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: Sorry if I don't agree, but I do think Riot went in the good direction with these champs, and I hope more stuff will be balanced only for high elo/pro play. Maybe it's because I am a Dota player as well, but having things balanced for those who know how to play the game is astronomically better than having it balanced for those who....I'll give you an example: *LeBlanc mid pings SS on Akali twice* (habbit) *Akali goes bot through a scuttle ward, then clears a vision ward, while LeBlanc keeps pinging danger to her bot lane* *Akali double kill* " /all Report mid, noob no ss" - Varus. Do I need to say more? I'll quote a Dota coach: "If you want the skill of the community to Ryze, you need to raise the skill of the lowest players, sometimes even forcefully" (that pun was intended by me, not the coach)
I can definitely see where you're coming from. In hindsight, it's most likely the best way Riot can go when it comes to balancing champions like Ryze. It does make me a little sad to see League get more competitive as the years go by, although there's definitely still room for fun and enjoyment, even with the most complex champions. Thank you for your response! :D
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 3
Hello! I'm a big fan of the balance team's work, even if they do make some mistakes here and there. What are your opinions on Mordekaiser? Will he be getting a rework in the near future?
Lôkï (NA)
: I'm wondering how they're gonna replace thunderlords, it's so good for assassin champs like Katarina and Zed and Talon. Or mainly most mid laners really. Like Lux, Vel'koz, and Syndra.
They made a poll a while ago about what keystones should be translated into the new system, and thunderlord's and stormraider's were very popular. If anything, they may try to improve it or leave it as is in the new system.
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: Alpha client lag fix?
I'm having this exact issue and I have no idea how to fix it.
: Ask Riot about patches, scripting, and rotations
Are Yorick and Poppy still left out of the free champ rotation?
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: https://gyazo.com/c26c5e8f4c7f909fcd678460df103d00 enjoy my beautiful masterpiece :)


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