: > [{quoted}](name=LunarisKleipsis,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=esVQhcw1,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-05T05:16:20.564+0000) > > Game 1: 5/3/18 > LunarisKleipsis: you shouldnt of been toxic trynd > LunarisKleipsis: he banned my champ i had selected. > LunarisKleipsis: dont gank top. id hate to have to do more harm > LunarisKleipsis: too busy ganking toxic trynd kha is > LunarisKleipsis: thats cool. as long as trynnd gets one for doing what he did ill take it. Classic passive-aggressive chatter here. > LunarisKleipsis: banninng another persons champ they selected is greifing While not related to your punishment, this is a false statement. Banning a teammate's champion is perfectly allowed in the system. > LunarisKleipsis: you are just upset you didnt get a game you liked > LunarisKleipsis: and i did tell you exactly what i was going to dop > LunarisKleipsis: in champ select > LunarisKleipsis: and you have given tryndamere a pass on his behavior > LunarisKleipsis: you said hes allowed to piss anyone off > LunarisKleipsis: he can do anything he wants and its okay > LunarisKleipsis: its not a bad thing > LunarisKleipsis: thats not what you said > LunarisKleipsis: nope > LunarisKleipsis: because you have flawed logic Question: With all of this typing, how did you have time to play? That's certainly the first thought that ran through my mind when looking at the overwhelming volume of text you wrote. > LunarisKleipsis: you are ruining the game afking > LunarisKleipsis: im out pushing lanes while you cry > LunarisKleipsis: i nbever did. scroll up kid > LunarisKleipsis: you are delusional Negative attitude and insulting your teammates. > LunarisKleipsis: stoip typing > LunarisKleipsis: and play Oh, the irony. > Game 2: 4/26/18 > LunarisKleipsis: too bad bot lane didnt come do it when i wanted > LunarisKleipsis: you done not warding? nice vision score on you and nami Passive-aggressive, sarcastic chastisement of your teammates. Not good. > LunarisKleipsis: and the fact we have no vision has zero effect > LunarisKleipsis: great logic kid Continuing to be negative, I insta-report when I see someone say "[random statement], kid". Irony because you're probably barely old enough to drive and/or vote. > LunarisKleipsis: nami stop typing More irony from you. > LunarisKleipsis: good job warding nami. Passive-aggressive douchebaggery at it's finest here. > I believe context matters and... It doesn't, but if I took context into consideration you're just as much in the wrong. In your case the knife cuts both ways, because you spent most of your game excoriating your teammates, however you didn't use any of the 'magic words' and therefore you feel like you can escape maximum punishment as a result. Truthfully, players like you are far worse than the guy that just randomly pops off with a few hateful comments. Your toxicity is much more willful and constructed. You have a tone that encapsulates egregious behavior perfectly. > Is a 14-day suspension the appropriate punishment? If so why? Based upon this chat log, I have to believe that you have been punished previously, this type of behavior is definitely not an anomaly in your case. You have demonstrated a behavior pattern that is a steady stream of toxicity. Some people get "tilted" and fly off the handle for a few lines of text and then calm down, while your toxicity graph would look more like a steady line in about the mid-range of the toxicity scale----consistently moderate toxicity. > Should this even qualify for a chat restriction? If so 10 or 25 and why? I'm pretty sure you already received a chat restriction at some point in the past, if not then there's either a chat log you aren't showing us or Riot felt that your toxicity was strong enough to deserve a harsher penalty, either way, looks pretty solid to me.
The way you respond is very negative and rude and provides no benefit to the forum. Stating you report anyone instantly for using kid? In your holier than the OP please tell me what part of the summoners code is in violation when saying anything followed up by kid? I would say your response to this thread is much more toxic than anything the OP said. Reading that chat and not making awful assumptions like above, I would say this is not worthy of even flagging as toxic. We all have bad games and if this really is an exception to their norm it shouldn't even be looked at.


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