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: When someone has decided to be toxic, they’ll generally take whatever information they can about you and run with it. Riot typically doesn’t punish for private messages like that, since they are an opt-in experience.
alright thanks for the clarification
: You have a super cool name.
thanks, a lot of people think it's a communism joke but it is not
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: Considering what's happening with Diablo Immortal rn, i think it might be best to leave it alone
apples and oranges my friend
: The problem hasn't been the graphical capabilities for a several years now. The problem is controls. You need to fit a minimum of 4 abilities + 2 Summoner Spells + 6 item slots + 1 trinket slot, all available on a moment's notice with high accuracy, in order to be on even footing in a team fight. That's not counting things like Attack Move, Stop, Normal Move, or Selecting something to see info on it. That's not accounting for minimap viewing. Frankly, there's a reason the Real Time Strategy genre hasn't taken off on mobile. League shares that control scheme. It's the same reason League isn't on console
idk, i think Riot is capable of innovating solutions to these problems, plus the iPad is not so far away from a laptop ( you could get a keyboard attachment, that solves 90% of the problems) and the only potential problem is the synaptic pointing device, which could still be solved with the apple pencil or something within those lines, i dont see any reason why they shouldnt attempt something like that
: I didn't read this whole thing so I'm sorry if you addressed this, but the reason this would not work is because of the amount of room the HUD takes up. Even if they took out the useless stuff like your champ icon, they still have to fit - Minimap - Chat - Health/Mana bars - Ability/Summoner spell icons - Teams score and stat stuff - Way to access tab menu, escape button, etc. You would have very little room to actually play the game. The only way I could see it working is maybe on an iPad, but that's still iffy.
The current 12.9 inch iPad is much larger than some of the current laptop screens. Not iffy at all! I play Runescape, PUBG, and have seen fortnite played on it, all of which possess HUD, and i can tell you they work perfectly and look gorgeous. The game would definitely Not work on iPhone, this is purely for iPad devices (which is why is started talking about the new iPad geek bench scores)
: Got a 14 day ban.
Look, the moment you decide to break a summoner's code rule, you just have to know that you will be punished for it regardless. Maybe you got reported maybe not, but in the end you said what you said and the punishment is more than fair. It does not matter if you are with friends or with strangers, you just can Not say things like that. Maybe it is a good thing this is not a permanent ban because now you learn a valuable lesson in what you should not say in a game like this.
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: Is this reportable?
I don't know about blind but something very similar happened to me around a year ago. It was in URF, I called top and usually people duo top in URF casually, and I was matched with a group of premades. So one of them really wanted top and they ended up harrassing me and asking me to leave otherwise they'd all report me. The game starts, they are still abusing me, so I tell them I am reporting them and then I asked the enemy team to do the same (very foolish and dumb thing to do, never do this). I muted them until the end of the game. Post game screen I report all four, then 2 mins later I get hit with a permanent ban because I had a previous 14 days suspension for a deserved report. I did not even bother to argue this because it is fruitless, and that account was already tainted, so I just started a new account where I literally mute everyone at the start of the game and solely communicate with pings. The moral here is, maybe it is only my case, but if you have previous suspensions and some douchebags hit you with false reports, Riot will ban you regardless. Maybe you could argue it, but I have never heard of any permabanned account ever being returned even with false reports, they always try to find a way to excuse it. My advice, mute everyone, don't even respond to whatever they say, because if the autoban mechanism detects any characters sent from your account during the game you will get immediately punished regardless of the context. Good luck out there {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Wacky9 (NA)
: Yes comrade. You must change your name so that it may be spread equally among the people, for all great workers of the world to use whilst playing League.
: No worries. At any rate, I'm sorry that happened to you in game. Rest assured, not all premades are that way. Hopefully you reported the offending summoners.
thank you, I am aware that premades are often fun because I play premades a lot when my friends used to play the game, but now I am the last one standing :( I reported the offending summoners individually and described the offence thoroughly as much as I can, I hope riot takes action
: I've removed the names from your post, as that constitutes naming and shaming. If you have any questions about this moderation, feel free to reach out to us in the [Boards Discord](
Oh I am very sorry I was unaware of that, my apologies and thank you
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: If so many people are reporting you for inting when you’re not doing well, then it’s probably because you’re making reallllly stupid plays, like inting.
Well, let's assume he/she is. That's still not basis for reporting. They are making mistakes because perhaps they are learning the game or they do not have sufficient intuition to make smarter plays, so we are not obliged to punish them for that.
: I'll say once again... Feeding =/= inting
Deliberate initing should punished, but only and only if the behavioural context is indicative of intentional feeding. I am confident that Riot reviews gameplay, sees if the player is putting effort and trying to avoid deaths yet is getting possibly ganked multipled times and enemies diving him/her occasionally through the game without help from his/her teammates which suggests there is nothing the summoner can do about it. If someone intimidates you with report threats, just remember you wont be punished for something that you do not control. Riot knows best
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Tecnically u should not get any punishment OTHER than, in case, a free name change riot gives u because of summoner.s code. As a bland suggestion i think that u should always take your friendly jokes for yourself and your friends not showing them to strangers who obv dont know your jokes and.may get offended. Looking at fb i see there are a buch of joseph stalim, hence that nick should be legal. Imho
I understand, I just usually play premades with my buddies and we do funny communism roleplays that are hilarious and other players find it hilarious too, because we poke fun at communists without insulting any other players or engage in negative behaviour, and I am the Stalin in the roleplay. I was just concerned when i play alone and my name would possibly offend others so i just wanted to see others reactions
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