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: Gnar Q&A - Creative [COMPLETED]
Do you feel personally that Gnar has meaningful weaknesses? It just seems like the development team has created another resourceless, ranged, melee, ungankable, permabanned mess for balance department to clean up. That said he looks extremely exciting and kudos to the development team for making an interesting kit that stands out.
: Personally I don't like this idea at all. Mostly because it has to make the item much more broken for skilled players and generally feel worse for everyone else (especially since ping different would really matter and MR itemization is **awful **enough as it is, which is the real reason you see so many BVs), and it removes the counter play of being able to poke off the shield to begin with since it could always be saved til when you wanted. Think about in pro play they would almost use (or try to use) it block enemy ultimate abilities thus punishing the aggressor even more potentially now than it does currently, being able to null an enemy ult on demand is an insane amount of power. Besides I feel like this change is making it too similar {{item:3139}} or {{item:3157}} territory.
I agree, being able to choose what enemy spell you block would be a big change, but it would be a change already implemented in the game. Is Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness game breaking? How about Sivir's Spellshield? The truth is, single spell spell shields are an extremely high skill capped mechanic that even pro players mess up. Just because you can't pop Banshee's like you used to, you can still fire several abilities at once, making it less likely they'll block the right one. A 2 minute Spell shield is far from game breaking, and in many ways is a much stronger alternative. The current Banshee's is significantly more oppressive in it's current state, as it allows backline champions to sit in a literal bubble of safety at all times. I think Merc Scimitar and Zhonyas serve very different purposes in the game. With Mercurial Scimitar, you can stop CC AFTER it's happened. Banshee's Veil would be incapable of doing this in it's new form, thus giving both items a niche. As for being like Zhonya's, it's simply not. Also, saying this new Banshee's is broken for skilled players and worse for everyone else is a really pessimistic way of saying it would increase the skill cap of the game. Isn't a higher skill cap a good thing? I don't know about you, but the most rewarding feeling in the game to me is a well timed item active. Is it really fair to say something isn't viable because some players have higher ping, when there are already hundreds if not thousands of events in league that require decent ping to react to?
: I like it! Especially, how the spectre's cowl passive is included. I wonder, though, if the active is necessary at all. What if you just applied this cooldown mechanic to the existing banshees? As to the new mechanic, the only change I'd like to see is from this: >Unique Passive: When an enemy ability is used within range, 10 seconds is taken off Banshee's Cry. This can occur a maximum of 8 times between casts (with a minimum cool down of 40 seconds.) To this: >Unique Passive: Nearby enemy spellcasts reduce Banshee's Cry's cooldown by 10 seconds. (Occurs up to 2 times every 10 seconds) 1. Phrasing is in line with how riot says it elsewhere (karma's passive, tear). 2. With the previous iteration, I'm concerned about the case where teams go looking for an engage. They each pop many of their banshees, but don't get a catch onto priority targets. They DO cast more than 8 spells. Now all of their banshees are on 40 second cooldowns. They back off and wait out the 40 seconds, like they do currently, just on a slightly longer timer. With this version, it forces people to expose themselves multiple times while their banshees is off cooldown.
I think your idea is a really solid improvement over mine. I'm going to edit my post to reflect your charging idea, the point you made about simply waiting for 8 stacks is entirely valid
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