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: Not sure if it was the drinking, or just you :D Sure, if you drink you shouldn't play rank, coz you will most likely feed, but the anger and frustration thing, that's pretty much all you, not alchool. Since for example, when I drink and want to play league, I just play arams, or blindpicks, but mostly arams, and I have the most awsome time :D drinking, and music, and arams... I have entire differnet experience then you had when you were drinking and playing. So.. :D don't think you should blame the alchool.
Alcholism is real, and it effects everyone differently. If the behavior isn't present in his life when he's sober, but manifests itself whens he's drinking, it doesn't take much to connect the dots. Alcholo doesn't bring toxic behavior out of you when you play? That's great, glad to hear it. I'm the same way. But your experience, and my experience are singluar and are not applicable to his. To OP: congrats for finding the courage to face your problem head on. It's impressive and I wish you the best of luck on continuing your new lifestyle.
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: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
Hey is there anyway to drop my honor level back down to 4? I really prefer the look of the purple ward over the orange one, and everywhere I've read says that since I'm honor 5 I will only be getting the orange ward. The only way as a player I know of that you can reduce your own honor is to get chat restricted, and I actually don't enjoy flaming people, plus doing that would make me entirely ineligible for rewards defeating the entire purpose to begin with.
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: FACTIONS — Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread


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