: As said above, there is no "over" in this game. The ability simply loses its hitbox when it's visually in the air. Heimer's uprgaded E works the same way. The intent was for him to be able to hit far targets, such as someone standing behind minions or squishies standing behind teammates, while at a safe range. If it were a regular skillshot like Ez's Q, it could be more easily blocked.
Reasonably I can see this intention. Actually yeah this changed my mind, because technically his range would be minimized my minions. Thanks!
: You say you're not saying he needs a buff, but at the same time you're saying he should be untargetable while jumping with his W. His kit is not clunky. His Q is very fair as it is now, considering he can spam it and it hits AOE-ish. He might be squishy, but that's the pay-off for having so much range that the enemy laner won't reach him before taking a considerable amount of damage. And when he takes barrier it makes it even harder to kill him. Ziggs is at a fairly good spot now, and he's very annoying to deal with.
You have 3 games on Ziggs in summoners rift, which were a year ago. I wouldnt expect you to see his clunkyness as your going balls deep in his ass on Fizz XD but on a serious note yes, he is in a good spot balance wise right now.
: Fizz gets on a less than 1 meter pole and dodges everything. Even a planet sized nuke-star.
So true haha! I would always ban Fizz if Zed wasnt such an issue as well. You might as well dodge if your playing against a half decent Zed or Fizz because their kit allows them to outplay you but not the other way around :p unless you build hourglass, to bad zeds ult and fizz ult lategame is up twice as fast as your hourglass XD
Tworie (NA)
: I got 9 turrets down by myself as Ziggs, but I still lost, because he has such low damage.
In terms of damage output you HAVE to build magic pen and Liandrys Tourment (unless against an overly squishy comp). His kit is generous in range, therefore his base damage is not great considering its unreliability. Overall if you dont have pen or a dot item your q's will tickle and your mini bombs wont do much since you must get close to use them, which is a bummer since Ziggs hp and hp scaling is the second lowest in the game which correlates to being oneshot if you are close XD Edit: But overall if you stay even or ahead your damage output can be very influential, dont forget about his great teamfight ultimate :)
Infernape (EUW)
: Because Ziggs' W is technically a dash. League has no true Z axis aside from Ziggs' Q (but even then last I checked it simply checks to see if there is a unit on top of it as it bounces and does damage if there is). It's the same way Zac or Tristana can't "jump" over spells.
Oh interesting, I did not consider Trist but I have seen her get screwed over a lot by this.
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Mihalikb (EUW)
: Look at Mordekaiser. Absolute cancer to play against, no counterplay whatsoever. Snowballs hard as hell, his ult is plain and simply an IWIN button. Can play top, mid, jungle and even hot into some picks. Has a 52 to 56% win rate. Riot looks at that and goes... We'll buff his heal by 5%. What? After months and months of Aatrox being spammed top lane, it's now Morde. Worst part.... You could outplay Aatrox. Wasn't easy, but it was doable. Morde does damage by existing near you, slows you by existing near you and his ult almost guarantees a kill. Rito successfully designed a champ whose counterplay is not to play. Asinine.
yeah, my honest opinion is that they keep making radical balance decisions to distract people from the fact that their game is dying :/ I miss season 5-7 ALOT. I got beat more often back then but it felt fair, now its hard to respect 90% of the champions I face in any lane because the enemy will always be the same champion. I wonder how people dont get bored of just hopping around with the meta, thinking they are special when they do well lol
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