Saldone (EUNE)
: Esport for all gender
Your opinion is pretty sexist dude.
: {{item:3153}} {{item:3036}} ?
Rozair (NA)
: why the fuck is vayne 1 shotting me with a tumble
it is a little thing known as being fed.
Sciela (NA)
: So yeah, fuck ADCs.
Even with all crits and max attack speed this couldn't happen.
nep2une (NA)
: Uh if you guys would actually check the server status instead of immediately making a thread, you'd see it's going to be down for about 3 hours from now for maintenance.
No server error message for me
genya03 (NA)
: [Client] Froze on Champion Selection
This just happened to me as well. Teammate couldn't lock in champion and draft got stuck at 0
Ônyx (NA)
: right cause whats farming as a melee champ amiright?
You can bait the skillshots and use your own skills to pressure him the first few levels.
Ônyx (NA)
: I think veigars passive should be tweaked a little...
Veigar can't use his stacks on towers like Nasus can. His 3 man skill are all skillshots that you can dodge so if he is getting AP off of poke you are giving it to him.
: that has a despawn time and doesnt result in you taking 138409 damage from her headshot.
she can only target one person at a time. the traps are only a problem if she is extremely ahead or your team forgot to pick a front line.
: no she already has enough power with her w as is. Jhin cant even uses his e without another form of cc
That comparison is way too simplified. Their traps fit into the kits in entirely different ways.
MilkOrBeer (EUNE)
: Yo , just wanted to know how and why i was banned.
best way for this is to submit a ticket to Support.
: Ryze ulti isn't a teleport, but a relocate
All of the champions you used as an example have an indicator showing where they are going so why did you even bring that up? The definition for teleport and relocate are both moving to a new location. Ryze can gank with his ult in a similar fashion to bard using magical journey. You also refereed to the Ryze ult as a teleport in your own statement so I don't even know what the point of your post is.
: Mastery 6 and 7 is just a lame excuse to use champion essence
They wanted a way to make money off of it.
Adonna (NA)
: Hextech Crafting: Reroll 3 Skin Shards into Perm. Skin - is it for any champ or?
I'm pretty sure the permanent one works like a mystery gift,
: so who does Taliyah's voice?
Sounds like Kari Wahlgren.
: Hilarious claim made by the official OP.GG website
shh we don't talk about those 60 countries that are beneath the surface.
: i feel like lucians passive is a bit to much
After using an ability, Lucian's next basic attack within 3 seconds shoots twice, dealing 30 / 40 / 50 / 60% AD physical damage (100% AD against minions) on the second shot, which also applies on-hit effects and can critically strike, with its critical damage halved against champions and monsters. If Lucian's primary target is killed before the second shot can go off, he automatically shoots another enemy.
darkdill (NA)
: Can Irelia's ult be updated to heal based of # of targets hit rather than damage dealt?
As long as the the healing for each hit is reduced for the next hit or reduced healing from minions.
: "Your Group Has Been Disbanded"
Were you at the point where you select what role you want to que for maybe?
: What if turret structures were alive ????
That would screw over any Melee attacker and massively buff Marksman.
: Hextech boxes such a scam
You can use 3 to Re-roll for a permanent unlock of a champion or skin that you do not have yet.
: His playrate is decent. His winrate isn't too hot because he relies a lot on coordination and he's far from being the easiest champion to support.
Good Bards can pull off some pretty crazy stuff. I didn't even realize people thought he was weak right now.
: is this format for real?
I have never had a problem with any of those.
: Can I get demoted from GOLD V to silver??
You can't get demoted until you are in plat
: Four persons. Now fifteen.
You are drowning in your own salt.
Mandaari (NA)
: New Players Should Get One Free Champion
They should get one at lvl 10,20 and 30.
Frius (EUNE)
: do you feel like you are forced to /mute all from min 1?
Some games, not all. I get threats a lot from people in champ select or right at the start of the game because I play Marksman. Not because of which Marksman I picked or anything I say but simply because I decided to play the Marksman role.
Profirix (NA)
: I don't understand all of the downvotes either. Chances are they haven't actually played the champion... he is completely different from what he was yesterday and is bullied out of top lane quite easily. Lets take a second to look at his new Q... while it does a good amount of damage and refunds energy, IT NO LONGER SUSTAINS HIM. Sure, you get a shield every 8-10 seconds, but it doesn't last very long and you will likely take more damage from harass just to last hit a minion. He no longer has his ranged ability to last hit either, which makes getting close to your opponent that much more dangerous. His W is a nice ability, however its got an incredibly long cooldown and only has usefulness against auto attacks for less than 2 seconds. Maybe it works against someone like gnar, but again, long cooldown. His E is fine. Nothing really changed there except that it scales in damage with health :). The loss of his sustain is honestly what makes him worse than his previous iteration for a solo lane. I think as a jungler and support however, he is actually quite good. One last note, his base armor is atrocious for a top laner and needs to be addressed.
Uhhh Shen does not use mana.
: where is Riot ?
If your friends thinks he got hacked he needs to report that to Riot Support not on here.
Serevas (NA)
: I guess in my opinion pretty much always, The same opinion happens to be shared by Valkrin, and apparently the majority of Platinum + support players since it's still what's built on the majority of tank supports excluding professional players who are simply getting the feel for building it in solo queue so they know what their champions perform like with it. 10% of a tank supports HP as a shield on the target of your choice is pretty valuable, not to mention it also provides a shorter duration, but stronger slow than Randuin's active does when the shield pops. So it works as an engage tool as well. The extra item slot doesn't really do you much good in games that are as short as they are now anyway.
My friends has saved my life so many times with face of the mountain
: Where'd the new champ select go?
I am wondering the same thing.
: You're not supposed to be able to if you're below level 30. I checked on and it seems like you're right...they were under level 30 and it was ranked. Interesting. It looks like the twitch guy duos with RedSoraFox. My guess is maybe you can invite sub 30 players to ranked games with the new queue.
I don't see any games in his history that have someone under lvl 30
: Yea I agree. You can at least chat with your team, say "I'm actually going J4 but I'm going to show pick intent of Vayne" or something like that. It defeats the purpose though. They should probably not auto-select it, and just bring the champ up on the side with a button that says "I still want this".
Reäver (NA)
: So tell me how a 6 stacked cho gath teleports onto a turret gets creep blocked and stuck into the turret Had to use flash to get out lol
I got stuck behind Krugs as cho after flashing over wall
: Bad reasons to blame your jungler: 1. You overextended without vision and get ganked. 2. You made a misplay and died on your own accord. 3. Your jungler was securing another objective/already ganking another lane. Good reasons to blame your jungler: 1. Your jungler messes up and feeds your lane. 2. Your jungler doesn't install jungle pressure and you get shoved 24/7. 3. Your jungler failed to properly smite dragon/baron and lost it to a long-ranged ability.
I blame my jungler when he is at Gromp every single time dragon spawns.
: [Gameplay] Vel'koz Auto-Attack Animation and Skillshot invulnerability
Someone in another thread said It happens when illaoi is in the game with Vel'koz.
Im Shir (NA)
: Vol'koz BUG
Yup this is happening to me as well, 2 out of three sounds about right. Getting the tentacle straightening out as well. Makes last hitting a challenge with him.
Macilento (EUW)
: What is the most "satisfying" Ultimate in the game?
Nothing more satisfying than that cross map Jinx ult kill. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{champion:51}} Caitlyn ult That flies through the enemy team is also Glorious.
: What Sophita said, plus, why should Hecarim be able to avoid unit collision? Honestly I feel It's a change that just makes sense. One of the things about playing large champions is that they have less maneuverability than small ones around things, and Hecarim is fucking huge. Minions shouldn't just be ignored all the time, they are a core part of the game after all.
Hecarim has long skinny legs, Of course he can go over minions.
: And what about {{champion:63}} his winrate in all elos is stupidly high.. at least Hec requires more skill to play and win with often
Tank shredding mages seem to be strong right now.
Helltoken (EUW)
: It's solo queue in a nutshell. You have to hope you are in the right team. BUT, there is a way to stop this. Play expecting them to feed. Ergo, get pressure on your laner, drop tower, and use TP to TP down to botlane when they're engaging (I'm assuming you're top). Look at what Pro's do. They know who the champions are, so they can expect engages, so what they do is avoid having to use TP into lane for any reason other than save tower, so you have global pressure. If the botlane are engaging stupidly, you can TP in to help. Either they back off, allowing you to do drake, roam mid, then clear top, or you get a kill, resulting in A) lane pressure, b) potential objective, and c) gold for you, so you get ahead in lane. There is always something you can do to stop this. The reason I main mid is because i don't trust anyone else there, and I know if i'm behind, i need to shove lane and roam as much as possible, to prevent my enemy laner to get even more of an advantage. Welcome to solo queue
Soloque is usually very vulnerable to roaming as well. I like playing TP so i can go bot if I see a chance to help out. I seem to always die if I try to roam as a mid.
yogozin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Darkstar,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=YAjnrf8H,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-01T23:01:51.536+0000) > > Want a hug? I'll be fine.
You are crying on the forum. You need to go get help.
: {{item:3140}} problem solved
rushing quick silver as first item would completely gimp anyone build.
Redaga (NA)
: its easy, you even see where the tentacle will spawn, but is high likely that for the next 20-30 seconds you will be at your turret or further. that is 30 seconds you cant farm which in early game, it hurts a lot. im not saying that you cant become a vessel, going vessel if the spirit is killed, is fine, but getting vessel instantly if you run away, is way to much punishment (in wasted time running around) from a E that is 20 seconds cooldown and like 40 mana cost.
SouL1ess (NA)
: Minion blocking is a strategic element in the game and the only time when it is not beneficial to you is when you screw up. Honestly I never have an issue with minions blocking me.
I took out a tower ass Nasus then couldn't run away because my minions had completely walled off lane and autopath was taking me to the enemy base. The block is also affecting minions forcing them to path through the jungle.
Redaga (NA)
: again, my concern is not the damage it does itself (it does not, even on lvl 5, and if Illaoi has 200 AD, the damage transferred will be only 61% ) the problem is the vessel status. there is no efficient way to prevent it. If you run away, you are a vessel, this is 100% now ensure you have to retreat for at least 20-30 seconds till you hunt down 3 tentacles . If you try to fight her, even long range mages like Xerath. will only reduce the Spirits E time by 3 seconds (seconds 5 counting 2 seconds stuns at optimal condition fro Xerath E) and she still have 5 seconds left (the time is 10 seconds after sucking the spirits). if you get any closer, she can just ignore the spirit and straight up attack you.
it is really easy to control where her tentacles spawn when you are a vessel and you can easily be out of the range by the time they attack.
Thryale (NA)
: no, her E is fine imo. Personally, it's her Q that needs a slight nerf. I'd say take away about 20-30 dmg across all ranks and ***maybe*** lower the ad ratio by .1 or something small like that. Honestly, she's not that far off from being balanced as is.
yeah her Q is the worst, Her E is easy to deal with outside of team fights
: i didnt... i won the lane.. did fine in fact.. its just after some time.. she starts doing 1k plus true damage and its more true than basic damage.
You do know the max true damage she does on a proc is 12% of total health. Adc are meant to take down tanks and bruisers that they can kite. the tank is supposed to lock down the carries so your teams carry can take theirs out.
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilDustMan,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Anjrhj9z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-17T01:42:31.610+0000) > > If MVP got a bonus, people would be trying for most gold, most kills, most damage, even if it means bringing the other players on the team down. kill participation is what should matter, not having a lot of deaths, so on and so forth... and some matches there might not be an MVP bonus for anyone on your team. Maybe take the average of the enemy team, and if you did better than them. Or something along those lines.
that would screw over supports who are always running around saving dumb teammates from feeding.
: So learn how to turtle. Chose champions with CC so you can stun them if they try and dive you. Sure, it is harder to turtle, but it is much easier to come back.
can't turtle against a decent siege comp with buffs
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