: I don't neccisarily even think changing Q to a skillshot would be interopretated as a nerf...MANY players prefer skillshot to point and click. I think Giving it the Olaf Axe Throw treatment is a good idea for a change. Do I think he needs a change? No. But i'd be cool with this change if they decided to go through with it, I don't think it would make or break him, just slightly change him.
Same. Like i said this idea was sole to make his lane phase less...linear. i mean how many different ways can you q people into oblivion before it gets old lol. Olaf axe sounds like a good idea but i was thinking more like how people use to hunt in the old days. You throw a spear to wound an animal so you can finish it off. I came up eith a unique condition it would apply but am not well versed enough to say weather it's ok or not. It read something like this "...champions hit directly by pantheon spear are dealt bonus ad damage and are crippled for 3 seconds. *crippled* champions that are crippled take bonus % current health ad damage from basic attacks" So the idea would be you r to a bush, then q, if it directly hits you catch up to then and all in them.
Awhegark (NA)
: Your suggestion makes it fun for you, but I am sure that every pantheon player will no longer want to touch him, cause his entire kit is now fuked up after making his Q a skill shot.
I disagree. After Zilean's bomb became a skill shot his gameplay only increased. It gave play making potential instead of just guaranteed damage
Awhegark (NA)
: https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/7-21-ye-olde-pantheon-top-434732 No, stop making threads after playing a champion 5 times please. If played correctly Pantheon Dominates his lane, he can freeze minions and force the enemy top laner to be behind 40 farm, look at the guide for more information. Got a lot of wins in silver with him recently.
Not making a comment on his viability, just suggesting ways to make him more fun. Not wanting to need him or buff him, this was just a thought to make lanning with him a bit more multi-dimensional. Plus this would give him a way of surviving tanks easier too. Enjoyability was the only purpose of this idea
xGunna1 (EUW)
: yasuo and zed were for months permabanned and no nerfs yet but squishy ap galio permabanned one day
...I witnessed a galio q deal 1500+ap...neither zed nor yasuo ever had that potential
Quepha (NA)
: I think they should just let people pick a skin out of the victorious line for their reward. Their skin pipeline is now too slow to actually ensure it's on a champion that was relevant that season, so why should the skins only be restricted to that certain season?
I love this idea! Make new victorious skins every year, but let the player pick!
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: Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot
The only reason i bought the pass was because i dont play other video games. I may play destiny but aside from that i dont spend money on video games anymore. That being said, i was really hoping missions would be a way for people who play this as a "free to play" game, to get some cool stuff that people who pay get. I guess i was wrong
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: They talked about it in today's NA LCS, Kobe (or Jatt) was saying about how he's seen complaints about catch up XP but no one ever mentions the gold deficit. Even if he's the same level as you, you're going to be way up in gold which in theory should make you more useful.
I see your point: however, you may have a gold advantage but you still get the raw base stat increase with the levels which makes gold advantage less noticiable ESPECIALLY in the jungle. when a tank jungler who has 50 cs and is 1/5/3 at 20 min and a fighter/mage jungler that is 150 cs and 5/3/6 at 20 min, and the tank jungler is more efficient and more useful, there is something wrong. There is no risk right now for making early risky plays and also not much reward either. If you get first blood and burn a few sums, no sweat off your shoulder, just play farmville for 5 min and the gold/exp advantage will be basically not there anymore. It is very frustrating as a non-tank jungler to get a early lead, and then have it nullified by a rammus in 5 min
: i tired the best team comp for it and still couldnt get past the vel koz
yes, the vel are rediculous...especially the laser ones that spawn outside the circle
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: correct, that is their intention.
ok just making sure lol
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: The only real hard part on Lee is getting good Insec plays. The rest is quite straightforward
the hard part for me is war hoping without pausing and doing the spell buffering...took me long enough to learn rivens fast combo...
: Every single moment that pass in the ADC meta I want to quit this game
It was the same way in the "unkillable tank meta"...at least in adc meta the games end faster so you can move on lol
: @Riot, did you know that..
I get that lee has a high skill floor to master and make work like he is supposed to do. But god dammit if i HATE playing against a good lee. If you arent prepared for it, he is impossible to catch, and does SO MUCH DAMAGE early game. Im in Gold 5 and i ban lee every game just so that i dont accidentally run into a smurf lee because i honestly dont know how to outplay him
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Sciela (NA)
: Ornn's mini bar doesn't update.
I literally just posted about this! im glad it isnt just me
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: Better hot fix Garen, Evelynn, Xin, Fizz, Zed, and Ekko. ;)
theres a significant difference here...yes those champs are pretty ridiculous, but if 5 people jump on any of them at once then they die...maokai doesnt
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: Most games that have this change have died from what I can tell. I myself am competitive. I'm not good enough to be high level, but I'm trying to get up there. But, if Riot asks me to pay to play, I won't play League anymore.
Im not suggesting the entire game go to pay to play, just ranked. norms, aram, twisted ect...would all remain free to play whenever
Kill 99 (NA)
: That is a antiquated subscription based model. That worked in the early 2000's but with a plethora of games crowding the market has quickly caused large player bases to migrate. The merchandise based model draws far more players and money. Furthermore that will not solve ur core issue. You must be the new generation of gamers. Gaming has always been filled with toxicity and trolling. There are features embedded in the game for people who are sensitive, such as the mute button. A far better solution would be for you to develop the skill set to not allow written words from complete strangers cognitively and emotionally effect you. This skill set that gaming helps you develop goes far beyond the gaming world and is a great real life skill set to have.
It isnt the words...i mute everyone the second they say something stupid. Its the gameply. People play ranked like norms...they play champs they dont know how to play, they have a care free attitude when it comes to working as a team ect...i dont care if someone flames me...its whatever, but i cant mute someones gameplay
: I'm sorry, I thought this game was Free-To-Play. It's not a Subscription-Based MOBA.
...i believe i made it pretty clear the every other game mode would remain free, but if you wanted to compete on a competative basis you would have to put some skin in the game
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: Teemo jungle is more valid than a first-time riven top.
...im in bronze...i highly doubt the player had the skill to pull it off
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khorney (NA)
: there is a reason they tell you to have a good champion pool. supp is the easiest role to play in the game........ poeple do not like it becuase its boring and has no impact in the game.
then you honestly dont play support correctly. Every pro team constantly says that their support wins their games. Adrian on immortals single handedly won teamfights with well placed janna ults, and well timed soraka ults. Learn what an actuayl support lane is
khorney (NA)
: i could becuase my champion pool allows it......
just because you can play a mid champ, doesnt mean you can play the lane. Warding habits, lane freezes, ganks happen differently in each lane. Even if you can play the champ you dont know the environment. Thats why im a terrible support. Im a mid laner. I dont know when to go in with an adc or when to play safe. I dont know when to leave my adc and go ward, or when to stay and sweep. A lane is more complex than a champion
khorney (NA)
: ohh yes i feel like playing supp 95% of the time like i had to in season 6 becuase u typical selfish pricks can refuse .....
you cannot honestly say, if in fact you did play support 95% of the time, that you could play top, jungle, or mid with any sort of competence. Because you haven't practiced it.
khorney (NA)
: ohhhh yes so other people have to supp every match and hearing you compl;ain to the supp everty match. yes thats what we want
i know quite a few support mains. That's why i didn't learn the role. So yeah, let the support mains play support or learn the role. I am not going to learn it because i know 3 people who play it regularly. I't talking about the support main that gets filed into the Jungle role and has no idea what to do. Or the top main who get place in adc, and also doesnt know how to play an adc champ
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: Really watching players like BoxBox instructional videos are the best way to go for FastQ combo and other animation cancels. Casting "E" before another spell will cancel the animation of the second cast spell if you do it fast enough, but that's a very basic tip. Fast Q will probably take a long time to learn. BoxBox, Revenge, Viper and BRNA are all high elo Riven players. Viper even receives praise from players like Bjergsen in game.
the biggest problem im having is, clicking the ground and retargeting the enemy in a short time withough Q'ing through them. Would "attack move" help out? Also...Q'ing over walls is tricky as fuck...i will q over a wall and then try to do it again later and i wont go over the same wall
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: Team Summon V [Recruiting]
Role: Top lane IGN: JustSir Current rank: Bronze 3 (forever trapped) Season 5 rank: silver 4 (1 win away from silver 3) Main champs: Vladimir (Mastery 6) Fiora (Mastery 5) working on Swain and Ryze Secondary role: Support Secondary champs: Nami, Morgana, Sona Communication: Skype, Curse, I can download whatever you guys want Contributions: usually dominate top lane presence. Most of the time I shove top lane to tier 2 before applying global pressure (because bronze life sucks). Useually have highest CS score in the game and am VERY newtral objective based...always pinging dragon...especially Ocean Drake! Biggest weakness: where do I begin...I struggle with map awareness, I often underestimate my lane opponent, I really should start applying enemy jungle presume but I don't because I don't want to make a mistake....I'm very self critical I really just want to get gold...I just need to play with good players so I can learn.
: ooorrrrrrrrr. you could attach a brain, go do the research yourself, and figure it out. I don't want to debate another idiot on the boards over champion balance because not once, not fucking once have i ever changed someones view. If you want me to try and set up serious arguments. I will. He can wait out zhonyas and do it again later. Low CD on his ult, especially with the passive, this goes for all of them. Shutting him down is a lot harder than you think. I've played a lot of ryze (mastery 6) and ive fed, gotten 2 items, and then walked back into a lane and one shot someone. His early game is not bad in the slightest. He is not all or nothing. He does not require the same amount of snowball as a lot of champions. I fail to see how any of those would counter him. He would out damage vlad in a fight, maokai would get kited, swain would get bursted, dodge cass's Qs and shes nothing, ori and viktor can sort of zone him, more so orianna but it would not shut down his late game completely. I've played a lot of ryze. People hate playing against a good ryze, i hate playing against a good ryze. He does not feel fair in the slightest, because he isn't. He needs this rework. The only reason why his winrate is so low is becasue they tanked his numbers and everything that made him good. I cannot wait for this rework. I want my favorite champion to stop being this much of an issue.
Omg finally! Jesus! Those are all valid points! And I agree with you that because you have champion mastery 6 on him, and know exactly how to use him well, that he is busted as fuck...but shouldn't that be a reward for putting that much effort into learning a champion? Anyone with half a brain can pick...I don't know...fiora and go dancing in top lane and carry a game pretty easily...but she kinda...doesn't get any better the more you play her. You get better at riposte timings and such but you can't really do much else with her. That's kinda why I like ryze now. If you put the time and effort into learning him you get to evaporate someone. But you can't just pay 450ip, unlock ryze, and do that. I agree with your points and that he busted. BUT only on people who know how to play him...surely you can agree to that point! The casual player isn't going to play ryze because they can't use him.
: i can see you refuse to see that he is a problem champion that needs fixes. Thats fine, you are still wrong, but ok. Im not wasting my time trying to convince you.
The only arguments you put forward are "he was busted" and sited an video from patch 5.10 (which since then Ryze has been nerfed several times) I refuted you arguments, if you can call them that, and you have not provided 1 point other than out dated video which is irrelivant at this point in time. Not sure how you "proved" he's problem champ when I have listed SEVERAL relevant and easy to acquire answers for him. Might want to learn how to form an argument and refute points with UP TO DATE information and evidence
: so. Just because he takes skill doesn't mean he is allowed to be insanely unbalanced.
Not at all. There are 3 things that break the permastun stun. Zhonyas for ap champs, qss for adc's, and cleanse for midlaners...breaks the combo and ryze has to walk away. Shut him down so he has to get rod later than 15 min and he is basically just a tank at that point. He is a all or nothing champ...just like vayne...either you let them get the farm and be beasts late game, or you shut them down and they are useless Plus he is pretty easy to counter. Mid lane: Cass, orianna, viktor ect.. Top lane: VLAD, swain, maokai ect...
: I don't know, man. I thought he was kind of boring before. Frankly I wish they'd start changing Champs that have liw-interactive skills more often. Despite the boredom, his perma-stun was BS.
He could only consistently permanent stun after he leveled up his ult a 2nd time unless they built strait cdr which is very inneficient. Also, the permastun combo requires these spells in this order EVERY TIME q w q e q w...I've been playing ryze for a year now and I only get that combo to land once or twice a week. Plus cleanse, qss, zhonyas all fuck the combo up and then ryze has to run away. I will give you the boring part, but I kind of thought tryING to master the combo was pretty exciting But I appreciate you commenting instead of just downvoting...this is what I want...and exchange of points and thoughts :)
: no. no. and no. He needed to be changed. That "non existant skill ceiling" led to shit like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ckIwozedAY
That was a 5.10 video. He could no longer permanent bind unless you hit your spells PERFECTLY...most bronze, silver, even gold players (myself included) rarely did it perfectly every time Also you can't just buy ryze and do that to people. It takes alot of practice...ALOT of practice to nail the combo because you have to do it so fast
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