: +3 LP for a remake?
This sounds like a decent idea to compensate some for the time wasted in queue and loading screen in a remake, but only if Riot makes SoloQ a TRUE SoloQ. (Where it's you + 4 randoms vs 5 randoms so it can't be abused by duos/2 accounts on different computers)
: Wouldn't {{champion:432}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} basically any of these be more annoying for him than the Leona?
Probably, but leo was just the first one I thought of because of her CC lockdown and tankiness. Also vayne for obvious reasons.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Then you try to teamfight and get kited to death even though you have 1200 stacks.
{{champion:89}} {{champion:67}} botlane makes nasus cry. RIP doggo.
: I have win streaks of 40 in ranked.
So what's it like being a challenger smurf playing in bronze?
: The Struggle For lvl7 Mastery Tokens is Real.
One of, if not the biggest factor in grading seems to be your CS. I've had games with scores like 7/4/2 (not bad, but not particularly good either) but I had like 9-10 CS/min and got S or S+ ranks. Obviously the system is easier on supports and jungle when it comes to CS.
: A cheap way to win a game
I mean all you did was outplay your enemy in a rather unconventional way, nothing bannable about that. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: What is The Best adc to carry low elo?
Any adc with some form of escape or self peel {{champion:51}}{{champion:42}}{{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} is good, since you usually can't rely on your team to peel for you in low elo unless you duo with your support.
Ralanr (NA)
: Who belongs in what subclass?
I guess {{champion:80}} ulted outside of the chart.
Derpyon (NA)
: The hidden gem of frustration of 7.9, Vayne
Shhh, this is how I 1 shot (like legit 1 auto 1 kill) squishies on ADC {{champion:412}} . Allow me my freelo please.
: hey love the new client Riot. just ignore all the players giving you shit about item sets. they seem to not understand that the luxury stuff comes second to things like performance and getting the client actually finished, especially when the 3rd party site is a good alternative for when you guys get the important stuff in the new client all done. =)
The biggest complaint isn't about the item sets, it's being forced to convert to an incomplete product when legacy worked just fine (and is even optimal for some players with slower computers). If Riot is going to force the new client on everybody, they should at least wait until they've ironed out the bugs and increased the performance for slower computers.
: Sorry, we should update that answer because we actually have started development on the item set creator tool and they're probably coming sooner than you think. Hopefully we can share a specific patch date soon. See my other comment higher up in the thread for info on how to use item sets now anyway while you wait.
Have you guys started development on an offline or invisible feature for the new client also? Many of us have been asking for this feature for years now. Edit: Knew it was wishful thinking for a rioter to respond to me :(
: Created a new account
Most players place around low-mid silver when they have no previous ranked games. I went something like 6-4 my first ranked placement and got silver 3, so yes it is quite likely if you go 4-6 or better on placements. You'd have to bomb your placements to get bronze on a fresh account.
Lyseth (NA)
: Dumbest thing you've seen someone say in-game.
I first blood my lane opponent and get "why are you tryharding so much" from all chat **in ranked**.
: Screw that if it is 62-15 and somebody says "GG" they are an A-hole because it wasn't a GG you got blown the fuck out.
I always just say GG as a sign of respect to the other team and to be polite. It literally never occurred to me that people could take that offensively. Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since this is the internet and we live in a PC culture.
: "We fixed Nasus taunt spam because it was obnoxious"
Those taunt spams made me laugh way more often than they tilted me. Bring them back Riot!
: It does though. It allows champs who use skillshots to actually be functional.
Maybe, but it also unfairly affects melee champions more than ranged ones. So for that reason alone, I wouldn't mind seeing it go. Edit: I think I might have misunderstood you, and we might be talking about different things. Just to clarify, I totally agree that minions blocking **skillshots** should stay. What shouldn't is the B.S. amount of re-pathing it takes to get around just a couple minions as a melee champion.
: New Tank Items on the PBE
Finally we get some more decent MR items, so I don't have to build 2 {{item:3065}} against heavy AP teams on my tanks! (because there are almost no other good MR/HP items besides {{item:3102}})
: How do I warm up my vayne mechanics before i start playing?
If you're talking about ranked play, you can play a couple normals before jumping into ranked. That's how I usually test that my ping and concentration on the game are fine before risking MMR and LP. Otherwise, I would just practice combos in a custom or the practice tool until I felt ready.
Doodlzzz (NA)
: The problem isn't tryndamere, it's just that split pushing in lol isn't the most healthy mechanic out there.
That may be true, but split pushing is one of the last consistent ways of carrying losing teammates. With how much mobility and damage is currently in the game, dying means a lot more than it did in past seasons because teams can pretty much take your whole base in one push if they ace you late game. If you split push properly, at least you have a decent chance of making a comeback and even winning the game if your team can't straight up win team fights or contest objectives. As unhealthy as it might be, it's kind of necessary currently.
: I only live to spread the legend.
Ah, modern-day bards are a rare breed indeed.
Aeszarck (NA)
: I got flamed so hard in URF for doing poorly with Ryze. In the post-game lobby, the guy said to "report ryze for being literal s&&&" I just acted positively the whole match, and that apparently pissed him off enough to flip out at whatever I did. I never even acted like I was good either. I admitted how badly I was doing, which just seemed to be fuel in the fire.
: Oh hey, I'm the Nunu Support guy, this thread was just linked to me from someone from my stream (and this game was also streamed). For those of you wondering, this is the game in question: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2454084167/207632867?tab=stats Now click on 'Statistics' and focus especially on 'Total Damage to Champions'. Notice that, in the game in question, our Rengar had 1.5k dmg to champs, our Orianna had 1.4k dmg to champs, and the enemy NAMI had 5.4k. _But every single loss is my fault. _ Yeah, the strat feeds a lot. So what? This is addressed in the FAQ and I think people ridiculously overrate KDA because they can't separate causation from correlation. If you think I intentionally feed in games, or flame, or whatever other nonsense people make up,** actually provide a replay, screenshot, or a link to the game** or stop making things up.
> Yeah, the strat feeds a lot. So what? This is addressed in the FAQ and I think people ridiculously overrate KDA because they can't separate causation from correlation. If you think I intentionally feed in games, or flame, or whatever other nonsense people make up,** actually provide a replay, screenshot, or a link to the game** or stop making things up. So your "strategy" is a free pass for going 0/9/0 in a 19 min game and leaving your ADC to 1v2 or possibly even 1v3 if their jungler shows up? I don't put that much weight into KDA usually, but 0/9/0 **is** inting and helps your team none what so ever from a KDA perspective. From the match history you linked the **ONLY** positive things you gave your team in 19 minutes were 21 wards placed/2 cleared and stealing 16 CS from the enemy jungle. There is no way in hell that makes up for the kills/assists/free objectives/map pressure the enemy team got off of you being dead so often. At this point, it just looks like your strategy is an excuse to troll. (If this isn't the case and you're **actually** serious about the strategy, you have **a lot** of revising in normals games to do.) I can't say whether you flame or not in your games since I've never played with you, but even if you didn't, I'd still dodge if I saw you in my ranked game champion select. If you're so rigid that you're unwilling to change your strategy at all, even when it's obviously not working (48% win rate over past 40 ranked games as nunu), then I think you should rethink your strategy at the very least. Even assuming it did work, it's a fairly miserable way for your ADC to play the game as OP mentioned.
: When bad teammates blame you, what do you do?
Pretty simple actually, mute them.
reiko57 (NA)
: Yeah I keep my champ base small cause I do actually suck with champs I don't play a lot ha, but I appreciate ur efforts mate, ill gift u some rp when I get home. I think maybe the issue could just be statistical variance at this point, if I just keep playing ok, then the bad teams should turn, I should get 50% bad and 50% good After enough games. One more question m8, if I'm getting 24 LP per win and only losing 17, does this factor into who my teammates are? I have actually climbed a tier with a record of 61-70 so the LP differences are helping me a little.
What you gain or lose in LP is determined based on your MMR (hidden number Riot uses to determine who you face in ranked games) and it can determine what sort of teammates you get. If you have higher than normal MMR for example, when it averages the team's MMR to find a match, it may compensate for your higher MMR by giving you teammates with lower MMR to even out the teams. This is why a lot of people on the boards complain about "going on a winning streak (which increases their MMR), and then getting all of these 'boosted teammates' suddenly" until their MMR evens out again. Also based on your LP gain and loss that you posted, it seems that you have MMR that is a bit higher than your current rank. I think that somewhere around 20 per win and 20 per loss is balanced MMR.
reiko57 (NA)
: i've won like 600 normals games. they don't make sense, i actually have a 65% winrate with eve in normals.
I'd stick to what you're comfortable with in ranked for each role. I try to have 2-3 champions for each role in case 1-2 of my best gets banned. For example, top is my main role and my 3 best champions there are {{champion:24}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:83}}. It seems like you're pretty comfortable playing {{champion:28}}, so I'd try to play her as much as you can (practice her in normals too if you want to). Your {{champion:143}} or {{champion:1}} support also looks decent if you get stuck in the support role.
reiko57 (NA)
: thanks ffor the tips, say how many normals games should someone play? like what's a good number of games you'd say for a new player.
Before trying to climb ranked, I'd say that getting around 250-300 **WINS** (not total games) in normals is a good place to start. Playing that many normals should give you a fairly good idea of how to win games, how to avoid losing winnable games, and what to expect from players of various rankings. It will also help you to lock down important skills that come from game experience alone like: learning to CS in lane and under turret, when and where to ward, general map awareness etc. It may sound like a lot of games at first, but if you play 2-3 normal games a day for an entire season it should get you fairly close to that number. As always, it's up to you to decide when you feel ready for ranked. You can try mixing ranked play with normals, ranked only, normals only, whatever works for you. I mainly use normals as practice for ranked.
: What episode of one punch is that????
: Describe a champion's ENTIRE KIT with gifs.
{{champion:24}} Passive (Relentless Assault): http://33.media.tumblr.com/4cc34092edd579b8e5f82ca93e9551ad/tumblr_n8ogvcwgiY1qdlh1io1_500.gif Q (Leap Strike): http://fanaru.com/log-horizon/image/184160-log-horizon-akatsuki-slash.gif W (Empower): http://www.gifbin.com/bin/092009/1251974250_lamp-post-fail.gif E (Counter Strike): http://bestanimations.com/Military/Helicopters/army-military-helicopter-animated-gif-23.gif R (Grandmaster's Might): https://media.giphy.com/media/3o8doXq9UzCSpOd0g8/giphy.gif
reiko57 (NA)
: how do i win games by myself?
Try not to make the common low elo mistakes I finally figured out I was making last season. I finally realized I was making these mistakes after playing normals for most of last season looking to improve my "carry losing teams" skill. At this point, I could usually win my lane, but I was still losing about 40-50% of my games (sounds similar to what you described). After taking the good part of last season to really make an attempt to learn to carry teammates who lost lane, I call these patterns I noticed in my losing games the **7 deadly sins of lost games** (listed below in no particular order): **1. Defaulting to following your team around for ARAM midlane after laning phase. ** -This is probably one of the biggest things that comes to my mind when I remember things that held me back from winning games. This is the main reason that in season 5 and 6 I had 45-50% winrates and was hard stuck in low silver. The reason that doing this is so dangerous is because by always following your team and grouping mid to butt heads over and over you turn the game into a coin flip. It becomes which team has someone get blown up/caught out first and throw the fight or which team's carry gets focused last. Not a reliable method to carry at all in low elo; I know this now from experience. If I see my team still doing this when we're obviously losing teamfights, I'll usually splitpush or look to catch someone in the jungle instead. Remember: Many team comps wont win through 5v5 fights alone, you may have to try other methods such as sieging, baiting objectives to catch someone, or split pushing depending on your team's composition and strengths. **2. Following a soon-to-be-dead ally into a losing fight.** -Also a big factor in losing games at low elo. I can't count the number of times I either participated in, or saw this happen in bronze-silver. If you see a lone ally with half health fighting 3 enemies who have mostly full health, do not be the "hero" who goes in to help and just ends up giving them a 2 for 1. Ping your teammates who try to help away from them, unless you have the clear advantage. It may seem cold to just leave them for dead, but it helps prevent even more deaths. Have personally seen numerous games thrown exactly this way at the 30+ minute mark, which leads to a pretty lame conclusion to a stressful and hard fought game. **3. Letting toxicity get to you.** -This one is fairly simple, don't let toxic teammates bring you down. Save yourself the time and headache by doing /mute all at the beginning and communicate via pings. **4. Chasing kills far beyond what you should.** -Happens mostly in bronze from what I recall, but chase enemies a reasonable amount (ex: until they burn flash, all your abilities are on cool down, or you risk dying by chasing them further) then move on if they escape you. Chasing a low health enemy for another 20s is a massive waste of time that just squanders any lead you may have and lets them get back in the game. Not to mention they could potentially bait you and your team into an ace if you chase long enough. Take/threaten an objective instead while they base. **5. Favoring kills over CS/objectives.** -Another big problem at low elo, CS/objectives should always be prioritized over kills. Don't get me wrong, kills are definitely a good thing, but far too often I have seen people drag out (and then lose) games by favoring kills, when taking objectives while the other team was dead or lacking numbers probably could have ended the game 5 mins ago. Have also made several comebacks from behind by focusing on CSing and objectives while the enemy team tries to pad their KDA and boast in all chat. **6. Forgetting to defend base/not pushing out lanes before fighting for objectives.** -This point is fairly important, but not really mentioned in most "escaping low elo" guides I see. The point behind pushing out lanes before grouping to take objectives is that if you lose the fight, the waves pushed to your enemy buys you time to defend while your team respawns. It's a play-from-behind tactic that can prolong the game long enough for late game team comps to become relevant. However, when doing this remember to ward up the jungle or river and constantly watch the minimap so you don't get caught while pushing out lanes. Forgetting to push lanes before an objective has sometimes lead to a near ace (3-4 dead on our team) near baron/dragon with a wave already pushing into our base, and the other team just waltzes in and wins basically for free. **7. Getting tilted and continuing to play ranked.** -Another simple point, but if you're tilted from last game just take a break. Emotions from last game can cloud your judgement and make you more likely to make a bad decision you would have caught had you not been tilted. I personally quit playing ranked for the day once I lose 3 ranked games (they don't have to be in a row). Best of luck out there in ranked!
: Sorry for asking, but what does Auditing mean?
An audit is a formal review of something. It's usually used in the business world to mean that a company has someone come in (or someone inside the company if it's an internal audit) to make sure that the company is doing important activities such as accounting or internal controls correctly.
: Wouldn't it be awesome if your main had a global ult?
{{champion:24}} The champ, coming to a lane near you soon! Now he can beat you down with a magical lantern from across the map every 3rd auto! (AS/AP build for maximum destruction anyone?)
: Will Jax ever get any meaningful help? Or is he one of those champions slated for rework much later
Don't rework him. I don't want Riot to screw up my favorite champ in a rework that leaves him weak or totally changed from old jax. He's not even close to a bad enough state right now to warrant a rework imo.
ilMarcos (NA)
: have you find any solution yet?
Nope, I still get random bouts of lag and low responsiveness to commands every now and then. Ping is around 70 and FPS is 60+ the whole way through these episodes usually. Recently had a game where I spammed my ability constantly for a good 3 seconds before it even registered I had used a spell, and then I used it and immediately died. My opponent was hitting me with no retaliation the entire time, and I was stuck watching my character chase my opponent around doing nothing for 3 seconds, while I was actively using spell and movement commands that the client didn't pick up on. Ping and FPS remained unchanged the whole time.
: Now, I can get behind this. 18 minute inhibs is fucking stupid.
: As they should... I'm just saying but Boards is a minority.. A OUT spoken minority. There's millions of League players, how many do you think are on boards.
Well, your money and your presence on the boards/LoLReddit are the best ways to make your opinions known to Riot. It's like voting, where the people who play but don't post on the boards ever are the ones who don't get their vote counted each election cycle. If you're fine with never using your board account, then you shouldn't complain about not being counted when you never voiced an opinion in the first place. Riot can take all the data they want about "the majority of players do x or y", but they still won't completely understand the player's opinion that way. At least us voicing opinions on the boards and LoLReddit gives them direct insight.
: huh....implant means putting something in, right? And lobotomy is destroying the brain?
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Just because the Market has a voice, doesn't mean it should be listened to. People detested Radio when it first came out, simply because it was new and different. People think Vaccines cause Autism. People think Fluoride in the water is going to turn our children into Nazi Zombies who are bad at math.
So what? Riot just continues to largely ignore the player base and our suggestions and ends up with a dead game in 5 years? Listening to the market should be a given if you want to have a healthy product that lasts.
: I don't know about that man. I saw what it did to WOW.
Just curious, but could you elaborate on that? I don't play WoW, so I'm not sure what you're referring to.
Rioter Comments
: You know whats horrendous? The fact that people can't farm and stall out the game instead of dying over and over... A shit load of my losses have very low scorelines because I refuse to participate in feeding the enemy more instead of trying to farm and be useful later on. Climbing would be so much easier if people could understand this. Also if you think im flat out blaming others, trust me I have my fair share of games where I fuck up and become that boosted bonobo.
I can't even count the number of games where my team's only treamfight strategy seems to be "aram midlane" (silver elo). It makes it super annoying to try and carry losing games when all they'll do is group as 4 mid and fight the fed enemy team, even while I'm trying to push out top or bot and let them know by pinging caution and saying "Don't fight yet, I'm pushing out x lane". Next thing you know, you hear "Enemy triple kill!" followed by question mark pings on you from your dead allies. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
DJ Lucio (NA)
: What do people do on your main that "trigger" you?
**_My Jax pet peeves (in order of their annoyance to me, from most to least annoying)_**: {{champion:24}} players who forget they have an ult... {{champion:24}} players who waste their E (dodge/stun ability) in clear sight of an auto attack reliant enemy such as {{champion:122}}{{champion:92}}{{champion:23}}{{champion:17}}{{champion:10}} , and then try to all in 2 seconds later and die {{champion:24}} players who **won't** ward hop for whatever reason, even if it could save them {{champion:24}} players who don't use their {{item:3153}} or {{item:3146}} actives ever {{champion:24}} players in low elo who are fed, but put more stock in grouping with a losing team (one often making bad calls, hence why they're losing) than splitting to take objectives {{champion:24}} players who go into a game high or drunk and feed (you give the rest of us a bad name >_> , and it happens more often than you think)
: LCS has 0 to do with SoloQ balance
On a related note, I feel that if Riot separated low elo from high elo in SoloQ it could do a world of wonders for both SoloQ and league balance. For example, they could cut SoloQ into 2 queues of players that range from say, Bronze V to Platinum I and another for Diamond V to Challenger. Then they can just balance the two groups separately in patches to make both groups of players happy without infringing on the other group. Perhaps there could be crossovers between the two queues for things like **placements** (i.e. Challenger players can still be placed in Platinum I at the season start), **rank drops/promotions** (Diamond V player loses several games and drops to Platinum I again), **cases where a player's MMR is lower/higher than their rank suggests** (Platinum I player gets put into a Diamond III MMR game because their MMR is quite a bit higher than their current rank), or **to alleviate longer queue times at the higher elos** (matchmaking can't find a suitable player to start the match after 10 mins of searching for a Diamond V MMR game, so it begins looking for Platinum I players with Diamond V MMR) but there wouldn't be much interaction besides those cases. Also, this change would allow autofill to be enabled only for high elo players, _who are the ones that asked for it in the first place anyway_. Queue times are low enough from Bronze to Platinum that we don't really need autofill for "shorter queue times".
Tsukic (EUNE)
: Champions that should be getting skins next year
{{champion:24}} already has like 8 skins besides pax , and he got the warden skin added semi recently.
: You forgot the last and most confusing type of ranked game: It's silver, so scenario one happens, but they throw at a ton, get aced, flame each other, and lose.
: Who are those champions that you never see?
{{champion:266}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:19}} These are all ones that I rarely/never see.
Rioter Comments
ursachio (EUNE)
: Why ranked games are soo hard at the begining of the season?
All the ranks got shifted down approximately one entire tier (besides masters+ players) because of the reset. Give it another month or two for people to get closer to where they belong and ranked will be back to normal.
Rebonack (NA)
: Why doesn't Xin's horse in the Commando splash have shades?
Because -2 dmg instead of -1 from {{summoner:14}} and {{champion:89}} spells would be too over the top.
: what am i supposed to understand with this? that around 8 min in the game jax can push faster than 5 people~~ and against a tower that has damage reduction?~~
Yes, that was the joke that apparently flew over your head.
: first blood tower in toplane against a tower that has damage reduction and 5 enemies hitting botlane tower after killing 2 people seems legit
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