Leo1024 (NA)
: How To Get Free God Fist Lee Sin Skin
How to get any Gold Champion skin....... Buy {{item:3157}}
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Momentum (OCE)
: When I'm playing support...
funny thing is low trash elo buy active items but never use em anyway so LOL
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Chryzantema (EUNE)
: Tl vs Tsm Rigged ????
Yeah I think this is scripted by both TSM and TL owner Reginald being a nice guy prolly told his team to lose on purpose while making it look serious Hauntzer didn't play serious and also Bjergsen, you can tell this was plan
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: no ones says you can't. It happened with Camille on launch. Honestly new champions or reworked champions should be disabled from all ranked tiers for atleast a week. imo tbh
that doesnt matter tho, because as soon as its able, it will still be ban or not ban same story
: I don't care if you hovered Galio today, if it is ranked I'm going to ban him
: looking for serious 3s twisted treeline FLEX
sorry but you can't be serious in flex because flex is a joke LOL
Pitpat27 (NA)
: mid laner looking for mentor
best way to learn the game is to get flame by toxic bad kid in the game
: Gaymer Friends!
I have to change my ign now
i GEMiN1 (NA)
: Bronze Twitch ADC main, LF supp duo, lets get to silver.!
Skorch (NA)
: So me and my friend got into a game with new Galio and it crashed.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Kamehaamehaa,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rGupyY1E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-22T17:15:30.463+0000) > > "WTF did I just read?" Good comeback
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PohPe (NA)
: But the problem isn't Galio, it's you. You can't just solo pick Galio and not build a team around him.
I'll take your words for it but too bad this community is fill with mostly bronze like yourself who doesn't get or know how to play the game
Paquay (NA)
: Wtf did I just read?
"WTF did I just read?"
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: Back After 2 Years, Looking for Team
come back after another 2 yrs
: Give League the Overwatch Treatment
Maybe get gud? As you know OverWatch cannot be compare to this game OverWatch is a FPS game which never even need any abilities in the first place to kill anything in the game, they can just use their auto attack to kill things, so having ult all the time in OW would be OP as its not even needed to get kills In League of Legends, you actually need those ultimate to get kill, especially in competitive play
Ralanr (NA)
: Old Galio or new? Either way, the answer is weird coding on Lee's ult.
it doesn't matter new or old but ofc old because new galio, lee sin won't be able to kick him away from a knock up
: It's a matter of timing. Lee Sin's ultimate animation cannot be cancelled once it reaches a certain point (the same goes for many animations) so if Lee Sin uses his ultimate shortly before Galio uses his he is able to interrupt Galio's ultimate. This is similiar to Thresh being able to use his Flay shortly before getting ulted by Warwick - and interrupting Warwick's ultimate immediately.
I'm playing with silver bronze people who got boosted to gold and plat, I'm pretty sure they don't have god like mechanic or fast reaction to do it all the time
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: New Streamer: Come Watch
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: Tbh, a bronze player could not have gotten queued with him in the first place.
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
If you were a Bronze players, this post would had got 90+ downvote
arcinex (NA)
: C9 Smoothie Thresh Hook!
yeah too bad they lost the series tho LMAO
: Have you considered that Faker and Bjergson are professional players, and that skill likely played a fairly large part in those fights? Just because two pro players can sometimes manage to 1v5 with a specific champion doesn't mean that champion needs to be nerfed.
You ever considered bronze don't know what they're saying?
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: I don't get the point in responding to this if you aren't going to add anything meaningful.
You ask for help we're giving it to you But keep acting like a Bronze and try making a counter argument every time someone throw something at you If you believe what you're doing is right, then you don't need to ask for help, you need to GIT GUD
: pick me D: !@!!
> [{quoted}](name=Nami Mommy,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=8TT2MgL5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-15T06:30:11.562+0000) > > pick me D: !@!! you're Bronze
: Doesn't WIndspeaker's work on Healing Potions?
Biscuit exist for a purpose for health pots why would they put 2 of the same thing in LOL
: You want to know why that is? I dive into the enemy back line, and since it's silver, my teammates don't react. It usually results in me dying instantly, but hey, at least I tried unlike my other teammates.
Stay Silver {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Need help with Evelynn/jungling
I also play Eve and I have at least 10+ game more than you on her and my death ratio isn't even as high as your right now
: >Eve is a higher tier jungler than Lee sin in Solo q Explain. >You must just suck really bad with her is all No... that can't be it. I posted this because I was _really_ good with her.
You have only 5 game on her and your KDA is bad I wouldn't say you're really good with her And if you are really good with her, you wouldn't even start to talk about how weak she is when she is stronger than most jungler besides Grave and Hec
: >Practice. I have been practicing, I thought that was clear. >What is your jungle path? Jungle path exists, but I'm not going to type it all out. >What are you building? First back I realized chilling smite is best so I can clear more safely, so I do that now; before, I would get mobility boots first. After that, depending on how far ahead or behind we are, I will buy either mobility boots or Aether Wisp. Next back I finish Runic Echoes, then I start Protobelt if I have enough gold to. If they have early MR, I will buy a Void Staff or Abyssal (if they have a lot of AP as well), otherwise just Lich Bane or Rylai's. I sell the mobility boots after 2 or 3 items completed for either MR boots or armor boots, depending on their composition. >When are you ganking and making use of her passive? When an opportunity arises, but typically I look for one once I hit level 4. I spend more time farming with her, though, since she falls behind easily and has awful clear speed (and loses a lot of health clearing just a single camp). I realized my farming was bad, so I worked on farming more with her. Clearly, that isn't how you play her, otherwise something would have changed. >What is your skill order? Q>E>W >First rule is to only gank the lanes that are even or ahead. What do I do, then, when EVERY lane is losing, we have no warding or map control, and the other team has a god-like Lee who is everywhere at once?
You don't practice LOL Why else would you say Eve have a bad jungler clear, its not a good clear but its not bad also ----------------
: LF Duo I Main Jungle. So a mid or Top Main would be nice. Add asap
You don't main jungle, you barely have any jungle game and those jungle game are bad
: Need help with Evelynn/jungling
Eve is a higher tier jungler than Lee sin in Solo q You must just suck really bad with her is all ------------
: Twitch and how to play champ
Not trying to be a dick but you're Bronze
Jaiden (NA)
: Spring Break :D Normals anyone?
Spring Break mean time to avoid Ranked until all the kids go back to school
: You just had to include "Female" lmao.
> [{quoted}](name=Tejs Forfang,realm=EUNE,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=YJsGv0KM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-11T01:34:11.976+0000) > > You just had to include "Female" lmao. I mean it works tho cus there are alot of thirsty boys round here yah know
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: So does that mean you ALWAYS play well or good every game and never ever have a game that was bad for you? Don't lie, you have. So when you play poorly in that one game, does that mean you should quit and leave the game? People have bad matches from time to time. No way you can be consistent and perform well every game. You have to acknowledge that players may have bad games and they have good games... Your idiotic logic assumes that they are always bad and that maybe they are not just having a good game that time around.
Maybe if you have a fix brain that can look at match history
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