JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: You can carry with pretty much anything in low elo if you got the game knowledge and skill with your champion. Define low elo tho... i don't think you can carry every game in silver. but iron and bronze for sure..
was bronze 3 but because of the rank system i was put in iron 4 which i climbed up to iron 1
: No he was nerf this patch unfortunately . Last patch yes ezreal was able to stall until he had double tear and could carry solo. Now he's not weak but he's back to needing a team like every other adc. Top lane is best lane to learn to carry unless you can perform consistently botlane.
yeah just got done playing a game were i went 10 and 3 in the bot with ez but everyone else fed and i was kinda useless
: Any champion can carry low elo, but I recommend playing what's meta. Meta champions are picked because they're usually the strongest. Look up who's best to pick right now and abuse them till the next patch and someone else becomes good. I played a Shit ton of reksai and went to bronze 3 to silver 3 in like 2 days.
k thx ill look up meta champs for mid and bot rn
: Especially in low elo you can win with everything, if you are better than your opponent. Even Support Tryndamere can carry.
k thx because me and my friend duo bot and ive been needing a champ besides tristana and yasuo to play bot lane
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: Get blitz, will be a lot more fun and you will be able to actually impact the game more often. Sona is really only good with certain champs and doesn't have half of the carry potential of a good blitz.
nelogis (EUW)
: How do you go from Sona to Blitzcrank? Well the first one is a protective/poke support and the other is an aggressive frontliner If anything I would recommend you Thresh / Leona / Rakan instead of Blitzcrank and Nami instead of Sona Unless you REALLY like the champions then just pick what fits your playstyle better.
i kinda want to get thresh now lol thx for the advice
: {{champion:53}} is super easy to play, because even if you're 0/15, one nice landed hook can win the teamfight for your team
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