: Don't bring the fight you had last game into the next one, come on.
Fight? Na its a sense of respect and showing how to punish some seriously disrespectful players in low elo. We were winning and pushing up to inhib in a game. We were being quiet. Nothing was being said on either side for the whole first 22mins. But then our hyper carry DC'd. We decided to try to stall and see if he will come back. We took down 3 towers and an inhib though. They still thought I guess that Jax was in the game somewhere probably farming dragon and jungle. But when 7mins pass because we are unable to end the game, one of them ask "is Jax afk?" "Yeah lol" Then a team fight happens. Only 2 of us die, me and my support. They lose 1 but they start saying "haha gg ez" and "wow you suck" I mute most but one of them had a lot to say before I muted him too. That guy was my target. In my notepad shit list. And I got him in my next game. Truly, karma is great. After that I went on a 5 gamr win streak, won my gold 5 promos, skipped gold 4, and got placed in gold 3. Felt good man. P
: > Kìng Mario: muting all *proceeds to spam the chat with toxcity*
I kno right. At least I dont have to hear THEIR bitching tho.
Chermorg (NA)
: I have removed the link from your post as it is prohibited to advertise third party websites or services on the boards, regardless if you obtain compensation from them for doing so.
: You seem very proud of your behavior. At least you have that going for you.
Not really proud, I just know that I'll get banned. No amount of bans, IP ban, end of season reward, or in game rewards will make me stop being toxic. I give literally 0 shits about who I am on League. That said, the game is fun. Highest Ive reached is Plat 2 before I got perma banned. Wasnt even stuck, just got toxic after 3 people decided to queue up and have a stroke on their keyboard.
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