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: if you have issues tabbing out and it takes long look here(Solution)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
I never post in these, but I was wondering if Ryze might get a QoL update with his ult? Right now the camera centers on him just before he teleports and stays centered on him until he arrives at his destination. This all happens in a very short window and the screen stabs my eyes with a knife every time. This is fine except when I'm teleporting into a fight and feel like I have to recalibrate my senses when I arrive while also fighting for my life. I don't know if the technology exists, but if I pan over to where the teleportation is going to take me, it would be great if the camera didn't center back on me and instead just stayed at the destination. I don't know if I'm explaining it well, but basically if I can see the end destination of his ult on my screen, then I want it to just stay there and not shuffle my cam around on me. Don't know if you'll even see this, but that's my thoughts on it. Thanks.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 6
Thanks for posting these time to time to keep us informed. Helps a lot IMO.
: > I wonder if I get a red response on this... Sure, I'll give you a red response on this. You guys still seem to make a lot of assumptions about how we work. The League org is really big. It is big partially because we are our own publisher and partially just because it's a big game with a lot of moving parts. Our organizational structure is to have a lot of smaller teams focused on specific problem spaces. For example the Live team makes the patch to patch balance changes, and overall focuses on problems like game health, fairness, and frustration. There is a different team that works to improve matchmaking and another that builds new game modes. In that environment, it's not any one person's job to go around and say "Hey I have this personal value, so you need to start implementing the game in this particular way." If I left the team tomorrow and another designer took my place, it would be really hard to detect any difference from the viewpoint of a player. What you see are Riot values and League values, not my values. I have also personally been focusing a lot lately on features like the new player overhaul and Clash (and some things we haven't talked about), so if anything I'm a little out of touch with recent gameplay changes. But that's fine, because I have very capable leads like Meddler who do keep in touch with that part of the game. Like I said, large org. All of that said, I'm fine with you blaming me for anything in the game that you find annoying or just don't like. But that's not because I go down to the champion pit and tell them to design champions to fulfill a particular vision. Maybe I've been focused on the wrong things in the short term, or maybe our high-level philosophy isn't being acted upon, or maybe we just have the wrong designers working on the wrong problems in some places. All of those things are also my problems to solve. To address some of the other points: * We've heard a lot of feedback from players that we've shifted the game too far from solo carry potential to team coordination mattering too much. It's something we are working to change. * The jungle changes were not made to shift power to a particular subset of junglers. They were overall made because we were concerned that junglers had too much effect on the outcome of the early game and we wanted to slow that first gank down just a little bit (that is oversimplifying a lot, but that's the basic idea). Systemic changes like this can definitely impact individual champions, and we shake those out over time. If the goal had been to just buff duelist-type junglers, we would have just said that and could have enacted it much more simply. * It is a constant struggle for us to decide what to change without changing too much. I am 100% certain that players would get bored and move away from the game if we just decided to stop trying to improve it over time, and we want to create a game that is around for years or decades. We know there is a cost to any change we make to League. There's a cost if you have to relearn something. There's a cost if you just don't like a change we made. We understand that and we try to only make changes that leave the game in a better state than it was before, but we definitely take steps backwards in order to take steps forward from time to time. All of our changes have goals though, and if the goals are unclear (and I think they were for the jungle changes mentioned above) then that's a communication failure on our part. At least then you can challenge whether you disagree with the goals, or whether you agree with the goals and just disagree that the specific implementation will deliver on them. * Overall, I am concerned that we put a lot of different things into new and updated champion kits these days. It is done with a noble purpose of making sure that you guys get excited about new champs, but it does mean a lot of our newer offerings are much more complicated than our older champions. We need to get better about being happier (and making sure you guys are happy) with some champions with relatively simple kits with maybe one or two complex abilities instead of all 4 (5 if you count the passive) requiring a lot of information to play around. (I often wonder how well a Lux or Jinx would do today if they were new champions.) On the other hand, I don't think the mobility arms race (or shield arms race or range arms race) is as bad as players sometimes like to argue. Very mobile champions can still have sharp weaknesses. It's harder for champs who can do everything really well to have sharp weaknesses, but usually this just manifests as their strengths not ending up all that sharp, because at the end of the day, even a wildly unbalanced champion tends to have a winrate in the 50%s. So I really think what players are talking about here is the frustration it can take to shut down an enemy champ, not that they can't win a game against that champ. This is why some of the strongest complaints still come in about champs with strong duel potential (the Rivens, Zeds and Yasuos). Their winrates may not be all that awesome, but it can be frustrating when they catch you alone one-on-one. But I don't think in that case the answer is just to make sure their winrates are low. It also gets into the whole conundrum of how to give players more individual agency when some of the champions designed with a lot of individual agency are some of the most frustrating and most complained about. :( * "I mean, when you look at Ghostcrawler's history before WoW, he has mostly worked on RTS titles (he started with Age of Empires after all). Back in the time, no one was playing these games for a competitive multiplayer - people played the campaign, and the multiplayer was for you and your friends to mess around with during LAN parties (man good old times, when was the last time I had a good old fashioned LAN-party?)." FWIW, we playtested Age of Empires almost exclusively in 4v4 multiplayer LAN games. The ridiculous thing about game development back then was that was pretty much all we had - we had no way to gather actual data from players so we had to balance the whole thing ourselves (with the kind of results you'd expect). Now days we can gather tons and tons of data about the actual player experience. I designed most of the campaigns for the AoE games, but they didn't get a ton of playtesting. Almost all of our playtesting was multiplayer. It's amazing the games ended up as good as they did. * ''You don't need to play the game in order to design it'' Look, the people who build airplanes rarely pilot them, but they still have a pretty good idea of how one flies a plane. That's all I was saying. That quote (taken out of context as these things sometimes are) was in response to the persistent yet somewhat tired theory that the best players should be the ones to design competitive games. There are some players who are excellent designers (and we hire some of them), and there are other players who would be dreadful at the job. If you don't play the game you design, it will definitely be much, much harder for you to be effective, but yes, in a theoretical sense, it is possible. * "Problem with Ghostcrawler is that he thinks he knows more than what he does." Nah. You always want to be in a situation where you're the dumbest person in the room, and fortunately that's pretty easy for me at Riot. The problem with Ghostcrawler is he has less time to talk to players than he used to, and struggles to find the right format these days. :( Okay, that was a pretty long answer, but what did I miss that you were really hoping for an answer to?
Oyle (EUW)
: > I am 100% certain that players would get bored and move away from the game if we just decided to stop trying to improve it over time, and we want to create a game that is around for years or decades. I think this is a fundamentally wrong or at least overrated assumption. If that were truly the case, how come games like Go (aka Baduk, Weiqi), Chess or Starcraft:Broodwar could survive that long with little to no changes? Go hasn't seen major changes since centuries, Chess has been last changed in 1862 and Starcraft:Broodwar hasn't changed since patch 1.08 in 2001. And at least the first two are easily among the best games to have ever existed. Changes have to be done with tons of care and forethought, which is outright impossible with Riot's patch cycle and patch size. Those are not thought-out changes, they are experiments. The thing is, a game truly lives long if you have a strong core community that will stick and draw new long-time players in the future. Frequent and massive changes are horrible for long-term players, especially as they get older and have less time to keep up with the changes. Those people are important. The trend mob rakes in the money today, sure, but they won't stay. In terms of longevity, you literally drive the most valuable part of your playerbase away.
They don't want a core community bruh, they want to continue expanding and bringing more players in. That requires constant change. Their target audience is 16-22 year olds and that demographic changes ever year. Your concept is right but your perspective is wrong.
: Masterwork Chest Available Now
It's sad that people contribute to these business practices still.
: miami is in the southeast which hasn't hosted it before and the drive from even texas is manageable, also flights are honestly not that expensive if you buy it ahead of time.
I think Atlanta or Savannah would have been a better choice as those places are closer to more people in the SE region. Miami is a nice spot too, but it will probably be too far for anyone not living in Florida already.
Hibeki (NA)
: Removal of macro play is actually killing this game.
Your biggest complaint seems to be that the game is a little easier from a macro perspective? I'm not sure that's a bad thing. If it was too hardcore Riot would probably have a player retention issue, and if I had to guess, I would say they made most of these changes to help with player retention.
: Why add voice comms to strictly parties if parties already use Discord?
: Hey Riot, I'm starting a marketing diploma in 2018. Hire me so I can teach you how to market, noobs.
: The amazing writing process
Writing has gone from the easiest art form that anyone can do to the hardest art form that only forest tribal people who have never heard of YouTube can even attempt.
: Patch 7.24 notes
Did Shen really need nerfs though? Maybe yes on the early game, but even then he has some hard counters. It'd be nice if he got something lategame to compensate.
Barkley (NA)
: 42 wins 3 losses?
To be fair I once went on a 31 game winning streak I'm a Silver scrub.
Lakega (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=OP Garen Support,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6pjlVsTo,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-21T19:37:08.407+0000) > > Yes there is no proper keystone for most mages. Not to mention a choice to choose from multiple runes that might be good. Aery is clearly supposed to be a support keystone and it wastes a slot for mages. The reason why it got nerfed as well. > > Deathfire touch deleted, thunderlord deleted.(no electrocute is hard to proc and some mages dont even have 3 spells to proc it) > > Once again only AD champions got the best keystones. There are 1 or 2 exceptions like Ezreal and Gankplank abusing the support keystone Kleptomancy. > > Mages need a real Rune option for damage, dot, mana instead we got movement speed only if we hit every skillshot, a dodgeable uncontrollable area damage and a support poke rune. > > > There are probably a lot more champions that lack a good rune . We supposed to have equally useful runes to choose from. Well its a success on the mages. They all suck the same level. Call me noob or whatever, but I fail to think mages don't have good runes... You have everything a mage wants in your runes, additional damage, free mana, free CDR, ult CD limiter, plus tons more stuff. Honestly mages are very powerful now with how low CD they have. Their ability to spam ults even faster ontop of the other CDR reduction ontop of it. Your ability to nearly "machine gun" your skills late game as far as mages go and how the CDR's used to be ontop of the AP scaling every 10 minutes as well... How do mages NOT have good runes to choose from? Seriously, omg a syndra, or lux can't 100 - 0 anyone and everyone anymore.. So what? Mages bring a helluva lot of CC to the party, which is what they are supposed to be. They aren't supposed to be fking assassins like every mage love seems to want, ontop of insane CC being spammed every which way. They are supposed to deal respectful damage and put down the CC for the carries, and others to pick up kills from. Far as I'm concerened mages are right where they should be.
I think mages have some great runes, but I could see keystones lacking for traditional team fight mages like Syndra, Brand, Veigar, etc. I've been playing Leblanc because she at least makes sense with the Domination tree and Morg because she can land Arcane Comet enough to make it worthwhile, but I don't even know what I would take on Brand anymore for example. I would have thought Inspiration would have a no-brainer mage option much like how Arcane Comet is supposed to be the no-brainer for Sorcery. Instead it's just a bunch of gimmicky junk for keystones that's broken on one or two champs and useless for everyone else.
Cebelon (EUW)
: zoe zoe zoe oh god why are you so op zoe
Was LB vs Zoe last night and EVERY TIME I went in for the kill should would get a fucking Barrier or Exhaust from a minion or some shit and deny me. She ended up being near useless lategame, but her early game is capable of shutting anyone down if RNG works in her favor.
: New Runes Changed My Life. I'm no longer addicted to League
That's a good thing I guess. I mean, spending hours coming up with inefficient rune pages was probably never a good investment of your time lol. Good luck.
Rioter Comments
Free game isn't free enough. I actually hate RNG too, but only when I have to pay for it. In League you just buy the skins and champs you want, no RNG involved. Get a job.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Botlane lost 5 matches in a row.
I don't really get why anyone is playing ranked right now. This is legit the worst time of the year to be doing that lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Maple Nectar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PXqgGQss,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2017-11-15T20:08:48.065+0000) > > I talked about it before on the boards - but we have some tuning to turrets going out in 7.23 that we were looking at for awhile. It's not going to be anything drastic, but they'll be slightly tankier next patch. so for "awhile" now (least over 2 seasons now mind you) turrets have been weak and you've known this..... KNOWING this, you create a rune* to DAMAGE TURRETS MORE before a buff for them was added? please correct me if this is not (at best) horrible logic.....then afterward tell me when turrets will actually get a buff? because right now your saying tat you knew for awhile, did nothing to help it, just recently made it worse...and now its a "slight" buff to being tankier? so this little "buff" will cancel (or less) the new rune* you made to make em go down now we left with the original turrets that dont do enough damage while STILL not having ENOUGH HP to defend it? why is riot logic always azzbackwards? this is my serious question.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
The rune is based off max HP, so that tanks can actually be a split push threat. Before tanks were kind of a liability unless they were team fighting 24/7. Now, maybe you don't want tanks to do any damage to towers, but they need to be a threat because leaving objectives open without consequence shouldn't be a thing.
Selegun (NA)
: You can get an 80 HP shield but are you able to? I know that sounds confusing but Overheal is ment for other champs healing you. What ever your passive is doing you must not forget that it's only 30% as strong (And another 30% as strong for aoe). At most I'd wager you are gaining a single HP every tick on Tormented Soil with how reduced the healing is.
This appears to be what was going on. The HP auto-refresh must actually just be a huge heal constantly on your champ and that was why it was working with it. It works with Morg's passive too but it just doesn't have much of an impact until you get some AP, which makes sense. It's probably worth it for late game.
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nelogis (EUW)
: Hey the enemy ADC has 2 kills!
Every game is 5 man glass cannon comp vs 5 man glass cannon comp. Games like that have always been short. Tanks are slowly making their way back into the game though now that people's boners are going down for all the new damage builds. Games will start to last a little longer.
: Daily reminder Sona has a 69% winrate in ARAM
If it was up to me there'd be like 20 champs banned from ARAM lol. I play it a good bit still though for just a good time and it forces me to try new things. Certainly are some unbalanced champs in it though.
: League losing it's mojo at an alarming rate.
Bro just play normals and have fun with it. It's exciting to try new things. Stop being such a bitch.
: already had all chromas I can use, already have a bunch of ward skins, all the icons, etc. *shrugs* I just don't see the point in blowing all that BE on the stuff Im quite literally never going to use in a million years, so I only got an icon out of it, which is adorable, but what am I to do with hundreds of thousands of BE left? All my grind amounted to one icon that would take a normal person close to nothing to get -_-. I don't even care about rarity, or some special thing that shows how long I've played for. Would just be nice if I had the option to buy something I'd actually enjoy. At the very least, they could have done something akin to personal shops, and made skins for your most played available for purchase at a marked up BE price
No, I agree on the shop, but I mean did they give you a bunch of free shit? I got like 4 or 5 skins given to me after my first game along with a bunch of other stuff. I'd have to go back and see what all they were, but I think the skins were all 1350 skins.
: I have a stupid amount of BE left
Did you get skins too? I have 183k BE now but also got a bunch of skins and ward skins and stuff. Some other things that I don't even remember lol.
: I have a stupid amount of BE left
I haven't logged in yet, but from what I've seen I'm guessing I'm going to have about 60-80k BE, and from what else I've seen it's just going to sit there and make me cry. Why Riot? Why make me cry?
Lizzziee (EUW)
: New runes ruin the game
First day of a game breaking patch, it's going to need time to settle - probably a whole season tbh.
Ljubezen (NA)
: Comet is underwhelming.
I'm sorry, how is 230 free extra damage "underwhelming?"
Prxzm (NA)
: The One Thing in League that Will Never Change
You don't change high art or fine wine.
: I am generally salty concerning justice and fairness
Yet you were banned at some point for, what, being too fair?
: Please make games longer again.
No, we don't need 45 minute games. I shouldn't have to waste an hour of my life on every single match. The only time a match should drag out that long is if it's really close and neither team can close it out. 30-35 minutes is about perfect and even that feels like an eternity when you're just slowing bleeding out to a better team comp or players.
: Live Concert 2017
I'm pretty sure everyone just calls him "that epic black guy." I think he had a legal name change a while back.
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FâgLord (EUW)
: What will happen if SKT win the LCS again?
Pretty sure franchises winning world championships for a few years in a row hasn't really hurt other sports. We're actually witnessing (or have been) witnessing history. We should enjoy the show before runs like this don't happen anymore.
Malza (NA)
: Are there any consistent D1/masters+ players on the balance team? Stuff like the extreme nerf urgots getting shouldn’t even make it onto PBE. It’s possible to say “yeah he should be nerfed” with how much better he is now but that change is going completely in the wrong direction. Pretty much the main reason you currently max Q in the first place is to increase its slow so you can get in to do the real damage with his passive, but now the new rank 5 slow is basically the same as current rank 1?
It's difficult if not near impossible to maintain D1+ rank and have a full time job and family. And I doubt these guys are part-timers.
DeusVult (NA)
: Cloud9 came into the series with a great draft phase
I could forgive the Kog only because they beat it earlier, but Lulu is not a good pick into Janna and giving Galio over was just inexcusable. In the LPL and LCK wins can be defined by who gets Galio. Just really bad drafting after out drafting WE most of the series.
: How do you defeat Koreans in b05,more specifaly,SKT.
MSF had the right idea. Don't play into their meta, cause they're going to just chew you up and spit you out if you're only game plan is try to best them at their own game. It's important to remember that the current meta of the game is basically just the Korean meta because NA (and most regions) just copy everything KR does. There are other ways to win, and when MSF pulled out their own playbook things got close and SKT looked mortal all of a sudden. So yeah, not trying to best them at their own game is the best strategy, but that doesn't change the fact that they're still very good and can adapt well.
: Misfits, be proud of how much you achieved
: Support went from a relatively high skill roll to a brain dead one.
I semi-mained support the last two seasons and don't play it right now because Ardent Censor just kills the roll. You're just a steroid bot now and doing anything else hinders your team. They need to replace the passive or gut the item so options can open back up.
: I don't get why the teams aren't accepted? Don't they have to win the challenger series to get promoted into LCS? Or are these new teams buying the other teams spots?
These are franchises now, so it's about the money. You have to put down 5mil up front and finance the other 5mil within the next 3 or so years. Needless to say that's a big barrier for many teams right there. If you do have the cash, I'm sure there's a lot of other factors such as facilities, player support services, transportation budgets, etc. that are audited. They want the pro scene to be legitimate and that requires teams that take the sport seriously as well as willingness to pour money into their teams.
: What game was that?
GAM, Levi played Kayn a few times and looked good in all of them even in the loss on him.
: Pretty much any time a Korean team goes 6-0 or 5-1 and the second place in that group is 3-3, they got carried in. It helps when a team like SKT comes back from a massive deficit and it is a colossal morale blow to a team that should have won.
Sorry the math isn't there. -2+1=1 is not a thing. EDG sucked Week 1 - they always had their own fate in their hands and failed to deliver. This whole "the team that should have gone didn't go" concept is something people who don't know anything about sports says. Having a really good game doesn't make it worth more. Blowing out the other team doesn't give you credit for two wins. It just means you had a good game in that isolated vacuum. In all sports it is consistency that determines champions. C9 beat who there were supposed to beat, lost to who they were supposed to lose to, and earned a win against a team they were supposed to lose to. All EDG had to do was beat who they were supposed to beat in week 1 and then we have a tiebreaker and maybe things do change. SKT didn't carry anyone, EDG just didn't bring consistency to the tournament, must like the "other 2" NA teams that fell flat in Week 2.
: Except that #1 went 0-3 to start and basically guarantee C9 advancing....although C9 ALMOST went 0-3 to give up a tiebreaker chance. SKT two years running has helped C9 by guaranteeing multiple losses, and EDG flopped HARD.
You can't beat a team twice out of two matches and "carry" them at the same time. It's a mathematical impossibility.
: Cut from the same cloth C9 and WE are. They both were in the play-in stage just to be apart of Worlds. They both started off meh within the tournament and both got better as time went on, especially for team WE. For C9 on the other hand they once again had to rely on SKT beating teams for them to make it to the bracket stage, while WE earned a spot themselves. Do I think C9 CAN beat WE? YES Do I think C9 WILL beat WE? IDK, I mean, It's worlds and each year it's reallly the same. If you seen 2013 Worlds you already saw 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 looking just about the same.
> [{quoted}](name=III BAKURYU III ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=sdK1q5uE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-17T13:53:28.458+0000) > For C9 on the other hand they once again had to rely on SKT beating teams for them to make it to the bracket stage, while WE earned a spot themselves. People need to stop saying this stupid shit. SKT beat C9 twice, which means SKT was almost the reason C9 didn't make it out, not the other way around. C9 made it past groups because they played better than AHQ and EDG during the group stage - simple as that. As the announcers kept saying "groups is about consistency." EDG didn't have consistency, therefore they didn't deserve to advance. And SKT beating C9 twice doesn't mean C9 is garbage and shouldn't even bother playing. They also beat EDG twice, a team that, for some reason, people try to defend.
MysterQ (NA)
: SKT Wolf vs EDG: We weren't Behind
I kept looking at the gold lead and being like "ugh, EDG should be like 10k gold ahead right now and it's only 2k, wtf is going on?"
: SO we're in agreement its Skt vs LHZ in the finals this year
How's that ancient Chinese saying go? "A fool who dismisses Faker eats poop for dinner." Or something like that; may have misquoted a bit.
: If C9 was in any other group other than A, they would have been kicked out. it's pretty easy to see that.
> [{quoted}](name=Druushk,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=nqdt06Po,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-15T16:05:16.517+0000) > > If C9 was in any other group other than A, they would have been kicked out. > it's pretty easy to see that. They were in the hardest group... ?
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