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: I love playing {{champion:266}} If you know how to use him he is broken
Sadly only at lower rank. His team fight is too weak and his gimmick\ too linear to be effective against experienced players.
: Your main champ got nerfed?!
As {{champion:82}} main I feel the pain{{champion:266}}. MFW my lane opponent has no clue how to lane against Morde early game and gets first blooded. All chat: WTF is that damage. My response: Hue
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: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
I don't know whether Tyler1 deserved a permanent ban status, as I never have really watched his streams. Let's objectively examine the facts. 1 he has been permabanned before. 2 he continues to make accounts. 3 riot almost never goes back on their permabans. So why are people even trying to get this reversed. Riot is not a government. They don't really respond to social pressures. They are a private company that wants to stay making money. If they feel that permabanning Tyler1 follows this, then it's the correct choice for them. Now to play devil's advocate, do I think this post is defaming and unecessary? Yes. Riot really seems petty and childish by announcing this on their boards. Like, what's the point?
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: This is stupid... Smurfs will just dominate the league
> [{quoted}](name=Marc Vader,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=zW2W59AH,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2016-02-29T18:30:49.073+0000) > > This is stupid... Smurfs will just dominate the league A couple situations have already arose. One where a player was determined to be a gatekeeper player and had lied about their experience when signing up was removed during first week and game was replayed. This week my captain was accused of being a smurf. Was verified he is not of course but proper investigation was made by officials.
: "In the nature of expediency I shall[Issue you a wall of text that would put China to shame]" {{champion:35}}
The expediency being refraining from posting all of my other non dominion related gripes with the game in this post.
: Retiring Dominion
Dear Riot, I am a fairly veteran player of this game (mid season 2). This decision is the latest and if I may say agregious, in a recent string of changes that I believe are negatively impacting the game in such a way that I personally fear will and has been driving away a core player base that made the game what it is today. In the nature of expediency I shall limit my post to my grievance with the removal of dominion. I have very fond memories of playing the Dominion game mode as soon as I discovered it as an option in my early days of league. I must admit that I have not played dominion very often lately, but that is because of a multitude of factors, that you yourselves have admitted to being responsible for. The first and foremost being you pay zero attention to the game mode. As I was growing up I was raised with the mentality that if you make a mistake you don't run away from it, you stand up, take responsibility for it and you fix it. By abandoning dominion riot not only shows a lack of integrity but a lack of will to work on its most challenging tasks. Take the champion Galio as an example, with a pick rate of .1% for support and .2% in top.(ranked platinum and above as of 6.2) by following this precident that you are setting with the removal of Dominion, would Galio be next on the chopping block? Albeit this may be a slightly extreme example, following your logic it's not out of the realm of possibility. The notion that content can be removed from the game because of the current lack of player base is a frightening notion. My next point touches on another one of your arguments for the removal of Dominion. Bot accounts are toxic and unhealthy for the state of the game, everyone can agree on this. However, instead of addressing the underlying issue, getting rid of the bots, you want to simply remove the vehicle for which the bots are accessing the game. This is not a logical solution. If you break a finger, don't drop off your own hand, you fix the finger! I can remember seeing bot accounts in Dominion and even Twisted Treeline as far back as two to three seasons ago. This is not a new issue. Just because it occurs during low server traffic times on the less popular game modes it has not even been acknowledged, to my awareness. Does this mean that the Twisted Treeline will also go the way of dominion? I would be more outraged more than I am now if you were remove treeline. I understand as with previous content that has been removed from the game e.g. heart of gold, force of nature, or blood razor, were removed because they were unhealthy for the current state of game. However dominion is its own stand alone game mode which does not impact Summoner's Rift what so ever. Sure you don't have the time or resources to dedicate to fixing dominion so just leave it alone people are currently satisfied with the way it is. I would guarantee that the player base of Dominion would have no qualms with new champions being disabled on dominion until somebody have the time to get around to it. My final point is that concerning the community created Custom mode of hide and seek. whereas Dominion and its normal mode may not have a large player base, people that play hide and seek are quite numerous. One can enter the join a custom game lobby and find a large number of people playing hide and seek. As another poster mentioned that there are at least three different chat dedicated to creating hide and seek games. I understand the the difficulty that would be required for making hide and seek a custom game mode such as perma banned champions, items, excetera. However removing Dominion as a map even from the custom game mode options, is an insult to the people who love to play the Hide and Seek mode which I count myself among. The necessity of having such games available is to provide a form of relaxation and stress relief for those individuals who take League of Legends is a game very seriously. I know what you're thinking, " this is a game it's meant to have fun, if you aren't having fun then why play at all?" For many individuals, myself included, league has become more than just a game. It is not only a lifestyle but a passion which many individuals dedicate themselves to. I'm sure that many people will agree that even normal Summoner's Rift can be an extremely stressful experience as the game has progressed into such a state that the level of competitiveness and the shrinking window of what is meta has created an environment that can cause great stress and experiences that are downright unpleasant. I would bet that every summoner has questioned why they play this game anymore at one point or another, or even taking large breaks of time from playing the game at all. Sure you have the aram mode as a laid back way to play. However, at least in my personal opinion, Aram quickly becomes repetitive and just downright not fun as often times, at least in my experience, the balance of teams due to the random selection is skewed. For example one team has three assassins that rely on stealth and the other team has the wombo combo of doom. Hide and seek is a way for me personally to have fun in a guaranteed matter I never play a game of hide and seek that I want to rip my hair out over. It's a game mode that I can relax and be sociable and just enjoy the game for the sake of the game. By removing the Dominion map you take this away from me and I find that inexcusable. I feel as if I ranted it on long enough and have stated my points and concerns. What I want to see from you, riot, of course ideally would be to leave Dominion as is. I do understand your points, though I may not fully agree with them, and at the very least if you remove the pvp que for Dominion, for the love of Teemo, please please please please leave it in custom. will we ever see the Ascension game mode again? ( I thought this was one of the most fun temporary modes you have ever made) I throughly expect this to be read and responded to, as I believe I have stated my points in a logical and concise manner. These grievances must be addressed. Riot you are seriously teetering on the edge of not giving a shit about your community. Seriously wake up and listen to us. I know I'm not alone. With deep and disturbed regards, gumsquatt, aka: chiggo, chaidaigan. TL;DR: KEEP DOMINION ALIVE FOR US PLEASE!
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splash art is a mirror image
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: Cigars literally kill more people irl than pirates. Respect the {{champion:41}} Booty!
tell that to the Somalians


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