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: How to buy lcs tickets
I only went to the one in Korea for worlds. The event was extremely packed. How ever this is a local event so I expect it to still be packed just on a smaller scale. Show up early as there will be a bunch of fans and probability you will run into some cool cosplayer/pros walking around. I say at least at a minimum one hour ahead of time. More if you have to actually pick up a ticket and wait in line.
balrog98 (NA)
: I hate really spoiled brats like you.Whats so awful about that thing that your friend did to you, i used to walk a 4 hours a day when i was young and had a lot of free time without any money,food and even water.You should be grateful to your friend who tries to make a man from you, and not a spoiled brat who needs mummy or daddy to drive him to nearest store to get pizza hahahahahaaa.He is maybe living rreckless but he is not a pussyy to be scared from riding bike like you are.Are you a man or a woman and if you're gonna be a man you're gonna learn that life is rough and not milk and honey and your daddy are not going to be always for you to solve your problems.
its not spoiled for one I got paid on monday and I didn't want to go because I had to do 24hr duty the next day but he insisted I go so I expected him to be courteous to help me out a bit. He did nothing but drive me out there. He didn't lend me a dime like he said when I could of stayed home relaxed and not worry about getting home to do a 24 hr shift because a friend was sick and i chose to cover for him. so thanks for acting like your a holy saint.
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: Is Zac a Support now instead of Jungler?
I think with his self healing, e/q combo or e/ULT combo Zac can tank support pretty good now. I was questioning this about him and Maokia last night. Plus think about any adc with a snare or maybe slow can combo with Zac for his ULT.
: Riot doesn't allow him to stream because he has consistently ruined the game for many people and streaming makes that behavior spread.
up vote for logic and dank name
: Is there something in the water on top side?
I played top a bit yesterday. I'm not sure about the rage quitting part, but I can understand frustration. Every game who ever got the first kill typically had a early/mid advantage for most of the game and would snowball off it. By kill 2 which is usually not that far away the person is 2 levels down. Makes it really hard to defend. So just try to motivate them to hang in there if things get bad. Or ask JG/ winning lanes to help him/her TOP.
Escheton (EUW)
: That in no way invalidates his statement. No matter how no-skill the champ is he might be playing. In fact, one can even argue that with the needed assessment of risk/reward, that Kled needs to know exactly how and when to go ham takes skill and experience.
I say experience on the champ. Which although he is fun I don't like his kit enough to play him often. I just love the voice lines.
: Switch knockback on graves passive to his Q to nerf jungle graves
my thing is if they changed his autos to have no knock back his kit would feel clunky with the 2 shot reload autos.
l Evan I (NA)
: Tyler1
they don't quite yet have the technology
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: What is anivia's counterplay?
Akali is a good counter play to Anivia soon as you hit 6 not much she can do. You have good sustain with your Q which is proced by your ULT for bonus damage in all ins. So gunblade and lvl 6+ and you should bully her. Good luck bud. Also any assassin that can kind of ignore her wall is good against her.
EVG Mike (NA)
: LF West Palm Beach Area Players
crazy i just logged in and seen this. lol.
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: You went on boards an suggested teemo buffs? Prepare you weapons. The hate is coming.
i don't mind the hate but i do like teemo and see it as a small buff
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all these dope skins are also ravaging my wallet
: Teemo traps does 70% damage with DFT.....
As annoying as Teemo is he is easy to counter late game. If Support and Jungle alone has a sweeper late game you basically disable his shrooms with constant sweeping. Give Top a sweeper too and he is basically a useless AP Marksman with short range.
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KłedGod (NA)
: Thresh Runes Page
Thanks for the advice guys I'm going to try an AD rune page on Thresh with Relic Shield. I been doing the Hybrid Pen with Ancient Coin and I just made 3 S in a row for my lvl 7 mastery. <3
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Meddler (NA)
: Yep. XP is probably the biggest culprit at present, given how powerful an edge a level or two can be in a gank, both in terms of raw stats and access to an extra spell (ult's particularly). We're seeing some champions who when they jungle are consistently at least a level higher than they were prior to the jungle changes after the first few minutes of the game. That's a pretty significant increase in power that's going to come at the expense of other positions. Mid and top influence on bot might also be too high, that's something we're looking at at present to. First step though's to address the jungle situation.
Do I hear teleport nerfs? Or possibly a new summoner for the bot lane?
Hex Frost (EUW)
: What lane to main?
I can give tips for support I say go high cc champs and poke to make the enemy uncomfortable in lane and miss cs. Play like aphromoo and try make the enemy as pressured as possible and harass them. I prefer bard with 45% and thunder lord for high mobility and good cc. He also has good poke in lane When you master his ult you can set up dope plays and make big game impacts. You can use your tunnels for great escapes or collapses. His down fall is you can easily use his skills when first learning him for your downfall and screw over your team.
GigglesO (NA)
: +2 LP for playing Support or "Fill"
Supports need more ❤️
: Honest Question, no salt:
Not saying I want more kayle players but f.*& she is more annoying then jayce
: A fresh account with 10 lost placement matches doesn't even get put in Bronze 5.
I got bronze 4 and I won 7/10 games in placements this year was hoping form bronze 2 but it doesn't matter much because I made it to bronze 2 some what quicker then expected. If I recall right I only won about half my games the first time I did placements and got silver 5. The game basically will always place you at a reasonable rank your first time to see if you can really hang or not and if you can't you just drop in rank.
: Objectives are not jungler only. Objectives are TEAM objectives. Your only obligation is to stop breathing through your mouth and to smite and the right moment. Which my junglers tend to fail at every game. Sharp drop off in jungle skill this season.
I think it's the new influx of people picking up jungle for a bunch of miss smites. With jungle being easier to clear and higher exp more people are playing it. You don't have to constantly worry about being countered jungle and seeing enemy so it's less mechanical skill then needed for other roles. Jungle in my opinion this season is a support or steroids.
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: He wasn't punished for any of that, he was punished for not communicating his intent with his team. Now that he's actually communicating WITH instead of AT them it's fine.
That was one of the reasons he was punished. They also brought up his lack of building sightstone during the incident as a support.
Jon1174 (NA)
: Question,what does Riot have to do with the players
They have the options to implement harsher punishments for players. Also have the option of making a better ban/report system. Riot is now well over a billion dollar company so asking to support us with a better system to get rid of people who repeat troll shouldn't be much to ask for. Although like the person said a person having bad internet isn't exactly a good reason to blame them.
: The only thing he was punished for *is* a reportable category though, and you don't want a category that might make people think that building 'wrong' is reportable, since it's not.
Wait wait wait he was reported and Riot warned him although playing a certain champ in any role isn't bannable refusing to work with your team is. That includes doing random things that put your team behind or affect them negatively such as not building a sight stone. If you want I can link you to an example that I am talking about.
: Lol and here i am noticing it as soon as i saw the skin xD but yeah ill bet its to poke fun at those saying to give back his cigar
Lol I didn't even really notice it until today when I went in the shop. I was like ok Riot well played with the holiday mischief pun.
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Breaku (NA)
: That's false..? Which support are you having issues with?
Thresh mainly for level 7
: After Testing, I found Yasuo's counter :v
Malz can hard counter Yasuo. Malz E is a easy way to harass Yas out of lane. Then if you build Rylas it makes it to hard for Yas to dash around screen.
Kilanost (NA)
: A reasonable argument for removing auto-fill or.....
that or reward people for playing roles they don't want minorly. maybe even adding in those extra free to play supports again is a good start.
Breaku (NA)
: Support is super easy to get S's on...?
Nah it's hard unless you like to KS a lot you might get the S, but for most part like I said if you get more then 2 death as support it is most likely you will get an A rating
: Threshold for S scores...
To be honest if you die more then twice its damn near impossible to get an S on support, if its more the three times be happy to get an S-. This is the sad hardship I have learned while playing support. I think their should be a clarity though on what the required goal KDA is for S rating etc. Like average S rating KDA for Sona is 12/2/28 or something stupid. Instead of people trying to figure out how Riot randomly rates us.
Rivuo (NA)
: Probably the cleanest wukong outplay i've ever seen.
The song in the background is so perfect for after the kill.
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: I legit don't care what colour my border is. The only thing that really matters is if i'm playing against other D5/D4/D3 skrublordes. >;D
Yeah now I need to get ready to grind mode it Back to silver and try to get silver 2 or higher is my current go then I'll l aim for higher so I don't feel as bad for not getting there off I don't or as fast as I want
: My smurf was plat 3 and got placed silver 2 after going 8/2 with decent MMR. You think bronze is an issue?
this makes me sad <3 i need another break from league if this is the case
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