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: I cannot stand this "never surrender" fucking 4 year old mentallity.
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koshkyra (NA)
: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
Damage is too high, but second to that towers are not defendable in the slightest. Towers need to be more threatening, whether its through faster attacks vs champions or higher damage numbers against champions.
: Well said. I personally am not satisfied with how the game is being managed at the moment either, and just wish it didn't feel like we're talking to a brick wall.
> [{quoted}](name=Hyperfocused,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LREEJH9f,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-28T11:00:12.450+0000) > > Well said. I personally am not satisfied with how the game is being managed at the moment either, and just wish it didn't feel like we're talking to a brick wall. Completely disagree. This whole entire past year has had more positive player focused change than any other season I've played. I really don't understand why people continue to bash and criticize Riot no matter what decision or move they make. Apparently you can't win with Riot's playerbase. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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La Bello (NA)
: These Refund numbers are DISGUSTING
It's not meant to be 100% refund....why on earth would you get ALL of your IP costs refunded?
: Kayn NOT in Bloodmoon!?!
Good. Kayn needs to get nerfed and/or ignored.
BxA Zeta (NA)
: At random points in game, the client tabs out
Happened to me as well. The fact that it minimizes League to do literally NOTHING is immensely infuriating.
: I finally did it!
{{champion:112}} Metal is perfection.
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IDeoxite (NA)
: I think everyone is complaining too much about new champ select
New champ select is amazing. Makes it incredibly difficult to troll. As long as people remember to lock in their picks and bans.
: I dont think anybody else has noticed this, but...
Uhhhhh... {{champion:429}} 's Ult has a knock-up? And she was released this year? EDIT: What the hell? No way she was released Nov. last year. There is no way she has been out that long.
: This is definitely the most variant group from the 1-3 slots. I think this was shown even during the draw show itself, with Deficio predicting FNC>iG>AHQ, Spawn predicting iG>AHQ>FNC, and myself predicting iG>FNC>AHQ
I think it'll be FNC>AHQ>iG. Haha! Hopefully that means this will be the closest (and most exciting) group of them all.
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: Anyone else lagging and "attempting to reconnect" even with your internet fine?
Kruton (NA)
: It is now the year 2275. Legends say Caitlyn is still unavailable due to a villainous in-game bug.
I would be happy if Caitlyn was never to be played again. That champion is so stupid to play against.
: Shyv's Damage Does Not Need to be Buffed
She's in a decent spot, but she lacks any real form of crowd-control. What if she got like a small slow on her Q or something?
: Why did you pick your summoner Icon?
tman3000 (NA)
: Skins for the "BROS" of the league
Yasubro Darius and Draven would make good options too.
Niksisa (NA)
: Latest ARAM Changes and thoughts
Disagree. Mark is a great addition to make the mode more fun for all champions.
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: Lets play a little game
Hecarim's Passive. Ahri's E. Kassadin's Passive. Gotta move fast, take less damage from magic....and seduce them. >_>
: Oh no! The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! Which champion do you want by your side?
Pengua (NA)
: As an ADC main, crit needs to be removed
Tank items could have some kind of anti crit passive. Not dodging entire dmg, but some of it, in the opposite way that crit outputs its dmg.
Visigoth (NA)
: Evolving R on Kha'Zix, what if... [A proposal]
: Shyvana's Dragon's Decent should completely push enemies to its landing location and then stun them
How about if they are knocked into a wall they are stunned? Could've been a nice update to that Anivia, J4, Trundle wall stun update they had a while back.
: Kha'zix needs more than just some piddly 20 point buff to his lvl 1 W heal.
Riot more than likely doesn't want to give him any meaningful buffs because people liked to complain about him so long. Undoubtedly people would start whining again if Kha were to start being played more once more. As for me, I miss old Kha. This time, change isn't so good. :'({{champion:121}}
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: darkflame shyvana texture update. too bright?
Darker the better. I bought a darkflame skin not a greyflame one.
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Torix (NA)
: Teemo in U.R.F.
Should try Nunu. :)
: Anyone else interesting in a "Neon Strike" skin line?
Neon Strike Ezreal would be pretty cool too.
: Sub-10 kills competitive games. Rotations. "Not strategic enough."
I'm not talking about LCS, I'm solely talking about YOLO-queue.
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Ragnar42 (NA)
If you liked this match check out last Season's Alliance vs Millenium match. I don't remember what week it was, but because it didn't change the standings at all no matter who won or lost, they just played a troll game. It was nearly a 100 kill match. Super fun to watch. (Too lazy to find the game and post a youtube link.)
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: If you say "ez" after a game I'm reporting you
Completely agree with OP. Cocky douchebags and asshats who think they are funny have no place on the internet.
: What champion do you hate playing against with a passion?
{{champion:254}} Vi players pretend that pressing R on the back line takes skill. Stupid ass champion needs to be gutted.
Pastramka (EUNE)
: ARAM Vote Ban
Or each person gets one ban. That would be much much better imo.
uJhisper (NA)
: I'm worried about Shaco
Shaco's Q is the only part of his kit that is retardedly broken...that's the one thing they NEED to change about him.
iConcy (NA)
: Is anyone else just incredibly tired of seeing Graves
I'd rather see a lot of Graves than a lot of Lucian and Caitlyn. Not that I don't like Lucian, but he was ALWAYS played, and it got old eventually. And Cait can burn in hell.
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: So them LCS Jungle Nidalee's
I personally think Nidalee with any build is brokenly strong. She out sustains, outruns, and out damages nearly anyone against her.
Shetler (NA)
: What's your biggest Noob Moment?
I used to think lanes were solely for farming and I despised anyone who got aggressive and tried to kill me. I also thought towers were easy to kill my first few levels. I was so wrong.
Subroosa (NA)
: Fiora is the most unbalanced champ in this game
I agree she needs a kit rework badly. Not just a nerf. Complete overhaul.
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GeoPeter (NA)
: How would YOU fix the jungle?
Bring back Spirit Stone items, leaving all the same except Ancient Golem, which I would give a small buff to.
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