: ...Or listen to their community then they'll be fine but when a gaming platform don't then it starts going downhill with issues uprising
If they listened to every single thing the community asked for they would've been out of the game years ago.
Stexe (NA)
: So... any comment on the lack of focus on keeping some promises that Riot had from years ago? What about bugs that mess up cosmetics and skin borders that haven't been addressed for years? Sending in comments to Player Support gets the "we can't do anything and can't escalate it to anyone who can" response. How do we actually get these things fixed? Who do we contact and what can be done? Seems like there's no answer for this stuff... and it seems like Riot doesn't care since it is impacting such a small number of people. But we still paid money for this stuff, like the special borders, and yet we don't get them... =/
What are some examples of bugs on cosmetics?
Jabalor (NA)
: Welp guess no matter how much feedback Aurelion Sol mains gave to you, you still went into with the changes. Changing him to be a more popular instead of the dedicated few is just going to create a Skarner 2.0
So the Asol mains don't want him to be popular?
Hvsao (NA)
: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} IS that really a morgana buff. After what happened to demons...
Adjust, will help her be frontline more
: Weren't there assassin changes incoming? Were those cancelled?
Wait for next week for the big patch
: Never should've bought RP for legends if they were just going to make better ones so soon.
Now you hate you little legend cause other ones were announced? Poor little things they must feel betrayed.
: Nice. We are getting more stuff that should be bought with Blue Essence behind a real money paywall. How exciting. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
How do you expect that people that only downloaded League to play TFT to get them if you can only earn BE in LoL
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