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: Creating a last min clash team (LowPlat, HighGold)
I can fill as well, but I kinda wanna play support
: Looking for Gold-Low Plat, Top lane, Bot Lane, and Support for a last minute Clash Team
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: Looking for clash player
I can play any lane, I'm G5 but I was plat 1 last season
: Guys its honestly something to be expected, Riot Has legit messed up quite LITERALLY EVERY event in the client. Nothing New here. prob should expect it to be working soon (tm) aka next fucking year. gg riot
Report Riot for constantly intentional hard inting on their events.
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: missed opportunity to say "fairly soon". You disappoint me.
: Any shaco tips?
Learn the Bot and Top lane "long jumps" (and other mechanical tricks) This guy can help:
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: Look for a support and jungler!
Rank: Gold 1 Main Role: Mid Lane Top 5 champions: Ziggs, Braum, Alistar, Heimerdinger, and Udyr Something unique you can provide the team: I am generally good at every position, won't complain where you place me. In the past I've had to learn to adapt to each individual game and learned the importance of team communication. Are you willing to lose with a smile on your face Y/N: After playing this game since season 2, this is something you have to learn to get better. Just swallow your pride and keep moving forward. A question you wish to ask me: How many times a week do we intend to play, and what are our goals as a team? Strongest strength: Communication and team fights. Weakest Weakness: Early game, and adc. Do you solo queue Y/N: Yes. I solo que just as much as I duo que with my buddies. So it's an even split. Are you willing to learn from this team Y/N: Yes. I'm willing to learn from any experience league has to offer. Age: 20 Favorite champion and why: Ziggs, he's been my favorite since his release date. I've just had so much fun playing him and I relate to him as a character. (Not that I pick him and instalock or play him EVERY game, I just like his character.) Tell me something interesting about yourself: I've gone the Riot Headquarters to talk to Riot employees a couple of times, I've seen everything from their small theater as far as playing in their very own game room. I got to shake hands with Meddler and talk to him about how much I like Ziggs and his champion designs. It was great. I don't think that Riot would let any toxic player into their headquarters as much as they let me. Thanks! I hope that one day I can see us out on the Rift. If not, that's cool too. Best of luck!
: People who can't play every role with at least a moderate level of skill, probably shouldn't be in ranked. It's important to understand how each role functions.
You see, I agree with you because I personally don't have a problem playing fill. It's just some players are like that. They are just one trick ponies, and can get to plat with that. Give them anything else, and it's like -100 level bot.
Caítlyn (NA)
: All 131 champions in one awesome picture
Great work! I like it a lot! I get that the champ sizes are not to scale but I chuckled when I saw Rammus. He's so small! {{champion:33}} okei
: Ranked Que idea to alleviate support woes, take away your secondary role.
I feel it would affect a lot of people who really only focus/only know two roles. Sometimes they know four roles, but can't play that last one for their life. I'd rather wait a little more, especially in ranked, to hope to get someone who kinda knows what their doing. I wouldn't want getting someone who's has no idea what to do and flames the whole game that they didn't want that position anyway.
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: every single urf game is people picking the most broken shi and just tryharding.
I loved how U.R.F. was a game that came around once a year. It was always so hype to hear that it was coming soon and I really enjoyed how league fest it up around the time of April for the game mode. It used to feel so special, that you'd want to try out all the different champs before the game left to come back again the following year. Now, since we know it'll come back, some players just want to win and ruin the fun.
: It's kind of funny how one-trick-ponies are the ones who would care the most about mastery
I think what Riot is trying to do is make you go the extra mile to get to these mastery levels. By sacrificing some essence or getting champion shards it shows how dedicated you are to the champ. The path may be frustrating, but hey, if you like that character so much then struggle on. I do believe that Mastery shouldn't ever be bought with RP. Anyone should have to work their way to master a champion, but I guess they don't want to hand out mastery 6 & 7 either all willy nilly. Maybe they thought putting essence and shards in the way it would create a hurdle that the dedicated would jump. I do like how riot is trying to make the levels 6 & 7 a bit more rare, but I don't like the money that's (possibly) involved for a skill system (paying to master is a no no). This is just what I think, I'm not saying I'm right. I'm just trying to see if I understand Riot's perspective. Perhaps make a tier system where it matches you up to how other people are playing the champ like ranked, but for champions. If you are on the top (insert number)% you get level 6, and if you're like top 15~10%(?) you get level 7.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Gnar Q&A - Gameplay [COMPLETED]
I just wanted to know, what were you guys specifically trying to pull out of the new champion Gnar? Like what was it that you guys were trying to fill into the League, or was this just a new champion who was thrown into the game to add some more challenge, and create new play styles? Both? I'm always confused of this when new champions are introduced into the game.


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