: Raps -> Red -> Krugs -> Gank/Go other side You go W for raps, take Q for red so you can smack krugs over the wall and CC red to take less damage. Nobody takes E second on Zac.
Except for the fact the E second is the most popular skill order for him on u.gg and lolalytics and you just get a leash for red like a normal human being
The K (EUW)
: Exact same fucking thing except i didn't go into ranked I went into practice mode. Tried writing bug report but that systems is so messed up that it's unread to actually report a bug there. Tried Re-patching like 7 times, now doing a full repair. Wrote a ticket to riot support a couple hours ago but they don't give a shit. To clarify, you had the Windows cursor instead of League one amirite? no keyboard inputs work in game and mouse is useless too, have to ctrl+alt+del or alt+tab out to close the damn thing? The launcher works fine, but the Game Client itself just went and fucked itself. Great patch by Rito, in this patch we DON'T get to play the game {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} GG Edit: Can confirm 'FULL REPAIR' repairs nothing. It's still unplayable.
Changing game out of borderless fixed it for me
: dude literally just happened to me also I'm sitting in game right now trying to do anything and I literally cant move cant type cant even exit game I cant pull up settings I cant do anything at all in game. I can see chat and I'm getting flamed right now but there is literally nothing I can do about it. I exited at least 5 times and closed client and re logged back in and I still cant do anything at all.
Try changing the game out of borderless. It worked for me
: I cant do anything at all in game
Just started another game still cant move or anything also i'm now on low priority queue
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