different style like what i've stated (victorian steampunk) and I would even accept it if her cat ears are steampunky and her backpack is a little bit old looking.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: {{champion:112}} only got texture update and gameplay update + new base splash.
Sorry i didn't know that (because i didn't play LOL at that time) but my sources say its a VGU so i stated it in my post. Fingers Cross, I hope Viktor gets new skin splashes.
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MeHighLow01,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fIA7bcBv,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-03T02:09:25.719+0000) > > Why doesn't someone mention {{champion:36}} , his splash art is literally worst in the game. That is not so. The worst splash art in the game goes to poor {{champion:72}}. Every other champion's splash looks like a masterpiece in comparison. Both him and Mundo are on the top tier list for reworks though, so I'm just patiently waiting. It's not like Sivir who's gotten a full update and looks great in-game but still has several horrible Season 1 splashes.
yep, mundo and skarner will definietly get the VGUs soon in like 1-2 years from now. And Sivir really needs the update tbh.
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