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Räymond (NA)
: Looking for an ADC For my team! High Gold-Low Diamond
I'll give it a shot. IGN: Lost N Da Sauce
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: LF Gold + Top Main for Ranked Team (Only for ward skin)
: Looking for Players for Gold-Plat Team.
IGN: Sip Shlo Role: Jungle Rank: Gold 1 Age: 25
évy (NA)
: Team Reppy Academy looking for plat top,mid,jg
Jungle/Top Gold something maybe it was plat Gold something Plat 5 currently. PST Daily, every other day minimum 24 313 champ mastery. playing the game wasting my time typing i'm about that action
: Starting a new serious Ranked 5s team - Atleast Gold/plat +
: Kiso E-Sports
IGN: Sip Shlo Role Preferred: Jungle>Top>support Peak Elo/Current Elo: P4/P5 Avaliability: Available Age: 24 Do you have skype/discord/slack/curse(any is ok): I can download no prob. Only have skype atm Are you serious about a team commitment?: Buy me dinner first scumbag
: TMG LF Teams or Captains to make Teams
Age: 24 Role: Jungle > Support Rank this season: P5 Rank last season: G something Champion pool: 313 champ mastery Timezone: PST Availability: available How would you rate your attitude 1-10: calm How would you rate your mechanics 1-10: mechanical How you would rate your game knowledge 1-10: i know a few things Are you willing to talk during games(a lot of people think that because they are Top or ADC they don't have to talk): if it contributes to the game Do you have any previous experience on a team, if so, please explain: played at in person tournament for fun. met challengers.
: Making a highgold/plat team need:Top,Mid,Jungle
primary role: Jungle/Support/Top Rank: p5 Top 5 champs: 313 champ mastery time zone: PST previous season rank: G something Team experience: a few teams, nothing serious.
UNC Otto (NA)
: New OG League team looking for multiple positions.
Current Rank: P5 Peak Rank: P5 Role(s): Jungle/Top/Support Favorite champions: 313 Champ Mastery Time-Zone: PST Availability: SCHOOLS OUT. Pretty open. Past Experience: 1 tournament. Lost.
Oranges (NA)
: Club Recruiting [Vrsty] Varsity
IGN: Sip Shlo Rank: Plat 5 Gender: M Age: 25 Activeness: Daily Mic: (yes/no) Yes
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: Sitting for 10+ minutes in draft does not make for a good player experience
Try supporting, instaqueues, just wear a flame resistant jacket and do nothing the entire game.
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: Drop hack or Riot Glitching ?
Can't connect to any games...
: Dynamic Ranked & new champ select: What’s wrong, and what’s next
RexZor (NA)
: Dynamic Que is Back BibleThump
: Dynamic Ranked & new champ select: What’s wrong, and what’s next
So I know you said not to expect it up by the end of the weekend, but can we get an update?
: Warrior or cinderhulk rek sai?
: LF Plat+ Jungler and Top for semi-serious 5s team
: Riot Pls
Seriously. It's embarrassing to start a season like this. There is nothing new about this season. I take that back, at least preseason had teambuilder and ranked teams. Bring back preseason. Round of applause for Rioters everywhere.
: > [{quoted}](name=Turbo SS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=g7EP3ZPB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-01-22T17:26:51.245+0000) > > it's a team game. you act like you're the only person on your team. He asked if he could carry, because that's what the Ranked system asks you to do. And the answer is almost certainly no if your team isn't helping you do so effectively. A lot of games are unwinnable, and a lot of games are only going to be lost if you throw. The sooner you accept that some games just can't be won no matter how good you may be the sooner you'll have less of a frustrating experience. You can't expect people to do their jobs, and this is why I don't think ADCs are good carries in lower ELO. If the game heads into mid/late, you rely more on your team who is liable to make absolutely abysmal decisions which can cost the game.
Having come from Bronze 1 and reaching Plat 5, I know that this game does not ask you to carry. You win games you're supposed to lose and you lose games you're supposed to win and everything in between. There is no rule that the adc must carry for a team to win. Against that team, you're most likely going to get burst. But you've got to be in range for that to happen and they have to be grouped to wombo. Why would you group in that situation? You got a death wish?
Woook3r (NA)
: Is it legitimatly feasible for an adc to carry when the enemy team looks like annie malaphite zed xi
: All I want: ANY update on when New Champ Select will be back up
SOMETHING, Anything. Why wasn't this addressed in the preseason? The season has started and ranks are falling everywhere, but that's another story...
: ever since old champion select came back, i have been winning non-stop
I'm curious to see where you end up getting placed. Please post when you're done. If it's like everyone else, you're probably in Plat 5-3 range. Though I wouldn't be surprised if you end up Gold 1. I also notice that you don't duo queue, which probably means you weren't enjoying the fact that you can play and rank with anywhere between 1-4 friends.
darkdill (NA)
: This is meant to be a post directed at all the people going "OMFG! I went 10-0 and didn't make gold!"
Ah, I started last season B1 and got to P5 so I didn't care where I ended up. (Ending up In Silver 3 going 8-2). I just want to play with my friends again. RIP Ranked Teams. RIP Dynamic Queue.
darkdill (NA)
: Stop trying to make your placement matches right now. Can't you tell it's bugged?
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Krigjer (NA)
: > Your post says: "The champion select is the exact same as it's always been" > It's not the same today as it was yesterday. 'In relation to the op.' I'm sorry you're so stupid you need me to spell it out for you.
Spelling is fun. Solo Q, throws 5 random people together based on MMR. You can queue up with another person with no way to influence what role you get pre-champ select. Dynamic Queue, throws up to 5 random people together based on MMR and role preference pre-champ select. What more? You can queue up with up to 4 people that you select to further influence the game. Feeding happens under both, but feeding because you don't get one of your two selected roles which the op is complaining about only happens under Solo Q. Who won the spelling b?
Krigjer (NA)
: People have always fed their asses off because they got a role they weren't comfortable with, this happened before Dynamic Queue, and the temporary disable of the queue is NOT why people are 'suddenly' doing it now. Which is the point of the thread. How about you actually read my post in relation to OP, instead of telling me to 'not pull a Riot'.
Your post says: "The champion select is the exact same as it's always been" It's not the same today as it was yesterday.
: Bring Back Dynamic Queue!
Sometime this season please.
: The 2016 ranked season is now live!
Is it over already? I can't queue up for anything besides Solo Q. Great season guys. keep it up.
: Dynamic Queue Update
How do you open a season like this? Ranked teams can't be played, SoloQ is counting as dynamic queue rank and there is no dynamic queue? If you don't understand, it's okay, neither do I.
Lyte (NA)
: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
When do we start talking about it? update?
Krigjer (NA)
: We had Dynamic Queue for all of what, two days? The champion select is the exact same as it's always been, why are you acting like it's the fault of disabling Dynamic Queue?
You're telling me that pre-dynamic queue we've always received our primary or secondary role? That's always been the same right? You're telling me that bans weren't divided from 2 people to 6? How about losing LP for not locking in? Same there too? The actual gameplay is the same, but come on now. Don't pull a Riot. In my experience, Champ select has been A LOT less toxic since dynamic queue.
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: I'm not enjoying Dynamic Queue being down...
But seriously though, they haven't left us with much or any ranked options? Yay SoloQ...Duo at most...Yay...
arcinex (NA)
: @Riot: Is there an ETA on when Dynamic Queue will be back up?
Great way to open the season Riot! Just when we thought you were getting things right with dynamic queue...
: Fix Dynamic...................................
For real, this is unacceptable. A team game with no ranked teams or option to rank up with more than one person. Atrocious.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Good job with dynamic queue, just restore it and ranked teams and we'll forget this ever happened.
Lyte (NA)
: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
: 8-2 in placements ended S4 last season placed B3 this season? Clarification on placement methods?
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