: This game is not good do not waste your money on it! Look at all the boards threads and think if you really want to invest in this game.
But I'm not wasting money, it's all free, just cost me my time.
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: If you JUST hit level 30 you are not going to enjoy the experience... Avoid solo-queue as though your life depended on it, find a buddy that is good at the game if you do decide to play ranked. Trust me when I say ranked is home to some of the most toxic players in the game, it will only be a matter of time before you run into them. Get the report button ready if things go south and try not to retaliate before, during or after the match.
I've seen a lot of toxic people as I've been leveling up. Sometimes they are funny and I get a laugh, but most of the time I just mute their chat and ping when I need assistance in jungle. I also haven't hit 30 yet, I'm sitting at 25 and am noticing the mmr fluctuating in my matches as i get closer. It seems like the system is trying to find a good elo for me, but I just want to make sure that's correct and I'm not instantly going to be iron because I'm "new"
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