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: Don't know what that screenshot is supposed to be of but I can offer some advice. Try to lower your champ pool and stick to champs you have good winrates on. Maybe try and pick up a champ that fits your playstyle better
thats not the case i play like 4 champs seriously toplane, still nothing doesnt matter how hard i smash when i got a duo botlane, duo names too just hard inting am i missing something? do i need to play kennen or something to actually be able to 1v5?
: hardstuck in gold
also what the hell is the deal with duos being complete dogshit. is this just the month of october ? is it cause the season ended and people went over and bought gold 4 ranked accounts?
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: Yea their client is a complete PoS. So let me tell you about the last 5 games I've had, I'm in a qualifying series, I'm 2 games in and here are the next 4 games in order, DC at the start, DC at the start, DC and ragequit in the middle, and my last game(my personal favorite) I freeze at the loading screen at 100% and have to reset my PC because it won't even let me alt tab out or ctrl alt delete out. I reconnect at 4min at which point my ADC already fed 2 kills and ragequits! At which point we have a 4v4 because as it turns out their mid also crashed and can't get back in. This my friend is called their client is a complete PoS.
the best part is that the more updates come. the worst their client gets
: what the hell is this stupid shit
Oh and now its fucking stuck in an endless loop of reconnecting Gee thanks what a treat tonight after work i get
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