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: Probably a low priority, but could maybe make the Honor rewards be adaptive, in regards to keys? I myself have a BILLION key frags, but very rarely do I get chests, and I've heard similar stories on the opposite end of the spectrum. Or at least something to ~do~ with out-of-balance keys/chests would be appreciated.
^ This is a great idea!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 3
Hello! I'm a big fan of the balance team's work, even if they do make some mistakes here and there. What are your opinions on Mordekaiser? Will he be getting a rework in the near future?
Lôkï (NA)
: I'm wondering how they're gonna replace thunderlords, it's so good for assassin champs like Katarina and Zed and Talon. Or mainly most mid laners really. Like Lux, Vel'koz, and Syndra.
They made a poll a while ago about what keystones should be translated into the new system, and thunderlord's and stormraider's were very popular. If anything, they may try to improve it or leave it as is in the new system.
: Playing against this late-game is horrendously broken, any champ that can do 1000+ TRUE DAMAGE to champions in a single hit is just absurd, Riot seriously needs to rethink this...
: Thank god at least this guy keeps up with the latest and dankest lore
Inaccurate Cactopus is dead
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ranuru (EUNE)
: Alpha client lag fix?
I'm having this exact issue and I have no idea how to fix it.
: Ask Riot about patches, scripting, and rotations
Are Yorick and Poppy still left out of the free champ rotation?
Qukslice (NA)
: Are we going to see any changes to Annie? Right now, she's in a weird spot. All of her abilities are super weak and forgettable but her ult has the power the 100-0 squishies. She has terrible counter play. Either you get hit by a q and get stunned and then she murders you with tibbers or she flashes, goes in, and ult everyone with tibbers. Especially, during late game when she has tibbers back almost before he dies. Also, what the hell does her stun have to do with her at all? Her lore is also not good. She was a dark child born in the Voodoo Lands, but is that all? How did she get so obsessed with fire? Naturally? Why is she friends with Amumu of all people? My point is that her lore is very unclear.
Because {{champion:32}} needs friends ;-;
: I really think {{champion:11}} needs an update because his ablilities are not representing a master of wuju more like a crazy man with a sword
As a Yi main....I disagree because that's literally what Yi mains are. Crazy idiots with swords who think Yi is fun.
: _A somehow-not-strangely anthropomorphic octopus's worst nightmare!_'ll blow his cover!_
Rattoo (NA)
: enjoy my beautiful masterpiece :)
: How's the {{champion:83}} Yorick update coming along?
: resnowballable?
: Riot Pls: Dev priorities and the League client
Is there any info about the release date for this update?


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