: nerf pyke
Good news he's getting buffed instead! https://i.gyazo.com/d88477fcc9c4ed7f01aa9e08a38e0618.png[/img]
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iiCOMAii (NA)
: League is disgusting to play now, even when all I'm trying to do is have fun I get stressed out...
The most stressful shit ive had so far is a sion being able to take a whole base with only 2 items, couldn't even kill him without having 5 people. Game is so far gone its pathetic. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Honestly, the balance team is ruining this game
The thing about riot's balance team is that if something is nerfed it gets a compensation buff, champions or items they get compensation buffs, if a champion is too strong they either ignore it or gut it or buff it, if a champion is doing well at around 50% winrate they buff it, if a champion is at a lower than 45% winrate they nerf it. Honestly they could learn something from the Dota 2 balance team, the game was a total shit show but now unlike riot they don't mess around with numbers on abilities, they switch out the ability that makes it too complicated to balance and give it a new one that will balance out the champion more.
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