Solicitude (EUNE)
: Overall quite a nice champion, but: 1) While his passive is good, doesnt really fit on his kit. Since, from the way his other skills work, it doesnt seem he will be autoattacking enemies at all. 2) Good ability but it seems to have the same problem with his passive. With his kit doesnt seem he wants to go in for an autoattack. 3) E is fine, but i think the range on his out-of-combat should be reduced. 1000 units is a pretty long range for a blink. 4) I think there should be a way to remove the portrait from the map.
Woah, I didn't expect to see any comments after this long of posting it. I'll gladly reply though! :D 1) As for the passive, it goes along with the Q in that it gives you decaying movement speed for 1.5 seconds and the crows take 1.5 seconds to travel. In other words, the passive will let you move around till you can auto again to get the crows moving :P 2) Which is a good ability? 3) The idea behind the E is that it'll be used for flanking. It moves slowly, so it can't be used to chase a person. 4) That's fair.
: Champion Design contest (NO PRIZE)
Hey, I thought I should let you know that there is actually a champion design contest called the CCOS! :D You can see it in Concepts & Creations on the pinned messages side of things. Perhaps you could get some ideas from there, such as a specific rubric or things like that?
: idk why this was downvoted. had to upvote to even it out. that said, how do you not ship them?! i mean is it just an indifference thing or do you actually *un*ship them? i can sort of get the indifference... like you just don't care about them as a couple/more than what they do in game... but otherwise i'm at such a loss. because at the very core of each of their characters and lore is how crazily they're in love with the other. their relationship is close to unhealthy codependence bc they're so much a part of each other. they're like if kindred weren't one soul split into two, but just two souls that were always meant to live as one. i just don't get a "I personally don't ship them" when they are so canonically unwavering in their love for each other. sorry. end rant. my inner shipper just had some heart palpitations or something
I didn't expect to get such a strong response from something I just kind of left there. I mean, I could probably make an argument about why I think they shouldn't go together in full essay format. However, the truth is just that I'm more indifferent to the relationship than anything else. I know Riot was trying to aim for a "lovebird" theme with them, but in truth, their relationship just didn't leave that strong impression on me. It's not like I would force them apart or anything, but I wouldn't care one way or another if they were together or apart. I would still play Rakan with or without the aspect of them being in a relationship. It's not like I'm making fun of ships or anything, I wouldn't do that. D:
: We'd like to keep them paired as much as possible. :)
Ah thank you for letting me know. The only thing I'm worried about with this is if a great skin idea doesn't go through for one of them because it doesn't fit the other! :D
: > [{quoted}](name=K1B0,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ak6o9YNi,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-10T01:39:32.132+0000) > > Ah, I feel like I can understand what you're saying. > > Basically, you're saying that perhaps stuff like their release skin with Cosmic Dawn and Cosmic Dusk would also be nice? While they're not exactly the same skin, they still compliment each other. Basically yes, though part of me wants it to be dramatically different while still somehow relating to the other, that way they can still be associated with eachother while looking completely different. Their cosmic skins were a really good example, thanks :P. I don't really see them that much, so I didn't even think of that tbh.
Ah, I'm glad I understood your point! :D Mmmm... I'm having a little harder time imagining what would be something that is extremely dramatic while still connecting them. The only thing I hope that they don't do is that they would waste the opportunity to use a theme for one champion because they can't fit a theme that would also go with the other champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=K1B0,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ak6o9YNi,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-10T01:31:11.865+0000) > > My guess would probably be "Origins Rakan" or "Origins Xayah" perhaps? > > As for as the thematic consistency, I can understand how people would like them. While I personally don't ship Rakan and Xayah, I'm not going to argue against their decision to go for a thematic consistency. > > I'm going to repeat what I said from another post though, in that it would be a shame for them to miss out on some themes because one theme happened to not fit the other. Ohhh, I like those names. I agree with your last statement. I like the whole twinsies thing, but not everyone is the same all the time. Which makes me think of other possibilities as well. Same but different; something that goes well with or completes the other thing. Think of peanut butter and jelly. (Somehow, I don't feel like I'm portraying my idea very well. Also I'm not saying we need PB and J skins)
Ah, I feel like I can understand what you're saying. Basically, you're saying that perhaps stuff like their release skin with Cosmic Dawn and Cosmic Dusk would also be nice? While they're not exactly the same skin, they still compliment each other.
: I like the thematic consistency of them having matching skins. Rito could always make skins for them based off of what they were like prior to getting together though. Not sure what you'd name them, or what they'd look like, but it could be neat.
My guess would probably be "Origins Rakan" or "Origins Xayah" perhaps? As for as the thematic consistency, I can understand how people would like them. While I personally don't ship Rakan and Xayah, I'm not going to argue against their decision to go for a thematic consistency. I'm going to repeat what I said from another post though, in that it would be a shame for them to miss out on some themes because one theme happened to not fit the other.
: Everything about those 2 are introduced together, so should the skins be imo.
I wouldn't consider that a reason to force themselves into releasing the skins about these champions together though. Like I said in my post, it would be a shame for them to miss a good opportunity just because a theme happened to not fit the other.
Sukishoo (NA)
: It was a while back, I believe in their Q&A when they released the champions.
Darn, that must've been one of the ones I had to miss unfortunately.
: Would be better to.
Mmmm... in regards to this, I can have mixed feelings. On one hand, I can see why they would stick with the matching skins. They would want to take the whole "lovers" theme going on with them and fully implement it with them. On the other hand, I feel like they might be missing opportunities by forcing the skins for them only to be matching. It would feel bad that they skipped on opportunities just because one of the themes did not work out for the other.
Sukishoo (NA)
: They did at one point say they wanted to keep them having a dual theme, but wouldn't be opposed to doing one-offs for them. So, they will mostly have matching skins but it is possible for them to have singular skins.
Ah, thank you! I must have missed the comment somewhere. :D
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Jo0o (NA)
: {{champion:432}} X{{champion:432}}
sunden12 (NA)
: No chat restriction, straight to ban?
Depending on what was said, Riot sometimes escalates it straight into a ban. Do you have chat logs that they might've sent you, or anything like that?
DoomRPG (NA)
: Thanks for the input KB! Here's my response. Lore: Do you really get an anime feeling from this? That was completely unintentional xD I was going for a horror sorta aspect though (Acidic Plague) As for 1. not giving enough personality I'd prefer to leave quotes to that. (I'm actually a writer and I despise informed characterization even if it is sometimes necessary >.>) 2. I admit to neglecting mentioning any amount of weaknesses; though I think in Misery's case it can be excused he is supposed to be somewhat horrific Jason is a lot scarier If you don't know about Pamela. Defiantly something I should work on. As for the abilities I focused on abilities horrific in concept (spraying acid vomiting spawn to drag people into acid etc) with a focus on area denial and high dmg appropriate for an AP hypercarry. I tried to incorporate your ideas in a new kit and why I thought it fit and be better. If Passive: The Regenerating Menace. Misery will regenerate 5% of it's HP for every instance of damage it took over 5 seconds. For every 100 AP Misery obtains the regeneration time takes one less second. This maxes at 300 AP to reduce it by three seconds. This regeneration is fixed and can't be increased or decreased by outside factors (runes, buffs, debuffs) Much weaker early however it's arguably stronger late game since the healing amount does get buffed later on. I also removed the AP buff so it doesn't feed itself. Q. Acidic Spray 100/120/140/160/180 mana 2 second CD Area 250 unit circle 750 range. Misery Channels for 1.3 seconds unleashing an acid pool that deals 55/75/85/105/110 with a 45/55/65/75/85% AP scaling. That lasts for 1.3/2/4 seconds. Damage applies every half second. Improved the base damage reduced the scaling and increased mana cost. I think that makes the ability more reasonable as Misery can't spam it. W. Regurgitate Spawnlings 15 second CD 125/120/115/110/105 mana 750 unit range lands in .8 seconds Misery regurgitates 5 spawnlings landing them in a circle pattern. Spawnlings will have 25/50/75/100/125 + 85% of Misery's AP as health and will move at 5/10/15/20/25 + Misery's MS when they were spawned. Spawnlings will guard Acid pools or if there are none Misery. Spawnling will attempt to surround the enemy champion closest to an acid pool (Not them or Misery!) Spawnlings deal a flat 10/15/20/25/30 magic damage each and only attack champions. Champions in acid will additionally be grounded by spawnling attacks for .5 seconds. Spawnlings last for 10/11/12/13/14/15 seconds I tried focusing more on the utility side of things and made them a ranged ability. With a bit of a focus on comboing and making use of the often hated minion block. To prevent every assassin from ignoring them they afflict grounding but are otherwise somewhat easy to kill unless Misery is fed. E. Acidic Lick. 95/100/105/110/115 mana 16 second CD 900/950/1000 range Misery sends out his tongue to skewer all enemy champions in it's path. The first two enemy champions hit will take 40/45/50/55/60 + 25% AP scaling whilst the rest will take half that. After reaching the end of it's range Misery will send out two tongues to melt the two closest skewered targets or to both attack one if there is only a single target. Whilst "licking" an enemy champion the tongues will remove 5/10/15/20/25 % of an enemy's magic resistance against Misery only. As well as dealing 10/15/20/25/30 + 35% of Misery's AP per second. If an enemy is licked for 5 seconds (or 3.5 if both are attached) they will become horrified for 1 second. Horror is identical to Fear (causes enemy champions to run away from the inflictor) With the exception that it increases the vulnerability of any nearby champions to suffer horror by 0.5 seconds. This stacks up to three times, and recently horrified champion are immune to it for 10 seconds. R. Bathe in Acid. 200/250/300 mana 125/110/100 second CD and 500/600/700 range 150 unit circle Passive: The Regenerating Menace recovers 15/20/35% more (Heals less but since its faster it's arguably better) Misery opens his segments causing them to pore acid. Misery then sends tendrils to pin an enemy champion Pinning is functionally a root, but can't be cleansed. If Misery misses he will close his segments and put Bathe in Acid on cooldown. Otherwise he will send the acid towards the enemy champion he has pinned funneling them through the tendrils. The pinned champion will then take 10/20/30/40/50 + 110% of Misery's AP for 5 seconds every second or until they die. If an enemy champion dies while afflicted by Bathe in Acid they will Liquefy and they will then be drank by Misery's remaining Tendrils. Horrifying ALL nearby champions (except Misery if he is in range) for 1.3 seconds. Misery will drink for 1/2/3 seconds each second reduces the cooldown of bathe in acid by 1/3 and while drinking The Regenerating menace is increased by another 10%. I still wanted to keep Misery's ult a big move but instead of a massive AOE it would be a long ranged attack with a very small radius. So while easy to dodge Misery can kill squishies with it alone and combined with the rest of his kit tanks. Whilst Misery can cancel the ability it puts it on cooldown. I think since it also has a chance to backfire (horrifying your own team) and that it leaves Misery vulnerable it's still balanced as Misery is supposed to be a hypercarry. I Think this new kit is a bit better and I did try to make it more skillful by reducing the reliance on the AOE Q and making the ult a very small circle of a skillshot. As well as making the player considering buying mana to throw more Q's and Ults as both have prohibitive costs and Misery doesn't have any way to gain mana by itself or to focus on more AP to nuke the enemy at break-neck pace. Regardless what do you think?
Hello, sorry for the late reply -- I simply was not on the League of Legends page enough to notice the notification. In regards to the lore, I suppose rather than say an anime-like feel, it would be more appropriate to say they give off more of an anime-like villain feel to them. The lore gives them all this hype and fear behind them, but there isn't much else... kind of like a minor villain from an anime. In regards to leaving quotes for giving personality, that isn't something I could recommend. The lore is the place where we learn the background of a champion and their personality, the quotes can be used more of a way to highlight that information. The kit looks better, but I'm afraid I do not have the time to look at it right now unfortunately. Instead, I'll see if I can pass the concept along some and see if some people want to come and leave comments. Different opinions from different people, I suppose? Good luck with the kit, and happy creating! (P.S. If you feel like it, you can check out some of the kits I made.)
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] December CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
Wow, I'm just sliding this in at the last minute (perhaps per usual), anyways here is [Zan the Tainted Masterpiece](! Happy holidays everyone!
DoomRPG (NA)
: Misery, The Acidic Plague {Champion Concept}
Happy holidays! I'm going to go ahead and leave my thoughts of Misery here, if you don't mind. Please let me know any comments or questions, and I'll try to get back to them as soon as possible. **_Lore _** Misery seems more like an anime villain than a champion in League. There isn't much that ties her to a particular character, but rather it seems like the entirety of her is just that of a horror monster or villain. We don't actually learn anything in regards to personality from this. Additionally, from what it seems they have no weakness... not something I would quite recommend. While the strengths of a character draw people to them, the weaknesses are what helps that draw. **_Kit _** **_Passive -_** When you mean healing is fixed, do you mean that the number never changes or something like that? Anyways, this makes it difficult for Misery to lose a trade with an enemy, because she just heals 20% of the damage dealt to her (on top of getting AP). Some fixes here would work out great (perhaps making the % scale over the game) so that way she isn't being a dominating force early. **_Q -_** This ability should probably be toned down some. It has too much going on (with a two second channel to a longer lasting pool). I'd recommend turning down the channel time, and in return turning down how long it lasts at max. If you'd like, there is also the chance where you could turn down the damage in exchange for making it tick every half second. **_W -_** I'd say this is a bit too powerful of a zoning tool. It gives the minions a type of Skarner ultimate, which can be pretty impactful. While it's nice that it interacts with the acid pools, perhaps some other kind of CC can be used? Or, if you want to keep the minions, make them interact with the acid pools in a way that is not so... dominating. **_E -_** I would recommend giving this its own damage, instead of relying on the Q numbers. Additionally, that is a LOT of MR shredding, with it being able to practically turn tanks into just bulky champions with little defenses. While it does only work with Misery (a strange interaction), it can still lead to them just dominating against tanks and squishies alike with this ability. **_Ultimate -_** The issue I have with this ability is that it's primarily just a self-buff with little interaction with the player actually involved. These abilities don't really make it fun for the player, or give them a chance to show off their skills in a reasonable way. **_Overall -_** Overall, I would say that I get the point of the kit you're making. It's not a bad kit, but I would recommend toning some things down a little, and perhaps a revision of the ultimate so it allows more player interaction.
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Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] November Results Are Here!
Congratulations to everyone that participated! :D
Rockman (NA)
: [Concept] Untitled, The
Hello, I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to comment my thoughts about Untilted... the? Well, I'll just address everything one at a time! _**Passive - **_ From this passive, I'm guessing that they have a unique resource? I'm not really a fan of this, it feels like it's just there to force them into playing support. Also, making them have to have damage done in order to gain their resource feels kind of wonky. **_Q -_** So it is an AoE shielding tool that can also set up a trap? It feels like it does too much and that is what's holding it back. Perhaps focusing on one or the other would help, but that's just my thoughts. Also, from the way it's written it seems like the trap is impossible to dodge, which can be pretty unfortunate. The trap could lead to some neat combos, such as with Vayne E. **_W -_** Mmmm... I feel like I'm missing enough text in this ability? Does it go off multiple times, or is it just that once? Anyways, going off based off of what I can read it seems more liked a forced attempt to tie a kit together than something cool. That's not to say it doesn't have potential, but perhaps giving the ability some more depth would help. **_E -_** This kit is pretty overpowered, and kind of random on the kit? It does too much, and for seemingly no reason. Having a stealth, AoE fear, and multiple teleports that can also be used to detect if an enemy has wards in a certain area is a lot for an ability. I would recommend toning it down and **_Ultimate -_** This ability has quite a lot going on in it, and is pretty strange. For starters, I'm having trouble finding a purpose for the passive. It just makes things more difficult for ratio scalings on his abilities. The choice in this ability isn't really much of one, so there is no "do I do this or that" in this, as targeting an enemy really does not do much compared to targeting an ally with it. Besides that, the ultimate locks him into using his W... which depends on his other abilities for it's effects. It locks him into something that can be pretty frustrating. The second part of the ability... it is certainly unique, but the issue I have with this ability is that it can encourage you to want your ally to die. If your ally is low health or something along those lines, you can just choose to let them die so you can have their abilities and continue from where they left off. In regards to this part over all, it can also be frustrating as now he has been locked into another champions kit which can break a fight since he is no longer use his enchanter items to their full effects... I'm just assuming he is an enchanter. **_Lore -_** This seems more like an introduction to a fanfiction more than a champion lore. We learn little to nothing about the champion unfortunately, but it does a good job of including Caitlyn and Vi (I don't know much about the champions myself, so I cannot say too much about personalities). **_Overall -_** The kit and the lore don't really match up, and the only thing that ties them together is the ult (albeit I would consider that loosely). Additionally, the kit has no damage outside of the ultimate... which is definitely not something I would recommend. Even if a champion is a support, they have someway of dealing damage to enemies. Also, the kit has a lot going on, but not a lot going on at the same time. It seems more like a collaboration of ideas than a synergized kit. I would recommend setting out a goal list for the champion and then working a kit towards that, but that is just my opinion. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and good luck!
: @Galacius You were completely unprofessional and I demand an apology for how you handled this
Hello, do you have a link to the post in which he said this?
FunAsh16 (NA)
: Strider - The wandering Mage [Champion idea]
Hello, if you don't mind I would like to leave my thoughts about "Strider - The wandering magician". I'll address each point individually before doing a summary at the end. **_Lore_** - Unfortunately, there is no lore. I can understand that you want to focus on the gameplay though, so I'll just leave this as is. **_Passive_** - I can't particularly say I'm a big fan of this ability, because it gives you a lack of control over it. It kind of reminds me of Blitzcrank passive in that regards. Additionally, I don't see much of synergy between it and the kit going on here, which is kind of unfortunate. **_Q_** - I kind of see some Mario Odyssey going on here, but besides that. The ability is kind of interesting, but it also seems like it is pretty bland at the same. I feel like the ability might be better off worked out of the kit or made the center of the kit. However, perhaps some revamping would be helpful here? An idea to do may be to do a kind of ricochet thing, but that is just off of the top of my head. **_W_** - Not a major fan of this ability to be honest. While it seems to be one of his only ganking abilities, it feels a bit too easy and too out of place. Addressing it being too easy, point-and-click things can be extremey frustrating to play against, especially CC. It gives a lack of ability to outplay, which is never fun (it also doesn't give you the satisfaction of landing it.) Additionally, a taunt feels out of place. From what I understand, he doesn't quite seem like the tanky type that would want to have a taunt on them. Taunts are typically on champions that can absorb the autos from it, rather than mages that would get swiss cheesed by it. **_E_** - I'm not too sure where the device came from, but I don't have any lore so I can't ponder about it (not taking a jab at you for no lore, I promise). In regards to the ability, there is no synergy with it and the rest of the kit. Going off what I see at the moment, he would seem best as a battle mage (I understand you want them to have high single target damage, but I'm not seeing much of that at the moment unfortunately). The ability itself is really lackluster, and I would recommend swapping it out for something more... damaging. **_R_** - It's an interesting idea behind it, and offers the thought behind if you want to do more damage or more CC, but that decisions doesn't really seem like one that is hard to make, so it doesn't offer that deeper thoughts behind it. You'll use it for longer CC when you have teammates around you, but more for damage if you are soloing them. **_Overview -_** To be honest, this kit right now is kind of a mixed bag. There isn't any particular focus going on, and it seems like he has a lack of identity. For a kit, I would typically recommend making something that would offer something different and appealing to the League community (a reason he would be taken over others, if you will). Ah, but don't go overly crazy or it might get messy in trying to work it out. Good luck on the concept though, I look forward to seeing what you make. :D
Porocles (NA)
: Heya, yeah ISP or if you're all like in the same room. Thanks for the info! I found the match but I wasn't able to see anything out of the ordinary. If you guys are playing in the same area, the [connection issues]( guide might help tune up your network. Otherwise, double check your ISP in case something might be going down.
We don't live near each other. We also don't use the same internet providers, is there any possibility of DDOSing or anything of that sort?
Porocles (NA)
: That is a very strange issue, but I haven't seen any server issues. Are you guys all in the same network? When was the match and what champ were you using? I can take a look and see if something might be up.
I don't believe we're all on the same network (do you mean network provider?). The match was not too long ago (today), it lasted 28 mins and 53 seconds and I was playing Amumu.
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: Phreak is not a nice nor a good person.
Hello, do you perhaps have a clip of the stream where he said this or anything like that?
Kazu kun (NA)
: I want to help/learn!
[This]( might be a bit helpful as well!
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] October Results Are (Finally) Here!
Congratulations to everyone that participated! :D
: if someone gets only bad games for a long period of time it would be hard to argue that it wasnt intentional.
This can be true, but it can also be argued that everyone has stumps. I've had some myself and they aren't fun to have. Although in this case, the poster seems to have a positive match history so they're good.
: In every game I lose im being threaten with a report for.... playing bad?
As far as I'm aware, you cannot be reported for simply having bad games. It would be a different matter if you were intentionally feeding, but everyone has bad games so you shouldn't be punished. Just mute them and keep on going, everyone loses and has bad games so it shouldn't result in you receiving any form of punishment as long as you keep on trying.
: Do the legacy skins that aren't available now show up during Christmas?
As far as I know, all the legacy skins do not get unlocked for the holidays, only the winter-themed ones. However, you can get them in chests and sometimes they'll go on sale from either My Shop or from the sale Riot has.
: What item shards am i supposed to disenchant before preSeason?
Next season, IP will become Blue Essence. All IP will be in a 1 to 1 ratio, but any Blue Essence you currently have will be multiplied by about 6.
: Genderbent Skins
I wouldn't mind seeing some genderbent skins, but I see a few issues that may occur; 1. They would have to hire entirely new voice actors. As opposed to other skins that get new lines, with a genderbent skin they would have to audition and hire a new voice actor to do the voice for that skin specifically. 2. Visual. Riot likes for you to be able to tell who a champion is just based on their silhouette. With genderbent, there may be conflicting issues with this depending on how they're done.
: Rakan said it. Do you trust Rakan? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: The most important question to ask Viktor
I anticipated this, and I was not disappointed.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 13
Hello, do you have any thoughts about Mikael's at the moment? I hardly ever see it built even in situations where it could be good.
: yes, there are some thoughts about thresh. Next question.
Well played Riot... well played indeed.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.20
Are there any thoughts about Thresh at the moment?
Basaren (NA)
: Chests (not the female variety)
I know the pains of having a bad computer. While you can get a chest on ARAM by getting an S, it is pretty difficult to do. I'm pretty sure you can also do it by getting an S in a rotating gamemode. Also, if somebody in your premade gets an S you should get the chest for the champ you were playing as well.
Skylarke (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Fynis, the Aerion Wing
Hello, I see you have another concept! You sure work fast... or slow, depending on what I'm comparing you to. Anywho, I figured I'd leave my comments in regards to Fynis. **Lore-** There is none. Ummm... apple pie. Moving on. **Kit-** The passive is a bit odd to me. More specifically, I'm not getting how you would activate it. Right now I'm guessing that it just kinda follows you around while it waits for you to move it? Anywho, a little bit of clarity would be much appreciated! It terms of the actual ability itself, I don't see much of a problem with it. Albeit Q activation allowing it's use is a bit strange? The Q I like thematically, but I can see it becoming pretty strong. It feels pretty overloaded, having AoE autoattacks, armor shredding, critical strike chance and more damage while not costing mana. This is not to say it's a bad ability, because it's not. I just feel like it needs to be toned down with how much it offers. I'm not sure I like how the W deals damage to all enemies in a straight line... I feel like there's no real penalty then for missing it through a line of minions, since you will be dealing damage to the minions anyways. Also, I don't feel like it's really necessary for it to inflict circular AoE with the Q active if you're already giving it increased range which could refund the rounds for the Q... albeit this might just be me nitpicking more than anything. I can't say I'm a particular fan of the E. It's not like I find it particularly bad or anything, I just personally don't like the ability for some reason. I'm a fan of the ultimate. It gives some outplay potential, but also allows for you to work it in your favor as well. The only thing I would say I might be not a fan of would be enemies being able to take multiple instances of damage from it. Also, by radius 250 do you mean blast radius or targeting radius? I'm assuming blast radius, just as that makes more sense in my mind. Overall, I would say that she is a good concept, even if I find some of her abilities to be a little bit strange. Unfortunately, there is no lore for me to comment on though... Anywho, please let me know any questions or comments you may have!
ChilllOwl (EUW)
: League of Legends | Evelynn Theme - Piano
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 6
I remember you guys mentioned some Lissandra changes some time ago, did you guys decide to not go with those? Also, what kind of nerfs are you considering for Sej?
: 🌟 September CCOS Results 🌟
Wow, I got third! Congratulations to everyone involved!
: @Riot, why did you remove Eve's AD scaling in her rework?
It took me awhile, but I remembered that a Rioter answered the question [here.](
: [Champion Concept] Kassab, Butcher from the Dark
Hello, I meant to comment awhile ago, but I didn't get around to it. I'm here now though! :D **Lore -** Well, there isn't really any... so not much to say here. However, lore is pretty important to most concepts, so I hope you can attempt at something sometime. In terms of what you have already, my question is why the infected were caged instead of killed? If it's that serious, I don't think they will follow the thoughts of quarantine over killing. Also, may we get some more insight as in what the Xhoden parasite actually is? It doesn't have to be much, but just a snippit of what it does would be helpful. **Kit -** As far as I can tell, most of the kit is pretty simplistic. By skimming it, I guess he's supposed to be a sort of Fighter or Juggernaut? The kit is pretty lack luster, outside of the passive and ultimate, but I'll leave my thoughts for each ability. _Passive -_ Definitely his most unique aspect to him, but it doesn't really fit. Why do the parasites explode, and why do they grant him HP when they explode? It doesn't particularly make sense in that aspect. I feel like you have a good idea towards what you want to do, but it could be executed better into fitting the whole parasite theme. As I'm not particularly good with numbers, I can't leave much thoughts for that, sorry. _Q -_ Not much going on here besides that pretty large amount of damage. It doesn't really feel like it would be exciting to use, nor would it be exciting to play against. It's just an autoattack empower that'll hurt and slow you for two seconds. It's just kind of there, not really offering any fluid connections with the rest of the kit. _W -_ Once again, not much going on here. Sure it helps hit passive, but it's pretty dull in terms of usage and play. You basically activate it and leave it alone, something I wouldn't really recommend... kind of doesn't offer any excitement in my opinion. Also, the AP scaling is pretty strange? I'm not quite sure what it's really for. _E -_ So... it's a point and click fear that deals damage? I can't really say I'm a fan of point and click CC, as it doesn't offer much in terms of counterplay other than "don't get near them". I can get why you'd want a fear on Kassab's kit, but perhaps there's a better way of going at it? _R -_ Okay, that's a lot of true damage. Also, in about 6 seconds you or the target would most likely be dead/out of range. It may seem like a sort of cool visual with a claw bursting out of the stomach and that, but I feel like you could do a lot more with an ultimate. Really make something that shows of Kassab off to the world and compliments him, rather than a lot of true damage. **Overall -** I like the idea behind the concept of a parasite infected man, but I feel like it could be executed better. Right now, his kit is pretty stand-offish and doesn't really suit anything. I'm not saying you have to start from scratch, but make it more interactive and fun for the player, give them a reason to love playing Kassab. Please leave any comments or questions, and I'll try to address them as soon as I can! Good luck with your concept. :D
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.19
How does Janna feel with the new changes? I feel like it fits a little bit with the title of "The Storm's Fury" now, but I was wondering your thoughts when testing her. Also, how does the new Ardent feel with also giving the support the buff?
: holy knight
Hello, may I suggest perhaps a different formatting style? It is a little difficult to read your concept at the moment, unfortunately. In regards to the kit, when you mean "lance with a war axe like tip" do you mean a halberd? Besides that, I'm not a super big fan of the passive. It feels extremely situational and makes her auto attacks really easy to counter. While I can understand the fantasy, it's probably not something I would recommend in terms of a passive. Also, it doesn't really make much sense for her to be able to buy a special pair of boots... doesn't really fit in and feels pretty random. The Q... I'm sorry, but I cannot really understand what you're saying here. Do you mean she runs through an enemy, or does she throw an enemy? Also, holy dm is not a stat I'm aware of, and I would appreciate it if you would elaborate. In terms of the W, I can't say I'm really pleased with it. Only being able to heal yourself when you have that low of health is a bit upsetting, seeing as if you're that low you should be backing off anyways. If you're worried about the heal being spammable give it a long CD so it can't be at earlier levels. I was unaware she was riding a horse, but alrighty. A horse biting and rooting someone doesn't make much sense? I cannot think of a situation where it would. The ultimate is pretty unique, but I feel like it would be difficult to use in League. It feels more like an extremely situational and difficult hook more than anything. Also, I suggest taking a look at doing numbers for future concepts. While they may be difficult to deal with (I know the feeling), it helps people to get a better grasp of what you want to do with your kit... also, may I suggest saying what kind of damage they do in the future? Whether it be physical or magical, it would be heavily appreciated! Oh, and I can understand wanting to get an idea on a kit before posting the lore, may I suggest including a snipit of a lore idea you have for your concepts if you want to do it this way? It helps in understanding the theme and that of what you're going for! Please have a lovely day, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
: [CCWC] Concepts & Creations Writing Competition I: Myths & Legends -- ENTER HERE [Open Until 9/30]
Hello, I'd like to judge for this contest (unfortunately I can't join D:)! Good luck to everyone involved.
: Perfect MyStore for a support main discount % and all.
Ooooo how lovely! Congratulations on it :D
: Oh sorry for the e i was wondering if they can take damage from the launch and explosion or if it just refreshed the cc.
Woops, that's my bad on clarification side! I've updated it in the text, but they can only be damaged and CCed once from the ability.
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