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: Champion Update Q&A: Taric, the Shield of Valoran [COMPLETE]
Why'd it take so freakin long to give Yuri Lowenthal a VA role in League? XD
: Let's Talk about: The Institute of War and Summoners
You know, reading the comments about the void made me think about how the void monsters could be better handled. We all heard the arguments over and over again about how having them be prisoners inside the Institute makes them weak on paper...and you would be totally correct. However, I just came up with a fantastic idea in order to make the Void in general look way more threatening. We all know Malzahar is their 'prophet', when it's apparent he's more so their figurehead and their puppet. However, if they willingly 'obeyed' Malzahar and behaved themselves until the time is right for invading (let's face it, it's gonna happen eventually. Kog'Maw's daddy is like the last giant lore teaser left ever since Lissandra got released. The only other places they could lore revamp next are the Shadow Isles or Bilgewater.), it makes them more threatening. Why? Well it's obvious. Malzahar's entire character, ever since he got possessed, is reminding all of Runeterra, over and over again, that the void is coming to destroy everything and everyone. Having an army of capable fighters at his 'command' would make him much more terrifying because these seemingly inhumane, monstrous, and hideous creatures are bending to his will. However, that's not to say that this makes the void monsters look bad. First off, with the exception of Kog for being a widdle babeh boi<3<3<3<3, and Kha for being feral minded, the void monsters are REALLY smart. In the JoJ, it's mentioned that Cho'Gath is actually rather intelligent and is letting himself be imprisoned until the time is right. And, as we all know, Vel'Koz's entire being is about knowledge and intelligence. Second, and more importantly, they answer to Kog'Maw's dad...not Malzahar himself. However, keep in mind, Malazhar is possessed by the void as a whole, clouded by visions of the void and corrupted as a result. Since he's pretty much their willing servant, in a sense the void monsters are answering through Kog'Maw's dad THROUGH Malzahar. TL;DR: The void monster shouldn't be imprisoned and instead should be under Malzahar's command. This makes Malzahar's constant threats about the void invading much more threatening now that he has a gang of creatures that could cause chaos whenever he gives them the signal...whenever Kog's dad is ready of course.
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: Like, do they participate in furry culture...? But, seriously, yeah - they all take on an animal form. Xerath overdid it.
So then what's Cassiopeia's situation? I know you have more lore to show us later, but is she basically like a half-ascended?
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: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
Since Nasus, Renekton, and Azir are all ascended, then does that mean pretty much all the ascended are furries? And if that's the case, did Xerath overdo it and ended up becoming a being of energy instead when he took Azir's place in the ritual?
: To an extent the gameplay and story will be separate. They're not *totally* separate, (for instance, Darius will always feel like Darius no matter where you see him, and the maps will always be evocative of actual places within the world) but there won't be an in-story justification for five unrelated champions tearing each other apart in the game over and over.
You mentioned that summoners, the institute, and the fields are not canon anymore. What about the League of Legends itself? Does that still exist, and if so, under different rules since it might not be created to stop wars anymore?
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: Statikk Q&A (completed)
This isn't so much a question about the designs you've done, and are currently doing, but more rather how things have been going on in the office. We've seen in the past that the common response to reworks/visual updates/relaunches/etc that Riot agrees need to happen but aren't currently prioritizing at the moment is 'We don't currently have the resources at the moment.' If anything, this makes me curious. How exactly does the office prioritize their time? What's it like in the workplace?


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