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: you keep the runepages so you do not lose anything, you are getting free skins for nothing lost
I lose any competitive advantage I had on my opponents. You only need one rune page now to be just as effective.
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Bjay (NA)
: LF gold-platinum players for competitive league team
Looks like you already have interest for support but I'd be willing to find out some more info. IGN Josiahfied, Solo P2, and a half :P.
: > [{quoted}](name=Josiahfied,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YeEcxMFR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-13T13:40:07.480+0000) > > some **good reasoning**, which I'm sure **they've got** that's your problem right there.
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: Nerf Lee
They won't nerf a champ for being popular.
: How can you avoid being toxic?
"/mute all" "I need to talk though" .. no you don't. You can communicate all important info with pings.
Kraythax (NA)
: 5 Min Dodge Timer is small price to play for not playing with toxic people.
> [{quoted}](name=Kraythax,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VE0mXo0z,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-04T03:44:23.508+0000) > > Dodge to avoid playing with this player And suddenly queue times rose to 1hr.
: > Anyone else experiencing this problem with the new honour system? Haven't received a single key fragment since the honor system rolled out, so I kind of know what you mean.
Hey look.. a no hate comment. I feel "honoured" :P
: If the only reason why you would be honored is just because you perform well (that's not what honor is for anyway xP), then there is no reason for why the ADC, if he/she perform well as well, shouldn't be honored as well. Don't be frustrated about it. If you do more than just silently play, and do something that the regular ol' players find clearly honorable, you'll get more I'm sure!
I'm not frustrated, just curious! I /mute all every game. I don't want honour if it means I have to sit through a game of raging kids for 30mins. "/mute all" is the real tilt proof haha.
Leylania (EUW)
: Not at all, I play support most of the time and I get atleast one honor every game or even more then that. And my performence the last games often was not even that good.
I understand if I suck and don't get one, but I've been doing pretty good! I have killer games and then post game it's just "adc honour streak" or whatever it's called when they get that ribbon. haha
: I'm a support main and I get at least one honor most games. Solo queue without a duo.
Cool, thanks! Must just have been my luck. Played a lot since the new system and I've basically never gotten an honour.
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: You were trying to play the system but didn't care to learn how it works first? There is a *lot* of information to be had. Giving you popups every time would be insanely annoying and impractical. Just go learn how the systems you're trying to use work before making assumptions.
I agree with you that people should learn the system before making purchases! I didn't know there was a system to learn though. That's what I'm saying. Had I known there was a system to learn, I would have read all the terms and learned it before making my purchases.
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M0th (NA)
: [Free coaching from D1 player]
Hey man! I'm just watching your gold Thresh lesson. Really good stuff and I'm only 5 minutes in!! Awesome! (I can't record my games so I'm SOL there. But if you keep posting these tutorials that'd be sick :D )
: Need ADC and SUPP for ranked 5's
IGN: Josiahfied Role: Support Champ Pool: {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:412}} Solo Q: Gold 3 My warding is above 99% of players as seen here:
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I don't know if I'm too late for this, if it's not to much work then sure I'll be assessed! :D This is a great idea. Thanks Riot! I get warm fuzzies reading about other people being nice and positive in chat. They should make a 'good tribunal' where people can bestow 'friendly' or 'teamwork' honours from reading the chat log!
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: I think, just as an Idea, we should only be able to spend them on RP Purchases. If not for the Senor members, for the new players who go buy Ashe and decide they don't like her.
Bro. Who buys Ashe and doesn't like her when they first start... lol
Mandaari (NA)
: @Riot, will you at least acknowledge that people don't like purple side camera?
I personally never had a problem with the camera. Until I saw [this chart]( at Elophant. Then I QQ'd.
: Boourns started a conversaton on this in April and abandoned it in June without much said. This was a little telling, however: "The biggest problem is that all these individual solutions might work for some people, but not the rest. And we need to do something that will positively impact the most number of players using locked camera. This is not trivial, and it could involve a lot of experimentation that could tie up the game UI team for a while. Consequently it's not an easy sell." Which IMHO points to analysis paralysis. They don't want to do anything unless it's perfect, so they do nothing.
Thanks for the link. This is all very.. interesting. lol
Mandaari (NA)
: @Riot, will you at least acknowledge that people don't like purple side camera?
I just searched through the old forum and the beta. Riot hasn't replied to any "camera angle" posts that I can see. If someone finds one could they link it? Otherwise this seems like a generally ignored topic by Riot.
: Feedback on new Nasus VO
I don't think they mean to disrespect Eugene if they change it. We can't hate them if they do, change happens. If the new VO isn't as good then just turn your voice volume down and say the old lines yourself or better, download the mp3s now and play them as you play. XD
: It has to do with the way we load those resources in actually. We're working on improvements to that system.
Sweet. If you guys are working on it I can deal with refreshing the page until they load for a while longer. :P
: must've been something to do with the OP mario art.
Lol, definitely a sweet piece of art right there.
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: Oh I getcha.
+1 for CaptainMarvelous. +1. lol
Gonsea (NA)
: Riot, Eve VU dance!
So totally forgot why I was watching that youtube video. Daymn she is fiiiiine.
: Reimagining the Shadow Isles' Champions: Who were they?
Ragnaros (NA)
: Jinx is from Borderlands
I kept waiting for the video to freeze and it to be like "JINX" like it does for every boss. lol
: Lost LP
How may you do it? Just keep playing. lol
Daen (NA)
: Focus on yourself. I know it's hard, but allies are always going to change and rotate around. In looking at your profile (small sample size, I know) you have a lot of room to improve. Your winrate is roughly 33%, which needs to be at least 51% to start progressing through the ranks. Figure out what roles you're best at and work on them. You have to play a style that I call intelligently selfish. The goal is to basically singlehandedly carry a game on your shoulders, but you do it by making your allies stronger/more fed than you. If you're mid, dominate your lane then start roaming to top/bot and start feeding them kills. Do everything you can to make your allies stronger and you have a much better chance at winning!
Play again and hopefully you don't get two more trolls? XD But Mr T speaks truth.
: Yeah, I love the ward ping idea. I constantly ping and say "warded" or "plz ward there instead of so close to lane"
Yeah the ward here/warded is a really neat idea!
: Team builder does sound interesting but again its too new to tell. As for jumping silver 2 from bronze 1 - no. I said division 3. maybe even 4. I can understand that at least. you have to understand that when in division 1 your generally playing people way above division 5, so why do you have to suffer through 5 when you've proven you're better? All they have to do is clamp more in division 1 and test peoples abilities more. As far as personal skill, you mention KD. I said KDA. This means you don't necessarily have to have the kills to score well. You can still feed the carry and do well. It just means you were actively involved in helping the team without being suicidal. 4v5's are winnable, but not very often and only when people don't give up. People simply say "oh report player x for afk" and then they troll. It happens a lot so having something there to mitigate that effect would be much better. maybe even have a mechanic to give even more LP and MMR for winning those games.
Yeah, jeez you're a busy guy replying to everyone here lol! I wouldn't be opposed to jumping divisions but I just don't think they'd do that. I didn't really explain that too well I guess, I meant KDA. You might see less saves and sacrifices in game and players more focused on their personal score. Especially if they start to lose, pretty much all teamwork goes out the window and they start focusing on getting a good enough score to not lose LP. I have no idea how it would actually effect the game but that's just why I think they won't put something like that in ranked.
: Suggestions for Changes to Ranked Queues
Giving people one leave a day just means trolls have more fun trying to get people to use them. I think when Team Builder comes out it will most likely fix some issues, and then have issues of its own lol. You're basically asking to jump to Silver II from Bronze I. There's no sense punishing the 80% that are just having bad luck in games or something like that. The 20% still made it to gold just like you when you get there. Challenger gets demotions when *a new challenger approaches!* Making it a personal skill based level is impossible to do well. If you knew that if you had a bad KD or something else that you'd lose points... I don't know about you but I'd say "Screw you carry if we're losing this game I'm taking the kills to get the points later." This isn't CoD, it's LoL. Although I do like that last bit about if you have a disconnection you don't lose points. I doubt it would happen though, if someone disconnects then your whole team just starts to not care and do stupid crap. 4v5's are still possible to win if you can get a stroke of luck. XD
: Ranked would have the biggest issue with this. The problem with this is that you're supposed to know how to play the champs that you own in ranked, because obviously if you play ranked then you are putting your skills to the test that you should already know. And if you buy a champ to switch with them, even though it's convenient, what if the trade glitches and doesn't go through? Then you are stuck with a champ that you don't know how to play. Plus the banning would be an issue. If the other team is banning and none of your team owns Kassadin, for example, and during the picks you buy him to play, it wouldn't be fair to the other team who tried to ban him. You should have bought him before the match. Even though that the intention of buying for switching is valid, it would cause other issues. I hope that this helps. :)
So what you and Panda are saying is that this should go under the "Upgrade the Client" thread. XD
: But the whole point is to spread out so they need to. I honestly think if you can keep the tower advantage, you can win easily. Once you get to their inhibs you just threaten backdoors every time they push a lane.
Most teams won't "need" to spread out though. If you guys are split pushing everywhere they can group push a lane to get to the inhibs faster then a solo could or send a defender or two back to deal with your pushers. I mean.. give it a try if you want to! lol
Daen (NA)
: Lets Discuss Player Moderators
"@Lyte if you happen to come across this I would love to discuss it with you in-game or in some other way." How about on here so we can see if anything comes of this epic idea? I like the way of thinking of it as an extended tribunal.
: This.
Hmm. Yeah. Didn't think of that. Edit: Wait this would still work. Make it so you can only buy champs that are in the champ pool (or champs that team mates already own). Then it wouldn't mess with the bans at all.
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