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: Request to have Low Priority Punishment removed from my account. Servers cucked me.
The same thing happened to me. So I posted about being in the lower priority queue and the dev did not help at all then my post was deleted by riot.
: i keep getting put into leaver buster because of the disconnect issue
Same man. And really I could care less about this bug, but its putting me in low priority cause of a bug i cant control. like wtf
: I believe you're referencing the issue mentioned on the [**Service Status Page**]( If this is the case, and the workaround isn't working for you, then your issue is likely *unrelated* and is being caused by an issue along your route to the servers. I'd recommend checking our [**connection guide**]( for a list of steps that may resolve this issue entirely. Let me know if you continue to see these issues after taking those steps.
That is what i was referencing to. And I see that it is being worked on but what do I do about this lower priority queue? I feel like i should not have to deal with five 20 min queue delays because of a client bug.
: Loading screen repitatively crashes when reconnecting to game (lost a ranked game due to remake).
Same man. happened to me twice. I lost 2 ranked placements cause the remake and now im in low priority queue because of it. 20 min wait times. Im heated
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: Disconnected from ranked loading screen
Ive tried to load into 2 ranked games on separate occasions and got black screen and wasnt able to click retry or cancel. so i got sttuck and now leaver gave me lower priority queue when I didnt do anything. And the league logo wont get out the middle of my screen. Ill have to restart. Riot , get me out of lower priority queue.


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