: When Riot gives your info to the FBI...
"I'll take things that didn't happen for 500 Alex"
jamyooes (NA)
: Can't hover over friends
hopping on the "same" train
Destaice (NA)
: I tried to play ESO considering it's FTP and I own it.
: 4 RP :(
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/05/ask-riot-draw-for-rp/ here's the nexus post that talks about the draw for RP program
patmax17 (EUW)
: Found IronStylus' posts again: this https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1ymhlb/will_chogath_be_receiving_a_visual_update/ > Just FYI, we don't consider splash as a primary reason to do a VU. Yes, it's part of the package, but it's just part of the deal that when a champion undergoes a VU, the splash (at least the base at this moment) is updated when we do the overhaul. >That said, I want to say that Cho'Gath might be relatively close to the top, though I can't remember off of the top of my head. He's not in the top immediate 5, but maybe a bit after that. What I think the best thing about the prospect of a Cho VU is that we just got Vel'Koz out there. We have a defined look for the void due to that champion. While in the past we were sorta like.. "Well what is the void? Just bugs and purple?" we at least have a more refined precedent with Vel'Koz. Yes, actually, the Void is very much "bugs and purple", and maybe that's not really touching on what the void is in and of itself, but it's a reliable trope set we're now sorta locked into. >I'd like us to go back and reexamine Cho now that Vel'Koz is complete. I think there's a lot of form language, color and other notes that we can incorporate. Right now Cho is preeeettty much Violator from Spawn crossed with a giant Zergling, or at least was highly inspired by back in the day. I think we need to dive back in and come up with some more unique things to work into him. >Right now, he's a big confusion of arms and protrusions. I don't know if that'd change (I've seen a couple of concepts lying around where he has fewer than current) but I don't know if we could get away with lopping off any arms/claws. At the very least, we have to reduce some of the noise. That might come from just giving his various appendages a bit of differentiation in terms of size. We'll see. Nothing concrete yet. >I do consider him an "easy win" however in that a) he's a pretty straightforward character b) he doesn't need to be thematically re-defined and c) we've got some great standards set by Kha'zix and Vel'Koz to refer to in terms of quality and style. and in particular this http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4626580&page=2#post48005529 > My feelings. >Short answer: Yes. But not right now. >Long answer: It's going to depend exactly what the scope of Cho is. Because.. ****.. we could scope creep the hell out of him. Because he a) has a lot of real estate, that model has tons of crazy possibilities. b) he has a great, clear theme behind him, and c) all of his abilities are ripe for pumping up to 11. >All in all, as I've said before, Cho'Gath is what I would consider one of our biggest potential successes if we manage to pull it off effectively, efficiently and build in the time for the scope we're going to want to tack onto him. He has SO much possibility and potential. Some ideas that may or may not ever happen: >- A model with the cabability to expand/extend/bulk as he gets stacks. - Anatomy that supports all of his abilities, like how Kha'zix's has biological aspects to his spells. - SIZE. He should be a terrifying Kaiju-type thing. >I'd love to hear some crazy ideas. Throw 'em at me. >He probably won't happen any time soon. My hunch is maybe sometime next year but that's assuming a LOT. I want to get concepts on him ASAP just to map out how big of an investment we're talking. He has the potential to be really epic, my hope is that we can hit him sooner than later. These posts are from february and june 2014. To give some context and perspective: Sion (the first "modern" VGU) came out in september 2014. Burning Tides and the updates for MF and GP were in summer 2015. Poppy (the second "modern" VGU) was in december 2015. In 2014 there were some graphics-only updates, e.g. Karthus, Heimerdinger, Maokai, Nasus.
holy shit, the GP and MF updates were in 2015? man time sure flies
: Cho ult and Tahm shield
thank you all for your insight. I had the wrong idea as to what true damage actually was. My apologies for not realizing this.
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: Today I learned that Razer Makes Toasters....
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: Divine sword Yasuo is way better than Battle boss...
well no shit, its a legendary skin vs battle boss being an epic
: Skins!
can confirm that it is, ive gotten it multiple times
: So, LoL makes a PSA where doublelift calls all NA teams trash.
in case it hasn't been said yet, the whole idea of him being a total asshat towards others is just a persona he put on for show. He knows it, Riot knows it, other LCS players know it. Its all to gather views for the LCS. From what I understand, outside of the LCS he's actually a pretty decent and upstanding person
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: Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act
correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the lawsuit would only affect so called "wilson style" lootboxes, that actually give you an in game advantage, rather than pure cosmetics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTLFNlu2N_M
: We need 20 mandatory bans per person in ranked.
good meme, should probably be in memes and games
Jack Eron (EUNE)
: This is nonsense!
well I leave you with this then: THIS.IS.SPARTA
: [Discussion]: League Mobile
insert obligatory "but we have mobile legends" comment
: Is riot really removing boards?
I believe they are merging the NA and EUW boards into one thing instead of the EUW boards being seperate
: And Evelynn! :3 {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
the problem with having one for eve is the fact that her ult isn't true damage, whereas cho's is. Her indicator would have to take into account the enemy's magic resist, whereas cho's doesn't
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Nadiri (NA)
: Demonblade tryndamere skin needs update
still looks better than gentleman cho
: Morgana's Q has been the way it is basically since the beginning. It's has gotten virtually no buffs or nerfs since forever. Her Q (Dark Binding) last 3 seconds with 5 points. It is also one of the slowest skill shots in the game. Learn to dodge it. >Dark Binding >TARGET RANGE: 1175 >SPEED: 1200 >COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana >COOLDOWN: 11 >Fires a bolt of dark energy towards a target location, binding the first unit hit to the ground for 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds and dealing 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+90% of ability power) magic damage. Just to put that into perspective: >Javelin Toss (Nidalee) >SPEED: 1300
hard to didge at point blank range with the rest of her teammates around me as im fighting
: Maybe side-step it next time?
hard to side step if im balls deep in their team trying to peel for my own team, then by the time I have a chance to react their team 100-0s me
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: Teemo runes
I usually go Aery, manaflow, celerity, and scorch/waterwalking, whichever will benefit you better. then triumph and coup de grace or cut down depending on the matchup
: *Update* My name has been reclaimed!!!
: Can I please have a Riot Employee come justify the difference between my name and Evelynn?
honestly I hope that they agree with you on your name because my friend literally just changed his name to "LongNGirthy" so if they allow that then they should allow yours
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: If FNC wouldn't have made mistakes against IG they would have won Worlds or taken IG to game 5 too.
My point exactly. Now both FNC and C9 can take this time to look back on what went wrong with rational mindsets and set up strategies for next season. Also on a side note I only watched the first game because I was too tired, but I honestly believed FNC was going to 3-1 IG like the did EDG. I was really sad when I saw the score this morning. All in all, all it will take is reflection and planning for next year.
: New Champion?
Well we still have the entirety of November and December before the year is done. I'm pretty sure Riot promised us a new mage before the end of the year
: Doubtful about NA/C9 winning Worlds. GJ NA for making it to the Semi-Finals......
I mean, lets be honest, if C9 would have had a better draft phase and made less mistakes during the game (which tilted the fuck out of sneaky since he had to carry that burden on his shoulders) I truly believe that at the very least, they could have taken FNC to game 5
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: Every major region has won worlds but NA
but on the other side of the coin this is the furthest an NA team has made it. C9 being in semi finals and getting out of their group was quite a feat
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CIayman (NA)
: If you're looking to only spend up to an hour and a half and actually expecting to enjoy yourself, I'd recommend single player games instead. Have you tried Breath of the Wild, the Dragon Age series, or the Mass Effect series?
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: Riot Has Finally Exceeded Overwatch in Animation
as much as id like to agree with you, until Riot makes a short that makes me cry as much as I did for a big German man in armor, I'm still for the Overwatch stuff. except Shooting Star. that one was meh at best
: Let's chill with some Blitz!
: I just torched a pair of vintage air jordans
im with moody. they already have your money, if you don't want anything to do with nike give them to homeless people or somebody else in need of shoes. win-win
lOu45888 (EUW)
: League Fehler - Die Datei oder das Verzeichnis ist Beschädigt oder nicht lesbar
uh, inb4 "this is the NA boards, speak English" comments?
: Ivern doesn't work in Nexus Blitz.
: While I saw something that looks similar to Blood Boil, I'm not entirely convinced it's still there. We saw him chucking a flurry of snowballs at a marked target, and then we saw the giant ball, his chomp, and his ultimate. Blood Boil, or whatever it's called now (That's not a good name for the feel of Nunu) is probably now some kind of passive.
it looked like any allies that get run over by his giant snowball get the boosted effects of bloodboil
: Someone earlier apparantly """""leaked""""" the next upcoming skins
Not sure if its been mentioned yet, but the urgot and Sol skins seem plausible because riot has actually confirmed that both of them are going to get a skin by the end of the year
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: The God-King Skins issue
*cough* *cough* SSG J4
: When the enemy team has a rioter in it
: Well {{champion:92}} vs {{champion:157}} had this "in a time long forgotten" vibe to it where these two primordial forces did battle just because they were polar opposites. Then {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:122}} happens and it's clearly a more medieval time because they have amassed followers that swear fealty to each side. If time is passing wouldn't it be interesting to get {{champion:126}} vs {{champion:112}} as a futuristic theme to sell that passage of time and really drive home the point that even in an Industrial Age/ Steampunk world this endless conflict between Order and Chaos is still raging? In reality {{champion:126}} and {{champion:112}} do not have the loyal player bases that {{champion:122}}, {{champion:92}} and {{champion:157}} have OR aren't beginner champs that everyone has access to like {{champion:86}}. People seem to be calling for {{champion:98}} vs {{champion:238}} 2019 more than anything which I think is a cool idea. Neither of them have legendaries, they both have healthy play rates and Zed especially has a committed player base plus it would be cool to see a more dispassionate side to Order with Shen's indifference plus Zed's newest lore makes him seem more chaotic neutral then the devil he was before lore updates so he would make a more nuanced chaos champ. Probably Riot's best bet
> People seem to be calling for {{champion:98}} vs {{champion:238}} 2019 more than anything which I think is a cool idea. Neither of them have legendaries, they both have healthy play rates and Zed especially has a committed player base plus it would be cool to see a more dispassionate side to Order with Shen's indifference plus Zed's newest lore makes him seem more chaotic neutral then the devil he was before lore updates so he would make a more nuanced chaos champ. > > Probably Riot's best bet As cool as Zed Vs Shen would be it seems like with all these comments are forgetting one of the biggest champion vs champion potential. {{champion:89}} vs {{champion:131}}
: can i get a refund for this?
hang on a sec....with all the skins in the past released with a skin specific border, you're surprised that you need the skin to have the border? have you ever seen a border on a skin that it wasn't for?
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