: @Riot Kades will there be an option for wave 1 buyers to get the updated rulebook
We will be providing digital downloads of the most recent rulebooks, but our plan - similar to League - is to keep updating it as needed. With that in mind, I'm not sure if it makes sense to print extra rulebooks after each iteration. But the plan is to give you access to each iteration.
Drollix (NA)
: What happened to orders?
Hey Will, I'll need to see more info in order to help you with this. Could you email me your support ticket number at kades@riotgames.com? I'll look into this for you and see where the breakdown may have happened. -Chris
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: Couple of questions about ordering the game
Hey there, We're doing the first half of our initial order of 30k units; I have no idea if it will sell out or not, but if it does, we will make more. I believe 10€ is correct for Switzerland, but because Switzerland isn't a part of the EU, you will need to pay duties upon receipt. And yes, you can buy other stuff at the merch store; enjoy your new mousepad?
: Will there be in other regions?
I think so, too. We'll take a look at the initial reception and do our best to get a localized experience out to other regions in the future if we think there is a market for it. Unfortunately, a 'market' can't mean a couple hundred units. So we'll have to make our best guess, here. Starting with one language allows us to streamline the process and reduce the risk that we'll mess something up in the meantime. But we're committed to getting MvM out to as many regions as we can. Just might take some time.
DviCo (EUW)
: Shipping
Unfortunately, that's correct. Initially, we won't be shipping to Lithuania. Apologies, DviCo.
: When is MvM Going to be Released?
October 13th at 11:00am PDT. If you want to learn more, head over to: www.mechsvsminions.com
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: How quick will this ship?
Assuming there are no problems with getting the shipment through customs and to our warehouse, they should ship as quickly as we can. 'Days' feels right, but I'd like to manage expectations a bit since this is our first time doing this - and if there's one thing I've learned through this process - things rarely go how you plan.
: Cards
They're the size of Magic Cards. Pretty standard card sizing.
Sir Ollon (EUW)
: Playable on the computer/online?
There are currently no plans for this approach. We strive to listen to you guys, though. In a world where we went this direction, it would be a very long time off, though.
Dezzerved (EUW)
: Will the 2nd wave (In December) ship before Christmas?
It's still unknown. I hope so. I think every manufacturer in the world sees the value of getting their goods out by Christmas. But there are so many things that could happen that are out of our control. A good example is how long the units will wait in customs.
The Wife (EUNE)
: Box dimensions
Sure, with my handy dandy ruler I landed with: Length: 34cm Width: 51cm Depth: 12cm Weight: 12.85 lb That's just the game, though. I don't have the dimensions/weight after packaging, but hopefully that helps some?
: Will Mechs vs Minions be at Essen?
We won't be at Essen this year. We looked into it, and with Worlds overlapping here, we didn't have the resources to do it at a capacity that we'd be pleased with.
: @Riot: I want to buy Mechs vs Minions, but they're not shipping to my country.
First off, the game isn't 'limited edition'. As with every physical good ever made, there is a limit to how many we will have in stock at any one point in time, but our intent is to keep making production runs for as long as people want to buy them. Argentina isn't a part of our initial launch - since this is a brave new world for us, we wanted to focus on NA and EU initially and learn how to do this better. If the game is popular and we see a demand in Argentina (or any region) we'll look to spin up a version of the game for your region. But our plan is to keep that experience as player-focused as we can - for instance, if we launch in Korea, we'd localize the game for those players. Localizing is no small feat on League and with a product with the amount of text that MvM has, it will take some time to make sure we do it right. One pooly translated rule can really tank the experience, and since you can't hot-fix a board game, we have to be very careful in how we tackle the problem. There are also other issues that we're paranoid about - like distribution and whatnot - and confining our initial release to one or two areas allows us to make sure the experience goes smoothly for other regions. You might not get the initial release. There's a chance that if the game doesn't sell or is poorly received, we won't bring MvM to your region (why keep selling a bad game?), but assuming those things go as planned and we see a demand in your region AND we can get over logistic hurdles for your region, then I would expect a reprint in your region, eventually. Sorry if this isn't the answer you were hoping for, bud. But I hope this at least gives you some context into our approach.
: Mechs vs. Minions availability
We won't be at Essen this year, unfortunately.
Stexe (NA)
: Designer?
Sure, Before I get into it, though, I'm gonna get into some boring philosophy stuff - a peak behind the curtain here. Whatever names I give you, it's important to take into account that all of Riot made this happen. Yeah, we had a small team that worked pretty hard on bringing this game to you, but without the guys over on the Skins team, we wouldn't have had the resources to make MvM. Without live balance, League would have fallen over a long time ago - they work to keep League fresh. Without the guys over on our platform team, we couldn't have kept League stable, and then we couldn't have made MvM. All the pieces are interconnected, and we had hundreds of internal playtesters that influenced the design pretty substantially. It feels off to celebrate our small team when Riot as a whole made the game. With that said, I recognize that as questions regarding gameplay come up, you'll want to chat with the Rioters who worked on this closely. The initial design was done by Stone Librande as he was joining Riot almost 3 years back. The core of the game (stack programming) is still the same and all of that came from him. From there, we brought the game in-house and had a handful of people working on it full time. For the first year and a half, it was basically me squared away in a closet trying my best (and failing) to improve upon the game. Eventually, we brought in Rick "Mr. Piddlesworth" Ernst to lead the design and create the ten scenarios. Nathan "FP McGee" Tiras and Prashant "Catspaw" Saraswat rounded out our core design team and I probably helped out on occasion.
: Stock of Game
Hey Gwendolem, It _will_ be a first come/first serve distribution when we begin selling units in Mid-October. We ordered 30k for our initial print run (which is pretty high in the world of board games) and the first half of that will be available in October. The rest of wave 1 will arrive in December. If the game does sell out and we still see a demand, we hope to make additional waves until everyone who wants a copy can get one. We're also studying other regions closely to see if it makes sense making runs in different languages.
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: {{champion:37}} i have nothing to say to this
I'm going to get into work tomorrow, and Preeti's gonna be like, "Hey, thanks for derailing my thread on all the awesome eSport tournies people can play." Not sure she'll be too happy. Life's hard for a slug.
Beaveh (NA)
: since no one will see this ill just say that sometimes i like to undress, rub Vaseline all over myself, and roll around on the floor pretending im a slug
I hear that. Every time my wife breaks out the salt I'm like, "This is it. She's trying to kill me." Life's hard for a slug.
: But he didn't, and that's the most important part <3


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