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: Discord buddies looking for new chill members
: Whats the point of league
> [{quoted}](name=TheDangerousTaco,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nGAEKYfd,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-17T01:03:27.597+0000) > > Like legit question. Aside from ranked... What do you do here? . . like where is the end goal. > Do you just feed until your satisfied? Where are we going with this. The point of league imo is to slowly losing hope in humanity, but at the same time finding other who you like to spend time suffer together with
: need a diamond top, jung, and supp
tell them to add me, im a jungle main
: LF Top / Mid Lane for Tryouts. Gold 2+
: Plat + normals?
hit me up sometime
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Dutypie (NA)
: Need make a team , training skill, ranked, championships, All-star
Give me try, i'm the most flexible person there is
Karuka (NA)
: Something Sinister forming
Time zone/ Availability: everyday excluding friday and saturday Most nights we're going to be playing at night around 8pm or 10pm eastern can you make these times: yes role: ADC main, but i got into Diamond playing jungle 90% of the games Rank: D5
Smooves (NA)
: 5s Team LF Jg/Mid
: Need more for Ranked 5s.
add me d5 adc IGN: fapIord
: 2 plat players looking for ranked 5s team
im a D5 adc, add me if you want to build your own team instead of trying to find one.
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: Who wants a Ward Skin? We will get one. I promise.
I'm D5 i play every ADC there is except twitch.
Oranges (NA)
: Club [Vrsty] Varsity Recruiting
Rank: D5 Gender (optional): Male Name (optional): Dave Age: 21 Activeness: most weekday and Sunday Mic: Yes
: Who wants a Ward Skin? We will get one. I promise.
Hey there, i heard you are looking for a decent adc for your team. i'm not saying that you should, but you should recruit me.
: Competitive 5's Team - Monday-Wednesday
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