: I'm trying not to get banned but at the same time...
Step 0: Ban Yasuo Step 1: Turn off All chat and mute cocky/aggressive/toxic players as they come up. Step 2: Don't make your pick something that relies on your team to function. Sorry Ivern mains. Step 3: Focus on winning what you directly have control over. If you play top, learn to control the lane, take scuttlecrabs, get a numerical advantage, then don't die. Step 4: Broaden you impact on the game. Gank mid. Gank Bot. Help the jungler take a risky invade. Step 5: Accept that there is only so much you can do and don't sweat the small losses. Step 6: Win or lose, say good game and leave. if you want to see your stats, do so in match history. Just take post-game out of the equation entirely.
: The Mental Gymnastics of Toxic Players
We got a mute button very early in the development of the game. Make use of it.
: Unfairly Suspended for 14 Days
I pity you for whatever personal things you've got going on that make you need to belittle others, but I don't pity your attitude toward the game and the things you derive pleasure from. Maybe consider consulting a psychiatrist or your general practice doctor.
: Lol. I'm the guy who wins mid lane so hard to the point that not even a fed bot, top, and jungler can stop my team's inevitable victory. Then, I spam "GGEZ" in chat, essentially telling them that their efforts were useless. It's definitely the most satisfying feeling in the game. It's kind of sad that you get offended by people who say "EZ", but that's just my opinion.
> [{quoted}](name=2girls1Michael,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=86svuo7m,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2018-08-23T13:36:13.965+0000) > > Lol. I'm the guy who wins mid lane so hard to the point that not even a fed bot, top, and jungler can stop my team's inevitable victory. Then, I spam "GGEZ" in chat, essentially telling them that their efforts were useless. It's definitely the most satisfying feeling in the game. It's kind of sad that you get offended by people who say "EZ", but that's just my opinion. Riot Games, and the player behavior squad, actively frown upon saying GGEZ as opposed to "ggwp" or any other variation of "GG" so it isn't like im just nitpicking, you however, are. You made this forum post asking for advice and, after reading some of the other responses and your replies to them, I'm finding your request for advice highly dubious. My prior post is full of sound advice and specific examples of things to avoid, if you wish to retain your account and continue playing league of legends I strongly suggest you follow it. If, however, you simply want to contest small parts of the whole and insult me then by all means, continue this behavior so that we players who enjoy the game don't have to see you on the rift. :)
: Unfairly Suspended for 14 Days
Let's begin shall we? As I break this down for you, try to remember that I have been playing the game for more than 8 years, and that in that time my account has received _maybe_ one warning from a time when punishment was based on the Tribunal of your peers and not the current system. Game One and toxic behavior: "Sorry bout the afk" leads me to believe that you were actively and intentionally afk at some point during your ranked match. can't tell how long or what the reason is, but AFK is reportable. "ez game noobs" can't tell if this is all chat or team chat, but it isn't likely to matter. noob is not exactly a term of endearment and while I personally do not find it all that insulting, other players will, and even if they don't report you for calling them noob, it does nothing to improve their attitude toward you. " get clapped, garbage, back to bots boys" All phrases that, like noob, actively insult and openly shame players. This is the beginning of toxic behavior, so while you're not using profanity or calling anyone out directly, it IS toxic and WILL negatively impact your teammates. Then there is the absolute atrocity of the post-game chat. Don't do this. Post-game is not safe. if you won, move on to your next game. if you lost, move on to your next game. There is absolutely no reason to behave this way in post chat. Some key phrases that will easily get you reported: "Go back to bots. You guys are terrible. you should go back to normals. stay in silver." making fun of other player's rank. "you guys are garbage, you should uninstall" This is the picture of toxicity in League of Legends. Game 1 alone easily earned you at least 3, probably more like 5 or 6 individual instances of bannable behavoir, and as people have already said: Coming off another punishment without any correction in behavior shows that you require more punishment. Tyler1 should not be who you strive to be. Game Two and toxic behavior: Pre Game: generally speaking nothing in pre game chat is all that bad on its own, as it appears to be directed mostly at yourself, once again however, acting this way does nothing to make your team like you. if people like you, they usually wont report you if you have one or two disparaging comments at the state of the game. In Game: "i like that attitude of yours, might cost us the game" now i know that we cant see what he said, but this is highlighted as another statement that does not make people like you. special note: this is the first time i see profanity, i assume that these were mild games for you in the profanity department, but just don't curse. just don't. best advice. So here we come onto a stream of comments that appear to be you arguing with another player that was upset with how you're playing. this was catalyzed by your pre-game comments as clearly the first thing the other person said was something like "no wonder you have garbage winrate" while I don't feel that it is toxic to attempt to defend yourself, many many people will simply report both of the people who were arguing. if another player is being toxic to you, make use of the mute button found by holding tab and looking for the megaphone near their name. "2girls1Michael: guys 2girls1Michael: want a dance party 2girls1Michael: I got disco 2girls1Michael: singed 2girls1Michael: come to your red 2girls1Michael: I'll bring you a treat" Clearly, this is you in all chat either attempting to bait the enemy team into a bad fight in their jungle, or you attempting to start intentional feeding. Turn off all chat. you'll vastly reduce your number of reports if you do, as long as you also follow my advice and never talk in post game chat. more all chat more all chat more all chat ggez spam. spamming is also a bannable offence, not to mention that doing so is 100% likely to bring unwanted attention to your account. It's almost like you want the entire enemy team to report you... Post Game: Just dont talk in post game. stop it. why do people do this. you start off begging for honor (not bannable but certainly dishonorable and uncool) after a game where it appears that you were feeding early, drawing unwanted attention to yourself, and then at the end of the game trying to dance with the enemy team and broadcasting your location in all chat. none of this is honorable gameplay. You proceed to put down another player, talk about how you're better than them, and then insult their ranking again. pretty consistent toxic behavior. In Summary: Yes. your 14 day ban is deserved if and only if you're coming off of prior punishment, which you are. No, I would not be sad to see your account perma-banned. If you don't turn this kind of behavior around you're going to be permabanned. End of Story. My advice is this: TURN OFF ALL CHAT. STOP SPAMMING. DON'T SAY EZ. seriously, i report so many people for this, often times members of my team. just don't do it. i dont care if the score was 58/2 and you took all 9 towers yourself. I dont care how easy the game was. say Good Game and move on. DON'T TALK IN POST GAME CHAT. I really can't emphasize this enough. **_DO NOT TALK IN POST GAME CHAT._** nope... still not enough emphasis. + bonus edit: You should probably think about changing that name of yours as well. At best it shows that you're the cocky playah type that mostly just comes off as douche-ey. If you want to turn your account around and not be permabanned you need to ACTIVELY start improving your relationships with random players. First impressions matter, and I'm alot more willing to be understanding with a player who doesn't have a name that makes me think of a meathead with frosted tips and a way too tight white polo.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Riot doesn't know how to balance Melee carries
Keep in mind that Riot balances the game around what they make money doing. All players get skins, professional players get balance updates.
: Hi Riot, I'd like to have an honest, earnest, and open conversation about gay characters.
It seems to me that Riot prefers to simply let the shipping community have at it and let it be. There are only a few points in the lore where sexuality and relationship status matters even the slightest, and those tend to be downplayed behind the characters story. Exceptions being Ahri, Evelyn, Xayah and Rakan. Every other coupling is either in bonus content or skins. Mundo, Twisted Fate, Katarina and Garen, Lux and Ezreal, Taric and Ezreal, Zoe and Ezreal, Ezreal and Ezreal, Varus. The heartseeker skins.
Vanjie (NA)
: Sad To See Almost No One Enjoying LoL
I've been playing for almost the entire life of the game and over the course of several years I feel they've done more good than bad, but only just. It feels to me that they've lost sight of what their game once was, and I blame it all on a single factor: Professional League of Legends. Instead of working on what the average player experiences, all they care about is keeping the cash cow that is eSports alive, and to do that they have to focus the game and it's mechanics on that scene. What is exciting league of legends when the pros play? Is it efficient map control, with the solo lanes ruling the match, winning their lane based on who is stronger with 1 or two champions that have high skill cap and out play potential? No, it's massive team fights with squishy characters like Ezreal and Twitch desperately balancing staying alive and killing the enemy, that's why every champ does "Tons of Damage." I understand that the more money Riot makes the more skins, reworks, improvements, game modes, and champions we get, and this is why I've never worried that the money isn't going to the game when clicking the buy RP button, but lately the things I, and the community, want are not the things riot has been focusing on. We need to separate the casual and competetive scenes, blizzard is doing a good job with Overwatch, but 30 some heroes is not so hard to balance as over 100.
: Rare icons available for a limited time
the duck and frog are flipped... nice
: I have the same thing. if you turn off timestamps it appears to fix the issue.
> [{quoted}](name=JustcallmeSoul,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=vZqp4l4g,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-01-17T06:50:13.948+0000) > > I have the same thing. if you turn off timestamps it appears to fix the issue. {{champion:26}} fucking around with our chats and shit.
: [CLIENT] Chat messages in improper sequence
I have the same thing. if you turn off timestamps it appears to fix the issue.
: 5 Faces of new champ select
"The Unicorn" Primary Role: Support Secondary Role: Jungle Actually knows what they are doing and is able to offer advice, all while snowballing multiple lanes.
: How to get fed in lane
Best play? shortly after {{champion:238}} released and people were playing him jungle, i was 3/2/7 with like two items, but top fed fed fed a {{champion:58}} while attempting to defend our second top turret he gets me to about 400 hp with him at 2k and dives, but i jump around and kite him and he never touches me, giving me a huge shutdown.
Sir Nope (NA)
: I swear, I'll be disappointed if Mounting Dread's tooltip doesn't say "If Kindered attacks his target ~~five~~ three times in quick succession..."
we need more upvotes, riot must see this
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
Im on NA ign is JustcallmeSoul. i will happily accept any of the skins more recent than Bloodmoon Thresh, surprise me! also, thank you for being so generous, it's summoners like you that make this game worth playing. (^.^)
: {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{champion:36}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} An accurate representation of his w
Also an accurate representation to the other teams reaction when he ults.
: Team Up & Pool Party
So... what if i already have EVERY champion? do we get the next one free?
: ...so 4 champs. That's it? {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:432}} you didn't get excited bout any of those champs? {{summoner:3}}
hmm... that seems fun. i started with {{champion:56}} do me!
Jynx (NA)
: Champion poros!
{{champion:238}} The Unseen Poro is the Deadliest.
: A Look Back at League
: To any Support Specialist. What is the most money anyone has spent on League?
: Games anyone? Password inside!
oh lawd. errybody takin shots
: Games anyone? Password inside!
lol, i didnt miss pulls, but their teamcomp was a bit better than ours. sona/mumu/malphite/malzahar/kassadin vs yasuo/elise/blitz/teemo/reksai
: Games anyone? Password inside!
Rioter Comments
: I make youtube videos.I have to ask if I monetize my content with a DJ SONA in the game dropping sick beats would youtube flag my video for copyright?
im not entirely sure, come to think of it. the songs are all available for free download courtesy of the creators, so i would like to think not, but youtube has flagged some weird things before....
: Honestly, Bravo Riot.
i came. honestly though, if this is what all the money ive spent on League is making, im not even mad. this is f*****g amazing. i want this skin yesterday, please tell us it comes out soon.
: Get ready for the 2015 ranked season!
Havent played ranked since last year's placements... 8/10 wins and I got placed bronze 4.
: Champion Update: Tristana
my tristana!!!! they... changed you to a YORDLE?!?! WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?! in all seriousness though, why the big changes to her kit? tristana has been my favorite champion in the league for a long time, and I fear for her popularity/win rate. even with a kit you say has no real downside she isn't exactly overpowered or oppressive. personally speaking: im afraid i wont like my little megling rocketeer after her "VU" (read: species-swapping)
: Elise and Thresh don the Blood Moon mask
Why is elise all dark and covered in tones of blue, purple, and black in her splash, but in game is bright red and colorful? EDIT: upon closer inspection (im colorblind gimme a break) you can see the red in her uniform, but it still seems too bright for my liking. then again i just really love the dark ominous skins.
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
im excited! ive already got loads of skins, but like any collector im happy for more, thank you riot! hopefully ill get Debonair{{champion:81}} his only skin i dont have!
: "Attempting to connect to chat service" bug
ive had it all day today, across multiple logins. i was even having an issue where it wasnt letting me log into the website, might be unrelated. i can talk in game, but i cant talk during champ select or see my friends online.
: Suit up for Snowdown with vault-clearing sales
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Disconnecting from every game.
It'd be really nice if we could just get a notification or patch note that they're aware of the issue and activly working to find a fix. theyve done it before they can do it again...
Rioter Comments
: Building Better Onboarding: Intro Bots
good job riot, i think these are the first steps to overcoming one of the hardest and most important parts of getting into league. i am impressed, and actually feel like i can introduce my friends to league in a more friendly way. thanks a bundle!
: {{champion:110}} +{{champion:201}} ={{champion:119}} hell, anyone + anyone = {{champion:119}}
{{champion:119}} + {{champion:119}} = {{champion:119}}
: {{champion:11}} - {{item:1036}} + ( {{item:1058}} + {{item:3154}} ) -{{item:2044}} + {{item:3211}} = {{champion:24}}
{{champion:110}} +{{champion:201}} ={{champion:119}} hell, anyone + anyone = {{champion:119}}
: {{champion:27}} Throws every customer over his shoulder
{{champion:8}} pools to the front of the line then wonders where the line went.
: One For All is back with a twist!
what happens if someone buys a Battle Boost and the game gets dodged?
: Hatching a Protatomonster
As Someone who has been watching Protatomonster for a long time now, the channel has really come a long long way, and i love the direction it is taking. best thing about Analyze mode? Parv gets to slow down his shoutcasting for a couple of minutes... xD


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