: Patch 8.23 notes
Where is Shojin and Atma's, we are supposed to get them in Preseason. Its Preseason.
: Patch 8.13 notes
Release the bruiser items, they were fine and you're holding back meaningful new decisions for a large number of champs simply because a literal couple may be a bit strong with them. Release the bruiser items.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
Champions that could safely use the new bruiser items (and in fact need them to have any sort of diversity in their builds whatsoever) {{champion:266}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:83}} Champions that may be slightly too strong with the new items. {{champion:5}} {{champion:24}} Champions who's presence are keeping the items from being released. {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} There is no excuse, release the items please.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14
{{champion:266}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:75}} Look at all of these champs that aren't a huge problem to the game and were completely shafted by the loss of the new item changes. {{champion:5}} {{champion:24}} Champions that may have been a slight problem but could be easily tuned to balance with the new items (but who would see a lot of new builds and play styles become viable) {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} Champions who the refusal of the items were aimed towards. I think we have ourselves a flawed decision making apparatus. Please put in the items and just balance the champs that need balance. Just do it.
: about the fact that you guys removed the Fighter items again: ____________ ** *1. Fighters ATM* ** > terms of current power of fighters you guys always say "Fighters are in a fine spot rioght now" but actually **only {{champion:39}} Irelia and {{champion:164}} Camille are in a fine spot at the moment** (maybe {{champion:24}} Jax too) ... because 2 (maybe 3) champs are viable atm **doesnt make every Fighter good / viable / playable** ... and Irelia is only viable atm cause **she got a rework** (which pretty much always puts champs in a rly good spot / makes them meta) -- you guys even said it! > especially if you play fighters who aren't among the stronger ones right now, or who don't have a broad enough range of itemization. you guys actually realize how there is a huge difference between fighters right now! but still you dont release these **items that might help A LOT OF DIFFERENT Fighters** **Irelia and Camille are dominating and every other Fighter is pretty much useless right now!** -- so why not **tune down Irelia & Camille (maybe Jax a tiny bit) and release the items** ? that way **the power of Irelia and Camille wont rly change that much** (they get nerfs but also new items to compensate for it) **but all the other Fighters get these new items so they might be viable!** -- and because some is gonna mention it anyways: because {{champion:157}} Yasuo can be played bot now or some silly stuff like that doesnt change the current state of Fighters at all Yasuo isnt even a "true Fighter" cause hes played completely different yeah sure hes a melee AD champ but hes based on his 100% crit BS (+ AS) his itembuild is completely different from any other Fighter in the game his core items aren't even Fighter items (like i said: its his 100% crit and maybe some attack speed) Yasuo is more like a melee ADC - not like a regular Fighter as long as you have 100% crit with Yasuo you can do whatever you want and you will do just fine - that has nothing to do with the current state of Fighters in general ____________ ** *2. Pro Play* ** it kinda seems like you guys RLY want Irelia and Camille to be meta / picked in pro play atm maybe because **Fighters are actually FUN TO WATCH** and **its pretty clear** (for example [Phreak even said it in his patch 8.12 rundown (~1:25min into the video) ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbIcFHSMKmc&feature=youtu.be&t=1m24s) !) that you guys balance they game around **beeing fun to watch cause Worlds is gonna start soon** but like i said: **nerf those 2 a bit + release the items and they will stay in the same spot!** so no worries about them never getting picked or permabanned and maybe - just maybe - we might even see more different Fighters in pro play! that would make it even more fun to watch (cause there might happen something in lane compaired to tank vs tank -lanes) -- also: >but that the timing's wrong for them only means that you guys dont want to change anything right now because Worlds starts soon ... so its kinda like {{item:3504}} Aardent Censer all over again where we have to wait ages until something changes ... like Phreak said in the video: **we can wait till November (earliest possibility) until the Fighter items MIGHT come back!!! THATS ABOUT 5 MONTHS!!! 5 MONTHS OF WAITING UNTIL WE HAVE A CHANCE TO GET THESE CHANGES!!!** ____________ ** *3. and of course Fighters are the ones getting screwed over again* ** > Building up expectations around content like this going out, only for it to then be pulled away, is something we try pretty hard to avoid. In this case, despite the pain that creates, we felt we needed to pull them out though. you guys rly hate Fighters do u? xD ofc something like: "getting our hopes up that finally some good changes will come live - but then our hopes get crushed again cause Riot gives us the middle finger and everything gets removed again" hits all the Fighter-players again -- just like **the class updates** the Fighter update gets delayed again and again cause you decided to update other classes instead so the Fighter update got pushed back again and again and **in the end every class got an uodate - besides the Fighter class **... or the **Runes Reforged** every class gets a selection of at least 1 good Kestone to use but Fighters get screwed over again and get pretty much not a single good Fighter keystone **we had to wait MONTHS to finally GET A KEYSTONE!!!** **and now we have to wait even more months so get our new items?!?!?** or stuff like the mage item update noone asked for the mage item changes but still they suddenly got it out of nowhere and the main reason - the flat spell pen rush - wasnt even removed! mages can still rush flat magic pen early with {{item:3020}} and {{item:3916}} but on top of that they got a broken {{item:3003}} and all that stuff **we Fighters want 2 new items and ofc OUR new items get delayed again** -- i would rly love to see something like that happen to tanks or ADCs one day - not only Fighters but that will probably never happen **cause Riot hates Fighters and Assassins and loves their Tanks and ADCs!** i mean like wtf - **ADCs already get buffed again on the PBE ... they got nerfed 1 / 2 patches ago and now they already get buffed again?!?! xD are they serious???** **every time something is wrong with Fighters (or Assassins) we have to wait MONTHS untill finally something gets fixed - or maybe nothing will ever happen!** as long as ADCs and Tanks are in a fine spot - am i right guys? ;) ___________________ yeah ... im pretty **mad and SAD** that these items wont be ingame for a looong time Hey! with our (<- the Fighter-playerbase) luck the Fighter items will probably be never released at all! because f*ck Fighters :D and i know writing all this wont do anything pretty sure they wont even read this and they especially wont read it and care about it cause its about Fighters xD
This man speaks the tru tru.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14
"8.12 Fighter items We came to the conclusion at the start of this week that we should pull the fighter item changes out of patch 8.12, despite the patch being about to go out and a lot of work/testing having been done on those items. Our belief is that they're good designs, but that the timing's wrong for them, both in terms of current power of fighters and amount of change we've put into the game recently. Hoping to still do them at some point, with pre-season being the most likely option." Dude just put them in and balance the game around the entire environment. I understand your reasoning for pulling them, but its wrong. This inter period between the major pro scenes is exactly when big changes like adding items should be introduced to give them time to adapt by the time playoffs hit. Everyday you keep them not released you stall their entry by weeks. At this rate it REALLY will be preseason before we can have them and that is what 6 months from now? That is ridiculous. Fighter items have been in the pipe for two pbe patches now for testing. How long did the ADC item changes get to be tested before they were rolled out? It seems like there is blatant selective timidness when it comes to making these changes. Doing it piecemeal will only compound the problem *later*. Release the items now, balance the game WITH them in it and we can all be happy when whatever the meta that comes afterwards stabilizes sometime before the entire season ends. Please.
: New tank design philosophy creates a massive rift between pro and soloQ
Tanks do not need more damage. So please stop. I get you'r'e dressing it up my saying they need to be "multifaceted" but that is code for give me more damage. A lot of tanks right now can solo carries well into the game, have better lane phases that most other types of top laners and outscale them into oblivion later in the game. There are different kind of tanks out there so some of their roles are nuanced, but a universal kind of role they all should have is damage soakers and utility. If you know how to play them right, they are still absurdly strong. Tanks do not need to be autonomous or more "fighter-like" in their playstyle, we have fighters for that. We don't need tanks to become better fighters than fighters again. There were whole seasons where that was the case and we're only JUST starting to get away from that now. I'm sorry dude but if you're unhappy that tanks aren't as much of a fighter type champ as you want, it sounds like you should just play fighters because what a tank should be is not what you're looking for.
MusaTC (NA)
: how do you know he is not going to get any more attention?!.
Its safe to say is it not? This is the first jax skin since I started playing the champ ~3-4 years ago.
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Kythers (NA)
: bruisers are useless cause illegal immigrant juggernauts took all their jobs
tanks and poke champions took all of their jobs
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 27
Question, now that Darkins are being revisited. Are we going to be getting more Jax lore or has his identity been pushed more towards the fight against the Void?
: Riot has no idea how to balance Black Cleaver.
Heya while you guys are thinking of Black Cleaver. Can you rework Guinsoos for melee champs too? The ranged folks who abused it don't even buy it anymore its so bad.
Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
Wait, I thought Ekko was a skirmisher? http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/3A5uuBw7-champion-subclass-list Does the skirmisher class even exist? What exactly separates them from assassins and divers? And if there is an actual skirmisher subclass why is Ekko no longer considered a skirmisher and how are the other skirmisher not also mis-categorized?
Meddler (NA)
: State of the Season: Mid-Season followup
Some feedback on the Jax changes and suggestions going forward. These suggestions aren't meant to all be implemented concurrently, but to be considered on an individual basis. Take from it what you will Yes, I like Jax. Yes, I may be a bit bias, take that into consideration. However, I believe this input still has something to add to the conversation of the champ. I'd like to start out by saying I am appreciative of the consideration riot has given to Jax. The Guinsoos change hit him hard and he fell like a brick during the mage update. Jax's present win and playrate has seen a noticeable rise in the current patch thank to the buff. This recent buff in 6.11 has gone a ways to bring back the champ, yet I feel as if there is a bit more work to be done. The most impactful of the buffs was really good for him, the Trinity Force change now gives him an item to rush in lane and not feel bad about it. The attack speed for crit synergizes with Jax so well and the cdr lets him keep throwing out those devastating auto reset trades. These more than anything is the cause for his rise in sucess Now we come to the direct buffs to Jax, the passive change. Lets be honest here. This was lip service for him. If the official reason is to be taken at face value and it was to compensate for stray cc, it seems really weak. First Jax is a spit pusher so, more than likely if you are in a situation where you have to team fight and open yourself to stray cc, you're doing it wrong. Second, stray is is almost always going to result in all of your stacks being lost anyway. Either the enemy is going to walk away and you lose your stacks, they focus you and you die/get chunked or they dont and you continue to either engage in a fight where your combat power may be decreased by half even though you are no longer ccd or you walk away. The vast majority of Jax's strength lies in his attack speed and his passive. Hit kit needs him to stack up his passive in order to dish out relevant damage otherwise he is a subpar champion at best and this is the rub. As a champion that needs to attack stuff prior to engaging a fight to do damage his trading potential becomes very readable. He is going to walk up and auto minions before he goes in because he'll won't do damage if he doesn't. In lane this leads to the the infamous early game Jax power canyon, thats right canyon. Jax is so frustrating to lane with against any competent lane opponent. If you have the match up advantage they are going to let you push closer to their tower, you really have no recourse otherwise because your trading potential is founded on auto attacking minions to get your passive stacked. This leads to a lane that is free gold for any passing junglers. Yes, you have an e, but that cooldown last longer than the previous Ice Age, it isn't instant (has about a second delay before you can recast) and is limited in radius. You either spend a ward looking for the gank only to have it circumvented and you blow a flash OR you keep your ward so you can jump away and if you're good enough keep your flash but lose the visibility for the next gank. Going back to lane, your opponent now has the experience advantage (soaking up more creep xp while you ran away) AND the power advantage because so much of Jax's power is allocated in his passive. Now, with no stacks and wardless any advantage you might have is either neutralized or reversed. Jax's power location in his passive is not really helped by his abilities all that much I believe that for a champion that HAS to auto attack, having abilities that synergize with it will go a long way. If his Q added a stack (or two) of his passive it would instantly go a long way. If adding stacks to his passive is not ok he is another suggestion: Give it a mini stun so we can get some auto attack in and thus stack out passive. A suggestion I have would be shifting a half second off of his E and giving it to his Q. It would be congruent with his live stun abilities while giving an ability infinite more synergy with the passive. That or some sort of slow would be nice. Another suggestion is giving the QW combo a stun and or slow or hell, give his passive some sort of slow, anyway to allow him to have the tiniest access to his locked power. One last ability that needs to be looked at is the E stun. Yes, it gives him a lot (aoe stun, damage reduction, dodge) but this has to be one of if not the longest basic ability coolldowns in the game. In addition burning your E cooldown is basically painting a bullseye on your butthole and bending over asking for the closest champ to chunk you out. Yes, there should be punishment for being outplayed into burning it, but if that is the case give it some more umpf. E should be insta-castable that is no delay (if you so choose) between cast and stun and the stun should longer if you choose to hold it for the duration. That stun is weak sauce, you get in one and a half autos if you're lucky early game and it really is not worth just having it off cool down for the threat of using it defensively. If the stun duration is too much give it more aoe or let jax gain movement speed while it is activated in CONJUNCTION with an application of his passive. It would actually serve as the defensive/offensive tool in his kit it is supposed to be and actually be on par with the other tools available to his subclass while synergizing with the passive. "Riven: aoe stun, directional dash, shield/Fiora: directional dash, cc/damage immunity/ Ekko: massive aoe stun/shield, movement speed steal, slow, directional dash. I think the critiques I bring up in this post have legitimate points that could be used in his future balancing. He is my favorite champion, but that does not mean I want to see him broken/contested. However, those that play him can attest to this just...lack. There is something missing from him, something keeping him from being a real Grandmaster at Arms
: jax can die in a fire
you dont even play ranked, why do you care?
: first off. reduce his passive stacks back to fin 6 stacks not 8. two. give him an ad ratio on his ult and W and reduce his ap ratio. god damn it. why does he have more ap ratios than ad ratios? Its so hard to build bruiser on him when I have to go with a sqush ap items like gunblade and rageblade. meanwhile I wish I can buy frozen mallet or black cleaver and make great use of them. please rito. give him 20% ad ratio on his W and a mini crit on his third auto. + 50% ad ratio. reduce the ap ratio to balance it. please man. if Jax Q was like fizz Q. applies on hits. literally everyone would play jax as an ap assassin instead of his awful ad builds that pigeon hole you into buying the same items over and over again. his stun. is too damn short. make it. scale with how many autos he dodged. just like the damage it deals. ad some skill curve to it. and reward us for good plays to me. the passive buff they gave him. isn't just lip service. its like. telling your kid your gonna buy him candy and get him a candy wrapper. its nothing
It really was nothing. The main reason he has risen the slightest in win percentage in games Plat/Dia+ is because Triforce is now a good item to rush. It has nothing to do with the passive changes.
: I got carried by full AP Jax top some days ago. He was literally 1shotting the enemies.
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: {{champion:17}} join me my child {{champion:17}}
Get away from her foul beast!
: Here's how I see Jax and Yi fitting into Skirmisher rather than Diver: First, think about the primary role of the champions in question. For Divers, it is to A) initiate teamfights, B) apply pressure to priority targets through damage or CC), and C) attract attention from other enemy skills, CC, etc. in order to deflect it from your priority targets. However for the Skirmishers, their primary role is A) deal damage as necessary to as many priority targets as necessary, and that's really it. The Divers are protecting the priority damage dealers, but the Skirmishers *are* the priority damage dealers. If a Vi or Hecarim is brawling with a Malphite instead of chasing an Ashe, they may not be playing optimally, but a Jax or Yi wants to stay alive in order to continue being a damage threat. Sure, an Irelia or Lee Sin can become a monster, but not in the same way that a Fiora, Jax or Yi can. The archetype "Fighter" is about starting fights while the archetype "Slayer" is about getting kills and dealing damage. If a Fighter or Diver dies, it's to ensure that their Skirmishers live (or the enemy Skirmishers die). Second, think about where the champions want to position themselves while a teamfight is breaking out. The Divers generally do not mind diving straight into 4 or 5 enemies (depending on the situation). Divers want to deal damage and disrupt the enemy team, but they are fearlessly going to jump in to a fight and absorb CC if they have to. Jax and Yi, however, generally do not want to be caught in the middle of 4-5 enemies at once and generally do not want to be targeted with CC. This goes for all the Skirmishers - generally, they do not want to be the first ones in and generally they do not want to absorb CC. Third, think about how strong of a "dive" the champions have. Most of the champions in the Divers category have much more offensively-focused "dives" than Jax and Yi. Jax's is quite a strong dive, sure, and it enables his stun, but as I said before he doesn't really want to go for 5-man stuns. The "problem" facing a Lee, Vi, or Irelia is that they can dive you, and if they dive you they can deal damage, while the "problem" with Jax or Yi is that they deal massive damage, and dive aids them in doing that. They're similar, but think about a regular game scenario. If a Lee is running at you, you think "he's gonna dive me" and if a Yi is running at you, you think "he's gonna murder me". I think that they are fairly close, especially depending on the strong items of the meta and how you prefer to build the champions, but these are the key differences I see. I think Jax could be subclass Diver based on how often he builds tanky, but Yi is always about killing, not necessarily diving.
1. The optimal damage targeting is always priority targets, anyone with decent damage that is fighting a malphite instead of an ashe, be they diver or skirmisher isn't doing it right. Divers don't protect anyone, they dive into the fray onto damage dealers and deal damage to them. They are able to survive because of their tankiness and if they are ahead enough they kill the target and are able to walk out. I just described the entirety of Jax's playstyle before the preseason TF/Bork changes (his best performance in league). Post changes he has been relegated to splitp-pusher and thus aren't dealing damage to carries at all, he was taking towers. Jax's core identity is that of a duelist and yet the form he is best known as if the tanky-fighter carry. That identify is correlates more to a diver class than a skirmisher. Yi is more simple, he's an assassin, he's always been an assassin and arguing otherwise is kind of pointless. When he built as a diver he was nerfed back into an assassin, that is his role and it really doesn't have any similarities whatsoever to the skirmisher class. 2. How is Jax's want to avoid CC any different from Aatrox or Irelia? They literally do the same thing. Jax is more equip to jump into 4 people because he has an ult that gives him tank stats and an e counter strike that aoe stuns. There is no distinction between Jax and these two champions and furthermore most of the diver class in this respect. In what comp is the Jax not initiating/jumping in teamfights IF he doesn't splitpush? The Kindred/Nidalee jg certainly isn't. The Soraka isn't neither is the Janna. Yi as I said is an assassin, he goes in, kills the adc jumps back out, goes in kills the apc. By then he is most likely low or dead, like any other assassin. 3. I don't see your argument for Jax not diving people under tower. He has a targeted ward jump just like Lee to go in or get out of a dive. Furthermore, he has an ult which mitigates tower dmg and the dmg from the enemy champion, something that makes him a stronger diver than a Lee. Yes, when Jax goes a tank build he does go in for 5 man stuns, that is text book Jax he's been doing that for a while. It is much more "diver" eque that a Lee who flanks like an assassin in teamfights rather than dive. Yi, doesn't dive, you're right, thats because he's an assassin. Looking back, I was a bit mistaken by not clarifying how Yi is not necessarily diver, but both of these champs are definetly not Skirmisher champs and if this is the direction/vision Riot has of their champions its probably better if they had kits that actually fit.
: **Class - Fighters** - Fighters are durable and damage-focused melee champions that look to be in the thick of combat. **Subclass - Divers** - Divers are the more mobile portion of the Fighter class. Divers excel at singling out high-priority targets to blitz toward, immediately forcing those targets (and their teammates) to deal with the diver’s presence. Divers are not as durable as the tanks or juggernauts of the world, but Divers can take their fair share of punishment while bringing enough damage to be a real kill threat if left unchecked. ___ **Class - Slayer** - Slayers are fragile but agile damage-focused melee champions that look to swiftly take down their targets **Subclass - Skirmishers** - Unlike Assassins, Skirmishers aim to shred through any nearby enemy that approaches. Because Skirmishers lack high-end burst damage or reliable ways of closing in on high-priority targets, they are instead armed with situationally powerful defensive tools to survive in the fray, along with extreme sustained damage to cut down even the most durable targets. Taken right from their [dev blog where they define the classes & subclasses](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-classes-subclasses)
Yeah, I read that. However the actual champions do not fit the bill.
: Would you guys be open to introducing another sheen item to the game? These Trinity force changes hit {{champion:42}} ,{{champion:120}} ,{{champion:41}} and{{champion:157}} somewhat hard, and I would love to see a new sheen item come into the game with AD+Crit+Mana+CDR. Let me give you an idea for this item: Name: Arcane Blade (Merely a placeholder name, can't think of a better one) Buildpath:{{item:1038}}, {{item:1018}} , and{{item:3057}} . Stats: _50 Attack Damage 20% Critical Strike 250 mana 10% CDR_ **Unique passive**-Spellblade: After casting and ability, deal 225% base attack damage on your next basic attack (on-hit) **Unique passive**-Critical strikes grant you 20-60(based on level) movement speed for the next 2 seconds. The caster Trinity Force users (shown above) rely somewhat on crit and movespeed to get their damage off. As such, we move the movespeed to work off crit, warding off the AS based Triforce users ({{champion:24}} , {{champion:39}} , etc.) That way, casters keep their crit chance, movespeed, and that oh precious Spellblade passive without being forced to buy Attack speed, which is more or less useless on the Casters that use Trinity Force.
Guess you GP mains now feel how it was to be a Jax main in the preseason when we lost our core items. Also, Hec likes the new Triforce too, its really one Corki/GP maybe weird top Yas. If they don't get their new fancy item. The T force better stay where it is, many, MANY more champions like it now. {{champion:81}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:266}}
Statikk (NA)
: Champion Subclass List
Looking back, I feel like we're all being a bit autistic about the classes.
Statikk (NA)
: I do think there is a real possibility that we will break down the Marksman Class into Subclasses into the future. Slayers are the over-arching class of squishy, melee damage dealers.
But what seperates them from divers? It seems to me that champions like Aatrox and Irelia have a lot more in common mechanically and role-wise with a Yi/Jax than Riven/Ekko. Are those two champs going to be tweaked to fit the role more or is this one of those discussion points that really haven't been nailed out. It seems Divers/Skirmishers should be one class really. With Ekko/Yasuo/Riven being moved to primary assassins EDIT- If Yi/Jax are going to stay being considered Skirmishers they need actual/more impact mobility/surival options to match their peers.
Statikk (NA)
: Champion Subclass List
I think the marksmen class needs some differentiation. There is no way champions like Lucian and Corki belong with champs like Azir or champs like Jinx, Ashe. Also, what the heck are skirmisher sub-class and why is it under the slayers with assasins? Are these archetypes based on what they're role is in the game or the mechanics of the champion? EDIT- Okay I read the original blog on the subclasses, and I have to disagree with Jax/Yi's place in the Skirmisher role. In YI's case his institutional defensive ability is weak at best. The heal roots you in place making you an easy target to be cc'd and killed, you aren't using that as a defensive option. HIs ult if you use it defensively, severely lowers your DPS potential and the mobility is not instant like some of the others in his subclass. Having a defensive option negatively impact your ability to impact the game is something the members of his class do not possess to the same extent. Jax's defensive option is his E, which is not able to be cased instantly and thus telegraphs your intent to your target. Other skirmishers like Riven have either instant stun/instant shield or have some sort of immunity (fiora) or the more powerful version of it (ekko's large stun radius/shield) It is more a form of cc liken to the diver class rather than a dependable defensive option. Furthermore, Jax's mobility pales in comparison to the others in the fighter class. His Q is targetable on anything, yet he lacks the ability to escape as easily as the other members of the skirmisher class who all have directional dashes that are considered much more powerful mobility. Jax has to waste a vision ward in order to hope to get around or pray that a minion wave is nearby. Yes he has his R which grant him stats, but that power delegation rips away from a truely game impactful ultimate. Fiora is able to heal herself ADD deal percent max hp true damage, Riven gets more damage and a ranged execute, Ekko gets an AOE nuke/invulnerability/repositioning tool/heal, Yasuo gets powerful cc which synergies with many champions and deals decent (armor piercing?) damage. My point is if these two champs are going to be counted as part of this class, their kit should reflect it. Lets, be honest, why would anyone pick Jax or Yi above any of the other skirmishers of that is their role? There really is none.
: Patch 6.11 notes
The Azir changes won't do anything. People hate him and he is so strong because of his damage and range, not his wall duration.
: Patch 6.11 notes
The Azir changes won't do anything. People hate him and he is so strong because of his damage and range, not his wall duration.
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
: Ideally we wouldn't have to add an additional mechanic and we could just amp the effects. If we had to add stuff, things that synergized with the ooc movement speed would be the best. River speed, better homeguard etc.
The ooc is garbage, remove the qualifier and it will stop being garbage. There you go
: @Riot, could you stop giving us 3 Air Dragons in a row?
Air dragons are garbage. The only reason anyone takes them is because they hope to get a better one next time. You know this Riot, why haven't you addressed it?
: @Meddler Why Zed's R nerfs can be reverted and you cant give Azir 3/4/5s Ult duration?
We're going to have to wait until 6.12 for substantial Zed nerfs, let us keep 6.11 Azir ones. Zed's problem is his ult gives him a free gapcloser and escape, blinks at that. This is powerful enough in a game where mobility is so valued. The reason he is and will continued to be BANNED UNTIL HE GETS SUBSTANTIAL NERFS is the vulnerability of his targets. His targets (ADCs) literally have no counterplay to the ult, Q changes won't do anything to his assassination power as R E Auto is more than enough to delete most ADCs or force them to base (effective death). The power of the ult is what Zed is p/b and Zed mains will not be able to play their champion until Riot decides to stop holding his god damn hand.
Kalmah (NA)
: AD champs get Maw, deaths dance, pd, steraks etc. Ap champs get zhonyas
Melee carries are predominantly AD. Champs like Aatrox, Yi, Darius, Garen, Jax need utility options in order to be relevant as a class. The problem lies in ADC/ranged abuse of these items in a way they weren't meant to. As a consequence, many of the melee items have been taken away from them in an effort to make it less of a clear win condition for ranged carries. Maw, BoRK, Trinity, Steraks, Black Cleaver all were changed because ADCs ruined it for melees. We're just now starting to see the items shift back to their original owners. If you had more AP melee champions the AP equivalent would exist and mages would abuse them in a way they weren't supposed to and mages would be broken. Itemization is a tricky business. I for one am glad there isn't a plethora of magic/resistance items. Can you imagine a Fizz with one full AP, one AP/tank resistance and into full tank and still blowing up the entire team and not just the ADC? Lets count our blessings.
Woook3r (NA)
: yep. we gonna see lucian nerfs before we see zed nerfs.
ADC is my secondary but I main top. Only masochcists or Cait/Ezreal players would still main ADC when these changes go through
: As a GP onetrickpony, I'm quitting league if this nerf actually gets implemented. I really just can't stand Riot's overnerf s. They basically kill a champion. I a one-trick-pony style player who used to main Fiora, playing only Fiora for 100 games. Then, riot killed her. So I changed over to GP (after he got nerfed like 5 times, so I hoped there wasn't any major nerfs left for him). I played him for 100 games. Then this. Honestly, the overnerf patches make players like me have to entirely re-learn the game. I can do it for couple of times, but it becomes too much. I have a friend who used to main Ryze before it got reworked. Riot decreased the Ryze lv 1 Q damage to 60 from 90. He said ryze became unplayable and then quit the game. I never saw myself following his footsteps, but srsly, you really have to nerf triforce this way? When I'm playing a game where I know that my main champion can be killed any day, it's a terrible feeling.
: Rest in peace Gangplank
Good, he was like Quin but worse if you weren't a tank in the TOP lane. That ult puts him in a different league, reliably contributing to fights across the entire map, while he farms up to 100% crit and aoe deletes your team with barrels. Pirate needs to go on a journey to Davey Jones' Locker.
JMoormann (EUW)
: The Azir R nerfs will only make him more unforgiving and harder to pick up
Azir is unforgiving for his opponents and while the nerfs may or may not be on point, Riot is onto the right path in considering his ridiculous strength in the right hands.
: His win rate has him right in line with every other mid laner
So was Lucian, doesn't stop Riot for nerfing him because he is getting played too much in competitive.
Njallum (EUW)
: Azir's Dash is very counterable, all you need to do is position yourself between him and his Soldier or just generally hug him. The thing with Azir is that he's weak to hard engages and blinks, while he can use his wall to throw you back, his strength lies in Sustained Damage, not Burst. He will kill anyone eventually, but if a clever Annie, LeBlanc or any other burst mage gets in his face they can annihilate him in a single burst at minimal risk to themselves. Furthermore, while he is an extraordinary Lane Bully, he himself is actually pretty weak to getting bullied in return, especially with bullies who also happens to have a lot of upfront burst damage. Champions like Vel'Koz, Lux, Xerath and Zed all do well against Azir for that reason. He's also very difficult to play in general.
Weak to hard engage but has an ult that covers half the lane and cannot be dashed through, if you manage to walk around it while his soldiers auto you to death (slowing you to boot) he flips you off with his bird finger and soldier dashes away.
: It is incredibly easy to bully Azir around his cooldowns. Once he uses his Q offensively you can absolutely wreck him. The problem is most people back off rather than move forward when he uses his Q offensively.
You mean his Q that he can cast and poke you out from a screen away, sure let me walk up to him as he chunks me for half my health while he chills under his tower.
Rioter Comments
: Really high playrate with even winrate, usually means that the champion is stronger than it should. High Playrates should make the winrate of champions drop.
I disagree, if he is able to remain at a stable 50% despite the high play rate it is an indication that he is perfectly balanced. You don't make a champ worse because your data is telling you he has an equal chance of winning or losing over a large set of samples. It makes no sense.
: {{champion:18}} doesn't even get mentioned. RIP.
Tristana also have more kills per teamfight, just not as good as Jinx. Resets < aoe crit rockets :P
Brujahbr (NA)
: this only got downvotes by idiots. this is completely true. the new lucian build isn't even as strong as his normal crit build, and twitch does 1000x any other adcs damage and can basically get a penta with a few shots. Lucian is amazing as he is and he shouldn't be getting nerfed by riot because they want to follow the dumb hate bandwagon.
People don't want to hear an argument that goes against their narrative. Instead of debating me, they mindlessly downvote. It seems they are foaming at the mouth because of a meme.
Elewd (NA)
: other adc's are playable, lucian just outdamages them during laning phase, midgame, and lategame. he has a super high playrate because he is overpowered, not because he is "fun" otherwise people would've been playing him before the adc update, but they didnt.
No, he really doesn't. 9/18 ADCs have a positive win rate on him and out of those 6 outrange him, 5 have a better early game, and 5 have a better late game. This Lucian is OP is just a meme because he sees so much pro play, deposit other ADCs having strengths that outshine his in multiple facets of the game.
Elewd (NA)
: other adc's are playable, lucian just outdamages them during laning phase, midgame, and lategame. he has a super high playrate because he is overpowered, not because he is "fun" otherwise people would've been playing him before the adc update, but they didnt.
No, he is mediocre at everything. Overpowered at non, he is fun and that is a reason people play him, but the chief reason is because he is safe. Look at the top played ADCs and you see they all have some sort of self peel. Only thing he has going for him is not instantly dying when he gets engaged on, if that is the criteria for being OP, something is wrong with the game.
: The problem with that is Lucian is so good at EVERYTHING that you'd need to power creep the entire ADC lineup!
No, he really isn't. The only thing he really is, is safe. Ashe has a higher win rate Vayne is banned more often Draven has more mains Twitch has more kills per game Sivir has more assits Jinx has more kills per teamfight Ezreal does more damage He is mediocre at everything but staying alive and Ezreal and arguably Caitlyn are better at him at that. People don't like him because he's played often because he's safe. Thats literally the only legitimate reason.
DJ Sona (EUW)
: My reactions when Sona was finally played in competitive
Its not so much Sona and more Aphromoo being a Legendary support.
Caítlyn (NA)
: How about buffing other adcs up to his level instead?
Rquipi (NA)
: Lol nerfing the only solid marksman because hes actually effective and not just a walking free gold waiting to get 1 shotted
Exactly, its like riot doesn't want ADC mains to actually want to play the game
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