: FACTIONS — Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread
Signed up for Bandle City. I have 40+ champions, but it looks like most of them are from that faction lol.
: As a support player, I do feel like you could do more fundamental stuff. Stuff like itemisation improvements are huge boons to people who already like the role but nobody who doesn't main support is gonna be looking at the new Grail or the buffed Censer/Crucible and thinking "Yes, this will make support so much more fun"! Fun items are nice to have if you already like the basics of the role but people don't like the basics. To be honest, I don't think the role will ever be as popular as one would like until all of these issues are addressed: 1. XP - biggest one. Being under-levelled is just crappy. I realise you guys are making changes but unless my experience in games next patch surprises me, I think the changes will be very small. Supports will still be under-levelled which automatically makes them feel like the weakest champions on the map and there's no reason that has to be the case. You guys can afford to push support XP much more aggressively than you are doing, as I don't think anyone could come up with a realistic problem arising from supports having the same or higher level as the rest of their team. 2. Gold - not much to say about this that isn't obvious, but as with XP there is room to push gold income for supps higher. Personally I feel that putting a "X% increased passive gold generation from items" passive on Sightstone would go a long way to increasing support income while elegantly managing to avoid buffing the item for junglers or creating any must-buy items for other laners. 3. Freedom of map movement - Sightstone's design is a problem that will always lead to bad feelings. Supports have their map movement restricted massively by the vision game and often the need to stick by allies as is - having to recall every 2 minutes for no reason other than needing to recharge Sightstone is the definition of feelsbadman. Other roles can spend ages on the map AFK clearing waves if they want - why do I need to recall instantly just because I wanted to put decent vision around dragon/baron? As a support main who loves almost everything about it, that bugs me. No other roles have crap like that handicapping them. tl;dr the role will be golden and at least somewhat popular if it isn't automatically comfortably the weakest role in any one team and if map presence isn't tied to being stingy with ward charges.
I'm a little wary about exp and gold changes on support roles. If these changes were implemented into items or mastery, there's a chance that other roles may abuse it. However, I think giving gold regeneration passive on sightstone is a good idea since it is an item that would not be built exclusively for its gold regeneration. As for the exp boost, that may be harder to manage, but in my personal experience as a Janna main in season 6, I am still able to provide what I need to provide despite being 3 levels below everyone else. Of course, that sort of standpoint varies between dmg dealers like Zyra or Vel'koz and babysitters like Soraka or Janna.
: If what you're saying is true, how did I ever get S ranks on my Leona. And you're not getting the point of the answer Riot gave. It depends on champions/roles you're playing. If everyone is scoring 0.5 KDA on specific champion, you only need like 1.0 KDA to get an S. The point is, not everything is dependent on KDA/damage. It depends on how well you are doing RELATIVELY. Janna is one of those champions that is easier to get higher KDA on, which is why pro-players ran Mejai on Janna because she can easily get assists without dying. Therefore, higher KDA doesn't mean as much compared to other high-risk champions like Leona.
If you want that S or S+, you basically have to play them in a role that they don't normally play. Let's take Leona for example. At the end of the game, if you played Leona support, your score will be compared to others playing Leona support as well. **BUT** If you played Leona jg, you will find it much easier to attain the S/S+ due to the statistically lower role for that champion. I remember Redmercy talking about this, and this method seems to work.
: Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
I think dynamic queue can stay if the maximum number of people to queue with is three instead of four or five. Having four people to queue with will make the fifth random uncomfortable, and having five would be the same as team rank honestly.
: My number one question: What is Taric's dance reference?
I believe it's a reference to the song "Vouge" by Madonna.
: Remember Teemo Support. That was on the champion info.
1. Never forget fiddlestick support {{item:3070}} {{champion:9}}
: Champion Insights: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
_"In early playtests, we had his V-neck going to the bottom of his pecs, but during internal testing a few Rioters gave the feedback that the V-neck needed to reveal more, **to go deeper**. They wanted all the Taric they could get. **So deeper we went**."_ I feel like I read something _~~dirty~~_ magnificent
Ðiamant (NA)
: Are we supposed to have enough key fragments to open our free chests? Or is the intent to have to buy keys in order to unlock the chests we get from S ranks. As it stands, there are way fewer fragments dropping to open the default chests even with the monthly resets.
I think i read somewhere that the keys' drop rate decrease each time you get a new one. These drop rates are reset each month.
: Maybe if you didn't whine so much they would bring it back
I thought I was the only one. Thank goodness{{item:3151}}
: Dear Draven
Dear Draven, _Where's Amumu's party?_ ╭( ๐_๐)╮
Shayapig (NA)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions. How do i "redeem" myself?
You should send in a ticket to the Riot Support
Jakkura (NA)
: I bought about $65 worth of crates and only got 3 gemstones total. And with the drop rates and amount of chests allowed per MONTH, this is going to be a while.
You might as well buy the actaul skins with that $65 instead of the hextech loot {{item:3151}}
: Ask an Orianna Main - Completed
I love this post since I've tried to pick up Orianna before (with a 50-50 chance in matches). I would like to know if you aim for the maximum 40%-45% with the build you mentioned above? I find myself around 30% CDR probably?
: League less lonely: launching Clubs
I like this club system. I especially like the way C9 Rush made a 'club' and used it as a note taking system for his wins and losses. Haha, a great idea
: League less lonely: launching Clubs
Seems like a great addition to a social game {{summoner:31}}
What I want most for Orianna is to have more skins with particles changes {{item:3070}}


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