: [LF] Plat or gold Jungler for an amateur league (Model LCS)
IGN: KT 1savage Preferred Times (ex: 9CST-11CST): Available almost every time but prefer practice to end before it gets too late (Have to wake up at 5am) Champion Pool: Graves, amumu, lee Experience(Any team, league, highest rank or other achievements): Tbh I haven't been in a team for a while since I only become dedicated tto a team if the environment fits me and I haven't found a serious enough team yet. Extras(Anything extra to put your app above others): I'm a full-time college student but I have summer off so i have a lot of free time
: Mag!c Esports Top and ADC Needed
your mid and support is silver though? Don't they need to be gold and up? Seems confusing.
: iNFINITE aWARENESS Recruiting Jung/AD/Supp P5-P1 for Compete League!!
IGN: KT 1Savage Role: Jungle Rank(S6, S7): S6- Plat 5 S7- Gold 3 Top 3 Champs: Lee Sin, Graves, Wukong Discord?: Yes
: [LFP] New Amateur e-Sports Organization [Divergent Gaming] Holding Tryouts Platinum Elo [12/31-1/2]
Summoner Name: KT 1Savage Current Position: Jungle Season 6 Rank: Platinum 5 Season 7 Rank: Gold 3 Top Three Champions: Lee sin, graves, Wukong Top Strength: good communication under all situations, playing as a team, objectives Worst Weakness: dealing with getting counterjungled every time Past Experience: played in many teams which didn't work out cus of scheduling Communication: Discord/skype/curse Have Discord Downloaded: Yes Other Information: I haven't done solo/duo as much this season after placements, but if i'm required, i'll def get back to plat in a few weeks time. I'm looking for a good team environment and a team to make synergy with.
Riggz (NA)
: LF Top or Jungle for Ranked team (Silver - Gold current)
IGN: KT 1Savage top 5 champs: Lee sin, graves, wukong, must have discord and a headset.
: looking for a silver player to boost me out of bronze
at least word it differently instead of putting "boost" lmao
: Serious Team Looking for Jungle Main (Gold ELO)
Summoner's Name: KT 1Savage Age: 19 Time Zone: EST Season 6 Ranking: Platinum 5 Top 3 Jungle Champs: Lee Sin, Graves, Wukong Availability: After 2pm EST Additional Comments: Serious team. No trolls/ragers plz
: Team Energized looking for players (Sponsored) 9pm EST
IGN: KT 1Savage Current Rank: Gold 3 Last Seasons Rank: Platinum 5 Position(s) (Two at most): Jungle Top 3 champions played: Lee sin, Graves, Wukong Availability: after 2pm EST Why should you be invited for a tryout: Looking to gain synergy with the team long-term wise and have fun
: The Vengeful Fallen Serious and Chill players wanted
What team are you applying for: B Name: Andy IGN: KT 1Savage Discord(Name): Andy Rank: gold 3 Last season rank (post peak as well): plat 5/ peaked plat 4 Role: Jungle Age: 19 Do you have a microphone: Yeah Team Experience: Several teams for tournaments
: > [{quoted}](name=KT 1Savage,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=d7lVW9Lm,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-12-19T04:06:13.261+0000) > > No one wants to play with you thats it. No one wants to join your team. The website isn't worthless. It's complete shit to me at the moment. Team Recruitment boards is a joke. As for your first sentence I've gotten 11 people so far asking. So guess you're just ignorant and worthless.
> [{quoted}](name=ReadyxPlayerxOne,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=d7lVW9Lm,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-12-19T05:41:45.856+0000) > > It's complete shit to me at the moment. Team Recruitment boards is a joke. > > As for your first sentence I've gotten 11 people so far asking. So guess you're just ignorant and worthless. such a cute boy
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TSM Rage (NA)
: xDevastating Annihilation is recruiting !
IGN : KT 1Savage Position: Jungler Time: EST Rank s6 : Platinum 5 main or sub: main champion pool: Lee sin, graves, wukong, Discord ? : Yes Shotcalling ability : Mostly mid-late game
: 1 post a day for a month
No one wants to play with you thats it. No one wants to join your team. The website isn't worthless.
: Plat Team LF Jungle or Mid Role to complete team.
IGN: KT 1Savage Rank: Currently Unranked due to finals/ season 6 Platinum 5 Main Role: Jungler Top 3 champs: Lee sin Strengths: Communication, objective orientated Times available: whenever after finals (21st) Comments: Let's win tournaments boys Discord: yeah just link me
: Looking for Gold/Platinum players for a LCS Style tournament. All positions needed (Even Coach)
Solo/Duo Rank: Plat 5 Flex Rank: Silver 2 (Gold 1 before 2nd reset and silver 2 lol wtf?) Primary Role/Secondary Role: AD/Jg Top Champions: Jhin, Cait, Ezreal, Lucian, Sivir Strengths: Positioning, communication Weaknesses: Map awareness in lane Discord?: Ye Timezone: EST Age: 19 Availability: fits your schedule requirements :) Aditional notes?: Let me in and we'll win :)
Oreosplz (NA)
: high gold/plat team lf adc and mid Tryouts tonight.
IGN: JunAdc Role: ADC Rank: Plat 5 Age: 19 Top 3 Champs: Jhin, Caitlyn, Ezreal 2 Strengths: Positioning, Communication whatever the situation is 2 Weaknesses: Map awareness in lane, hard to come back if early laning goes bad OP.GG: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=junadc Why do you want to join the team: Looking to win 1st in tournaments and go play ranked 5s Availability: After 8pm est
xYouknow (NA)
: Looking 4 Mid + Sup for 5s Team... Gold - low Plat Elo
IGN: JunAdc (changing name soon) Age: 19 Rank: Plat 5 Main 5 Champions: Thresh, Alistar, Janna, Karma, Braum Biggest Weakness: Tunneling
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: Recruiting for a new a team. All Roles needed. Must Be ranked Gold 1 - Plat 1. Please read Post
In Game Name : JunAdc Age: 19 Current Rank : Gold 1 81lp Highest Rank Achieved (don't lie i will check) : Gold 1 98lp Current main role/s (no more than 2) : adc Champion pool(list at least 3): jhin, cait, ezreal, lucian, draven Any past in the competitive scene of any game: yes Weaknesses as a player : tunneling Strong points as a player : macro Times Available CST : after 6pm Mechanics :4 Game Knowledge:5 Attitude: 5 Map Awareness:3
: Look, let's be honest. No one wants to be a sub. When they're browsing the team recruitment page, they're looking to play, not for a chance that they might be able to play for someone else.
> [{quoted}](name=QuanticPsyche,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=dz0B7PON,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-20T22:25:20.368+0000) > > Look, let's be honest. No one wants to be a sub. When they're browsing the team recruitment page, they're looking to play, not for a chance that they might be able to play for someone else. so fuking true esp in lower elo
: Worldwide Esports Competitive 5's
JunAdc ADC Gold 1 (promos to plat)
DSNatsu (NA)
: Mid main looking to start a serious ranked 5's team. Must be between Silver and Gold, Read Info.
Summoner Name: JunAdc Preferred Name: Jun Age: 19 Rankings for S4, S5, and S6: silver, gold, gold 1 Position: adc Champions: ezreal 9, jhin 8, lucian10 Why choose these 2-3 Champions? Confidence level on a scale from 1 (least confident) to 10 (most confident). Availability: after 7pm est What makes a good team? commitment Why do you want to join a team? I wanta serious 5v5 team to increase our limit together Why are you a good addition to any team? I show committment and seriousness in the team environment
: LF Staff for Impure Gaming [Manager][Coach][Analyst]
Age; 19 Availability; Free whenever classes aren't there Timezone; EST Experience in your position; Manager. I was manager for several silver,gold,plat teams. And why I should recruit you; I'm good at organization and i have a lot of connections.
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: Vicious eSports Tempest looking for analysts and assistant coach, d5+ team
With this amount of requirements and expectations, you gotta pay them since you hope the team to be in the challenger series, as well. No one's going to work to their full potential if they don't get paid with this much requirements. Just saying.
: LF Coach/Analysts and a Support for Team (semi-serious) 5v5
ANALYST IGN: The JYK Age: 18 Rank: Gold 4 Have you done any type of analyst work before? Yes Availability; Weekends only. (Busy on weekdays, but I would finish and review vods with the team on weekends) Why do you want to be an analyst for this team?: Been a coach and analyst for almost 2 seasons and would like to share my knowledge and help a team out for free Why do you think you're a (better?) analyst compared to the others?: I actually care about how the team is progressing and i care about each team member's progress, feelings (tilt),etc. Will you be able to analyze up to 2 games in a night?: I can only analyze vods on weekends and explain it to the team on the weekends as I am busy on weekdays. Do you watch every region or just a specific few?: I watch NA and KR usually but sometimes I watch LPL. How well do you follow the meta, patch notes, and item builds?: Review them as soon as they're out and follow up with different meta builds/champs for each team member.
: Looking For Lee Sin Main To Train/Coach Me
KL vZim (NA)
: Looking for 5v5 coach
IGN: The JYK Rank(this season and last): Silver 1 (s6), Gold 4 (s5) What are your greatest strengths as a player?: Passive-aggressive laning phase no matter the situation, macro strats What are your strengths as a coach?: Tons of experience as a coach/analyst, micro/macro improvement strategies, runes/masteries knowledge, coaching knowledge up to Plat+ ELO 5's. What are your weaknesses as a player?: Tilt after losing streak What are your weaknesses as a coach?: Little knowledge in pick/ban phase & lack of knowledge to teach the jungle role Do you have a replayer ?: No what competitive team play experience do you have? Coached and was an analyst for several teams last season and also worked with 7 other skilled analysts (Plat+ players) what coaching experience do you have? I coached over 100+ hours on individual player coaching. How do you approach a player who is starting to let his emotions get the better of his game?: I wouldn't expose what I would do here for reasons, but I would if i can get a voice chat with the player who is first. why should i pick you?: Because you're looking for a coach and I'm looking for a team and I've been coaching for a very long time.
: New team in need of a midlaner and analyst
Add me: The JYK I was an analyst for 2 years in several teams and I was also offered a position to be an analyst for a mid-high diamond team last year.
Amart (NA)
: Creating Sliver - Bronze Serious Team
Main jungle add me pwnzerpwner
Nirvoy (NA)
: [LFM] - [TOP and SUPPORT] - [SERIOUS] - Looking to create a serious and dedicated ranked team
IGN: The JYK Rank(Season 5): Gold 4 Role: Analyst Can you make the following times? Monday-Thursday: 8.30pm - 11.30pm (7.30om - 10pm CST) (5.30pm - 8.30pm West Coast) Yes Do you have any prior experience in this position: Yes, I was an analyst and coach for several teams in season 5 and I currently coach and analyze 4 players' games.
: Bronze-Silver Dynamic Team
IGN: The JYK Role: Coach/Analyst Top Champions of that role: Age: 18 Rank: S2 (last season Gold 3) Availability: available after 4pm for monday, wednesday, thurs,/ available after 8pm tues and friday/ available whenever for weekends
Yamì (NA)
: Gods Warriors looking for Coach and Analyst!
IGN: The JYK Age: 18 Coach or Analyst?: Coach 5s Coaching Experience?: Coached 3 successful teams last season (S3-Gold & Gold1-Plat4 &Gold3-Gold 1). I've worked with players with their ranks consisting from Gold to Diamond. I'm currently coaching 4 individual players once a week. Are you willing to work with other support staff?: Yes. I would love to share my game knowledge and also learn from other people, as well. Do you have Teamspeak?: I have teamspeak and Skype. Timezone?: EST
: LF Mid/Top Coach
Add me: The JYK
: Serious rank team ,silver + looking for players !
I am silver 3 ign:gyangdae i Main jungle and support Jungle:Lee sin, noc, elise Support: Thresh leona and morgana

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